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The wood box was carved w/ runes. The lock opened w/ a word & the witch’s blood. After 13 moons, it was done. She cut out her own heart, locking it in the box. Later she’d hide it leagues away. Let the witch hunters come now. W/out her heart, they can’t harm her

The man stood behind the altar, tall and as imposing. He was as pale as the moon. Soshay felt his golden eyes burning into hers & she forced her gaze down, her body following to rest on her knees in supplication. #TuesLine

sci fi 6The friezes seemed to dance and move, bringing to life the story of Tez’s last Imperator-Priest. The Imperator-Priest had claimed to be fathered by Tez himself, and birthed to a human mother. #AdultFicWri

The diamond head of a viper peered at her from the mound of guavas on the altar. Its obsidian eyes seemed to meet hers. Its gleaming coils with red and yellow bands sent a shiver down Setch’s spine. This was a viper, one whose poison would kill. #MuseMon

Starting at her wrist & moving almost to her elbow, were eleven stars, the glyphs for the stars’ names that made the constellation of the black jaguar. Tez’s constellation. She bore the mark of the God in impossible gold lines under her skin. #Satsplat

Some say Circe was exiled to her island, Aeaea. But given the treatment of women in her time, Aeaea not a prison, no it was a haven away from men. It existed under her control, and all who landed there were subject to her will.

Even though she did not need the pungent fermented sun opener tea nor the bitter liuqui to induce her visions, but Neldo seemed to delight in making her drink the entire bowl of one of the vile potions. #ThursPeak

The first lash burned through her, & she sunk into the pain. Coliu was skilled at wielding the spines, traveling up & down Setch’s back. Finally Setch began to purge. She cried over what she felt was a betrayal of her goddess, and she spoke of shame. #ThruLineThurs

According to a long dead & forgotten priestess, the throne bore the symbols of an Suyun God. While he ruled over the crops, he was also the god of destruction. The forgotten priestess had recorded a few of the tales of the god and of the chair. #wipworldbuilders #140line

“I literally just sent him my report. The numbers will never say what he wants,” she said her voice rising until Julia shushed her. Maggie glanced around the office but everyone else was busy trying to get the door to notice her outburst.

Alone in her chamber, she knelt in prayer, for the first time in her life she beseeched Zel & Tez & Itz too. She begged them all to help her forge this alliance to save not only the Cetza, but themselves as well. Setch remained kneeling, & felt her worries fading.#WIPjoy

During her musing, the Temple of Dawn had become a hulking shadow against the dark sky. How apt that darkness is, she thought, we are all bound in darkness. #WIPpetWednesday

Este schooled her expression, fighting her own rising emotions that were echoed in the rising tide of the throne’s surging energy. “What do you mean, Keron succeeded?”

“The girl now bears the mark of Tez.” #wednesworld #WIP

“I think… I will come to like you Ohili.”
He laughed again. “You already do, pet. You just do not trust me. You are wise to be wary. These priests play deep games of power, and you are a powerful tool. Ah, the things you could do.” He gazed at her musing. #winewords #WIP

She wasn’t in law enforcement; in fact, she ran a bakery. But she had a nose for trouble, stumbling on to enough dead bodies that invitations to parties, weddings, and even her high school reunion had been rescinded. The 9/11 operator was the only one who’d take her calls.

Setch yanked her hand back, hating the brush of the spider’s legs on her palm. As an adult, she would realize that the sudden movement frightened the spider, & if she had held still the creature would have moved away. But she had been child, & the spider had bit her.

sci fi 3Coliu began the invocations to Itz, begging he purge the supplicant of her wrongdoings. The incense burned, and great clouds of the sticky, sweet herb filled the room. She chanted and prayed, while she selected her tool. Every altar room held a basket of fresh scourges

He frowned at her, “What has imprisonment done to you? What would be wrong with me?” He asked.

She shook her head and smiled, “Only a silly superstition.”

He cocked his head at her, “What superstition?”

“If the Lord of Death speaks your name, you are soon to die”

Her family had given her to the temple to regain the favor they lost when her sister repudiated her service to the Goddess Zel and fled to her lover. Her family has lost both their children to the temples, but had also lost considerable social standing. #SciFanSat #SciFiSat

As she walked, Setch considered everything Telmax had told her. The Temple of Dawn had become a hulking shadow against the dark sky. How apt that darkness is, she thought, we are all bound in darkness. #slapdashsat

She closed her eyes, and leaned back on the bench, letting the breeze carry the tang of the lemon trees to her.  She tilted her head back and the muted sunlight felt deliciously warm on her face.

Tez, she prayed, what is happening?. And then she realized, it was not His time. He ruled the twilight hours, the liminal space between day and night.  In the midday sun, he could not come to her, but what she wondered had?

Everything made sense once they learned Vincent Price was her first crush.

“Do you mean the True Bride rumors?” She rolled her eyes, but inwardly she could not help but remember her meeting with Tez. He intends to make me his bride. She did not know what it meant, but she knew that Tez would claim her as his own after her initiation.

“Soshay, I cannot explain what you have seen. But remember when I warned you of the other,” he paused, “creatures who inhabit the otherworld?” He waited for her nod, “maybe what you saw was one of those creatures.”

The Imperator-Priests brought about the end of the third age being the catalyst of the third extinction, nearly destroying the world and the Cetza. It was Zel and Tzi who rebuilt it & destroyed the practice of Imperator-Priests. & Tenoch wanted to assume the role.

Coliu entered the chamber, alone. Her hair hung, unbound knotted with charms and talismans. She wore the clothing of a priestess, the heavy feathered collar hung around her neck, and she had painted her face in with the blues and whites of her god’s ice.

“Please, just listen.” He kept a grip on her arm, not enough to hurt, but she could feel the strength that he possessed. “You’ve heard the stories of the wars between the gods Setch, we all have. If they can go to war, if other gods die, why can’t ours?”

Magick never worked the way Victoria expected. She watched the circle, waiting for something materialize, but the space went from empty, to not. Her eyes traveled over the figure who appeared; his skin was onyx dark, but it was the jackal head that disconcerted her.

“Powerful word ‘life.’ It means forever and that’s a mighty long time”  Sarah jerked her attention back to the minister, wondering if he’d really misquoted Prince in a sermon. He caught her eye, & she’d swear that he put on a lewd smile and winked at her.

chapter 8 smallIn the story, Rose-Red’s bear turned out to be a prince. She spotted the fabric of gold beneath his bearskin. As this Rose stared into the ursine eyes of the inexplicably, yet unsurprisingly, enraged man, she knew under his human skin was only more animal.

Natasha straightened up her office, trashing old issues of “Psychology Today.” She glanced at the clock, almost 8pm. She kept late hours as it was easier for her clients. Tonight she had a new couple coming in, and wondered if they were supernatural or just night owls.

The William had come to port, and Faith crept from the house, taking care not to wake anyone. She hurried on silent, bare feet through the dark town streets. Her cloak shielded her face, but she’d be ruined if anyone saw her out this late.

If Tenoch had found a way to make Soshay fail, then, Neldo realized, there was a chance he could get his revenge on Keron and be rid of Tenoch.  If Tenoch was successful, he would replace Mitlan in the City of the Lake, & Neldo would be free to rule the Temple.

Dr. Bishara had left academia, and according to all of Vicki’s research, he left a skyrocketing career in Egyptology, to study ancient Egyptian magic. Or maybe it was more accurate to say practice magic.

She’s fierce and free, a mermaid, not a goldfish for his aquarium.

Tiamat, glistening one, she who formed all things, created the world through sacred sex, an act of love. Later she is primordial chaos a serpent, a dragon, so the gods can kill her, smashing her skull, cutting her body to pieces to build the world on her blood & bones. 

Dressed in his finery, a perfect reproduction of Lord Byron’s tuxedo, he felt dashing and even mysterious.Most people went for Dracula or Lestat when it came to vampire cosplay, being Lord Ruthvan made him stand out at club Fang-dango.

chapter 11At the sabbat, Grace wore a crown of purple aconite. She danced naked, skin slick with flying ointment and sweat. Her purloined penis, attached to her mons, pointed its purple head at Amity and Mercy, and both witches twined their ointment slick arms around Grace. 

After her exile from the capital, from her role as advisor to Imperator Naiglen, Este had begun her experiments with the throne.  She had teased out some of its secrets, and one was the chair’s response to power.

Queen Gloriana of the Summer Court was perceived to be frivolous, flighty, fragile. Thus the knights of Winter sought to take her kingdom. The fools forgot her strength. When she rode her dragon out to battle, it was too late for them to run.

Staring into the cave, she could almost believe that it was an entrance to the underworld. Something about the geography of the desert made it seem real. She looked toward her guide, the woman claiming to have made a nekyia, a journey to the underworld. “Shall we?”

Queen Mab stepped from her realm into the mortal lands. Her silken finery melted and melded into modern clothing. With a quick flick of her fingers, a glamour fell over her features as heavy as wet wool. With a word, her hundred league boots took her all the way to London.

She felt her eyes burn with tears, “This is something I have been struggling with for awhile.”  She blinked away the tears before turning back to face him.  “Many in my temple seem to feel that  our laws about love can be ignored when power is involved.”

She watched bottle crack and the potion puddle on the floor.  “The snake was your messenger when I lost faith and was going to enter Tzi’s temple,” she thought.  She watched the snake coil about her arm. She opened the remaining potion and drank it before the altar.

“Heard a lot of stories about you” she said. It was an ugly cuss, all spikes, bat wings, and glowing eyes. “Lots of folk claim you’re E.T.’s pet, poor Fido left behind.” The creature took a step toward her. She flung the stick. “Go fetch.” And To her surprise, it did.

“And for once I do not wish to see you go.”  He still lay naked on the bed, his eyes constantly tracing the lines of her body.  She looked back at him, her smile fading. 

They stumbled upon the labyrinth as teenagers & walked its ever-changing path. As they aged, they noticed how different they were from their peers. When they tried to leave, they learned they’d been playing the Troy Game, & that they would always be playing the Troy Game.

Chacon smiled, and Soshay knew her sister smiled at her.  “Do not interfere with my plans little sister,” Chacon said, “This is far bigger than you can imagine.”  Chacon made a quick gesture with her hands, and Soshay felt herself yanked from the room

chapter 15The Queens of Faery could not tell lies. Yet the words of the Døkkálfar and Ljósálfar, the Summer and Winter, even the wild Fey could never be trusted. When Eufemia, Queen of the Døkkálfar, spoke a prophecy of a fey ending war, no one knew what to make of it. 

The dome prevented her from seeing stars, but they sang for her.

The Keeper continued to gaze at her.  “What are the penalties for the practice of sorcery in the Temple of Twilight?” Soshay swallowed, “The penalty depends upon the offense,” she returned his gaze, “A minor offense is exile and major offense is death.”

As a young priestess in Tzi’s service, Anacoana had broken the covenant with her goddess.  She had allegedly crafted magics for use in the Century War, but she went beyond the bounds of Tzi’s laws.  She sought magics from a foreign source, some Suyu relic.

The feeling of being forsaken haunted her. She gazed at the mark on her arm, wanting the shimmering golden glyphs to again fill her peace. They gave her reassurance that Tez had forgiven her, but echo of the searing pain of His anger made her shake. #Fri1st #wip

Chapter 14A spear appeared in the man’s hand, and a massive snake slithered from the jungle to climb up the man. The man took a step, and the Temple of Dawn crumbled around him. Soshay watched the man walk across the land and her footsteps left behind blood and fire. #scififri

“I warned you once already. You seek to destroy the True Bride, and I already live with Tzi’s curse upon me, I will not risk the Lord of Death’s wrath as well. You should not tempt their wrath either, my grandson.”
#Thurds #WIP (May 30)

The paint from the ritual was thick and smeared as she touched him. He paused in his attentions, his eyes finding hers. It was clear to her that he was still partially under the sway of liuqui, half with her and half seeing visions she did not share. #thurstale #WIP

How many times had she wished she could edit her life? Not simply to delete; oh no, she wanted to rewrite everything starting from birth. Edit in the people she dreamed of knowing, and edit out those she wished she’d never met. Now she had the opportunity to do just that. 


Her fellow scholars scoffed at her warnings, as did the public . A few listened, the conspiracy minded and anti-tech types. But they missed the point. It wasn’t the creation of intelligent machines that was the problem. No, her warnings we’re against enslaving them.   (30 May 2018)

“I seek my sister, Lord,” Soshay said bowing her head, “I did not seek to disturb you.” The Unnamed God laughed, and it sounded like the clash of battle.  “Do not lie to me Death’s whore.”  He took a step toward Soshay. Both of them jerked at the roar of a jaguar.

He may have believed her warnings if he had not already investigated her wild stories of the Jade throne and the unnamed god and found them to be false.  No she sought revenge for a million imagined wrongs committed by the Temple of Midnight, by the gods themselves.  

“You cannot understand.” He shook his head slightly, a very human gesture to Soshay’s eyes.  “She could not either.”  His voice was low, and Soshay saw the black jaguar enter the clearing.  

Cleopatra the alchemist, not the Queen, described alchemy as a mother who loves her child. She birthed a philosopher’s stone; she nurtured it and loved it. That it allowed her to transmute lead into silver, was a side effect that allowed her to continue her work. 

Queen Mab felt when some mortal stumbled into her domain uninvited and unbidden. She strode to the castle courtyard. She peered into the scrying pool seeking the intruder. The water rippled as if it too was agitated by the mortal, making her search futile. 

In her vision, Soshay watched the man walk across the land and his footsteps left behind blood and fire.  Soshay awoke still on the floor.  She could still smell the smoke from her vision, and shuddered thinking of the man she had seen.

Chapter 10 sun and stained glass
She shivered watching his tongue trace over each of his fingers, the vivid crimson staining his tongue and lips. Why wasn’t she frightened, why wasn’t she repulsed watching him consuming her blood. Her hand, still on the altar, tingled as if it was her hand he licked.

How does one answer a god? Her panicked thoughts screamed at her.  “I offer all that I am.”  She said the words, but knew they were not enough.  They were not the correct answer.  “I have given my blood to You.  My spirit and body are Yours as well.” 

Anne Bonny wasn’t driven by a lust for plunder. She was driven by rage at an unjust world. After all, what options did a woman have in the 18th century? No, the X on Bonny’s map, didn’t mark gold. Her X was a conflagration point. One that needs 21st century rekindling.

Many forget the Peter Pan’s entry into the story was a search for his lost shadow. It appeared washed and folded with the clothing of Wendy Darling. One could posit that the real tale of wonder would relate the events of the errant umbra

Finally, Soshay was rewarded with silence. She looked up and found the same ruined city surrounding her. The jungle seemed to have moved closer, taking back more of the city. Huge banyan trees had begun growing from the ruins of the Temple of Twilight.

She saw a flash of images in her mind. The Temple of Noon welcoming a man, a human, who wore the face of a god. She was at the welcoming, and she watched herself destroy him. “He will be only a man” she whispered, “and men I can destroy with a thought.” 

The glass was hued with ambers, oranges, and reds – making the room mimic the vibrant sky at dawn.  The sun poured through the glass, making the malachite floor all the more vibrant.  The room was seldom used…

The vision began with the four temples of Teoti destroyed.  All that remained of each soaring pyramid was jumble of demolished stone. The fear crept up with the tightening of her muscles and the sick ache spreading from her stomach. It will come, the end will come. Read more Temple of Twilight

“Amox,” her eyes narrowed, the priest who stole my Chacon seeks audience with me?  She considered sending him away, but decided to hear what he had to say.  Maybe he wishes to be rid of Chacon, maybe she has betrayed him too. 

It seemed a small transgression, breaking only a minor rule. No one would ever need know, certainly not the coven. Yet their inquisitors came to his door and called him forth to drag him away in chains made of ice and cold iron and starlight

med knight
The chevalier groped his way through the murky woods on foot. Some darkness in the woods, drove his horse into paroxysms of terror, thus he’d left the beast behind. He sought the fey castle where his lover George was held prisoner. 

Setch’s eyes followed the fresco.  Zel was depicted with a benevolent smile as she gave birth to the river that gave all the Cetza women children.  Is this what you wish?  The image gave no answer.  She finally tore her eyes from the fresco and nodded her agreement.

Alice’s was going to make the most of her shore leave was. She wanted to learn more about the Saurian locals. She’d meet a local, and he’d expressed clear interest in helping her experience the hemipenis first hand. He assured her their anatomy would work.

The Queen of Elphame selected a slice of honeydew, feeling the juices run down her fingers. She held the melon to the lips of her mortal lover. “Eat my love” the Queen purred. Lizzie, with tightly closed lips,  shook her head. She knew to eat in Elphame was death.

Starting at her wrist & moving almost to her elbow, were eleven stars.  Not dots, but the complex glyphs for each star’s name.  They spoke the names of each of the stars that made the constellation of the black jaguar, Tez’s constellation.  She bore the mark of her God

Este would have preferred the jade throne to be present for the meeting, but the audience chamber was more impressive. Eventually, she’d have to move the throne. For now, keeping it in her private audience chamber, gave her the freedom to experiment with it. #sunscribbles #WIP

Overhead, the branches of the lemon tree swept over her, blocking what she had come to view as the awful *searching thing* in the endless sky. The dark, glossy leaves allowed some sun to filter through, but distilled the brightness and offered her a hiding place. #sunwip

In myth, there are books that contain all the knowledge of the world. I’ve always found regular books contain knowledge too. One book cannot contain all the knowledge, but I know a lifetime of reading them one by one will yield the same result. 

“For the True Bride, you’re incredibly naïve. Keron didn’t get the council’s permission for these lessons. There are many in the temple who would use your lessons to harm Keron.” He suddenly grinned at her, “Of course you could just ask Tez to smite the entire council…” Read more Temple of Twilight

Regardless of her role as high priestess, Este doubted the gods, but she recognized real power.  The oracles of her own temple and those in the Temple of Twilight had real power. #SunWIP #templeoftwilight Like this? Read more Temple of Twilight

She dropped to her knees on the stone floor and waited.  She served her goddess in this act, and that thought filled her with glory.  She felt the wetness between her thighs, a religious ecstasy. #Thurds #amwritingfantasy Like this? Read more Temple of Twilight

chapter 12

With her kingdom in the #Holloway Hills , Queen Mab weaves intrigues that span centuries. Without Tam Lin, her schemes grew darker, more cruel and lacking the temper of his humanity. #vss365

Sitting across the table, empty glasses between then, words tumbled forth from them, accompanied by waving hands. Their voices raised, words rough and clipped.  To the Terran, they were #fighting. But to the Centauri, they were having a #conversation. #vss365  #MuseMon

Este, High Priestess of Zel, listened to the petition for #motherhood. The unnamed God contained within the Jade Throne wanted this petitioner in His debt. Este did not hesitate in this heresy. She handed a potion to the woman with an empty blessing. #SciFanSat #templeoftwilight

South of the Cetza Empire lay remains of the Lakit lands. The border was littered with once vast cities of towering  ziggurats that lay empty of all life, but the eternal jungle. #SciFiFri

Rime_of_the_Ancient_Mariner_by_fagashlil (1)
The feline race of Centauri was humanoid. Bipedal, yet still maintaining the tail Terrans had long since lost to evolution. They had slight muzzles and the sharp canines of a predator. But the most alien-thing about then was their #lemon-yellow eyes. #vss365 #amwritingscifi

The albatross is a sailor’s omen. To see one is good luck, to kill one bad. But what does it portend that Sam’s old mariner shoots one? There’s no rhyme nor reason for his action, yet he bows to the author’s pen, and perhaps laudanum laced dreams. #vss365

Setch listened to the flow of drums from the Temple of Midnight. It pulled her toward the Temple, but she found herself pausing at the threshold. Once again, she wanted to step onto the glimmering obsidian tiles. Once again, her goddess forbade her. #vss365 Like this? Read more Temple of Twilight

Her parents, born decades to late to be hippies, had named her Aura. The new age resurgence in her teens changed her from outcast to embracing the world of crystals and vibes. Which lead to an adulthood of pulling rabbits from hats, never letting anyone see her real magic. #vss365

dice 5

Everyday the light and dark grew closer together. Everyday the Earth grew a little warmer, and that warmth seeped into her blood. Pale jade plants inched their way out of the ground, and her desires inched their way out of hibernation. #vss365 #SockItTueMe

She moaned, a mix of delight and pain, as the lash met her skin. Tenoch wielded the flail of his god with skill, striking her flesh over and over, but never breaking her skin. In this act, Setch thought they both found succor with their gods. #SunWIP Like this? Read more Temple of Twilight

When the last true high priestess of Zel died, Anacoana had stolen a handful of small #bones, left over after her body had been mascerated. She powered one of the smallest bones, adding it to her liuqui. Tonight she needed the dead priestess’s guidance. #vss365 #templeoftwilight Like this? Read more Temple of Twilight

When the #rebellion came it didn’t come from the sources anyone expected. The children rose up, rejecting capitalism, rejecting the toxic society of their parents. Together they sought the stars, and left behind those who’d starve on their money. #scifansat

Low cost DNA tests had made everyone obsessed with discovering their #roots. Lilith couldn’t care less where her DNA came from; her family had already rejected her. Knowing her chromosomes were shared with Nubians, Gauls, or even Martians wouldn’t change who she was. #vss365

Meanwhile on Europa, the #arctic landscape was more challenging than the men had anticipated. Their push for dominion over the stark landscape was proving to be their downfall. The drive to own, to possess on this world was folly. #scifansat #amwritingscifi (like this? checkout my flash fiction series Sleeping in the Stars)

The only #artifact from the Terran settlement on the ice #Moon Europa were the steel support beams of their demolished shelter and the pile of their skulls. The Europans were thorough in their efforts in eradicating invasive species. #scifansat #SciFiFri #amwritingscifi (like this? checkout my flash fiction series Sleeping in the Stars)

Each piece of jewelry in the #casket was an amulet: a ruby ring for wishes, an opal pendant for invisibility. But the piece the Faery Queen sought, as she frantically dug through the shiny baubles, the moonstone diadem that would make all men love her, was missing. #vss365

Eztli knew it was an honor to be tasked with #painting the fresco. The subject was the goddess Tzi, queen of the midnight sky. The first step was ritually blending her blood with the pigments. #vss365 #paint #amwritingfantasy (Like this, checkout my novel)

norton cover

After the third extinction, the gods rebuilt the world. This time, the god, Tez was the architect. Deciding that in the fourth world, all the living things would inevitably come to him. Tez, now God of the Underworld, is the origin of death. #amwriting #SciFanSat (Like this, checkout my novel)

There was a sound like thunder and a flash of light. The lively jazz on the radio became the #crackle and hiss of static on every station. There was nothing left in the world, except for maybe her. #vss365 #amwriting #amwritingscifi

Mirror mirror on the wall… Who’s the #fairest doesn’t matter at all. And with that Snow White and the Queen became allies, working together to create a kingdom where everyone was valued and equity reigned. #vss365