Reindeer Games


A holiday party at a sex club sounded exactly like the kind of hijinks Liz wanted. She slipped into the gorgeous red lingerie set that had been a gift from one of her beaus. She topped it off with a leopard trimmed Santa hat and headed out the door.

The club was in full swing when she arrived.  She found Will at the bar.  He was already shirtless and looked happy to see her. “Liz,” he grinned at her, “What kind of fun are you looking for tonight?”

“Something festive,” she grinned back.  “I suffered through a terribly dull work party, and I need something to balance it.”

Will gave her a wicked smile, “I have just the thing.”  He took her hand and led her to one of the playrooms.  He produced a sprig of mistletoe.  “How about a little nether region kissing?”

Liz raised an eyebrow.  The idea of multiple rounds of oral sex was appealing.  “I like this idea,” she giggled and slipped her panties off.  She noticed that Will pocketed the lacy panties.

She sat back in the chair. With her panties gone, she spread her legs wide, putting her pussy on display. Will placed the mistletoe above her spread legs, and she sat back as the first person noticed and came over. The young man leaned toward her for a kiss, but she pointed up at the mistletoe and down at her pussy.

He grinned and dropped to his knees in front of her. She expected him to kiss her pussy and move on. But he buried his face between her thighs and started licking and sucking in earnest. Liz bucked her hips at his face, her Santa hat tumbled from her head. She felt the tingling in her belly building, and the growing audience only increased the feeling. She whimpered her orgasm, and the young man moved away. He smiled at her, his face shiny with her juices, and blew her a kiss before disappearing into the crowd.

A Dom ordered his beautiful sub to kneel under the mistletoe, and the buxom redhead crawled over to Liz splayed open thighs and kissed her mons. Her pink tongue darted out and she licked her way down. The Dom watched them both, the sub lapping like a kitten at Liz, and Liz’s hand wrapped in the sub’s hair, pulling the woman closer to her pussy. The sub licked and even slid her tongue inside Liz.

Her Dom finally pulled her away, noting the line of people waiting for their kiss. Liz was surprised to see so many people waiting. Will’s game had been novel, but not something she expected so many people to be interested in. Mouth after mouth dipped into her pussy. Tongues and lips and even teeth delved between her sensitive lips and teased her clit. All were eager to see if they could make her come, whether it was her pleasure that spurred them or their own didn’t matter to her. She leaned back and enjoyed every lick and suck. Occasionally, she let her Domme out, ordering the participants to lick or suck harder or faster. With one thick fingered man, she ordered him to slip his fingers in her pussy, first one then another and another. The crowd watched and cheered him on as the third finger slipped inside. She came loudly, which his fingers buried in her pussy and his nose buried in her pussy. He was replaced by another mouth.

She lost track of the number of times she came, just as she lost track of the number of mouths that kissed her under the mistletoe. Will stepped in front of her, and at her nod, took down the mistletoe. “Did you enjoy your time under the mistletoe?”

She grinned at him, “Best Christmas party this year.” She didn’t move from her position, still lewdly on display, and she wondered just how red her pussy must be from all the attention. “But I could use a cock,” she purred at him.

Will grinned at her, “just one?”

“We’ll see,” she said, her voice low and hungry.

He unzipped his pants, and let them fall to the ground. He stepped out of them, naked except for the bow-tied round his hard cock. “Merry Christmas, Lizzy,” he said with a smile, as he slid on a condom.

“For me?” She teased and stood up. She bent over the arm of the chair, spreading her legs wide for him.

She watched the crowd, through half-closed eyes, as he slipped his cock inside her. Not too far away a threesome was entangled together. A few spectators watched Will fucking her, but it was the gorgeous redheaded sub who kept Liz’s attention. The woman was on her knees again, this time sucking her Dom’s cock like it was a candy cane. Liz watched and reached around, rubbing her clit while Will fucked her.

Later, she and Will collected their clothes and coats. Her hat was long gone, probably having been passed around multiple heads before going home with someone. When they reached the door, she found the redhead waiting.  Her eyes shone as she saw Liz. The woman was wearing Liz’s hat.

Liz paused in front of the sub, and the vixen lifted the mistletoe over her head. Liz laughed and kissed the woman. The redhead melted against her, tongue slipping between Liz’s lips. Liz broke the kiss, feeling a little breathless.

She took the hat from the sub’s head and smiled at her.

The redhead slipped a scrap of paper into Liz’s hand. Liz glanced at it and saw a name and phone number.

“Merry Christmas” the sub spoke, her voice sweet and huskies than Liz would have expected.

Liz leaned forward and kissed the vixen again before she slipped out into the cold winter night.

Jingle Bells

silent film pinup hanging a wreath  wearing a backless santa dress

Vixen rang the doorbell. She could feel the cold air drifting under her coat.  She couldn’t believe she was going through with this.  When her Dom had suggested that she see Liz again, Vixen had been ecstatic. However, when he presented his plan, she’d grown nervous.  What if Liz wasn’t interested? What if the whole gift backfired somehow? Vixen knew that her Dom had planned this with Will, and Will was connected to Liz, but still, Vixen was nervous.

When Liz opened the door, Vixen found she couldn’t work up the nerve to speak.  And before Liz could even say hello, Vixen opened her coat, revealing that all she wore was a large red bow tied around her breasts and red panties trimmed in white fur.  Around her neck was a tag that read, “Merry Christmas, Love Will.”

Liz grinned at the tag and stepped aside to let Vixen inside.

“So, you’re a gift?” Liz asked, looking over the nearly Vixen.

Vixen gave her a sultry smile and found her voice, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Get rid of your coat,” Liz ordered. Vixen slipped off the coat and scarf and draped them over the back of the couch.  Vixen stood wearing the bow and panties, along with knee-high black boots and nothing else.  Vixen took in Liz’s chic outfit, and her nipples stiffened at the difference in their dress.  She loved being naked while her partners were clothed, or mostly clothed.  The power difference between them was more visceral that way.

Liz reached out and tugged at the bow, watching it unravel and reveal Vixen’s milky breasts.  Her nipples were already hard.  Liz untied the card from Vixen’s neck.  Vixen knew that the back of the card included her hard limits and safe word, as well as a list of suggested activities.  Liz smiled reading the back of the card.

The entire time Vixen stood waiting, not bothering to hide her near nakedness.  Liz tossed the card onto the coffee table.  “So many options,” she murmured, and leaned over and kissed Vixen.  Vixen was quick to respond with a low moan.  She leaned into Liz, and her bare breasts rubbed against Liz’s silk shirt. She felt Liz wrap her fingers in Vixen’s hair and tugged softly at first, but quickly gained more force.  Vixen’s moans only increased as Liz yanked on her hair. “Good girl,” Liz breathed pulling away from the kiss. “Put your hands behind your back,” Liz ordered.

She made quick work of using the ribbon to bind Vixen’s hands behind her back.  The binding pulled Vixen’s forearms together, forcing her tits to stand out.  She wondered what Liz would do.  Vixen had watched the other woman at the dungeon many times.  She’d developed a crush on Liz after watching Liz perform tit torture on some lucky submissive.  Now, her tits were on display for Liz’s pleasures.

Vixen could feel Liz’s eyes travel over her, and Vixen shifted her shoulders back a little more. Liz smiled at her, “Oh, do you want me to notice your tits?” she asked, running a well-manicured fingernail under Vixen’s tits, taking care, Vixen noticed, to not touch her breasts at all.

Vixen nodded quickly, “Yes, Mistress.  I want to please you.”

“And you think your naked tits will please me?”

Vixen bit her lip and shook her head. “No, but abusing them will.”

Liz laughed and splayed her fingers over Vixen’s flank.  “You’re awfully mouthy for a submissive.”  She scratched her nails over Vixen’s ribs.  Before Vixen could respond to the accusation, Liz delivered a slap to Vixen’s breast.  The sound alone made Vixen wet, and the sting that traveled through her tit had Vixen biting her lip, to remain silent.

“You watched my performance with Natalie, didn’t you?” Liz asked, running her hand softly over the area she had just slapped.

Vixen nodded, “Yes, Mistress.”

Liz rubbed Vixen’s nipple, “And you imagined yourself with the slaps and clothespins?”

Vixen clamped her thighs together, as she felt her own wetness seeping down her thighs.  She nodded, still biting back her moans.  If Liz demanded silence, Vixen could give her silence.

Liz twisted Vixen’s nipple and pulled it.

This time Vixen did moan.

“Mouthy,” Liz said and walked away.

Vixen stood awkward and abandoned in the living room.  Her nipple ached, and her panties were soaked.  She glanced at her reflection in the dark glass of the windows.  Her breasts jutted out from her chest, and her nipples looked ready to cut glass. Her ridiculous Santa panties were garish in the reflection.  With her boots still on, she felt even more naked.  Worse she suddenly felt exposed to the uncovered windows.  She didn’t know who could see in the windows, even though she knew they were at the back of the house.

Liz returned, and Vixen watched her in the reflection.  She carried a briefcase, which she set on the coffee table.  Without a word to Vixen, Liz leaned forward and caught Vixen’s nipple in her mouth.  She sucked hard, letting her teeth run over the nub of flesh.  She pulled her head back and quickly attached the clamp to Vixen’s nipple.

Vixen shivered to feel the metal teeth bite into her nipple, and the weight of what she realized was a bell tugged on her nipple. Liz repeated the action and both of Vixen’s nipples burned under the clamps. Liz gave each breast another slap, making the bells jingle.

“Perfect,” she said.  She untied Vixen’s arms, without the tension of the binding, her breasts shifted and the bells rang and tugged at her nipples. Vixen heard the whimper escape her lips. Liz gave her a wicked smile and ordered Vixen to her hands and knees.

Vixen lowered herself to her knees and positioned her hands on the floor.  In the reflection, she watched the silver bells glinting in the light as her breasts hung free. The bells continued their merry tinkling.  She felt Liz’s hands run over her back, and slip under her panties.  Rather than sliding the scrap of clothing off, Vixen felt the cold steel of scissors and heard the sharp snick as Liz cut the sides and pulled the wet panties away.

“You are enjoying this,” Liz said looking over the damp panties.  Vixen felt herself flush.  “Now, I want to hear what kind of jingling we can get you up to.”  Vixen watched Liz pull a paddle from the briefcase.  She delivered a light swat to Vixen’s ass.

Vixen tilted forward out of instinct, and the heavy bells swung, tugging on her nipples.  She gave a soft whimper.

Liz began spanking her in earnest.  The paddling kept the bells in motion and Vixen couldn’t keep quiet.  She cried out between a moan of pleasure and a cry of pain.  This wasn’t the scene she had envisioned, but she loved it nonetheless. The skin on her ass warmed, but the dark glass didn’t show her reddened skin.  She watched Liz swing the paddle over and over in the reflection, and heard her own voice a counterpoint to the cheery jingle bells.

Her nipples went from burning to aching.  Her ass was on fire, but she was determined to please Liz.  She’d give her whatever she wanted.  Her eyes teared up and she felt her tears drip from her face.

Finally, Liz set the paddle on Vixen’s back, using her as a table. Vixen felt Liz’s hand caressing her sore bottom.  “Your ass is ready for Christmas,” Liz said.  “It’s redder than a poinsettia.” Vixen felt herself shiver at the touch, Liz’s cool hands contrasting to her heated skin.  Liz wiped the tears from Vixen’s cheeks.

“Was it too much?”

Vixen shook her head.  “No Mistress,” her voice was barely a whisper.

“Can you stand the bells a little longer?”

Vixen’s nipples ached, but she found herself nodding.

She felt Liz’s fingers run up her thigh.  “Let’s see what tune you jingle as you come.”  Liz’s fingers were cool, moving across her slit.  Vixen could hear the squelching of her wetness, as Liz slid two fingers easily into her pussy. Vixen moaned and shifted her hips back toward Liz’s hand. The bells chimed.

Liz thrust slowly in and out, and then removed her fingers.  She licked them clean while Vixen watched and Vixen almost orgasmed right then.  She turned back to the briefcase and pulled out a wand.  Vixen’s eyes grew wide seeing the toy.  She knew the kind of rough vibrations it put out.  She knew how much it made her jump and squeal.

Vixen heard the buzzing and felt the head of the wand travel over her abused ass, and down the backs of her thighs.  She shivered and the bells jingled. When the wand reached her pussy, she cried out well before it got to her clit.  She bucked her hips and writhed lost somewhere in the space between pleasured and overwhelmed.

When the buzzing monster hit her clit, she couldn’t hold back.  Her orgasm was intense and accompanied by a torrent of dirty talk and begging for more and no more. Liz kept the wand pressured loosely against her clit, until Vixen’s elbows sagged.

Vixen didn’t register that the wand was gone for a moment.  Then she felt Liz’s soft hands on her breast followed by the sharp burn of the clamp being removed.  Once both were gone, Vixen found her head resting in Liz’s lap.

She felt Liz stroke her hair, murmuring about Vixen being a good girl.  “You’ve been a lovely gift,” Liz whispered to her.  Vixen smiled with her eyes closed.


woman in a sheer nightgown hanging a wreath

“Lay down Vixen,” Liz said to the nearly naked redhead.

“Yes, mistress,” she said and quickly laid down on the fluffy rug. It wasn’t fur, but it felt enough like it that Vixen wiggled delighted at the sensation. Her wiggling ceased when Liz gave her a sharp slap on her panty-clad ass. She let her crimson lip jut out in a pout.

Liz laughed at her display of pique. “You will pay for the pouting lip, Vixen.” Liz glanced around the room and grabbed a decoration off of the Christmas tree. The shiny red ball covered in glitter gleamed in her hand.

Vixen watched, her eyes sparkling with interest.

Liz slipped the ball between Vixen’s knees, moving it down her thighs. “Hold the ball in place,” she ordered, pressing Vixen’s legs together.

Vixen pressed her knees together, wondering what Liz’s game was. The ornament between her legs meant that she couldn’t close her legs, and the ball felt so fragile she was afraid to press too tightly.

When Liz returned with her toys, Vixen began to understand the game. Liz had a pair of wicked nipple clamps, in one hand and a Magic Wand in the other.

Vixen smiled up at her, “For me Mistress?” she asked.

Liz knelt next to her, “Yes, but you better not break my ornament. You’ll have to keep your legs just as they are or it will shatter,” she opened the nipple clamp, “And I’ll be very, very unhappy if you break it.”

Vixen felt the clamps bite into her nipple, stinging and pinching at once. And then she understood Liz’s game. Her first instinct was to clamp her legs shut, to offset the sharp pain. But she heard the ball creak, and froze, rocking her hips and biting her lip. “You are wicked, Mistress.” She hissed.

Liz tugged on the clip, and Vixen squealed but didn’t move her legs. Then Liz applied the second clip, making sure each bit deeply into her flesh. Vixen felt her pussy growing wet.

She’d seen the wand, and she knew what was next. She wasn’t sure if she could take the toy for long, the rough vibrations were so intense. When she used a wand alone she came within a minute.

“You know what’s next?” Liz asked, holding the wand. “I want to see how long you can last.” She turned on the wand, and Vixen bit her lip. Liz smiled at her, “Let’s see how long you can hold onto that ball, without breaking it.”

Vixen shifted, making sure her thighs had a careful grasp on the delicate glass.

The bite of the clips was already a distraction, and the buzz of the toy had her quivering in anticipation.

Liz began running the wand over Vixen’s legs, her shins, and knees.

It tickled and Vixen locked her legs, fighting to keep from giggling. It was worse when Liz ran the toy over her feet, and along the sides of her feet. She knew if Liz asked her to raise her feet, the game would be over.

“You’re trying so hard,” Liz smiled. “I can see your muscles shaking.” She ran a finger down Vixen’s thigh, “maybe I should have asked you to hold a bell; it would have been more festive.” She met Vixen’s eyes, “Are you ready for more?”

Vixen nodded, her hair tangled around her head. “Yes, please Mistress.”

Liz tugged on the clamps before turning the toy back to Vixen, tracing up the backs of her thighs.

Vixen clenched her muscles, just a little and felt the ball shift, perhaps give slightly. Biting her lip, she forced herself to relax a little. Felt the ball, slide a little lower, but it was intact. Vixen forced herself to breathe, to relax, as the wand drifted up and down her thighs, moving closer and closer. She squealed and wriggled as the wand finally landed on her mons, the vibrations carried through her flesh with just enough force to tease. She released something between a whine and a moan, but the ball stayed in place and intact. She chewed her lip and pressed into her feet.

“Very good, Vixen,” Liz said, moving the wand in small circles. “I don’t think I could last this long.” She ran her fingers over Vixen’s panties, feeling her heat and wetness.

Vixen gasped, her legs shifting and they both heard the creak of the ball. Liz ran a finger over the ball, feeling for a crack.

“Hmm, I don’t feel any damage, “Liz smirked at her. “But I can’t be sure.”

When Liz removed the wand, and Vixen whispered, “Is it broken?” The ball was starting to feel sticky, or perhaps it was just her sweat from the strain. All she wanted to do was to beg for release, to open her legs wide, and beg for the wand on her clit. To beg for Liz’s fingers or tongue, but she also wanted to play the game.

Liz reached out and removed the first clamp, and Vixen groaned when Liz rubbed the abused nipple. Liz repeated her actions, removing the second clamp.

Liz placed the now quiescent wand against Vixen’s lips, pressing it into her panties, at the exact right spot. “Not yet,” Liz said and leaned forward to kiss her. As Liz’s lips captured Vixen’s, Liz flipped the wand back on.

Vixen rocked up from the sudden vibrations, and her legs moved involuntarily closer together. She felt the ball crumple between her thighs, sending a shower of glittering glass onto her mons. Still kissing Liz, she felt her orgasm cresting over her, and she let her knees fall together. She wondered, with anticipation, what her punishment for breaking the ornament would be. And a less immediately thought about how she’d deal with the glass sprinkled over her.

Liz removed the wand when the ornament broke. “I guess you lose,” she said, laying the wand aside.

Vixen nodded, afraid to move because of the glass. “I’m a little worried about the glass.”

Liz pressed her finger onto Vixen’s panties, collecting a finger full of glittering glass particles. She popped her finger in her mouth, licking the glass away. “It’s only sugar,” she said laughing at Vixen’s terrified expression. “You didn’t think I’d risk cutting up your beautiful body?”

Vixen sat up on her elbows. “You had me worried,” she looked down at the pieces of sugar and glitter covering her mons and thighs, “But that’s going to be a sticky mess pretty soon.”

Liz smiled and licked her lips, “I’ll make sure this holiday treat doesn’t go to waste.”

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