Going to the Ball

Elle was excited about the Ball. When her invitation arrived, she was ecstatic. She wasn’t sure if she’d get an invitation, being that she wasn’t part of the higher society.

The only problem was that she didn’t own anything appropriate for the event. The dress code was clearly outlined on the invitation, and nothing in her closet was enough for a ball.

But Elle knew the perfect shop for what she needed.  

She hesitated outside the shop – the sign was elegant and upscale and the dark windows gave away nothing about what the shop sold.

Finally, she squared her shoulders and walked into the shop. The scent of leather enveloped her as she stepped into the softly lit boutique. She stopped walking just inside the door, overwhelmed by the available clothing. Elle was turning back toward the door, ready to forget about the Ball, when the clerk stepped out from the backroom.

“How can I help you today?” the sultry voice asked.

Elle turned back and stared at her for a moment. Of course, she’d be working, Elle thought. The woman wore an expertly tailored shirt and vest that clung to her figure. Her slacks were perfectly pressed, and Elle found that she felt underdressed in comparison. Elle had seen her around the clubs and had developed quite a crush on her. But she’d been too shy to approach the woman, she didn’t even know her name.   

“Are you looking for something for the Ball perhaps?” The woman asked as the silence stretched between them.  

Vintage photo of a seated, nude woman.

Elle thought the other woman smiled a bit when she asked, and she finally shook off her surprise. “Um, yes I was looking for something for the Ball,” she glanced around the shop, “I just didn’t expect so much.” She kept her eyes on the gowns, corsets, and items she wasn’t sure she could identify. It was safer than staring at the woman again.

“I’m Melinda,” the woman said stepping closer to Elle, her eyes seeming to take in every inch of Elle. “I’m happy to help you find exactly what you need.”

Elle nodded and then remembered that she needed to speak – “Oh thank you, that would be lovely. I’m just not sure what would be most appropriate and what would suit me.”

Melinda nodded and continued to slowly look over Elle, “Well, why don’t you look around and tell me what you like.”

Elle bit her lip, wanting to immediately say you, I like you. But that was silly. The clerk was doing her job and didn’t need to be hit on all day. “Oh, alright then,” Elle managed to say and took another step into the store. She let her eyes slowly move over the various creations and took another step into the shop. Her eyes jumped over the rows of black items and with an interest stepped toward a splash of pale blue toward the back. When she reached the item, she was a little disappointed to find that it was just a coil of rope.

Before she could move away to look at something else, Melinda was there taking the rope from the display.

“This is a lovely choice, and I think it will suit you very well.” Her words were correct for a sales clerk, but something about the tone was commanding.

“I’m, um, not sure how that will work,” Elle laughed nervously.

Melinda took the rope, “Come,” she gestured, “Let me help you try this on,” she gave Elle another of those long looks, “It should suit you perfectly.”

Elle found herself following Melinda toward the small door of the dressing room. Inside the room was rather large, and like the rest of the store elegantly decorated with a small black leather settee and walls of mirrors.

“Are you shy about nudity?” Melinda asked.

Elle met the woman’s eyes in the mirror and swallowed before shaking her head. Elle wasn’t often shy about being naked or partially nude in front of others, but when Melinda asked, Elle wasn’t sure. “If I go to the ball, I can’t let something like a little skin fluster me, can I?” She smiled nervously.

Melinda included her head, “Then please strip, and you may keep your panties on if you wish.”

And there was the tone of command again. Elle began slowly removing her clothing, laying each item on the settee, until she was wearing only the sheer lace panties she’d put on before work. It took all of her willpower to not cover her naked breasts as Melinda looked her over again. Elle followed the other woman’s eyes in the mirror and watched her own nipples start to harden.

Elle wasn’t certain, but she thought that Melinda smiled a bit at Elle’s reaction to her gaze. Then Melinda picked up the rope and gave Elle another long look. Then she began wrapping and knotting the rope, her hands moving quickly over Elle’s skin.

In the mirror, the rope finally clicked in Elle’s head – it was for shibari, and Melinda was creating some sort of outfit from the rope. She stepped in front of Elle, and casually shifted Elle’s breasts, her fingers barely caressing Elle’s nipples. Elle held her breath, but the other woman was already gone, moving behind her again, and pulling the rope tighter.

A vintage photo of two nude women in the 1920s. Both have dark hair and lipstick, and are nude holding roses under a gauzy cloth.

Melinda was well practiced at the movement, and the quick tightening of rope pressed into Elle’s skin. Once tightened, Melinda reached around Elle, this time very purposefully grabbing Elle’s breasts and shifting them to settle against the edge of the ropes more comfortably.

Elle let out a small sound, something between a gasp and a whimper. Melinda met her eyes in the mirror, “Did I overstep?”

Biting her lip, Elle shook her head.

Melinda inclined her head, “I didn’t think so.” She cupped Elle’s breasts again, and this time there was no reason, other than letting her palms rub over Elle’s nipples. She then returned to twisting and tying the ropes, creating what Elle slowly recognized as a corset. The pale blue rope intricately tied and looped, was simply, beautiful. It, unsurprisingly to Elle, was designed to leave her breasts bare and framed by the ropes.   

“You see,” Melinda nodded toward Elle’s reflection. “I am not even finished, and you are beautiful.”

Elle blushed at the compliment. She managed to find her voice, “Your rope work is beautiful.”  

Melinda included her head, taking in Elle’s form in the rope corset, before taking the remaining rope in her hands. She slid the rope between Elle’s legs, her fingers briefly brushing Elle’s panties as Melinda made certain the rope was positioned correctly. “For the ball, you can forgo panties if you wish,” Melinda said, before tightening the ropes. And Elle gave a small gasp as the rope pressed firmly between her labia, a knot she hadn’t even seen Melinda tie, pressing snuggly against her clit.  

Elle knew that knot would be exquisite torture, rubbing and pressing against her clit every time she moved, even when she was still. She watched as Melinda continued her work, wondering if the other woman noticed that her nipples had grown hard from the rope biting into her flesh.   

“Even without any accessories, this suits you so well,” Melinda stepped away from Elle, standing near the settee, appraising her work and Elle. It reminded Elle that she was the one barely dressed, while Melinda was still fully clothed.  

“Accessories?” Elle asked, unable to look away from their reflections. The rope put her breasts on display and without panties, her ass and vulva would be on display as well. The lace panties she was wearing were a terrible match to the stunning rope work, but she thought Melinda could recommend something better. But she didn’t know if she should leave her breasts exposed. And that knot on her clit would have to go. She couldn’t possibly wear it all night.  

Melinda gave her a sly smile, “Yes, I can think of a few things.” She stepped toward the door, “Stay.”

Elle blinked as Melinda left, automatically responding to the command in the other woman’s voice. Elle remained standing just as Melinda had left her. She looked at the rope, trying to decide if she could attend the ball dressed only in panties and rope. She would certainly stand out in the outfit. What she wasn’t sure about was did she want to stand out.

The small door reopened, and Elle noted that Melinda did not knock. She did have a variety of items in her hands, including more rope. She nodded toward the white rope, “For the ball, you will wear stockings in this rope, I think a diamond pattern for your legs.” Melinda laid the rope on the settee, “We can try that later, but first, I think you are concerned that your breasts are too exposed.”

It wasn’t a question Elle noted, but she nodded anyway. “I’m not sure if I will be comfortable all evening so exposed.”

Melinda gave her a long look, “It is your choice, but your breasts are lovely.” Melinda lifted Elle’s left breast, running her thumb over Elle’s stiff nipple. Before Elle could respond, Melinda placed what felt like a sticker over her exposed nipple. “This needs a moment to set,” Melinda said. “I’ve brought another option to try as well.” She met Elle’s eye as she moved to Elle’s right breast. “I noticed that you are not pierced, so much of my jewelry won’t work, but this may suit you.” She lifted Elle’s right breast and placed something cold and metal against Elle’s nipple. “I only just started carrying these, but I think if I do not close them too tightly, they will stay in place and harm you.”

Elle gasped as She felt the tiny screws press into her nipple. But she could feel that the pressure was light enough that the jewelry wasn’t interfering with her circulation. Elle shifted slightly, trying to adjust to the stimulation, but that only served to shift the knot on her clit. This time she gave a small whimper.  

Melinda laughed softly, “I told you; this is the perfect outfit for you.” She twisted the final screw and stepped back, admiring her work. Then she carefully tugged the paper away from Elle’s left breast. Once again, she cocked her head, looking at Elle’s breasts.

She stepped back, and gestured at the mirror, “Well, which would you prefer?” She looked up at Elle, meeting her eyes, “I think the sparkle of the body art suits you, but I do enjoy seeing you squirm around the clamp.”

Elle’s mouth was dry, and she burned with desire. Something about this woman’s casual commands left her aching with need. She finally tore her gaze away from Melinda and looked in the mirror. Her left breast was festooned with tiny, glittering gems. They circled her nipple, still leaving it bare Elle noted. The sticky gems didn’t feel like much, only a slight tug on her skin.

Her left nipple glinted in the lights, a silver circle with a shining stone, in the center. Her nipples were certainly covered, but the constant pressure from the screws would be a constant distraction. Would she be able to focus on anything with the knot and the clamp? “They are both lovely,” she paused, licking her lips. She wasn’t sure how much her need was from the outfit and how much was caused by Melinda herself. The woman’s commanding presence was overwhelming Elle’s senses. “I wonder if the clamps will be too,” she paused seeking the right words, “too distracting for me to wear all evening.”

Melinda stood next to the settee, “As I said, the body art suits you better.” With a quick flick of her fingers, she unscrewed the clamp enough to free Elle’s nipple.

Once again, Elle moaned, and this time she was far louder.

Melinda smiled again, “Hmm maybe the clamps would have been the correct choice.” She rubbed her thumb over Elle’s nipple, “But no, your nipples should not be hidden from view, they are too delectable.” She pinched Elle’s nipple softly, and Elle leaned into the woman’s touch, and the knot rubbed roughly over her clit.

Elle released an anguished whimper “I cannot have this knot, there, all evening.”    

Melinda pinched Elle’s nipple harder, and smiled coldly, “You can, and you will. And you will not be wearing panties.”

“But that will leave me so exposed,” Elle began. “I could not possibly go without panties. My entire vulva will be bare.”

Melinda quirked an eyebrow, “That is the idea.” She trailed a finger down the ropes circling Elle’s breasts and waist. “The ropes will serve to highlight your exposed skin so beautifully. Perhaps without your panties, I will make the knot,” she paused and tugged on the rope that led to the knot – the rope slipping more deeply between Elle’s lower lips. She looked at Elle in the mirror, “You see, the rope between your pretty pussy lips, that knot a constant reminder that your skin is bared for all to see, but only my ropes can touch you.”

Elle whimpered again, her knees weak from the rope and Melinda’s very presence. “Please,” she fumbled her words, “Melinda, I cannot possibly.”

“You can, and you will,” Melinda said, leaving the rope pulled tighter. “I should have had you remove your panties tonight.” She stepped back and stood next to the settee, “Now,” she gestured at the mirror, “Look at how lovely you look all bound up.”

Vintage photo of two flappers

Elle forced her gaze away from Melinda and looked into the mirrors. Like any dressing room, the mirrors reflected her from every angle. And Melinda was correct, the rope binding her, creating the illusion of clothing was gorgeous. Elle could imagine the white ropes crisscrossing down her legs, and she wondered what the ropes would look like if she was nude. The blue line of rope pressed between her labia would emphasize her nudity, and it would be beautiful.  

Melinda sat and watched until Elle’s eyes finally caught Melinda’s. “The rope is beautiful,” Elle said, “I look beautiful.”

Melinda nodded and smiled, “As I said you would.” She remained standing and watching Elle.

Elle dropped to her knees, the knot grinding against her clit. She looked up at Melinda, and the other woman had not moved. Elle licked her lips, “Have I overstepped?”

Melinda’s smile widened, looking pleased and predatory, “No, not at all.” Melinda crooked her finger at Elle, “Good girl, now crawl to me.” She watched Elle shift, and Elle couldn’t stifle her gasps and moans as the knot shifted and pulled tighter. Melinda smiled and waited.

It wasn’t a large space, but every movement was more torturous than Elle expected. It wasn’t only the knot on her clit, but all of the ropes shifting around her, and her breasts hanging down as she began her crawl toward Melinda. The lights in the dressing room glittered on the gems glued around her nipple. She reached the settee quickly, knowing that she’d have to rise to her knees, and wondered how agonizing the ropes would be when she moved again.

When she reached Melinda, her body was flushed with desire and her clit ached from the constant pressure. She moved, sitting on her heels, whimpering as the knot slid roughly over her overstimulate flesh. Elle looked up at Melinda, “May I,” she bit her lip, “May I show you how much I appreciate your art?”

Melinda raised an eyebrow, “And how do you propose to show your appreciation?”

Elle started to shift her weight, fidgeting, then stopped realizing that would only tighten the ropes and increase the stimulation on her clit. This wasn’t her usual role. She didn’t take control, and she shied away from having to ask, expecting to be told. But she sensed that Melinda would not follow that script. Elle glanced pointedly at Melinda’s slacks.

“Well,” Melinda said, “I’m waiting for your answer.”

Elle swallowed back her nerves, “I’d like to express my appreciation by providing you pleasure.” She knew it was a dodge. She wanted to beg to be allowed to taste Melinda, to bury her face between the other woman’s thighs, until Melinda was the one moaning. But that felt so bold, too bold to ask for.

Melinda included her head, “I find great pleasure in creating my art, and you were very generous in standing for me to practice my art.” Melinda briefly brushed her fingers over Elle’s shoulders. “Unless you meant something else?”  

Elle leaned into the light caress, nearly groaned in frustration, and felt the words catch in her throat. “Please,” she whispered.

Melinda’s fingers moved higher, tilting Elle’s head up, “Use your words.”

Elle bit her lip staring into Melinda’s eyes. “Please, may I” she paused, “please, I want to taste you so much.” She felt the blush warming her skin, “May I?”

Melinda smirked down at her, “That’s better.” She said her fingers tightening on Elle’s chin, “I knew you could do it.”

Elle felt her flush deepen; her desires only increased with encouragement. “Please, I want to make you cum,” Elle said softly.

“Even better,” Melinda said still smirking as she slowly unbuttoned her pants, letting her suspenders hold them in place, “tell me more, what would you like to taste?”

Elle fidgeted again, shifting her weight and feeling the ropes and that wicked knot working on her. “Please, Melinda, I can’t; you know what I want.”

Melinda shook her head and her fingers returned to the button on her pants, “That is disappointing.” She started to button her pants, “I was hoping that you could ask for what you want.” She looked down at Elle, “But if you won’t, then we should return to business.”

Elle bit her lip, watching as Melinda started rebuttoning her pants. “I want to eat your pussy,” Elle felt the words fall from her lips. “Please, I want to slide my tongue between your legs and taste you while you cum.”       

Melinda’s fingers stopped moving, and then she unbuttoned her pants again. “Good girl,” she said unhooking her suspenders and letting her pants slip down her legs. “When you use your words, you sometimes get what you want.” She stepped out of her pants and nodded toward them, “Please fold those for me.”

Elle moved and carefully picked and folded Melinda’s slacks. Each movement another tease from the ropes.

Melinda removed her panties before sitting on the leather settee. “Well?”

Elle crawled the few steps to reach Melinda, kneeling between the woman’s bare legs. She reached up, resting her hands on Melinda’s legs, stroking the bare skin.

Melinda gave a soft moan, “Oh no, you didn’t ask about your hands.” She lifted Elle’s hands from her legs. “Why don’t you keep them behind your back?”

Elle gave a frustrated pout but moved her hands behind her back, and before Melinda could ask for anything else, she leaned forward and kissed the inside of Melinda’s thighs, before letting her tongue slide over Melinda’s skin. When she heard Melinda’s soft gasp, Elle moved forward, her tongue dipping inside.

Elle moaned tasting Melinda’s sweetness. She was pleased to discover that Melinda wasn’t immune to their interaction. Melinda was hot and oh so very wet, and Elle lapped and sucked at her flesh, delighting in the other woman’s gasps and moans. Elle lost herself in the motions, wanting to drag more moans from the other woman. When she forgot the prohibition on using her hands, she noticed that it took Melinda a minute to slap her hands, and Melinda didn’t order her to stop.

Elle’s lips curved into a smile as she flicked her tongue over Melinda’s clit, once again she was rewarded with Melinda’s gasp.

When Melinda reached down and grasped Elle’s hair, pulling it as she held Elle in place, Elle felt a rush of pleasure.

Melinda shifted, tilting her hips moaning “Good girl, right there.”

And Elle kept licking and sucking as ordered until Melinda sighed content. She felt Melinda shiver and continued to lick softly until Melinda pushed her gently away.

Before Elle could say anything, they both heard the chime of the clock.

Melinda looked down at her, “The clock strikes,” she said with a smile. “Come back the night of the ball, about seven, and I’ll help your dress.” She stood up and slipped quickly into her pants, “I’ll see you at seven.” She leaned down and with a few quick tugs, the ropes fell from Elle’s body.

vintage photo of two topless flappers hugging.

Melinda gave her a long kiss and left the dressing room. Elle sat stunned on the floor, before slowly pulling her clothing back on again. As she left the dressing room, she noticed that Melinda hadn’t taken both of her shoes. A single black stiletto sat partially under Elle’s dress.

Elle quickly dressed and picked up the shoe, calling for Melinda as she left the dressing room. Another clerk stood at the counter, a young man about her age. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Elle felt herself blush furiously wondering if the man had overheard them in the dressing room. “I didn’t realize anyone else was here. Is Melinda around?”

She held the shoe feeling awkward.

He looked her over and looked at the shoe, “No, she always leaves on time. If you want to catch her, you’ll need to be here earlier.”

Elle fumbled with her bag and the shoe, stowing it in her purse. She’d be back to collect on Melinda’s offer, and she’d bring the shoe with her then.         

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