Five Flashes

They’d met seeking the hand-sketched maps of the twists and turns in the city below, each map with notations unique to the creator. On one map a symbol may indicate a kilometer, on another, that same symbol noted a flood or crumbled wall.

“Why should I avoid the Swallows?” She didn’t understand some of the signs Ondine used. “What is,” she paused trying to repeat the sign – it looked something like original and fish and maybe mammal.

Brunhilda was busy, using the mirror to record Amira’s biological data. Amira knew that the witches would collect as much biological data as they could. It was possible something – some DNA or mutation – used in Amira’s transformation would help birth another mermaid.

flapper mermaid on the beach

“There is no Wendy,” She whispered. She tried to breathe and felt her throat constricting it was a panic attack and she knew she was supposed to take her meds. She took sudden shallow breaths feeling light-headed and her valium was in the bathroom.

So many of the paintings relied on the uneven walls. Every stone curve and bump added depth and the flickering light made them live. She laid her fingertips on the pictures, reverently, needing to make them tangible, making the real #BraveWrite

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