Character List (Temple of Twilight)

Characters & Places

Temple of Twilight

Soshay – novice oracle

Keron – Chief oracle

Tenoch – Second Priest of Tez

Neldo – Priest of the Acolytes

Qent – under-priest (and servent) to Tenoch

Mitlan – High Priest of Tez

Telmex – Under-priest to Keron)

Pelo – a servant in the temple and friend of Soshay

 Temple of Dawn

Este – High Priestess of Zel

Setch – Priestess of Zel

Drioux – Priestess of Zel

Citlalmina – former high priestess of Zel

Zantin – novice priestess of Zel

Temple of Noon

Chacon, former priestess of Zel (and Soshay’s sister)

Amox – Priest of Mat

Outside of the temples

Imperator Naiglen – Imperator of the Cetza Empire (referenced ony)

Anacoana – sorceress and exiled priestess of Zel (mentioned by Este)

Ohili – in the employ of the Temple of Twilight as a farseer (one who can send his/her spirit to see events physically distant).


Rastban – minor deity absorbed into the Cetza pantheon during conquest

Itz – God of punishments and ice

Zel  – Goddess of Dawn and Fertility

Mat – God of Noon and War

Tez – God of Twilight and Death

Tzi – Goddess of Midnight and Magic

Unnamed God, also called the Corrupter or Unnamed One – the god trapped in the Jade Throne


Cetza Empire

Teoti, City of the Jungle (Religious center of the Cetza Empire)

Outside of the Empire

Lakit the lands south of the Cetza. Conquered and ruled by Imperator Naiglen’s father

Suyu lands south the of the Lakit. Unconquered by the Cetza, united by marriage