Debauched Regency

Cross My Palm with Silver

“So, you want to see your future?”

The fortune teller wasn’t at all what Amanda had expected. To begin with she’d expected the fortune teller to be a woman, not the young man seated before her. When she and her friends had snuck out of the townhouse to attend the séance in the bohemian part of town, she’d thought it would be a lark. Now seated across from a dark-eyed, young man of indeterminate birth, she was less confident.

He had the dark, with the handsomeness of Lord Byron – and she’d guess that he was just as dangerous to know. She felt quite silly asking him her real question, the one she thought all the women would be asking, but it was her opportunity to ask. She managed to stutter her question, keeping her eyes trained on the table, not wanting to see his reaction to her question.

“Give me your hand,” He said across the table.

She stretched her arm out and felt his warm fingers close lightly on her wrist. He turned her arm, so her hand was palm up. He traced his fingers over her wrist. Amanda fought back a shiver. The touch was intensely intimate to her.

She wouldn’t have thought something like the soft brush of anyone’s fingers on something as commonplace as her wrist would awaken such feelings. When he traced the lines in her palm, she did shiver.

He raised his gaze from the lines in her palm to meet her eyes. Amanda stared into the dark depths of his gaze. She’d never felt anyone had paid attention to her so deeply. She almost believed this man could see her very soul, not only her future. She bit her lip, as he continued to stroke her palm with his thumb.

“You will meet your future husband at Lady Ward’s ball,” he said.  His finger burned across her palm, “this line,” he nodded at her palm, but never dropped his gaze from hers, “tells me that you have deep, hidden passions.”

Amanda felt the blush flood her face. She’d never imagined that something as simple as fingers on her palm could elicit such a response from her. Each soft brush of his fingers over her wrist and palm set her aflame with desire. Maybe he really could read palms, and is correct in saying I have hidden passions, she thought, shifting in her seat. She tried to laugh, to brush off his claim, but instead, she said, “Oh you’d be shocked by my desires.” And then bit lip as his fingers tightened around her wrist and she imagined his strong hands pinning her wrists above her head as he lay atop her.

He raised an eyebrow and he smiled – almost daring her to speak. “Oh?”

 Amanda cursed her sudden boldness but took a deep breath and leaned closer to him, telling him in shocking detail about her deepest, filthiest desires. 

The fortune teller’s smile widened. “So, you already know this meaning of this line” his fingertip traced one of the blue veins in her wrist.

She sat back in her seat, “Oh?” Her reply, she hoped, echoed his own daring tone.

His fingers had taken on a stroking motion, one that she found was both soothing and sensual. “You have revealed far more than any line or vein could.” He met her eyes again, almost daring her to tell him more, to challenge him further.

But this time, she found herself embarrassed at having been so bold, at having told this stranger such filthy fantasies.

When she remained silent, he released her hand, laying it on the tabletop. Amanda drew a silver coin from her reticule. When he made no motion to take the coin, she took his hand, and ran her own fingers over his palm and set the silver coin in the center.  

The next evening, at the Ward’s Ball, the hostess introduced Amanda to her visiting nephew and Amanda found herself face to face with the fortune teller.  

Lady Ward’s Ball

“Amanda,” Lady Ward said, “Allow me to present my nephew, Noah home from the Caribbean.”

Amanda tried to keep her face impassive and offered the young man her hand. “A delight to meet you,” she murmured wanting nothing more than to get away from him before he revealed what he knew of her.

Of course, the band started up, and Noah asked for her first dance. There was no way to refuse without being churlish, so she allowed him to lead her to the dancefloor. As he swung her around, she noted that he was quite a good dancer, and he seemed to not recognize her or was not going to force her to talk about their first meeting.

At least until midway through the dance, when he leaned in closely and whispered, “Would you like another fortune?”

She felt her face flame, as she recalled her disclosure of depraved fantasies to this man. At the time, she’d believed him to a poor fortune teller, not a man she’d run into in the highest echelons of society. She considered pretending that she didn’t recognize him but decided to play at his game. She leaned into him during the next turn of the dance. She whispered, “I’ve heard stories about the depraved happening in the Caribbean, are they true?”

His hand tightened on hers and the hand on her waist inched a little lower, resting almost on her hip. Not enough to be scandalous, but enough to be improper. “I can image you on one of my beaches,” he purred into her ear. “All your fine clothing discarded, and the warm waters lapping at her naked flesh.”

Amanda gasped at his words and the brush of his lips against her ear.

“You’d look like some wanton Greek nymph or mermaid, naked and seductive, luring men to salacious deeds before drowning them for their impertinence. His fingers stroked her hand, and she recalled how much his touch had aroused her before. “You’d rise from the water like Venus, and let the sun kiss your blushing nipples.”

Amanda leaned forward, eager to hear more. “And I suppose you’d be off in the jungle watching my lascivious ways?”

He chuckled softly, “I love watching a woman pleasured by a lover.” He paused a moment, “I host regular parties in my plantation for those select few who share my predilections.” His fingers clamped tighter on her waist, “I imagine you’d enjoy such parties, and I’d love to lead you down to my beach and watch you pleasured by my party guests. Laid out on the sand, your sex spread open to the sun and sky and of course me and my guests.”

Amanda bit her lip. She knew she’d gone too far with this game. This type of talk was dangerous, at least for her. If he repeated this game to the wrong sort, her reputation would be ruined. And for a woman like her, reputation was the only thing she had to sell in the marriage market. But, she felt the slickness between her legs, and she was shocked and so terribly aroused by his descriptions. Even if he simply making up shocking stories, the very idea of being taken, nude on a beach and used by a host of party guests had her panting.

Before she could retort, the dance ended, and he took her arm, leading her back to Lady Ward. He said nothing more about their licentious talk and offered the expected blandly polite talk before excusing himself. 

She caught sight of him a few more times that evening, sometimes dancing but more often standing off to the side and watching her.

The next morning, when her maid brought breakfast, the tray held a small package.

“This arrived for you this morning, ma’am,” the young woman said.

Amanda waited for the maid to leave before tearing open the wrapped box. She removed the object from the box, finding a finely carved mermaid, on a short staff? It took her a moment to recognize the aides d’amour she’d only seen in books. It wasn’t a staff the mermaid sat upon, but a carved phallus. She held the object in her hand, slowly running her fingers over it. A note rested at the bottom, asking for her consent for Noah to enter into marriage negations with her father. He asked her to consider the gift a hint of the debauchery she could expect from a union with him, but that he would wait and respect her answer.

Amanda placed the mermaid back into the box and called for her maid to bring her paper and ink.      

Garden Party

The afternoon after receiving Noah’s gift, Amanda attended a garden party. She was delighted when she saw him chatting with a small group of party guests on the sweeping lawns. It was far too soon for him to have contacted her father regarding his marriage proposal, so she was unsure of the proper etiquette. She could not simply join the group he was conversing with. Other than him, she didn’t know any of the others in the group.

Fortunately. Noah saw her and disengaged from the group and came to greet her. He took her arm and led her toward the far end of the garden and the hedges that were only just starting to grow into a maze. The greenery reached a little higher than Amanda’s waist, so their walk was perfectly acceptable to society. However, as they walked, Noah whispered to her, “Hitch your skirt up a bit.”

Amanda bit her lip and looked over at the party, trying to gauge if anyone was heading in their direction. She didn’t see anyone, so began slowly inching her dress up, feeling the breeze on her stocking-clad legs. When it was about knee height, she felt Noah’s hand on her leg. “Very good,” he said to her. “I’d like very much to give you a preview of the pleasure I can bring you.” His gloved hand stroked up her thigh, above her stocking onto her bare flesh.

“Here?” she was incredulous.

 “I think you’ll enjoy the danger of getting caught.” He looked her in the eye, “Will you let me pleasure you with my fingers?”

This was a much larger step than her bold talk. She had no enforceable marriage contract from him, but her body hungered for the experience. And he was right, the idea of being pleasured here, being pleasured while only yards away the party guests could see their perfectly proper torsos had her dizzy. “Yes, please,” She whispered to him.

He smiled down at her, his hand moving higher. “Be more specific, Amanda. What do you want?” His fingers brushed her pantaloons, trailing over the lace and moving closer and closer to the opening between her thighs. “I’ve heard your bold words before, and I find them so very arousing.”

Amanda looked up at him, pausing in their walk. “I’d like you to pleasure me with your fingers right here and right now.”

The smile that broke over his face was magnificent. “I cannot wait until we are married,” he replied. “Exploring your desires will bring me unceasing pleasure.” His fingers slipped between her thighs.

She felt the smooth leather of his gloves touching her sex, followed by a fingertip brushing her lips, slowly and carefully probing her. Her gaze shifted from his face to the party-goers on the lawn. His finger slipped deeper, and she shivered, suddenly unsure if she could stay on her feet.

“You are deliciously hot,” he whispered in her ear. She bit her lip to keep from crying out. “Tell me what you feel?”

She kept her eyes locked on the party, as his fingers moved deeper, finding the nub of her pleasure. His fingers stroked and rubbed.

And she did whimper in his ear, watching another couple walking toward the hedges. “I don’t know if I have the words,” she panted, and he increased the pressure of his fingers. “I’m dizzy with the pleasure, almost drunk with it.” She gasped a little as he gently pinched her flesh. She continued to whisper in his ear, his fingers stroking her and bringing her closer to her climax. “I’m so close to climaxing for you,” she whispered to him.

He tightened his hold on arm, as she shivered in delight. The climax crested over her, and she lost her focus on the party for a moment. She felt his hand withdraw, and her skirt slid back into place.

She leaned on him a moment, as he turned away from the couple approaching them, shielding her with his body, and hiding his face from them.  He slipped his gloved finger into his mouth. “Delicious” he smiled.

Carriage Ride

Amanda’s father wasn’t unhappy about the match with Noah; however, she knew that he had harbored hopes for her to marry further up the social ladder, but Noah’s family was perfectly respectable, and he learned obscenely wealthy. It seemed their businesses in the Caribbean were excellent ventures.

“Darling, are you sure you’ll be happy living so far from home?” her mother asked, for the fifth time.

Amanda had spent days agonizing over leaving England and resettling in the Caribbean; however, she knew that she could never explore the passions and debauchery that Noah had unleashed in her If she stayed. She did not doubt that others, even her own peers likely shared many of her desires, but the cost of public outrage was simply too high. She’d be safer, shielded from the gossip mills of the house parties and ballrooms, if she was so far away.

“Oh, Mama, I will miss you and papa tremendously, but it will be such an adventure to see something of the world.” She took her mother’s hand. “I’d never dreamed I would have an opportunity to travel beyond the continent, and Noah is such a wonderful catch.”

Eventually, the marriage contract was written and signed, and they set a date for their wedding.

They continued their courtship while they waited for their wedding date. This evening, he was taking her for a card party at his aunt’s home. He’d send an encoded message with the invitation, which had left her blushing. Fortunately, her parents assumed her blush was simply a result of the invitation, not a response to his request that she bring the mermaid sculpture he’d sent her as a gift.

He arrived, looking as refined as he had at the ball, but she admitted to herself she preferred his more disreputable fortune teller costume. He’d suggested that they may attend more of the bohemian events if she wished, and she had eagerly assented. As he helped her into the closed carriage, he whispered that they would be skipping the Ward card party and instead they were going to a party hosted by his fortune teller friends.  

For propriety, the carriage already contained another young couple and an elder, married, sister of the young woman. Amanda had not met any of the party before, but if they were like Noah, she was hoping to befriend the two women. To finally be able to share these experiences with another woman would be a prize. 

As they settled in the carriage, Noah carried out the introductions. It seemed that only the chaperon Lady Dinah was going to attend the bohemian gathering, and the let the other couple out of the carriage a few streets away. Dinah was beyond beautiful. Her perfectly curled and coiffed blonde hair and large green eyes complimented her seductively full lips. Amanda wondered if the woman were cosmetics, something to deepen the pink of her lips.

Once the three of them were alone, Dinah spoke.

“Are you excited to explore the forbidden with us,” She asked Amanda.

Amanda nodded, blushing thinking about this woman, a stranger, knowing something of her intentions.

Dinah grinned at her. “Your blushes are so wonderfully genuine, Amanda,” she took her hand. “You will have such a delightful time.”

Amanda felt Dinah squeeze her hand, and some her boldness returned. “You find delight in these events?”

Dinah laughed, “Oh my stars, I live for these events.” She shifted on the carriage seat to sit closer to Amanda. “It is the one place where women like us can show our true faces and be free from all the strictures of polite society.”

Amanda glanced at Noah seated across from them. “Aren’t you afraid of being recognized?”

Dinah shook her head and produced two leather masks. Dinah’s was molded to look like a cat, while the one she handed Amanda was covered in seashells and aquatic motifs. “Noah has taken to calling you his mermaid,” she said with a giggle.

Amanda was pleased to see Noah blush, his own emotional intimacy revealed.

Dinah offered to help Amanda affix the mask, and as she adjusted it, Amanda leaned forward and lightly kissed the other woman. She wasn’t certain if she’d meant it playfully or in friendship, but when her lips met Dinah’s, she felt the familiar warming, rising of her passion. Instead of pulling away, Dinah returned her kiss, and Amanda reached up, placing her hands-on Dinah’s face, pulling her closer, kissing her deeper.

When she felt the tentative probing of Dinah’s tongue, Amanda squeaked and melted into the kiss. Her own tongue darting out to join Dinah’s.

She nearly forgot about Noah being in the carriage until he cleared his throat. “Ladies, we have arrived at the party.”

Amanda broke from Dinah, her face burning.

Noah smiled and took her hands. “My beautiful love, if Dinah is amendable, and I think she is,” he glanced at the other woman who nodded, “I will happily find you two a room to continue your explorations together.”

Amanda was stunned. She understood that he was a libertine, but she expected that he would not extend such a free reign of exploration to her. At least not without being involved himself. “And you would not be jealous?”

Noah squeezed her hands. “I will envy every moan and delight I am certain Dinah will draw out of you,” he leaned forward and kissed her then. “But when we spoke about our passions, I truly meant that I desire you to explore for yourself. I understand that sometimes those explorations will not include me.” He kissed her again and straightened her mask. “Although, I do hope in the future that we can share our passions as well. I can’t lie, the thought of seeing you and Dinah together is enticing.” He took her hand and slid it over his thigh, letting her feel his hardened phallus.

Amanda looked between Dinah and Noah, “Can I have you both tonight?” She asked.       


Amanda had Dinah on one side and Noah on the other as they entered the party. A man dressed in something similar to Noah’s previous fortune teller outfit greeted them. He obviously knew Dinah and Noah, even though they wore masks.

“Evening Cat and Stag, I see you have brought a friend.”

Amanda found it charming that the doorman, or whatever his role was, used the animals of their masks for names. 

“Evening Alphie,” Dinah answered giving him, in Amanda’s estimation, a very friendly kiss on the cheek. “We’re initiating this little mermaid,” she nodded to Amanda and squeezed her hand, “to our libertine world of debauchment tonight.”

Alphie bowed his head to Amanda, “You have excellent guides, mermaid.” He opened the door for them, and Dinah tugged her into the dimly lit and loud chamber.

She paused, noticing Amanda gawking at the spectacle. The room was dimly lit and filled with a variety of tables and chaise lounges and divans. The club members, most wearing masks, were engaged in all manner of activities. Many watched the stage, where a group of dancers performed the most licentious dance Amanda had ever seen.

Couples of various sexes were in various states of undress and all delicious array of debauchery.

She whispered to Dinah, “are they drinking absinthe?” She nodded at a small table.

“Yes, would you like some?”

Amanda nodded, and Dinah whispered to Noah, before leading Amanda further into the club. They hadn’t gone far when a waiter stepped up to lead them to a more private room. It wasn’t wholly removed, allowing for her to see out into the club and to see the stage, but removed enough that they could forgo their masks. A small table and four chairs were in one corner, and a large divan took up the other.  

Noah returned with another waiter following behind. The waiter quickly laid out the accouterment for the absinthe on the table.

When the waiter left, Amanda following Dinah’s lead, removed her own mask and watched fascinated while Noah prepared their drinks. She’d heard all the scandals about the drink but had never seen it prepared.

Noah set a slotted spoon over the oddly shaped glass, the top looked much like any wine glass, but it had a reservoir at the stem, for what she wasn’t sure. Noah set a sugar cube on the spoon, and slowly drizzled the vivid green liquor over the sugar. He gently picked up the cube and gestured for her to open her mouth. The herbal flavor of the liquor overpowered the bit of sugar, as she licked his fingers as they placed the cube on her tongue. Noah leaned over and kissed her. His kiss was every bit as intoxicating as the liquor to her. He broke the kiss when the sugar had dissolved. 

He finished preparing their drinks. This time, he poured the absinthe into the glass, the emerald green filling the reservoir. Now Amanda understood the oddly shaped glasses; they were for measuring, at least that’s what she thought. When he once again balanced the spoon and sugar, he picked up a metal ewer, condensation beaded on its dull silver sides.

“Watch the glass, not the sugar,” Dinah said, leaning so close that Amanda felt the other woman’s warm flesh press against her back.  

Amanda gave a soft gasp of wonder as the water mixed with the absinthe it turned a delicious milky jade hue. Dinah gave a delighted laugh at Amanda’s excitement.

She took the glass Noah offered her. She took a sip while he and Dinah watched.

The herbal flavor was still heady, but not nearly as strong as the sugar alone. “Oh this is lovely,” she said, sipping again.

Noah repeated the process, preparing glasses for himself and Dinah. 

Noah proposed a toast, “To debauching my future bride.”

Sin and Sugar

Amanda set her glass down, “Tonight you promised to initiate me into your world.” She looked up at Noah. “And from the start of our relationship, I want all of my experiences to be wicked.”

Dinah laughed, “You’ve met your match with this one.” She moved behind Amanda and kissed the back of her neck.

Amanda moaned and shivered, but she never took her eyes off of Noah. She felt her stomach clench. Would he live up to what he promised? His offer in the carriage was only one of many he’d made.

He took her hand, “Oh my darling, Amanda.” He leaned forward and kissed her, and she tasted the absinthe and sugar on his tongue.  He broke the kiss, moving back just enough that she could still feel his lips moving against hers. “I swear to make real every wicked desire you can dream up.”

Amanda felt Dinah’s arms wrap around her. “Come,” she whispered in Amanda’s ear. “It is getting far too hot for all of these clothes.”

Amanda allowed herself to be led away from Noah. Dinah began unbuttoning the tiny pearl buttons that ran down Amanda’s back. As her flesh was revealed, Dinah paused and kissed each new inch of flesh. Noah sat, sipping his drink, and watching. As her dress fell away, Amanda stood in her shift and stays. Dinah made short work of Amanda’s underclothing, leaving her to stand nude before both Dinah and Noah. Amanda smiled at both of them. She’d dreamed of a scene like this as she lay alone in bed, and she felt her nipples tighten. 

Dinah stayed behind her, kissing her neck her fingers brushing over Amanda’s naked arms. “Oh Dinah,” Amanda whispered, wanting more than these fleeting touches, but not sure how to ask for what she wanted.

“Tell me what you want,” Dinah whispered, biting softly at Amana’s shoulder. Her hands moved over Amanda’s flanks and over her belly.

“Touch me,” she whispered, “please.”

Dinah laughed softly, “I am touching you.” To illustrate she traced her fingers over Amanda’s collar bones. “Or did you want me to touch you somewhere else?”

Amanda nodded quickly.

“Then you’ll have to ask,” Dinah said.

Amanda was tongued tied. She knew what she wanted, but she didn’t know how to ask for it. She took a deep breath, trying to once again find the boldness that had started this adventure. “Please Dinah, would you touch my breasts?” Her voice, while quiet, was steady.

Amanda’s skin tingled as Dinah let her hands fall lower and cup her breasts. This time she didn’t insist that Amanda ask for anything. Dinah’s thumbs found Amanda’s nipples and made slow circles.

Amanda gasped at the touch and wondered why it was so much more intense when Dinah stroked her than when Amanda touched herself. And Amanda met Noah’s eyes as he watched the two of them.

“Join us,” Amanda called to him.

Noah smiled and rose from the table. He slipped out of his coat and shirt. Amanda, already panting from Dinah’s caresses, felt her breathing hitch and her knees grow weak.

Dinah wrapped an arm around her waist and led her to the large chaise longue. Amanda leaned back on the velvet surface and watched as Noah finished undressing. She’d seen drawings, paintings, and statues of nude men – and she’d spent a summer trying to catch glimpses of a particularly handsome stable lad, but this was her first time seeing a naked man.

Her eyes traveled over the broad expanse of his chest and followed the dark hair that covered his chest and led to his jutting phallus. She bit her lip as her eyes locked on to his sex.

“He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?” Dinah said, having shed her own dress. She slid on to the chaise, warm and naked next to Amanda. Dinah kissed Amanda’s shoulders. “Noah, bring the sugar and absinthe with you.”

Noah grabbed both and joined them. Dinah soaked two sugar cubes and gave one to Noah. Then she rubbed the liquor-soaked sugar over Amana’s nipples. Noah followed her lead, drawing the sugar first over Amanda’s lips and them down her neck. Both of them quickly followed their sugar smearing with enthusiastic licking.

Amanda moaned as Noah kissed her at the same time Dinah’s tongue lapped at her nipple. Amanda clutched at Noah’s shoulder when he broke their kiss and followed the lines of sticky sugar and absinthe to join Dinah at her breasts.

Amanda watched as Noah and Dinah kissed before they both returned their attentions to her nipples. She writhed under their attention. Her body tingled and she could feel the ache of need between her legs. “More please” Amanda moaned.

Both Dinah and Noah looked up at her. Noah smiled and moved his hand over the curve of her belly, and slipped his fingers between her thighs. Amanda gasped.

“You are deliciously hot and wet, Amanda,” he said, his fingers swirling around her clit.

Amanda closed her eyes, savoring the touch and feeling her hips shift to meet his fingers.

“Oh no, sweetheart, you should watch” Dinah whispered in her ear. “You’ll want to see everything.”

Amanda let her eyes flutter open, and Noah increased the pressure of his fingers. Amanda whimpered and reached for Dinah, kissing her hard. The pleasure that washed over her was overwhelming. Once again, she was stunned at how much more pleasure she derived from someone else’s touch. She’d spent many nights rubbing her wet sex until she buried her cries in a pillow. The feelings that Noah’s and Dinah’s touch created were something beyond her wildest imaginings.

Dinah’s tongue tasted of absinthe and sugar as it entered her mouth, and Amanda opened her legs wider to Noah’s touch. When Dinah’s fingers returned to her nipples, pinching and teasing, Amanda felt her pleasure crest, and she shivered breaking the kiss to cry out her orgasm.

Noah slowed his touch, finally moving his wet fingers to his mouth, licking them clean. “You’re sweeter than the sugar,” he said.

Amanda felt herself blushing.

“Would you like a taste?” he asked.

Both Amanda and Dinah answered together and then giggled together. Amanda’s giggle turning into a moan as Noah returned his fingers to her sex.

Amanda sucked his fingers clean, tasting her own salty sweetness. Noah ran his wet fingers over her lips and down her neck. “I want everything tonight,” she said.

Noah raised an eyebrow, “everything?”

“I want to be a thoroughly ruined woman on our wedding day.”

Deliciously Ruined

Amanda’s lovers led her to the bed. She could still hear the music and chatter from the club just beyond the screens. She considered asking Dinah or Noah to open the screens, to let her defilement be witnessed, but then they would all be forced to wear their masks again, and she wanted to see both of them.

Noah lay next to her, his lips seeking hers. She felt Dinah between her thighs and broke her kiss with a gasp when she felt Dinah’s tongue on her sex. “Oh Dinah,” she moaned, overwhelmed by the soft exploration of Dinah’s tongue and lips. Amanda opened her legs wider and she met Noah’s eye.

Before she could speak, Noah kissed her again. “Just enjoy it, my love,” he whispered to her. Amanda kissed him again, and she rocked her hips against Dinah’s mouth. Amanda shivered as Noah captured her nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking at it. Amanda lay back, letting her lovers devour her. They sucked and licked and stroked until Amanda let out a panting cry as another orgasm crested over her.

Her hands knotted in the sheets and she writhed beneath their unceasing attention. “Please Noah,” she panted, “take me now.” She loosed her fingers from the sheets and reached a hand down to stroke his hair, “Please, I ache to be filled by you.”

Dinah raised her head from Amanda’s breasts and kissed Amanda, before turning to look at Noah as he raised his lips from Amanda’s sex. “Take her Noah,” she brushed her fingers down Amanda’s belly and slipped them between the young woman’s thighs. “She’s sopping wet with desire,” she said her fingers sliding into Amanda.

Amanda bit her lip and blushed. To hear Dinah speak so crudely was shocking and only made Amanda ache more. She wanted that crudeness. Dinah pulled her fingers free and licked them clean. Amanda shifted her hips, still aching for more. “Please Noah,” she whimpered again. Dinah lay next to her as Noah shifted positioning himself between Amanda’s spread legs. Amanda’s eyes locked on his cock, poised to enter her.

He paused, looking down at her. “You are every bit the beautiful, wanton hussy I knew you’d be.” He rubbed the head of his phallus over her sex. He smiled as Amanda lifted her hips, seeking his penetration. “Look at you, so deliciously desperate to be taken.”

Amanda nodded frantically. She couldn’t find any words to express how much she wanted him and how much his words made her want him even more.

“Beg for it,” he said, rubbing his phallus between her thighs.

She didn’t know what to say, how to beg. Dinah whispered in her ear, a torrent of filthy words that made her blush and squirm. And she opened her mouth, repeating the words that Dinah gave her, though she stumbled and stuttered over the dirtiest of them. She only stopped when she felt Noah’s phallus begin to press into her.

She whimpered and clasped Dinah’s hand. Noah felt indescribably different than her fingers or even the hairbrush she’d used alone so many times. His flesh was hot and hard and stretched her sex until she thought she could not bear it. And then he stopped, his thighs pressed against her.

She was, by the rules of her own society, irrevocably ruined. “Yes,” she sighed and wrapped her legs around Noah and felt him shift. “More, please” she whispered.

And Noah, biting his own lip, as he thrust slowly in and out. Dinah lay beside Amanda, holding her hand and watching the two. “Oh, my lovely girl,” Dinah whispered to her, nipping at Amanda’s neck. Amanda closed her eyes, letting the sensation of Noah’s phallus wash over her, while Dinah continued to pet and stroke her.

She felt Noah stiffen and pull his cock free and she felt the splash of his seed on her belly. Dinah ran a finger through the milky liquid and slid it into Amanda’s mouth. Amanda sucked Dinah’s finger clean and felt Noah moving. He once again lay beside her, his arms wrapping around her.

She settled her head against his chest and opened her arms to Dinah. The three of them lay together in a sticky tangle, while Amanda’s breathing slowed.

“You’re ruined, now” Noah whispered into her hair.

Amanda snuggled closer to him, “Only barely.” She tightened her arms around Dinah. “We’ve only just begun and I,” she paused, biting her lip. “I want to taste Dinah the way she did me. And I want to watch you with Dinah,” she caressed Dinah’s breast.

Noah tightened his arms around her. And Dinah laughed, “She’s going to be the death of you, Noah.”