Twilight of the Gods (complete novel)

Giving Up the Ghost (in progress)

Sleeping in the Stars

A novella written in 280 character chapters. There was no tower, only the void between the stars. She, and hundreds like her, tricked into touching the metaphoric spindle, sold, unknowing, unconsenting, and unconscious to men who believed themselves to be princes. The ship sped through the void between stars. She, and all the princesses, were […]

A Sampler of My Styles

Blinking bleary eyes in the murky light, he can make out thin limbs & maybe a surgical mask. Then the bright gleam of the scalpel flashes & he feels the flesh of his abdomen part & hears the wet thud of his intestines as they spill into a bowl. She watched Peter, the psychic, shift […]

Five Flashes

They’d met seeking the hand-sketched maps of the twists and turns in the city below, each map with notations unique to the creator. On one map a symbol may indicate a kilometer, on another, that same symbol noted a flood or crumbled wall. “Why should I avoid the Swallows?” She didn’t understand some of the […]

Four Flashes for Day 4

One of the steps I am taking to get back to my writing is to renew my participation in various daily flash fiction prompts on Twitter. I sometimes take snippets from my existing stories and sometimes write new bits. These prompts have inspired a few of my stories. The following are four of my favorites […]

Sunday Serial: Giving up the Ghost chapter twenty-seven

Regardless of everything else going on, I still had to get ready to go to Dee’s funeral.  I wandered back up to my room and sat on my bed. HP, as usual, followed a step behind me, but maybe he understood I wanted to be alone because he curled up in front of the bedroom […]

Sunday Serial: Giving up the Ghost chapter twenty-four

Chapter Twenty-Four: The chapter wherein our Hero comes to terms with the fact that she too is capable of being a monster. Jenny offered to get everyone something to drink, and while I hadn’t planned on beer at eleven am, it was a welcome distraction. I guess whatever else she’d done with Vic this morning […]

Sunday Serial: Giving up the Ghost Chapter Twenty-Three

start from the beginning Chapter Twenty-Three: The chapter where Hero begins to understand just what she is capable of. “How’d it go with Aidan?” Kyle asked before I’d even made it to the porch. “Not bad,” I answered letting HP climb out of the car. I noticed that Kate was on her phone furiously texting […]

Sunday Serial: Giving up the Ghost Chapter Twenty-Two

Need to start at the beginning? Click Here Chapter Twenty-Two: the chapter wherein Hero takes HP into the human world. I sent a quick text to Kyle telling him about my plans to hit the pet supply store before coming back to the house.  He was quick enough to reply but didn’t complain or express […]

Sunday Serial: Giving up the Ghost Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One: The chapter wherein Hero learns more about Preternatural History. Jenny returned from where ever she’d disappeared to. I was guessing that her quitting smoking may be at an end. Thankfully she arranged places for everyone to sleep, and between her and Kyle they’d figured out someway to guard the house.  HP and I […]

Sunday Serial: Giving Up The Ghost Chapter Eighteen

Chapter 18 … The chapter wherein HP reminds Hero he is not a dog. “He’s back” she hissed at us, as she locked the door behind herself. “Who?” Kyle and I asked in unison. Jenny peeked out the front window, “Officer Zombie.” Kyle and I joined her at the window.  At first, all I saw […]

Finders Keepers

Vanessa sat at the window, watching the traffic. The drizzle and persistent grey skies matched her mood, not a storm, but definitely not clearing up anytime soon. Her reflection stared back at her, a pale face and dark hair fading into the street. Somewhere in the back of the house, Vanessa heard music. Faint tinny […]

Sunday Serial: Giving Up The Ghost Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16: The Chapter wherein Hero finds a powerful ally, and meets a stranger who claims to be a friend I blinked in the darkness, feeling like an idiot for even trying to call a cerberus. What did I think was going to happen? Some three-headed dog was going walk out of hell and lick […]

March 2020 Flash Fiction

March 1 Maybe I’ll even ask her he thought as he gathered his backpack and left the class. The Humanities Building loomed before him, a brick & plaster monstrosity. As the school expanded so did the building.  Floors were added and new wings jutted from every side. #WIPWordSearch *** Her communicator chirped at her. She […]

Sunday Serial: Giving Up The Ghost Chapter Fifteen

Chapter 15: The chapter wherein, Hero receives the “how-to” manual she so desperately wanted but is left with many more questions, yet she still chooses to become part of the preterworld. I sat downstairs for about ten minutes. I never heard a sound from upstairs. Finally, I heard someone coming down the stairs. I saw […]


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