Flash Fiction

Flash fiction, sometimes (and perhaps more accurately) called very short stories/fiction, has always been a passion of mine.  For me, it demonstrates the power of power of language to create so much with so little.  It also veers into the poetic and the strange, a couple of my other passions.

There are a few prompts I participate on via Twitter.  And Twitter really is the perfect medium for flash fiction with its built in size limits.  I’m collecting and sharing them here.

Some are standalone stories or snippets of images, emotions, scenes.  Some are ideas that nag at me, that call me back to them again and again. And finally some become the seeds of my fiction.

I’m going to do my best to categorize the pieces as I write them, but I suspect many may belong in more than one place.

Sleeping in the Stars (a science fiction series)

Witchy and Pagan

Science Fiction and Fantasy


Spooky, Scary, and sometimes sexy Horror Stories