Erotica Fairy Tale Collection

This One Was Just Right: A Goldilocks Story

Goldi gets an unexpected delivery and discovers a teddy bear that is just right.

Sharp Beauty: A Sleeping Beauty Story

A wicked fairy uses a sharp seduction to lure a young woman into her bed. CW: blood, edge play

La Belle Vie: A Beauty and the Beast Story

Belle takes the lead after meeting her beast on a hike.

Sigli’s Coat: An Animal Wife Story

Sigli seduces her husband and finds her freedom.

Hali’s Day at the Beach: A Little Mermaid Story

Hali is enjoying sun bathing on the beach when a human finds his way to the beach.

Memory Lane: A lEprechauns Love story

Julia learns just how much she doesn’t know about Leprechauns.

She began unbuttoning her shirt, pulling it off her shoulders and dropping it to the ground. He followed her example, pulling his t-shirt over his head.  Belle bit her lip admiring his broad chest and thick arms, all thickly haired. She ran a hand over his chest, loving the feel of his coarse hair. She traced the line of his hair to the waistband of his pants, noting that it was almost an arrow pointing toward his cock.

~ La Vie Est Belle