Caroline’s Tarot Cards

A tale of tarot cards and dominance and submission.

A Tarot Reading

Caroline opened the door, and the bells attached to it chimed. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, but the interior looked exactly as she expected. The fortune teller’s shop was dimly lit with lots of beaded curtains and the heavy scent of incense. A large shelf dominated the space. Caroline looked over the items, mostly crystals and candles. She did raise a brow at candles shaped like cocks and vulvas. She wondered what they were used for, but her thoughts were interrupted by a man’s voice.

“You must be Caroline” a man’s voice drifted over her.

Caroline jumped, tearing her eyes away from the sexual candles. She turned and was momentarily speechless. He wasn’t what she expected. He was young, maybe ten years younger than her 35. And he was, by almost standards, hot. She snapped her mouth shut when she realized she was gaping at him. He was the image of tall, dark, and handsome.

“Um, hi. Yes, I’m Caroline” she fumbled over her words. She offered her hand, feeling lost in his dark eyes.

He smiled at her and took her hand. He led her toward the table, and gestured for her to sit. As he took his in chair he asked, “Is this your first time?”

Caroline found herself gazing at his full lips, wondering what kind of kisser he was. It took her a second to realize that he was talking. “Um, no. Ah, yes. Yes, this is my first tarot reading.”

He seemed to be laughing at her. “Well, I promise to be gentle.” He replied and quickly shuffled a well-worn deck of cards. He laid out three cards face down. “Ready?” He asked.

Caroline swallowed, slowly licking her lips. Her eyes followed his strong hands as they flipped the first card. The incense grew thicker, and Caroline felt like she couldn’t breathe.


Caroline stared at the card. She never expected something so explicit! The card bore the image of a woman sitting on a table, while a man knelt before her performing cunnilingus. Caroline’s face burned. She blinked, and the card changed into an image of a group of people at what looked like a Renaissance Faire dancing between four staves. “What the hell?” She muttered.

“Is something wrong?” He asked his voice low. His eyes seemed to glint in the darkness.

Caroline glanced back at the card, and the Queen of Cunnilingus was back. Caroline felt herself stand and lean against the table, mimicking the woman on the card. Without a word, the psychic went to his knees.

The psychic’s hands curled around Caroline’s bare calves, his palms gliding over her skin reaching the hem of her tight black skirt. He slowly slid the skirt up, exposing her panties. He leaned forward, inhaling her scent.

He slipped his fingers into her panties, lowering them down. Caroline stepped out of them, leaning farther back on the table. She opened her legs wider, her thoughts drifting back to the vulva candle.

He kissed her mons. His tongue delved between her open legs, lapping at her length. Caroline leaned back, supporting her weight with her hands. She watched him on his knees.

His tongue toyed with her clit, twirling it around. Caroline sighed softly. He continued his exploration. He stiffened his tongue, using it to probe at the entrance to wet vagina. This time she moaned and let her head fall back.

He chuckled softly and returned to her clit. He teased and toyed, and finally sucked softly at the nub. Caroline thrust her hips against his face. The rough stubble of his beard bristled against her thighs. She was on the edge, only to hear someone call her name.

“Caroline?” The psychic’s voice broke through her thoughts, “are you ready for the next card?”

She blinked staring at the Renaissance Fair image again. The Queen was no longer on the table. “Um, sure, I guess” she mumbled. She nodded slowly. She wasn’t sure what had happened, but she was looking forward to the next card.

He smiled, “let’s see what comes up next.”

The Second Card

Caroline fidgeted in her chair, her wetness making her self-conscious. She could still feel the tingle in her pussy, the unsatisfied ache for more.

After the last card, and her daydream or hallucination, she wasn’t sure if she was ready for the next card. However, the psychic was already turning the card. His full lips still bore a small smile, almost a smirk. She watched his tongue dart out to moisten his lips, and the tingling in her pussy grew.

Caroline was surprised at the flood of disappointment that filled her when a regular card was revealed. There was a figure holding a globe and a walking stick. The psychic’s sensual voice was talking about power, claiming power, empowerment… The tenor of his voice was pure sex, telling her to claim her power, or something. Caroline couldn’t focus on the words.

He moved his hand over the card, to point out some detail, when his hand moved away, the card had changed.

manara2wands crop

The card now showed two women. One sat in a chair, her legs slung over the arms of the chair. Her pussy was splayed open, on display for a camera crew. She was smiling. The second woman was sitting on some steps, with her knees bent and her legs open as well. She seemed shyer than the woman on the chair, but she still seemed to enjoy herself.

Caroline found herself finally hearing the psychic’s words. He’d said power, and she had felt empowered when the psychic knelt before her and buried his face in her pussy. It had almost felt like worship.

Caroline felt her shoulders pressed up against the back of the chair, and she twitched at the hem of her skirt. She wondered if she would feel powerful with her legs spread wide and her lips open to the psychic, or like the women on the card, open to a camera.

Once again, she felt the room grown dimmer, the incense a haze creeping over everything. She pulled her skirt up, it slipped over her thighs. She shifted her ass down, feeling the chair’s upholstery on her bare skin. But she’d been wearing panties, she always wore panties. Of course, in her last hallucination the psychic had removed them. If this was another flight of fancy, why shouldn’t it be consistent?

Caroline hesitated a moment, her knees slightly open. To be displayed, no to display herself in such as way was terrifying and oh so arousing. She made eye contact with psychic. He sat as if waiting for her to move. She slid one leg over the chair arm, the cool air of the shop flowed over her bare pussy. She wasn’t quite on display yet, as her skirt cast a shadow and she’d unconsciously shifted her other leg, keeping her legs partially closed.

The psychic waited the card still between them.

Caroline, swallowed, pressed her shoulders back and swung her other leg over the chair arm. She felt her pussy lips stretched open; her wetness must be visible to him. She tilted her pelvis a little more, making pose more open, closer to the woman in the card.

The psychic smiled, breaking eye contact as his gaze traveled down to her display. Caroline would normally have thought of it as a lewd pose, but she felt… well powerful. She felt her own lips curling into a smile.

She laughed when he produced a Polaroid camera and began snapping pictures. She shifted in the chair, wanting him to have the best view of her wide open vulva. Each tiny movement reminded her how wet her pussy was. She could feel herself dripping.

The psychic laid the pictures of her out on the table, almost as he had with the tarot cards. Nothing was hidden. Her pussy, every pink inch of it, glistened in the flash from the camera. Her cropped and triangular shaped carpet of pubic hair seemed to draw one’s eye directly to her display. But it was her face that surprised her. She was smiling, confident, and looking directly into the camera.

She glanced back at him, wanting him to resume eating her pussy, or simply wanting him, but he was seated once again. He pointed at the original card, saying something about astrology.

Caroline discovered herself sitting, demurely in the chair, with her skirt at her knees. She fidgeted a bit feeling like her skirt was bunched under her ass.

The Final Card

Caroline fidgeted in her seat. She could feel her skirt rumbled and raised under her ass, which made her wonder if her sexy flights of fancy were more than just flights, but there was no way they could be real, could they? She wondered.

The psychic, all dark eyes and sexy smiles, seemed utterly oblivious to her thoughts. He flipped the cards, and provided vague prognostications about her life. He slipped into astrology, and Caroline found herself nodding along, with no real idea of what he was talking about.

But they had reached the final card. He paused, and met her gaze. “This card represents the outcome,” he paused, “it is what is possible based on the choices you make. The future is never set in stone.”

She nodded slowly, still tingling from the impromptu photo session. She’d made a choice that could impact her future if the pictures were real. Once again, he flipped a card.

This time it was an image of a woman, a blonde woman who looked a bit like Caroline, sitting next to a man on a park bench. The woman had taken the man’s hat, and she had her hand on his crotch. The man looked shocked.

Caroline looked at the card, noticing that the psychic was silent.

manara 2 of earth

She flicked her eyes up to meet his and he smiled. “The Two of Pentacles a card about balance and control.”

As she expected, when she looked back, the card had changed. She listened to his explanation of the card, but kept waiting for the shift, the moment the explicit card became real.

But the card remained a man juggling two pentacles, and the bold woman never reappeared. The psychic finished the reading, telling her to find a life balance between what she desired and what she needed.

She managed a nod and a thank you, but she was drowning in disappointment. She wanted the events on the card.

She followed him to the cash register, trying to discreetly straighten her skirt. She still couldn’t explain her missing panties, unless all the events had been real. And she just wasn’t ready to admit that.

She handed over the gift card. He glanced at it, and reached under the counter and pulled out a small bag.

“Here, this comes with the gift card,” he said. To Caroline, he looked a little disappointed. But she took the bag, and managed another small thank you.

Once outside of the shop, the events of the reading seemed to grow hazier. Had she really fantasized about the hot psychic performing cunnilingus? She shivered recalling the feeling of his warm breath on her pussy, and the soft probing of his tongue. That part of the memory was so real. Her knees grew just a little weak thinking about it, and the way her pussy was almost sloshing as she walked and her woefully rumbled skirt, seemed to indicate that it had happened.

She felt herself grow hot at the memory of the photos. It was so unlike her to be so brazen. The way she’d posed and displayed herself now seemed shocking. The idea that he had such intimate pictures of her was both frightening and exhilarating.

She glanced in the small paper handled bag the psychic had given her. One of the pink vulva candles lay in the bag, as well a piece of paper. She reached inside; it wasn’t a paper, as it was too thick. She pulled it free, and saw what at first glance she thought was the final explicit card, the woman on the park bench grabbing a man’s crotch.

Caroline stared at the card, and quickly realized it wasn’t that card. This was almost like a continuation of the card. The woman had moved from touching the man’s cock, to straddling him on the park bench. She was naked, while he was clothed. Caroline bit her lip, wondering what it would feel like to be in woman’s position. Did the card-woman feel free? Did she feel strong in her naked, wild state?

She wondered how the psychic would react if she had tried what she saw on the card. Would he welcome her touch? Or would he be shocked and disgusted by her wanton desires. Would he worship her wild nudity?

She glanced back at the shop, the card in her hand. She turned back toward the store.

The neon “Open” sign was turned off, but the door was unlocked. Caroline tried to slow her heartbeat.

She walked back toward the table she’d received her reading. He was still sitting at the table, the cards laid out in front of him. They were the explicit cards, laid out in a complex pattern of lust and desire.

He looked up at her as she walked in the room. It wasn’t a bench, but she thought his chair would suffice.

“You’re back” he said.

She smiled, “You told me to take control, right?”

He nodded and pushed his chair back from the table. “And how will you do that?” His voice was low and sexy.

Caroline tossed the card on the table. “That’s how,” she nodded at it. She began unbuttoning her blouse, letting it slide from her shoulders to the floor. She held his gaze the entire time. She unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts.

She unzipped her hopelessly wrinkled skirt, and let it pool around her feet. She stepped out of it, stepping toward him. She’s could feel his eyes on her.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered, almost reverently.

She smiled, and rubbed his erection through his jeans. He shifted, as if to move and touch her.

She shook her head commanding, “No. Like the card.” She laid her hands on his shoulders. She straddled him, her pussy already sopping wet. She leaned forward, kissing him deeply. She felt him grip the chair arms as she tangled her hands in his hair, pulling it free from its ponytail.

She could feel the tip of his cock against her pussy, edging between her lips. She sucked at his full lower lip, biting it gently.

Caroline broke the kiss and made eye contact again. She watched his eyes darken as she slowly lowered herself on to his cock. She moaned with abandon as he filled her, stretched her.

manara 3 of fire

As her ass reached his thighs, the rough rasp of his jeans again her bare skin reminded her of her nudity his clothed state. She closed her eyes savoring the feel of him. “Oh yes,” she hissed softly.

He shifted beneath her, moaning and wrapping one arm around her waist. His hand was hot against her skin. She looked up at him; “It’s on the card” he said with a smile.

She laughed and kissed him again. “Now, I’m going to fuck you,” she whispered against his lips.

His hand tightened on her waist, and she felt his other arm wrap around her.

Caroline rode him hard and fast. And he encouraged her, telling her to use him for her pleasure. She felt him shift beneath her, moving only to be in a better position for her. His arms tightened around her, as she leaned into him wrapping her arms around his neck, as she came.

She shifted back with a satisfied smile. He loosened his hold on her, and to Caroline, he seemed to relish her gaze. “So what does that card mean?” She nodded back toward the table.

Part 2: Caroline’s Next Reading

The cards led Caroline to this hotel and this meeting. She hesitated outside of the bar reminding herself that she could back out if she wanted. Peter, her psychic, had helped her arrange everything. She’d negotiated, via email, everything she wanted. Only now that she was here, she wasn’t sure if she could do it. But the cards hadn’t led her astray, yet. So she squared her shoulders and took her first step toward the bar.

She took a seat at an empty table in the hotel bar. It was sparsely populated this early in the day, and only two lone men sitting at the other end of the bar.

The woman who entered wasn’t what she expected. Caroline certainly didn’t expect the woman to show up in a leather cat suit, but the petite brunette in the exquisitely tailored suit wasn’t her idea of a dominatrix either.

The woman joined her at the table, “Hello Caroline.” Her voice was low but commanding. She didn’t offer to shake hands. She looked Caroline over, “We have negotiated your scene and limits,” the woman’s voice was cold, professional. The bartender interrupted, asking what they would like to drink.

The woman ordered a whiskey neat, some brand name that Caroline didn’t recognize. She also ordered for Caroline, a vodka blush.

The woman began again, “You have contracted me for the evening. You have requested corporal punishment, specifically bare-handed spanking,”

Caroline blushed and nodded quickly.

manara empress

“Oh pet, you need to use your words or we can’t play. Is that what you want?”

Caroline swallowed and found her voice, “Yes, Mistress.”

The woman smiled, “Good girl.” She took a sip of her drink, “And Peter sent along two additional options for you.” The woman smiled, and handed Caroline two cards face down. “Peter said that you may choose.”

Caroline looked at the now familiar card backs. She’d been with Peter long enough now, that she had performed half the acts in the deck with Peter or for Peter. Still, she hesitated to take the cards. This woman wasn’t Peter, and this adventure wasn’t going to put her in control.

The woman raised an eyebrow, “You need to look, to see if you find the acts acceptable.”

Caroline took the cards. “Did Peter tell you what happens when I look at these cards?” She asked.

The woman nodded, “I’ve worked with Peter before. But I confess, I am curious to see what happens with you for myself. He said you have a most intense reaction to the cards.”

Caroline flipped the first card over; it showed a woman bent over, being taken from behind while another man watched. She stared at the image. She had wanted to submit. After finding and relishing her dominance, she wanted to give up control; however, this was a more intense submission than she expected.

“Do you consent?” The woman asked?

Caroline knew the image aroused her, even if she struggled to admit it. She shifted in her seat, wondering if the two men at the bar were still present would they be the ones to use her? She didn’t know, but she wanted to give in. “Yes,” she said softly, “I consent.”

Her Mistress looked at her from across the table. “Stand up and bend over the table and turn your face to the wall.” She ordered.

Caroline jumped to comply. She felt ridiculous, but she couldn’t deny how aroused she was either. She bent over the table, resting head on her arms.


“Now, do not move. Do not turn your head. Stay exactly as you are.” She heard movement around the bar. Her Mistress stood and walked behind her. Caroline felt the woman flip up her skirt and felt the air on her exposed panties. “Gentlemen,” Her mistress said to the men at the bar, “I am going to spank my naughty slut until she cries.” She rubbed her hand over the curve of Caroline’s ass. “Once I am finished, would either of you care to fuck her?”

Caroline felt her face flame with shame and desire. The idea of strangers watching her submission was something she hadn’t anticipated. The added kink of strangers touching her, using her, was terrifying and exhilarating.

Caroline heard male voices assenting to the invitation. The she heard a sound she didn’t understand. It sounded like cards being laid out, but why would Mistress being laying out cards?

“Gentleman, take a look at all the depraved acts this beautiful slut has engaged in.”

Caroline closed her eyes picturing all the cards the men were looking at. She wondered if the women in the cards wore her face when the men looked at them?

She heard a man say, “Look at the slut spread her pussy for the camera! Even in the picture you can see how wet it made her.”

Caroline had the answer to her question. All the images bore her face.

“Look at this one, with her with the dildo in her ass.” The man exclaimed, “Can I fuck her ass?”

Caroline felt her face burn, but she also felt her panties getting wetter. She knew any moment her Mistress would reveal just how much this was arousing her to these men.

“Of course you may.” Her Mistress answered.

Caroline felt her Mistress rub her ass again. “Now Caroline, it is time for your spanking.”

Caroline nodded slightly.

She felt her panties peeled off, sliding down her legs. “She likes hearing what you gentlemen have to say about her adventures,” She tapped Caroline’s leg so she would raise it, followed by her other leg. “Look how wet her panties are.” Her Mistress said to the men. Caroline knew that she must be showing them her sopping panties.

Her Mistress gave her ass a few preliminary swats, nothing too hard. Enough to let Caroline know she was starting. The first smack cracked across her flesh with a sting she hadn’t expected. She yelped and twitched. Her Mistress followed up by rubbing her stinging ass.

Caroline jumped again when the next blow landed, the sharp sting that seemed to radiate to her pussy. This time her Mistress continued the spanking, landing blow after smarting blow, all while Caroline yelped and whimpered.

The men in the bar provided a running commentary on the movement of her ass and the brightness of the hand prints.

Caroline squirmed and was rewarded with a sharp rebuke and an even sharper slap. She was in turmoil. The spanking was wreaking havoc on her. She was mortified to be receiving such a humiliating punishment in front of an audience, but this same predicament had her hard nipples rubbing against the table and her pussy sopping wet.

Finally, her Mistress’s blows slowed. “Now, my little slut what do you say?”

Caroline heard herself say, “Thank you Mistress,” her voice was thick with tears and lust. “Thank you,” she said with more confidence.


Her Mistress rubbed her sore ass, “Now, I am going to blindfold you.” Caroline nodded, and felt the cloth slip over her eyes. “This way these gentlemen can keep their anonymity.” She felt the cloth tied behind her head, “Can you stand for a moment?”

Caroline rose to her feet shaky. She felt the men take hold of her arms helping to steady her. Her dress was unzipped and fell to pool at her feel. She felt her Mistress’s hands unclasp her bra and let it fall away.

Mistress laid a hand on her cheek and leaned close to her. She said quietly, “You are beautiful slut, and you took your punishment so well.”

Caroline felt herself beaming at the praise.

“These men are staring at your wickedly naked flesh. They all have erections after watching you.” Mistress continued, tracing her thumb over Caroline’s lips. “Ask them nicely to fuck you, and be a good girl for them.”

Caroline nodded, and she felt a little lost as her Mistress took a step back. Caroline was standing naked, alone in blindfolded darkness. Only the edge of the table against her stinging ass gave her any sense of place. She wondered if she could find the words to make such a request. She wondered if she could hold back the words if she opened her mouth.

Caroline’s Next Card

Caroline stood with the blindfold over her eyes. She felt the woman standing near her.

“Are you afraid, Caroline?” her Mistress’s voice cut through Caroline’s racing thoughts.

Caroline found herself nodding.

“What are you afraid of?”

Caroline wasn’t sure. Her mind raced. Living in a sex negative culture? Years of internalized sex-shaming? What would it mean if she continued with his encounter? The fact that this encounter had to mean anything at all? How aroused she was by the situation?

Caroline licked her lips, trying to put her racing thoughts into words. “I’m afraid of wanting this,” she gestured blindly at the room.

“This?” Her Mistress’s voice was gentle, but insistent.

Caroline started to shrug, and stopped herself. “Of wanting to submit to your commands, to these strangers. I want this to happen, but what does it make me?”

She felt her Mistress’s hand on her cheek, “It doesn’t make you anything.” She stroked Caroline’s hair, “You can simply enjoy the experience.”

Caroline shivered at her touch. Could she? She wouldn’t leave the experience unchanged though.

Her Mistress seemed to anticipate this thought, “Yes, you will be changed, as all experiences change us.” She touched Caroline’s face, and tilted her chin toward her. Caroline felt the woman’s lips on her own. Caroline found herself kissing her Mistress, fiercely almost desperately. Her Mistress was her anchor in this experience. Her Mistress would keep her safe, but She would facilitate pushing Caroline to new place.

“Do you wish to continue Caroline? To follow the next card?” Her Mistress asked. “Or we can stop, we can return to our drinks or we can retire upstairs alone,” she paused, “Or you may leave.”

Caroline took a deep breath, and spoke with strength and assurance, “Please, would you gentlemen fuck me?”

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She felt hands on her tits, squeezing and kneading her flesh. She gasped at how quickly and quietly they began touching her. She moaned as a mouth closed on her nipple. She buried her hands in the stranger’s hair moaning, “Oh yes.”

The other hand, teased her nipple flicking it, rolling it, finally tugging on it. She could feel her wetness seeping down her thighs.

“Lay on the table, slut” a male voice said. She inched up onto the table, its cool top soothing her still sore behind. “Spread your legs,” the voice ordered.

She knew she must be a sight, naked with her pussy spread open for strangers.

“You are beautiful,” Her Mistress said from somewhere beside her. “Now, rub your clit” her Mistress ordered, “And keep rubbing until he finishes.”

Caroline moaned, “Yes, Mistress.” She slipped her fingers between her legs, astonished at her own heat and wetness.

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The man stepped between her thighs, and she felt a stranger’s cock press against her vagina.

“Ask for it.” The man demanded.

“Please sir, may I have your cock?” She panted as she continued to softly rub her clit. “Please sir, I need it,” She heard herself begging him.

He slid inside her. She cried out feeling him enter her. He was pounding her almost immediately. She rubbed at her clit, wanting to orgasm while this unknown man fucked her. And he did fuck her. He held her hips and slammed into her. She felt her orgasm rising and came with a loud cry.

“Keep rubbing,” Her Mistress’s voice broke through the haze of her orgasm. Caroline lightly rubbed at her sensitive clit, as the man above her grunted as he came. She felt his cock twitch inside her; then he stepped back. “Thank you” the man said, but she wasn’t sure if he said it to her or her Mistress.

Caroline let her fingers stop moving and shuddered.

Caroline’s Final Card

Caroline remained on the table, still shuddering from her orgasm.

She felt her mistress’s hand on her shoulder and then stroking her hair. She helped Caroline to sit up on the table.

“That was beautiful, Caroline,” her mistress crooned to her. “You let yourself get completely into the feeling.”

Caroline felt a flush of satisfaction at her words. She’d submitted. She’d given in to a secret desire, and she realized that she wasn’t ashamed. “I,” she swallowed, “I loved letting go. Of not thinking, of not worrying.” She paused trying to work out her own feelings.

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She felt her Mistress’s hands on the blindfold. “Are you ready to see?” She asked.

Caroline wasn’t sure. It was one thing to not have to see what was going on, to not see the men in the bar. She wasn’t sure she wanted to see.

Her Mistress ran her hands over Caroline’s arms, petting and soothing her.
“I don’t want to see him, but I want to see you” Caroline surprised at the truth she felt in the words.

Her Mistress laughed a delicious, delighted sound that filled Caroline with pleasure.

She felt the blindfold taken away. Even in the fun bar light, she blinked and it took a moment for her eyes to focus. Her Mistress stood in front of her, still fully dressed without a hair out of place.

“Let’s get you off of this table,” her Mistress said.

Caroline didn’t see anyone else in the bar, just the two of them. She was a little unsteady on her feet, but kept her balance.

“Now, bend over the table,” her Mistress ordered.

Resting on the table, Caroline turned her head to watch her Mistress. Here was a submission she was ready for. To give Her this intimacy was easy.

“Slut, this gentleman would like to use your ass,” Her Mistress said, “May he?”

Caroline felt the man standing behind her. She could feel the rough fabric of his trousers against her thighs and ass. He made no moves to touch her. She believed her Mistress would keep her safe, would accept her ‘no’ if Caroline chose to say it.

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It was another submission. According to the cards, this was the final submission, to allow a stranger to perform this unfamiliar act. Could she submit to this? She recalled how much she had enjoyed the dildo, and she knew that both her Mistress and the other man would be watching her get sodomized.

Caroline spoke, watching her Mistress, “Please sir will you fuck my ass?”

The man bent her over the table. She felt his fingers slipping into her pussy. “You’re already nice and wet.” He said to her, “and so hot.” She could hear her wetness as he pumped his fingers before pulling them out to slip them into her ass.

She felt him stretching her slowly. She tried not to tense up, tried to put aside her racing thoughts. Was she going too far? Was this somehow too depraved?

He removed his fingers. “Do you want it?” His voice was heavy with lust.

Did she? She felt the smooth table under her breasts and belly. The bar’s air conditioning kicked on, and she shivered in the draft. Did she want this?

Caroline could feel her own wetness dripping down her thighs. She glanced up, making eye contact with her Mistress. “Yes,” she said, “Yes, I want this.”

She kept her eyes locked on to her Mistress as she felt the head of a cock press against her asshole.

She felt a stretching, burn as he slowly pushed his cock inside her. She savored the sensation of fullness, and bit her lip as his cock filled her. His thighs pressed against her thighs. His cock filled her ass.

Her Mistress smiled at her.

Caroline watched the woman while this stranger fucked her ass. He increased his pace. However, she was lost in the not only the tactile experience of his cock filling her, stretching her or the smooth table underneath her chest and belly. She was lost in her prostration.

“What do you feel?” her Mistress demanded, pulling Caroline out of what she realized must be the state of consciousness so many referred to as sub space.

Caroline gazed blankly at her a moment. “I feel alive.” She whispered. And she heard herself still talking, a stream of sexy, dirty talk describing the physical sensation of the cock in her ass, its hard length plunging in to her. His heavy balls slapping forward to taunt her clit, but never finding a satisfying rhythm or frequency. She talked about her debasement and the sheer contentment that came from being used by this stranger. Her words rose, driving her arousal, and pushing her closer to orgasm. “May I come, Mistress?” Caroline begged.

Her Mistress nodded.

Caroline slipped her fingers to her clit once again rubbing, pinching, and rolling her way to orgasm.

The man urged her on, “Come on, slut come for a stranger.” His voice was labored with his own heavy breathing. “That’s right slut,” he said as she bucked her hips back against him, her own orgasm overtaking her.

She heard him moan and groan his own orgasm, and finally his softening cock slid out of her ass. She stayed laying across the table, too worn out for anything more.

Her Mistress leaned down and kissed her softly.

“Caroline?” The woman’s words broke through. Caroline was sitting in the hotel bar once again. She was clothed and looking at the card in the woman’s hand. “Peter was right,” the woman grinned, “You have an incredibly intense reaction to the cards.”

Caroline blushed, thinking about what they just shared. Her eyes immediately flicked toward the men at the bar, but they were focused on the game on the television, their faces turned away from her – still strangers. Caroline looked back at the cards, and picked up both of them.

Her Mistress raised an eyebrow.

Caroline turned both cards over, the dull black background hiding the erotic images. “I’d like to go upstairs with you, without the cards” she said.

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