Alice’s Galactic Adventures

Ground Control

Alice has been aboard the Tau Ceti station for a week.  She’d started to acclimate to the intermittent gravity loss, but it still caused butterflies in her stomach when the gravity turned off.

manara space

She was looking forward to her downtime.  The engineering team invited her to all sorts of activities, but she just wanted to be alone. Well, there was a certain Martian she’d been eyeing, and she’d heard plenty of interesting things about Martian anatomy at the academy.  She was planning a fact-finding mission during her six-month posting; however, after a week of constant companionship, she was looking forward to having her quarters to herself.  Her roommate, a Terran in communications, was on shift, so Alice would be alone.

Quarters for junior officers were similar suites.  There was a small shared living space flanked by their separate sleeping quarters. The sleeping spaces we barely big enough for the single beds, but it gave the junior officers a little privacy. The living room held a small couch and table.  Somehow she’d been lucky enough to get a room with a window, a floor to ceiling view into the void of deep space.

Alice entered her quarters, and called out to her roommate, just in case the woman’s schedule had changed.  The returning silence was all Alice needed.  She stripped out of her uniform, tossing it in the cleaning unit.  She slipped into her bedroom and grabbed her robe and toy box before lowering all the lights in the suite.

She opened the shade on the massive window and stared into the vastness.  She felt her stomach flutter in a wave of vertigo.  She tossed her robe over the couch and opened her toy box.

The next loss of gravity was about 15 minutes away, and Alice wanted to be ready for it.  She picked through her toys, wanting just the right instrument. She settled on a new toy she’d picked up at her last posting at the Ganymede Station.  She smiled remembering the brief affair she had enjoyed with a Jovian Psionic.  In fact, the Jovian Psionic had given her the toy.  It was a fascinating creation of hands-free dildo and vibrator but could be controlled via thought, like most Jovian tech.

gound control crop 2

Alice held the toy in her hand, and leaned against the window, feeling the cold glass against her nipples, and the void of darkness and stars filled her vision.  She thumbed the toy on, and it hovered waiting for her thoughts.

She spread her legs wide, and the toy drifted between her legs, emitting a low-level buzz.  It slowly floated up to her thigh, but Alice was terrible at denying herself. She mentally ordered the machine to her clit.  She let out a soft gasp as it made contact.

Alice grew hot and wet, and she shifted back from the window just enough to play with her nipples.  She increased the speed of the vibrator, moaning aloud.   She loved the vibration engulfing her clit, sending echoes of pleasure throughout her body.  She felt her orgasm approaching and let it happen.  She shuddered against the window.

It would take her a few minutes to reach another orgasm, but she’d be in time for the gravity loss.  She shifted the toy, and it responded.  The dildo portion positioned itself at the entrance to her vagina, while a secondary piece continued the low-level vibration on her clit.

Her fingers tugged and pinched her nipples, as the machine slid inside her moist pussy.  She heard the warning alarm chime, alerting station personnel that the loss of gravity was imminent.

“Harder,” she said to the vibrator.  It thrust into her, fucking her at the speed she used most often.  “Bigger,” she whimpered at the machine.  Immediately the girth of the dildo increased, stretching her.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as the gravity switched off.  She free floated in front of the window, untethered by anything except the relentless pounding of the dildo.

She came almost immediately, overwhelmed by the sensation of weightlessness coupled with the perfect thrusting of the dildo.  She kept her legs spread and floated around the room.

“Faster,” she begged as she bumped into the window.  She spread her palms against the glass but couldn’t get enough grip to hold herself in place.  The dildo never ceased its motion.  It was like fucking in water, floating away with pleasure.

Her body drifted from the window, and she had no handholds.  Her legs floated splayed open, pussy full of dildo, vibrator buzzing on her clit. She suddenly felt out of control. Her body was electric with pleasure, but it bordered on too much. It was like she existed only for the pleasure, with nothing to ground herself.

“Suck” she ordered, and the buzzing was replaced with a light suction and a reasonable mouth-like feeling.

She writhed in the air, twisting and bucking with nothing to hold her in place.  Each spasm of her hips sent her up toward the ceiling or careening off toward a wall.  “Oh, more, more” she begged, and the machine increased the speed of its thrusts and the force of the suction.

She stopped thinking about where in the room she was, and simply wriggled and writhed in the air as the machine forced another orgasm from her body. She couldn’t hold back her moans and cries.  The machine once again increasing its tempo as her pussy clamped around it in another orgasm.

gound control crop 3

The warning chime echoed again, this time to warn station personnel that the gravity would be restored.  She felt her weight slowly returning, her body drifting down to land across the table.

She mentally slowed the machine, her legs still splayed open as she lay on stomach across the table.  Her knees finally touched the floor. She felt overly heavy, almost tied down by the returned gravity.

Kneeling over the table, facing the window, she slowed the machine.  She briefly considered trying for one more orgasm, but after the heady loss of control brought on by the lack of gravity, a full gravity orgasm seemed too mundane.

She sent the dildo to the bathroom sink and slowly Rose to her feet. Her knees quaked and she shook finding her feet.

She wrapped herself in her robe and stretched out on the couch.  She gazed out the window, letting the void of space fill her eyes until she fell asleep.

Alice’s Afternoon Off

“You built the program to my specs?” Alice asked.

hologram 3

Domaris, the Centari, nodded, “I haven’t had a lot of requests like this,” the alien smiled at her.  “If you’d like some company, I’d be happy to join you in the program.”

Alice eyed the Centari woman.  “I wish, but I’m due back on my ship.” Alice leaned forward, “Do your people kiss?”

The woman shook her head, her stiff ridge of hair shaking, “No, but I’m curious about the custom.”

Alice grinned and laid a hand on Domaris’s face.  The Centari’s pelt was softer than velvet under fingers.  She pressed her lips against the woman’s mouth.  Centari didn’t have a lot of lip, their facial structure seeming feline to most Terrans.

Domaris took the opportunity to wrap an arm around Alice’s waist, pulling her closer.  Alice felt Domaris’s tail slide up her thigh.  She wasn’t sure if Domaris was enjoying the kiss or just using it as a chance to cop a feel, honestly, she didn’t much care as Alice enjoyed the feelings the tail was causing.

Alice broke the kiss and sighed. “I’ve got leave again in two weeks,” she whispered to the Centari, “Can I come back?”

Domaris literally purred, “Yess,” her voice had a slight hiss, “Yess, you should.”

Back on the ship, Alice waited for her hologram time.  The standard programs let users explore a wealth of landscape and planets.  The most popular programs placed the user as the protagonist in a story.  But all the official programs were strictly clothes on and chaste kissing.

Alice had hired Domaris to make her a special program.  When her reservation rolled around, Alice inserted the program chip.  Alice left her clothes in the small locker, and the program supplied her with a dress made of some gossamer fabric.  Then the room shimmered and the images coalesced.

Earth, ancient Rome. Alice assumed much of the detail was artistic license, but these humans were notorious for orgies.  The room now held a few low couches, with fabric draped walls, and marble columns.  “Program, add characters” Alice ordered.

A mix of men and women dressed in robes called togas appeared.  After a moment they started moving and interacting.  Clothing was quickly tossed aside, and the couches were put to good use.

Alice just stared.  Obviously, the visuals were perfect, but the sounds and even scents were disconcertingly accurate.  The environment immediately brought her back to her first orgy.  Domaris either had excellent resource libraries, or the Centari was going to make a wonderful playmate.

Alice wandered the room, reaching her hand out to touch the walls, cool marble. She touched the couches, linen.  She reached out and ran her fingers over a woman’s flank, warm, smooth skin with just a hint of damp sweat.

The woman cooed at her and invited her to join her couch. The woman was already entwined with two others.  Alice leaned down and kissed her.

“Oh, Domaris” Alice whispered as the hologram’s kiss made her pussy twitch. A young woman approached Alice, “The Emperor demands your company”

Alice raised an eyebrow and giggled to herself thinking when in Rome.  She watched the various depravities going on around her.  There was a woman on her hand and knees on a couch while a man fucked her from behind. The woman opened her mouth to accept a cock in her mouth.

The servant girl took her arm, leading her away from the scene.  The emperor sat surrounded by the most intense actions.  He leered at Alice.

“You will play,” he said and handed her what she realized were dice.   One die contained numbers, 1-6. The faces of the other die she realized were painted with orifices.  She glanced around and saw a variety of groups engaged in their own orgies and understood the game.  In her specially made program, she was going to have a full tactile experience, and given that this game wasn’t something she’d requested, she knew she could expect Domaris built in plenty of surprises.

Alice smiled at the Emperor and rolled the dice.

Alice Rolls the Dice

Alice held the dice in her hand; they were smooth and cool.

She shook them in her hand, her eyes flickering over the various players of the game.  To her left was a man being fucked in the ass, and a line of three men waited their turn.  Next to him was a woman with her face buried in another woman’s pussy.  A man stood behind her, positioning himself to fuck her.

Alice dropped the dice on the table.  The emperor watched them tumble and finally settle.

Alice watched the number tumble to six, and she licked her lips already anticipating the other die.  Based on the image both her ass and pussy were going to get a workout.

The Emperor smiled and pointed at a padded bar. “Bend over,” he commanded.

Alice could feel how wet the command made her as she sauntered to the bar.  She stood before it and paused to pull the straps of the filmy dress down.  The dress pooled around her feet.  The emperor nodded in approval.  Alice felt her nipples harden as she bent over the bar.

She looked back to watch the Emperor move behind her and pull his toga aside.  His hard cock seemed to point at her.  “You’re going to love this,” he said and plunged his cock into her pussy.  Alice gave a cry, loving his hands clutching at her hips.  He continued to fuck her, pounding into her.  Alice writhed beneath him and reached forward to knead her own breasts.

She heard him cry out and felt his cock twitch in orgasm.  Her lips twisted in a pout as he pulled out before she had a chance to reach her own orgasm.

She watched the Emperor twitch his toga back into place and glance at the audience.  “Next,” he called out.

Alice felt her face flush, even as her pussy grew wetter.  She discovered that she liked the depravity of the game, of being used as a pleasure toy.  “Yes,” she called out, “Next.”

She felt another man behind her.  This time it was one of the Centurions.  She felt the drizzle of oil over asshole.  She felt this thumb press inside her ass, pushing the oil deep inside her.

“Oh yes,” she called out, pressing back against his hand.  “Fuck my ass.”

The crowd hooted and cheered at her command, and they took up the chant.  Their voices echoed through the chamber, “fuck her ass; fuck her ass.”

They cheered as the Centurion removed his fingers and slid his cock into her ass.  Alice groaned, loving the fullness of his cock in her ass.  She tilted her hips, urging him on.  She moved her hand toward her clit; this time, she thought, she was going to get her first orgasm.

She began rubbing softly, only to have her hand pulled away by one of the onlookers.  Alice frowned, still half distracted by the man fucking her ass.

“The dice didn’t include your orgasm,” the Emperor said, sitting on one of the couches in front of her.  He looked at her a moment, taking in her flushed cheeks and swinging tits.  “Tie her hands” he ordered.

Alice felt her hands bound to the bar and whimpered.  “But this is my program,” Alice moaned as the Centurion began fucking her faster, “of course I get to come,” her voice was strained. After watching all of the fucking and sucking going on, she was on edge, and now she was desperate to orgasm.

The Emperor raised an eyebrow at her.  “Your program?” his tone was annoyed.  “This is my world, and you’ll do what I want.”

Alice whimpered again, feeling her wetness drip down her thighs as the Centurions shuddered to a climax.  “Please,” she begged, “Let me come?”

Her plea was mixed with a whimper as another Centurion took his place behind her.  This man buried himself in her pussy.

“This little filly is sopping wet,” he panted as his cock slipped in and out of her.  “She’s so hot; it’s like she on fire,” he moaned.

Alice twitched and writhed, trying to come.  The occasional slap of the man’s balls against her clit wasn’t enough to get her off.

The Emperor watched with an amused smirk.

Alice begged the man fucking her to make her come, to fuck her harder.  Her words bleed together as the tingle in her pussy grew and she knew that she was on the edge of climax.  “Fuck me, harder” she growled at him, only to feel the man cease moving as he came with a loud moan.  “No, no, no” Alice hissed, almost in tears.  “I was so close,” she hissed.

Alice felt someone else behind her and thrust her ass at him.

“Wait,” the Emperor ordered, raising a hand. “Cool her off.”

Alice wriggled in her bounds, on the edge of ordering the program to stop, if only momentarily so she could bring herself to orgasm.  She gasped as she felt a pitcher of cool water poured over her spread open pussy. The water splashed around her feet.  She glared at the Emperor but felt the edge of her orgasm recede.  She called out “Next.  I get six cocks, and I’ve only had three.”

The Emperor smirked at her and waved a hand.  She felt an oiled cock fill her ass and moaned.  The Emperor’s cold water had tamped down her orgasm, but Alice knew that she’d been begging to come quickly enough. She closed her eyes and gave into the experience.  She felt the cock in her ass stretching her tantalizing her as she felt her orgasm build.

Once again, the man finished too soon.  She pouted as she waited for the next man, but no one stepped up.  She begged the small audience, asking for anyone to fuck her.  When begging seemed to fail, she demanded.  She wiggled her hips and strained against the bounds.

The Emperor waved over two men.  They both were heavily muscled and wearing nothing but loin clothes.  The Emperor whispered to the men a moment.  They turned to Alice, both leering at her.  She watched them discard their loincloths, and she stared at their large cocks.  She licked her lips in anticipation.

They cut her free from the bar, and they lifted her to sit on the bar.  She felt the head of a cock press against her asshole.

“Spread your legs,” the Emperor ordered her.

Alice complied, more interested in the stretching, fullness of the cock in her ass. The Emperor gave the other man a nod, and the gladiator stepped in from of her.  As the man in her ass slid out, the man in front slid into her pussy.

Alice let out a strangled cry and wrapped her arms around the thick shoulders of the gladiator in front of her.  She followed this move by wrapping her legs around his waist.  Once again she let herself plead and beg.  The sensation of both men was almost too much, the stretching of her ass and pussy, and their insistence at pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in left her off balance.

“Touch yourself, Alice” the Emperor ordered.  “Come for me,” his words were a command.

Alice pressed her hand between her and the gladiator and began frantically rubbing her clit. The tingling her belly increased, and she shook as she came.  She felt herself cry out almost scream with release.  It was the intense orgasm she’d been craving since she ordered the program.

Both Gladiators quickly followed her orgasm and stepped away from her.  She sat on the bar, feeling the wetness drip down her thighs.  “End program,” she called catching her breath.  She was looking forward to exploring this game again, but now she had what she wanted.

The program continued to run.  The Emperor rose from his seat.  “You rolled a six.  That was five.”

Alice blinked at him.  She hadn’t expected this, and she recalled the wicked grin Domaris, the Centari, had given her.  Alive realized that the woman had built this into the program.  Alice wasn’t getting out until she finished the die roll. Instead of being upset or angry, she found herself tingling wondering who would be number six.

Alice’s Promotion

Alice had worked hard to get the promotion to the delegation team, but Space Force rewarded those who worked hard. And now she was part of the welcome delegation to planet Gliese. The Saurian race was the newest to enter into the League of Planets.

After the official business, she and the other delegates were invited to a party, was the closest analog. They had all been given Gliesen clothing to wear, and while some of her fellow delegates had expressed concern, Alice had leapt at the change to wear the long gauzy skirt.  Of course, the issue her Janice had was that the gauzy skirt was the only clothing. Alice reminded her that Gliesen women didn’t have breasts, and because of that, not one on the planet found the clothing revealing or sexualized.  This was after all Alice’s area of specialty, the sexual norms of alien races.

“It’s not the lizards gawking that I’m concerned about,” her bunk said.  “I’ll have to go back to work with the terrans, who will most certainly gawk at my tits all night.”

Alice laughed.  “I hadn’t thought of that,” she looked down at her own bare breasts. “If they gawk, I’ll write them up myself for making the locals uncomfortable.”

Janice gave her an appraising look, “None of this bothers you does it?”

Alice adjusted her skirt, loving the way the fabric revealed just a hint of her naked sex. “What the nudity and sex stuff?” She turned to face Janice, “It fascinates me.”

At the party, they mingled with the Gliesen. She’d met enough aliens to quickly acclimate to chatting with six-foot-tall lizardmen (and lizardwomen) without tripping over her tongue like some of the newer delegates. One of the males, S’latch, led her to the bar to try the local intoxicant.  Her computer interface ruled that it was safe to drink, and no more intoxicating to her species than a beer.

After her admonishments to Janice, she noticed that this lizardman couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits. “They are called breasts” she offered with a smile.

He jerked his eyes up, “Is it acceptable to look at them?”

She smiled, “Not really,” She rested a hand on his arm.  “I don’t mind, but for my species, that kind of looking indicates a sexual interest and others may mind.”

“Oh but I do have a sexual interest in you.” He said with a slight hiss to his words.

She had no way to read their expressions, at least not yet.  Every species was different in their physical markers of emotions – and some lacked any physical cues relying on scent or sound. What she did know was the Gliesen were entirely honest.  They didn’t dissemble and seemed unable to understand sarcasm. So she took his words as truth, and took his arm, “Let’s find somewhere a little more private to discuss this.”

S’latch led her to his quarters and they had another drink and discussed anatomy.

Alice was adept at interspecies assignations. The social and erotic norms varied wildly. Anatomically, his muzzle would prevent kissing, at least in the human style. And all species had their kinks, taboos, and traditions. Of course, she assumed that if an alien was interested in fucking her, that alien was perhaps more adventurous than most.

“So there’re two,” she asked, a little breathless and perhaps a little tipsy.

He gave a hissing laugh, “Impatient already.” He rested his three-fingered hand on her arm, stroking her skin. “You are so soft, so smooth.”

She smiled, savoring the warm, dry touch of his skin. The Gliesen lizard people were scaled, and of course, she wondered what his scales would feel like against her naked flesh. “And your skin is wonderfully rough. The placement of your hemipenis…” She began and stopped when S’latch stood and removed his loincloth.

“Oh my,” Alice said, her eyes devouring the sight.  His species had a hemipenis, a two-pronged sex organ that was covered in a wealth of, not barbs, but bumps that she suspected would feel amazing.  The split placed one penis atop the other, making his cock too large for her to take both in her pussy, but she wondered if double penetration was possible.  “That is gorgeous.” He seemed pleased by her response.  And she made a mental note that at least this Gliesen seemed to enjoy compliments about this penis. “May I touch it?”

“Yes,” he thrust his hips in her direction.

She ran her fingers lightly over his erection.  The scales were less pronounced, much smoother.  She found it much closer to a snake.

S’latch hissed in response. “That is very pleasant,” he said.

Alice wrapped her hand around one prong, stroking it gently. His hissing continued, and she increased the pressure.

“I see you,” he hissed at her.

Alice giggled and hiked the gauzy skirt up and spread her legs.  S’latch dropped to his knees, his face moving toward her. “You can touch me if you wish.”  She felt his fingers slide along her thigh and over her labia.

“You have fur,” he said.

She nodded, gasping as his finger slipped between her lips and stroked her wet folds. “Yes, some fur.” She moaned when he found her clit. “That is very,” she panted, “nice.”

He teased the nub of flesh, before removing his fingers.  He wrapped his thick tongue around his finger and tasted her.

Alice shivered watching his tongue, wondering what it would feel like on her pussy.  Hell, she thought, it’s prehensile enough I want to feel it inside my cunt.

“My people use their tongues as part of coitus. May I?”

“Oh gods, yes!” Alice said ready to toss her legs over his shoulders.  They both shifted around, to find a comfortable position.  Then Alice felt the heavy pressure of his tongue between her legs.  He didn’t tease or taunt; he went straight to licking. His tongue lapped her length.  “Yes,” Alice moaned, “there, right there.” She groaned as his tongue passed over her clit. He followed her directions; lapping at her while she moaned and begged for more. She looked his saurian head between her thighs and loved watching him.  I wonder if he has a mirror here?

“You are delicious. But I want to” he paused, “fuck? Is that the word?”

Alice Practices Diplomacy

Alice shifted on the couch, “It is not the polite word, but it is appropriate for this.” She ran her fingers over his face, “Can you sit?”

He nodded and sat resting his back against the couch.

Alice eyed the dual cock a moment. It secreted some sort of lubrication, leaving it glistening and slick.

She straddled his waist, positioning him. “You are large for me,” she said, “let me control the speed at first?”

His black, unreadable eyes were fixed on her, “Yesss.”

She began to lower herself slowly, taking both prongs at once. His own lubrication seemed to help, and she felt his cock start sliding into her pussy and ass simultaneously.

“So hot,” he hissed at her, as the head of one cock stretched her pussy.

“You are always so warm?”

Alice half lost in bliss nodded. “When aroused, our pussies are hot and wet.” She felt his cocks stretching her, the bumps an added tactile sensation that left her weak-kneed. Slowly, each delicious inch entered her, and she reached the bottom.

“This feels so good,” she groaned.“Do you feel ok?”

“Your entrances are pleasing, tight and warm.” His hands found her body, trailing up her legs and over her flanks.

“Very pleasing.”

Alice began slowly rising up and down, and they both made sounds of appreciation. Her body stretched to accommodate his size and shape, and she found each bump in his front cock rubbed thrillingly against her clit. Closing her eyes, savoring all of the sensations, she sped up her pace and felt his hands on her hips and his tongue on her face.

It trailed down her cheek to her neck and collar bone.

The brush of his tongue made her open her eyes.”Can you,” she panted, “lick my nipples?”

His own eyes were half closed, the nictitating membrane almost covering his dark eyes. At her question, the membrane slid back. “Nipples? Those are the protruding bits?”

Alice pinched her own nipple, rolling it between her fingers, “This part.” She said.

He watched her fingers move. “This action makes her pussy,” he fumbled. Over the word, “grow hotter.”

Alice nodded and groaned as his tongue flicked her nipple. His tongue was very close to prehensile, and it wrapped around her nipple. “Oh that,” she moaned, “more of that.”

Alice began riding him faster. Her body was stretched, almost achingly full of his hemipenis. She felt the tightening in her belly, the tingling in her pussy. “I’m going to orgasm,” she cried out.

He opened his eyes again and seeing his black unreadable eyes sent her over the edge. She shuddered and cried out.

“You get hotter and tighter,” he hissed. “The feeling makes me ready to finish.”

It took a moment for Alice to parse out his sentence. And she encouraged him to “finish.”

He held her hips, holding her flush against him. “Can you be still?” He hissed?

She nodded. Settling against him. She felt his cock, the front one swell stretching her further. Then she felt it shoot, not semen, but something large and gelatinous. His cock swelled and shot something three times before the cock in her ass repeated the process. At least, the first cock quickly softened, leaving her less stretched.

With wide eyes, she spoke. “What was that?”

“My eggs,” he said.

Alice felt the squishy, eggs, shift inside her. They were akin to soft ben wa balls. They turned and slid around inside her. “Eggs?”

“They are not viable,” he said shifting underneath her, so his now soft cocks slipped out of her. “It is unpleasant?”

Alice moved off his lap, once again setting the eggs in motion. “Not unpleasant, just unexpected.” Alice wondered about removing them.

She said her goodbye to S’Latch promising to see him again before the delegation left Gliese.

Back in her quarters, she was surprised to find that her bunkmate Janice wasn’t alone. She spent a moment watching in stunned admiration, as the other woman was bent over with a lizard man of her own taking her from behind. Janice wasn’t shy with her moans and directions to her lover.

Alice silently left the shared quarters.

A Fantasy Display

When Alice’s leave came round, she was in the Swan Nebula. The only place to go was the Concourse, a vast shopping mall of a space station. As her leave didn’t coincide with any of her friends, she set out into the mall of the stars alone.

She paused in front of the shop with a shimmering window display that was mirrored in a billboard visible to a large portion of The Concourse.

As people passed in front of it, the text changed from “Let your fantasies unwind” to a variety of images, images she presumed were the fantasies of those looking at the sign. When a young human couple paused, the billboard coalesced into Terran Standard wedding images. A young Jovian paused in front of the display, but whatever the colored smoke and clouds signified to it, were lost on Alice.

A few minutes later a Lambda Tauri paused in front of the billboard. Terrans routinely called them Minotaurs because of their similarities to the mythic Terran beast man. His fantasy showed him winning some sort of martial competition. She eyed his fantasy self, a broad-shouldered heavily muscled hulk of male power.

She wondered what would happen if she stood in front of it. Would it project all her naughtiest thoughts over the concourse? She stepped up nearing to the Lambda Tauri, waiting for him to finish. He was a massive man, somewhere near seven feet tall, and he looked just as thickly muscled as his fantasy self. He noticed and waved her over, “Come, join me. Let’s see what this will do with two of us.”

Alice grinned, liking this Minotaur already. “I am curious to see if I will read both of us.”

She stood next to him, feeling his warmth radiating through his station suit. No wonder they fought nearly nude, she thought. As she stepped into the billboard’s sensor range, it paused on the image of the Lambda Tauri accepting some sort of trophy for winning the match. The screen pixilated, and she saw herself handing him the trophy. His billboard-self reached out ignoring the trophy and a wrapped a thick arm around her waist. He flung her over his shoulder, and the short dress she wore barely covered her ass. She wondered if the billboard was censoring the content. So many species had nudity taboos.

She kicked her legs, and the image scrolled around to show her pounding her fists against his back. Clearly, her struggles were in vain, as he only laughed and clapped a broad hand across her ass first as a spanking which became a caress. The audience cheered. Alice wondered just how many people in the concourse were watching the billboard display. Alice looked from the screen to the man next to her. She couldn’t read his expression, but his hands flexed as is he was touching her ass. He caught Alice’s look, and she grinned at him.

The billboard fantasy continued, and the Lambda Tauri carried her to a platform, perhaps it was a bed. He tossed her onto it, and she watched herself bounce on the surface, her dress sliding down one shoulder, baring a breast. The crowd roared again. When he knelt on the bed and began to tear the dress from her, the billboard faded to black, and the words reappeared in Terran and what she recognized as Lambda Tauri.

“Too bad,” she said noting that the billboard stubbornly continued to show the words. “I was curious about what you were going to do to me.”

The Minotaur looked down at her, his eyes pausing on her Space Force insignia. “I have a room if you want to find out.” His voice was deep and rough.

Alice smiled, “Lead the way.”

Alice’s Minotaur: A Ravishment Tale

The concourse was ablaze with lights and glittering signs designed to attract customers. But Alice only had eyes for her minotaur. He towered above her, topping something close to seven feet, she guessed. She walked beside him and felt dainty.  

The concourse was ablaze with lights and glittering signs designed to attract customers. But Alice only had eyes for her minotaur. He towered above her, topping something close to seven feet, she guessed. She walked beside him and felt dainty.  

He seemed quite comfortable discussing his desires with her, and she wondered if it was a trait of all Lambda Tauri or something unique to him. Before she could ask, he led her inside one of the many hotels lining this section of the mall.

Like many of the station hotels, there was no check-in desk just rows of doors. Anyone needing a room simply looked for a lighted door. He wrapped a massive hand around her waist. “You know what I want,” he said.

Alice nodded, “You want something rough,” she paused meeting his dark inhuman eyes, “You want to ravish me.” She felt the heat of his body against her.

“Yes,” he answered, his horns casting shadows down the hallway. “My people use a sign to stop play if it becomes too intense.”

Alice smiled, “My people have something similar, a word we use. Are you asking for mine?” She wasn’t sure, but she thought he looked relieved that she understood. She gave her word, and he repeated it back to her.

Then he opened the door and shoved her inside. She stumbled into the room and turned to face him. He was every bit the warrior from the billboard, and Alice felt her breathing quicken.

He reached out and torn the suit down the middle, leaving the scraps to pool around her ankles. Standing bare-breasted with only a scrap of fabric to cover her sex, she opened her eyes wide, giving him the mix of fear and admiration he craved. “Oh great Aster,” her voice quavered, “Don’t hurt me.”

He laughed and picked her up, his hands wrapped around her waist and he lifted her effortlessly. Alice filed away the tidbit that Lambda Tauris were just as strong as the rumors said. Then she began to fight back. She slapped and punched at him, but his heavily muscled chest and arms just absorbed her blows, leaving her with aching hands and an increasing hunger for this Aster.

He tossed her on the bed and quickly tugged the scraps of her suit off and stared down at her.

Alice covered her breasts with her arms and clamped her legs shut, feeling her damp panties press against her pussy. She watched him strip off his own suit, revealing his dark-furred chest, Alice bit her lip as he tugged the suit off, letting his cock spring free. “Oh my,” she gasped up at him finally tearing her eyes away from cock and back to his face.

He gave a chuff of pleasure at her comment. Then he grabbed her pulling her close to him. She felt this hard cock pressed between them, and she could feel her panties getting wetter.

She struggled against him, her nipples rubbing against the rough fur of his chest, her fingers scratching ineffectually at him.

He laughed at her efforts and she felt his hand cup her ass before he tore her panties away. His thick fingers slid between her thighs and plunged easily into her pussy.

Alice arched her back into him, moaning. “Oh, no no no” she moaned shaking her head and slapping him.

“So wet, my prize,” he said adding a second finger and laughing when she gasped.

She wiggled in his arms, the role play and his fingers were pushing her closer to orgasm. His fingers stretched her open and he slid them in fast and hard, all while his hard cock pressed between them. She felt his knuckles grind against her clit and her slick wet flash. Alice let the delicious rush from his fingering wash over her, forgetting for a moment she was supposed to fighting him off.

His fingers pressed deep inside her, rubbing at her walls. And he shifted away from her, leaving her kneeling of the bed, his fingers buried in her pussy. “Is my captive defeated so easily?”

Alice glared up at him, her pussy aching both from his treatment and her desire. She raised a hand to hit him again, and he captured it easily.

He began his rough fingering of her again, she bit her lip to hold back her cries of delight.  She finally managed to gasp, “Oh, stop, please” she begged, barely hiding her smile.

“Beg more,” he ordered his voice growing deeper as he watched her.

His fingers moved faster and his thumb found her clit when she groaned and nodded frantically, he kept his thumb there. First applying pressure then rubbing in slow circles.

Alice felt her orgasm building and grabbed his shoulder for support as she climaxed. “I’m going to climax you brute,” she hissed at him.

As her orgasm roared through her, he laughed and continued to finger her, slower but not softer. And his laughter made her climax even more intense. He pulled his fingers free of her with a wet sloshing sound, and he shoved her back on the bed before licking them clean.

He climbed on the bed, pulling her legs open his cock between them.

Once again she started her captive pleas for mercy to cease her humiliation and degradation. When she started to whimper about the size of his cock, he held her down, one hand at her throat.

He locked his eyes on hers as he slowly inched his cock inside her. Alice sighed in delight as he entered her. His fingers had prepared her for his size, at least enough that he could slide in easily enough. Still, she felt herself stretching.

“You’re a tight fit,” he said, his hand still on her throat. He began sliding back out, slowly. Then he pressed back in, deeply. Alice writhed under him, her desire for more for the faster, rougher pace could be mistaken for fighting. It seemed that was all the encouragement he needed. He released his hold on her neck and his massive arms rested on either side of her.

He began thrusting in earnest, as she scratched and bit and writhed against him. When she slapped him across the face, he groaned in pleasure and growled something at her in his own language that didn’t quite translate, and she felt his pace increase, his thrusting harder and faster.

She heard herself growl, the line between pleasure and pain blurring ever closer. She crawled at his chest, his pelt preventing her from doing any real damage to him. He grinned at her efforts, slowing his pace.

“Still fighting?” He asked his cock almost sliding out of her. When she opened her mouth to answer, he thrust back in, pressing as deeply as he could.

Alice retort became a moan of pure desire, and she tilted her head back and begged him to release her to cease his torment of her, all the while thrusting her hips at him. He once again gave a long rumbling laugh but returned to his former frenzied pace.

When she delivered one final slap, he gave a bellow and his body shuddered with his own orgasm. He slowly shifted his massive body from over her, lying beside her. He opened his arms to her. She shifted into his embrace and gave a contented moan.

“That was amazing,” she said shifting against him, loving the feel of his pelt against her bare skin. She could feel the ache between her legs, and she knew she’d be sore for days – and every twinge would make her smile remembering this encounter.

He tightened his arms around her. He didn’t quite kiss her head but nuzzled his face into her hair. “You are amazing,” he said the words rumbling through his chest. “I was not too rough with you?”

She heard the concern in his voice and stroked his arms to reassure him. “Oh no,” she answered, “that was wonderful.” Before she could say more, her communicator chirped at her. She started to disentangle herself from him, but he pressed her back down and half rose to pick through her shredded clothing to find the device.

“Normally, I’d ignore it,” she said apologetically, “but it’s the urgent tone.”

“I understand,” he said, “do you wish privacy?”

She shook her head seeing that it was a text-based message. It was her newest bunkmate, Dorcus.

Don’t know what you’re up to, but that billboard fantasy has hit all the Space Service feeds, and the captain is demanding your leave be revoked. The Doc is currently refusing to call you back.

Alice groaned wondering how she could convince the captain that the billboard wasn’t her fault. She tapped out a quick reply.

Aster continued to hold her, “Everything is well?”

She nodded, “Our billboard fantasy was recorded and is all over the net.” She said, and twisted her head to look at him, “Do you need to do any damage control?”

His sigh told her that he too would likely be called onto the carpet as well. “I was hoping to convince you to stay for another day,” He said only to be interrupted by an insistent pounding on his door.

He shouted at the closed door and rose from the bed. Alice sat up, glancing around wondering if any of her clothing was intact. Aster saw her looking at handed her what looked like a bathrobe. She shrugged into the massive garment when he pulled on pants.

He opened the door, and Alice saw a second Lambda Tauri peek into the room before Aster stepped into the hallway, pulling the door closed behind him.

She lay back, wondering how much trouble he’d get into.

Alice Establishes First Contact

After her adventures on The Concourse, Alice was in limbo. No one could blame her for the psionic billboard that put her and Aster into a scenario less explicit than a holo-porn, but only just.

There were some higher-ups in Space Force that still protested Social Liaison Officers should be drummed out of service. After weeks of meetings and discussions closed to her, Alice was still waiting for their decision on any sort of punishment or demotion, but her union XX had finally gotten her permission to leave her quarters, and the news couldn’t have come at a better time because Alice knew that a cargo ship from Kraken Mare of Titan had docked with the station. 

The aliens of Kraken Mare had little contact with the Space Force; they weren’t interested in trade with Terrans or in joining the League of Planets. This made Alice interested in them. She had wanted an opportunity to try and establish unofficial, social contact with them for years.

Dressed in her station standard catsuit silver, skintight and a zipper up the front she slipping into the bustle of the station to find the bars near the docks.

The bars were easy to find, and the aliens from Kraken Mare even easier. Luckily they didn’t require any sort of atmosphere suits, although they did wear some sort of anti-gav belt to mimic their movement in the water. 

“They are gorgeous,” Alice said to the bartender when she asked what Alice wanted to drink.

The bartender, a feline featured Centari, nodded toward them, “You mean the squids?” She stared at Alice, “You Terran types are odd.”

Alice smiled and shrugged, “Are they friendly?’

The bartender returned the shrug, “No one’s tried to talk to them.”

Alice accepted her drink and sauntered over.

It only took a few drinks, and Alice and one of the Krakens were on their way to its ship. She’d learned that the Krakens were a friendly bunch, but they found that most humanoid aliens weren’t comfortable about them.

Alice knew that her Jovian friends and crewmates had experienced much of the same xenophobia. Because they lacked what Terrans considered faces, they were often dehumanized.

But this group of Krakens was more than happy to “talk” with Alice. Being telepathic, they projected both ideas and emotions, and Alice found them to be delightfully witty and curious. They wanted to know everything about Terrans and were more than happy to talk about their culture and species.

She found their telepathy coupled with color changes in their skin to be a fascinating mode of communication. They also took turns moving their tentacles closer to her, so she could feel the slight buzz of electricity they used in their communications. The hair on her arms raised in response to the tingle of electricity and she shivered in delight at the feeling.

It took a few drinks, but the one who used the name Knot wanted to know about the holo-porn ze had seen.

*Are you familiar with holo-porn?*

Alice catch snatches of the titles Knot was thinking about, and she allowed her own arousal to bleed into her thoughts. “Yes, Terrans call then ‘tentacle porn.’”

*Your people find tentacles arousing?* Knot raises zir tentacles with the question.

Alice knew there was always one alien interested in interspecies sex. And Knot was certainly interested, zir companions found the holos to be interesting, but struggled to find Terrans themselves to be erotic. Alice kept getting the feeling that Terrans lacked enough limbs to be viewed as sexy – well expect for Knot. Ze was very interested in experiencing what ze saw in the holos.

Alice, while not unfamiliar with telepathy, wasn’t as proficient as she would like. When the others all began the color-shifting she’d learned meant amusement, something akin to laughter, she realized that they all had picked up on her interest in Knot and zir interest in her.

*Go back to our ship,* the leader thought, *explore your curiosities.*  

When they arrived at Kraken ship, Knot apologized for not being able to take her to zir quarters, but other than a shared space for non-aquatic life, the entire ship was filled with liquid, not water but a close approximation of the seas of their homeworld. Ze assured her that none of zirs crewmates would use the space. Alice decided this was another benefit of telepathic communication.   

Alice shivered in delight as they raised one tentacle to slowly touch her. The tentacle was cool and slick but not slimy. It reminded her a bit of the muscled strength of Terran constrictor snakes, but without the scales. Knot’s tentacle moved over her touching her bare skin and her suit.

*You like my touch* ze thought, and Alice could feel ze was pleased and surprised. *Most of your kind do not share your feelings about our touch. Regardless of your holos.*

Alice wished she had greater aptitudes for telepathic communication. Her work with Jovians had shown her that the transfer of ideas and emotions through telepathy made communication faster and more honest, but she was forced to still reply verbally being unable to transmit anything beyond her emotions. “I am, perhaps uncommon, among my people.” She stroked zirs tentacle, unzipped the top of her suit to give them more access to her bare flesh. “I want to engage in deeper contact with alien species.”

The tentacle moved down, brushing between her breasts. Alice could feel the rough nubs of what she assumed were suckers gliding her skin. Knot shook and zir skin flushed from deep indigo to yellow, and Alice realized that ze was laughing.

*Is deeper contact the name for sex in your words?*

Alice grinned back, “I don’t always have sex with new species.” And she gasped as the suckers attached to the skin of her belly, sucking at her flesh like a hundred tiny mouths. “But I am very interested in learning about sex with you.”

*But the holo-vids, is an uncommon desire?* The tentacle released her flesh and pushed into her suit, curling around her breast.    

“It is,” she gasped as the tentacle squeezed her breast, “Enjoyed by many, but very few admit it.” She moaned as the tentacle’s suckers found her nipple. She could feel Knot’s confusion, even through her waves of pleasure. “Many terrans,” she gasped as Knot continued to knead her breast, “Terran culture has a long history of making sex shameful.”

A second tentacle entered her suit, mimicking the attention to her other breast. Alice shifting, letting her suit slide down her shoulders, baring her skin, tugging her arms free.

*But sex brings your species pleasure?* Ze thought, letting her share in zir excitement.

Alice nodded, “Yes, oh my stars, yes.” She let zir experience all of the pleasure zir touch brought her. “But culture is complicated.”

She felt zir understand, and filed the cultural comparison away to consider later. Now she wanted to experience  

Alice reached out a hand, letting her fingers caress zirs tentacles. Knot shivered above her, zirs appendages reaching for her. Alice felt herself lifted off the ground, thick, fleshy appendages wrapped around her. Alice realized a Kraken’s size was deceptive. Perhaps it was the perspective or maybe they kept their arm length hidden within their mantles, but the appendages that wrapped around her waist and limbs, felt thicker and heavier then she expected.

She could feel Knot’s desire building. Ze wanted to recreate what ze’d seen in the holos. Alice caught a flash of the holo ze wanted, a tentacle creature, not a Kraken, holding a Terran woman up, spreading her legs and filling her with their appendages and tentacles, before finally revealing a sex organ for her pleasure.

Alice let her own desire for the reenactment be shared between them. “Yes,” she said aloud, “yes let’s do that.”

Knot’s skin changed from indigo to a vibrant sapphire blue as ze tugged Alice’s suit away. *So fragile* Knot said, *oh but your skin does change color* ze thought noting her skin flushing at being held naked before zir.

“A little, but it is nothing like the gorgeous changes of your skin,” Alice said, stroking the appendages that held her, feeling the thickly muscled appendages wrapping around her thighs. Thighs she opened joyfully to zirs explorations.

One tentacle left her breast, and Alice gasped to feel it stroking between her legs. “Oh,” she moaned, “yes that feels wonderful.”

Emboldened, Knot continued to stroke, to explore zirs tentacle probing the entrance to her vagina. *Wet and warm* Ze thought and zirs feeling of pleasure at touching her was clear. Ze started to insert zirs tentacle and stopped catching Alice’s thoughts.

Ze moved the pad of zirs tentacle and placed it over her clit, letting the suckers pull on her flesh until ze found the correct spot.

Alice felt her eyes roll back with pleasure. “Now your appendage,” Alice said encouraging zir.

And Knot obliged, pressing zirs appendage slowly into her, letting her feel what it felt like for zirs appendage to be encased in her flesh. The feedback loop of shared physical sensations pushed Alice into an intense orgasm. She shook in his grasp, letting zir experience it with her.

Zirs skin blazed sapphire and turquoise and grew shockingly warm. “Like the holo,” Alice panted, “Do you want more?”

Knot didn’t bother to form the words, only raised an appendage to her mouth, letting her suck at the appendage. She could hear the wet sloshing as ze slowly thrust into her, pressing deeper and pulling back.

She understood when ze pulled that appendage out, only to replace it with another. The appendage, wet with her pleasure, pressed slowly into her ass. Alice groaned feeling her body stretch to accommodate both appendages. And for a moment, she saw herself through zirs eyes, as close to the holo as possible, but Alice thought better. She could still feel what ze felt, her own flesh clamped tight around zirs appendages, and her cunt so wet and warm, matching the heat zirs own skin radiated.

They held still at that moment, both seeing and feeling what the other was seeing and feeling. The intensity of the shared moment left Alice shuddering with another orgasm, and through her half-closed eyes, she watched Knot’s colors shift and blur.

They both reeled from the shared experience, and Alice felt the sharing of physical feeling and emotion lessen.

*It is too intense to fully share with you* Knot said, and Alice felt the twinge of guilt zir felt.

Alice tightened her grip on zirs appendages. “No, the distance is good” she struggled to find the words, hopping ze understood that she too was overwhelmed.

Knot must have because ze began slowly moving again, zirs appendages and tentacles invading her body sucking, squeezing insider her, filling her, and once more sending her body into orgasmic overload – but this time it was entirely her own.

When Knot removed zirs appendages and laid her on the room’s table, Alice was a satiated, sloppy mess. She lay on her back, stroking zirs appendages and tentacles. “That was intense,” she said.

*You are growing cold* ze said, concerned.

Alice nodded, not wanting to move, but the Kraken ship was kept colder than anywhere on Station, certainly colder than she was used to. Knot found her suit and handed it to her.

Alice pulled it on, sat on the table, and reached a hand out to zir. “Do your people share contact after sex?”

Knot swayed closer to her, gently wrapping her in zirs appendages. *Like this?*

Alice nodded and snuggled against the appendages that held her. “So how long is your ship going to be at the station?”

She felt zirs pleasure at being asked, and zirs desire to continue their explorations. Alice caught a flash of zirs electric charge and wondering if she would enjoy that stimulation.

Alice’s Adventures Will Continue!



    • Hi Lucy
      I am still thinking about Alice hours later, I have only read the first story. I am going to save the others for my train rides.
      Send me an email address that I can send you one of my stories, I want your opinion.
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      • Thank you for the response Lucy. I wasn’t looking for your editorial skills, I just wanted to share some of my mind in the hope they would excite you like your beautiful tales.
        No worries if you don’t want to correspond.
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        Thank you Alice!!

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  1. Almost to my destination. The ‘very pleasing’ Alice tales brought me to an exquisite orgasm in the bathroom. I thank you!!
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    Alice is the tales of a fantastic imagination

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