Spooky, scary, and oft times sexy Horror Fiction

horror 1

A vampire sits in a bar reading. A man interrupts her, “buy you a drink?”


“Bitch you outta learn some manners.”

Outside, he’s waiting, drunk & fuming.

She snaps his neck wondering how many centuries it will take for men to learn to accept rejection. #horrorprompt 225

John, like many before & after him, fathered a child & abandoned it. The worm, adopted by a single mother, roamed the countryside, seeking out deadbeats & abusers. Until together, worm & mother created a utopia in Lambton. Then John came home ruining everything. 224

The rebellion wasn’t just removing their corsets, showing knees, or wearing makeup. When women bobbed their hair, it made a defiant statement. It was a choice that couldn’t be washed off, covered up, or re-confined. It was claiming their bodies for themselves.

Without meaning to, she’d smeared her cum over the sarcophagus lid. After catching her breath, she noticed. The last thing she wanted was for the whole expedition learn what she’d done. Blushing, she used the hem of her tank top to wipe away the evidence. 223

She didn’t just lay her curse with goofer dust & iron nails. No, she spread her hex with judiciously placed recordings. All his ill deeds exposed not only to the spirits & gods, but to the internet judges. He’d have been lucky to only suffer the goofer dust.

They stumbled upon the labyrinth as teenagers & walked its ever-changing path. As they aged, they noticed how different they were from their peers. When they tried to leave, they learned they’d been playing the Troy Game, & that they would always be playing the Troy Game.

The chalice was filled wine. As the moon rose, the witches began chanting. They poured their energy into the cup until it brimmed with magic. They drank, each taking a mouthful before falling writhing on the ground. They found their feet, now four, not two and howled. 

Before the Reckoning, their cries of “not all” & “well actually” morphed into mass shooting & mass murders. After the Reckoning, some  terrorists continued trying to discredit the voices of their victims. They still can’t grasp that they are the villains.  no.218

troygameShe stared into the creature’s black eyes. Shark eyes, she thought, predator’s eyes. He smiled revealing a jagged row of teeth that put a wolf’s maw to shame. She returned his smile realizing he thought she was prey.

They settled on house . It had everything they wanted: 2 bedrooms, original fixtures, a yard…the view of the cemetery was an unexpected bonus.  When they toured the vacant house, they felt the cold caress of more than one ghost and immediately made an offer. 

The witch’s resume included hoodoo, conjure, hexcraft, and a passing knowledge of ritual magic. She turned graveyard dirt into goofer dust, and hexed her enemies without concern for someone else’s rule of three. She didn’t do new age woo or the power of positive thinking. 

She stirred her cauldron and went about her work. A picture, clipped from a newspaper article, is tacked above the boiling pot. With her invocation, her contribution to MeToo is complete. She waits, and then the wolves come, salivating to complete her vengeance.

fogThe corporation had bought the land, endless tracts of desert, which most thought was devoid of life. But the desert was a vibrant ecosystem of life. When the corporation sought to denude it of life, they learned about the djinn. And one by one, the workers vanished. #vss365

In the soup pot, grandmother’s boiled bones rattled in impotent rage as Red welcomed her lupine lover. Red laughed at the crackling bones, laying supine upon her grandmother’s bed she beckoned the wolf. 

Sitting atop a hill, she watched the billowing gray clouds of fog pour into the valley suffocating the town. She’d warned them, telling them to cease their sacrilege. They had ignored her, so she took action. The sawmill would never open again. 

Using the ghost phone was dangerous. Edison’s plans didn’t explain what the symbols meant, so while Naomi built it, the dialing system was a mystery. Still Naomi dialed risking her soul in search of answers.

She walked unnoticed, unseen. Being 40 with a round figure was her first weapon. She couldn’t be a threat as she didnt exist to those around her. Today, she and her invisible sisters struck. Some with poison, some with explosions – none with patriarchal guns. #horrorprompt

His eyes kept returning to the mirror on the shop wall. She gestured him to the mirror. His reflection wasn’t framed by the shop around him; it was indescribable. She appeared beside him and shoved him though into the eldritch nothing. #talesnoir


The endless deprivation of humanity during her human life, her position as chattel, as incubator, as less-than withered her heart. After her monstrous rebirth, she awakened in the ranks of the undead. Removed from humanity, her dead heart once again began to beat. #horrorprompt

He crept into her bed, again. She welcomed his cold fingers kneading her flesh & moaned as his teeth & cock penetrated. She begged for more until the blood loss left her groggy. When the bruises on her neck faded, he’d return again,& she’d welcome him. #horrorprompt #viciouscycle

In the haunted house, Lara woke feeling fingers wrapping round her wrists & ankles. The ghostly fingers jerked her hands over her head & pulled her legs open, & she gave a small cry. She felt the cold breath of ghostly lips on her nipples & shivered. #horrorprompt #horrorerotica Hints at the next chapter of “The Haunting of Jill”

richard chaseWhen he was arrested, he said he’d done it for me. He drank blood, knowing it was what I did, thinking it was what I would demand, what would bring me back to him. Until I read of his arrest, I’d forgotten the night I fed on him, forgotten his existence entirely.


Lilith left the garden. When she reached the Red Sea, she washed the #congealed remains of Adam’s subjugation from her thighs. She entertained those Adam’s ilk named monsters. Her children worshipped equality, while Adam’s burned the world worshipping dominance. #horrorprompt

Why, the demon wondered, were humans so obsessed with their souls? They kept calling him, then offering to sell him the tired, worthless bits of energy. #vss365 #amwriting