Sexy Series

All of my series stories in once place

Alice’s Adventures in Space

a pulp magazine cover with a scantily clad green alien woman with a man and bats in the background

Also available in Scry of Lust 2

A collection of science fiction stories that boldly go where too much science fiction fears to go, the bedroom. Alice joins Le Corp d’Exploration Galactique for the opportunity to travel the universe and seek out strange new sexual escapes and aliens to share her desires with.

As the Liaison Charnelle, her job is to know the sexual mores and kinks of all kinds of aliens. The job doesn’t require first hand experience, but Alice goes above, below, and beyond what’s required.

tags: exhibition, alien sex, kink

The Ballad of Anne Bonny

a black and white photo of a woman dressed in a pirate hat

Inspired by my favorite pirate. I take a lot of poetic license with my portrayal of Bonny and her adventures. Anne’s ballad begins when seeking adventure she runs away from home and joins up with pirates. Her adventuring leads her to meet Jack Rackham and she finds a partnership she didn’t expect.

Anne becomes a captain in her own right, and uses a quiet seaside town as her base of operations. The sea caves shelter her, her crew, and their hard won plunder.

But in that town, Anne finds her most important treasure, Faith.

tags: Historical Fiction, Bisexual, Romance

Caroline’s Tarot Cards

A gift certificate for a tarot reading brings Caroline into his shop.  When the reading begins, she realizes that these are no ordinary tarot cards.

The unexpectedly erotic cards tell Caroline more than just her future, as Peter, the sexy psychic reveals her most wicked desires. As he flips each card, Caroline finds herself pulled into a fantasy of sexual release that she never expected.

Caroline agrees to give the cards to a Domme in a hotel bar. Her experiences are more intense as she submits to not just the Domme, but to the debauched cards themselves.

tags: exhibition, power-exchange, dominance, submission

The Crimson Queen

The Crimson Queen: A fantasy series about a wanton queen and her debauched kingdom

Also available in Scry of Lust 2

A fantasy series about a lusty Queen and her debauched kingdom. In the first installment, she uses her guardsmen to punish a naughty maid. In the following installments, she chooses a Lady in Waiting from among the defeated queen’s subjects. She and the new Lady are both surprised by the depths of depravity they discover.

tags: fantasy, dominance, submission, sapphic love

Debauched Regency

debauched regency with a vintage fortune teller

I am a fan of the Regency Romance. I grew up with them, and I still have a fondness for the genre. I love a spunky heroine who wins the love of her manly man lover. This is my take on the genre.

When Amanda meets a fortune teller and shares her dirty fantasies, she never expects to see him again. She is stunned to find him at a Ton Ball.

Amanda boldly dives into the deep end of debauchery with her fiancé Noah and a variety of others. This one will definitely have the requisite happy ending.

Defiling Daisy

Coming Soon

woman smoking
Doctor Jacqueline Hyde

Doctor Jacqueline Hyde has been using company funds for her own research.  After a lab accident, she learns that the compound she’s been working on has an unexpected side effect. The good doctor turns into a ravening sex maniac at the worst possible times. After tearing apart her office, all in a desperate need to come, Jacqueline braces for her drive home, hoping to reach the safety of her house before she’s overtaken once again by the compound.

Fairy Tales for Adults

A reclining woman in 1920s lingerie holding a book. a rose border encases the woman. "Erotic Fairy Tales"

I love fairy tales, and I love reimagining fairy tales even more. This collection contains my erotic retellings of a variety of familiar stories and some less familiar.

Sleeping Beauty, who has a very different relationship with the wicked fairy.

A Beauty meets her beast in the woods and she seduces him.

A mermaid spends a day on the beach and encounters a lover who will never forget her.

Goldilocks meets a bear unlike anything she expected.

Ghost Bangers

A team of ghost hunters travel the globe seeking out the world’s most haunted locations. But these ghost hunters are seeking to put spirits to rest, they are hunting for the most erotic ghost adventures they can find.


lesbian cute

A collection of sapphic adventures.  The narrator details her adventures with the woman of her dreams, referred to only as Her.  These two get up to some light kink and a lot of sexy fun.  Shorter than many of my other series, but still with plenty of action.

Inspired by a real life Her.

His Mistress 

One man’s submission to his leather-clad Mistress. His worship and adoration of Her is already firmly rooted, but he’ll learn discipline through deprivation.

The collection continues with cross-dressing and a gender swap on 1950s kink.

Includes leather worship.

Jean Genie

bound man jean main

It starts when Maggie has the hottest dream of her life about her neighbor. While the dream fuels her masturbatory fantasies, she finally works up the nerve to talk to the real man. His response is less than encouraging, but the dream doesn’t end.  Maggie takes control of the dreams, fueling her inner desire to dominate and command him. This series is a little more romantic than my usual fare.

Julia’s Magick

Ju;ia's Magic. One hedonistic witch's journey into all manner of magick. Every story has a bit of magic and a cauldron full of naughty fantasies.

One hedonistic witch’s journey into all manner of depraved magick.  Julia explores sex magic orgies. learns from Norse shamans, meets supernatural creatures (and bangs them).  Every story has a bit of magic, and a cauldron full of dark fantasy.

Inspired by a Masturbation Monday prompt (also shares characters with Victoria and the Pharaoh”)

Natalie‘s Date

Natalie page

Natalie takes her exploration of dominance and submission to a new level with a surprise birthday gift from her Dom and his best friend.  Together the three of them explore each other and Natalie’s submission.

Natalie’s adventures continue with a trip to the sex club and a group sex

experience. Followed by Natalie learning more about service.

Inspired by a Kink of the Week prompt

Salem’s Charity

Charity lives up to any Puritan’s fear and most erotic fantasy. She starts her adventures heading into the woods to meet her coven. Along the way, she meets a reverend and his life will never be the same. Charity continues her sultry adventures in old SalemTown. Magic and mischief are rife in Charity’s sexual escapades. Just wait until she initiates her good Puritan maid into the coven.   All chapters inspired by Masturbation Monday prompts.

  Victoria and the Pharaoh 

vicki seriel

I love ancient Egypt and I love the supernatural.  Thus, a mummy seemed like a logical place to go.

In this series, Victoria gets the opportunity to work on a real excavation in Egypt.  Working alone one night, her naughty imagination inadvertently resurrects the Pharaoh.  Once she loses her supernatural lover, she seeks the help of sex magick, and a sexy magician, to find her resurrected pharaoh.

Victoria’s adventures take her across the globe, and she finds herself the sacrificial lamb on the sex altar more than once.

The Wild Hunt

a woman in a Greek style dress with knee length hair in the woods

Dark and sensual tales of bewitching fairies and fey folk.

When the wild hunt comes riding a blacksmith brazenly watches the riders pass, and meets a fairy hunter willing to risk the sting of cold iron (flash fiction).

In another a witch interrupts the wild hunt and pays a steep and sexy price – only to be forever haunted by the encounter. In the sequel the witch returns to find her fairy lover and meets fey rider from another court.

And a fairy queen uses a sharp seduction to lure a young woman into her bed.