Meeting Her

The other night I ran into her.  I’d developed a bit of a crush on her since our first meeting.  She was a witty woman, and charming in a shy way.  She was also an adorable, pixie-like woman at just about five feet tall, with long dark hair.  We had struck up a club friendship, chatting about music, the scene, and complementing one another’s sartorial choices.

her at my place 2

So when I saw her the other night, after not seeing her for months, I decided I had to make my move.  I’d had some absinthe, and the green fairy gave me courage.  I found her on the patio, and when she and I were alone, I told her that I had a crush on her.

And then she leaned into me, I assumed she was going to say something.  The club, even outside, was loud.  Instead, she kissed my neck.  She kept kissing, her lips moving down my neck to my bare shoulder.  I shifted back and tilted her head up, and I kissed her back.  Her lips were soft and hesitant.  I think her hesitancy made me bold; I reached up and buried my hands in her long dark hair.  I shifted closer to her and deepened the kiss.  My tongue darting between her lips, I tasted whiskey and sugar.  We sat on the patio, kissing and giggling.

She twisted her hands into my hair, tugging lightly at first, but growing more fierce.  She kissed me hard.  Her tongue invaded my mouth.  I slid my knee between hers, and felt her smooth, silky thighs against mine.  She moaned in response and melted into my arms.  I pulled away, only slightly, and bit her lip softly.  She entwined her fingers in mine, “We should go,” She whispered, breathlessly.  I nodded, breathless myself.

We held hands, and we walked out of the club together.  We hurried along the darkened streets, to her car.  It was a cold night, and neither of us had worn coats.  I felt my nipples stiffen more as the chill slipped over me.  They had parked off the main street, on a dimly lit side street.  Only a few closed store fronts lined the street. She pulled me to her car, an SUV.

We slipped into the backseat of the car.  She went in before me, her short flared skirt, riding up and revealing the curve of her ass encased in black lace panties.  I slid into the car after her.  We locked the doors.  She rested her back against the car door.  Her legs, bent at the knee resting on top of the seat.  She looked at me, “This is all you, baby.” She smiled.  I bit my lip, and leaned into kiss her again.


It was awkward, being in a car.  I half lay on top of her, which limited both of us.  I wriggled back, as far as I could.  I slid my fingers under the hem of her tight tank top, and before I could ask, she reached down and pulled her shirt off.  I giggled and buried my face between her breasts.  As I licked and nipped at the exposed flesh, she wiggled around, thrusting her breasts forward, at me as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra.  Her tits tumbled free, and I took one of her nipples into my mouth.  She sighed and her hands tangled in my hair. I laved, and sucked at her nipples. I moved from side to side, as she whimpered and moaned.  Listening to her made me wetter.

I continued teasing her nipples.  Licking lightly for a moment and then, sucking her breast deep into my mouth. I trailed one hand down her side.  When I reached the hem of her skirt, I paused a moment, I looked up at her, “Is this ok?”

She nodded, a bit frantically.  I flicked her skirt aside, and paused my kissing and licking.  I moved back enough to see her.  I sat on my knees on the car seat, over her.  She lay topless, her skirt around her waist, with her lace panties on display.  I ran my fingers over her legs, savoring the silky feel of her pale legs.  The lace was rougher against my fingertips, as I traced along the edges of her panties.  She wiggled her hips, and gave a soft moan.  “Should I help you take off my panties?” she asked? Her eyes glittered in the reflected streetlights.  I nodded.  She shimmied out of her panties, and I was impressed with her dexterity in the small space.  I moved back toward her, but she shook her head.  “First, you need to take off your top.”

I smiled and slowly pulled my top off, tossing it behind me.  I quickly removed my bra without her prompting.  I was sitting up on my knees, and knew that any passerby would have a clear view of my naked tits.  The street was empty, and the fogged over windows gave an illusion of privacy.  Of course, anyone seeing the windows would know exactly what was going on.

She shifted, sitting up almost eye level to my breasts.  She actually licked her lips, before licking me.  Her soft tongue dragged in small circles over my flesh, avoiding my nipples.  “You tease” I whispered, as her hair tickled across my bare belly.  She laughed and drew her hand up to kneed one breast while lapping at the other.  When she finally flicked her tongue over my nipple, I thought I could cum on the spot. All her teasing ceased as she sucked and nibbled on my nipples.  It was my turn to moan and writhe.

I ran my fingers down her belly, reaching between her thighs.  I could feel her heat even before I reached her vulva.  She bit harder as I skimmed my fingers over her labia.  I could feel her wetness seeping out.  She pulled slightly back, “Baby, you need to fuck me” she panted.  Her eyes met mine in the darkness, the reflected light from the street glittering in her eyes.  “I need you, now” she said and moved up to kiss me.  As her lips closed over mine, I slipped my fingers between her labia.  I reveled in her hot, wetness.  I let my fingers glide through her arousal, until I reached her clit.  She gasped as I brushed my fingers lightly over her bud.  “Is this what you want?” I asked her.  She nodded, and kissed me again.  I started rubbing small circles on her clit.  Softly and slowly moving, letting her response guide my movements.  I kept up the slow pace, until she started thrust her hips against me.  I rubbed harder, and let her thrusting set the speed.  She bit into the flesh of my breast as she came.  I felt her quiver against my fingers, as her movements slowed.

She rested her forehead against my shoulder.  I listened to her ragged breathing, until she whispered, “Now, it’s my turn.”

Girls’ Night In


After our night at the club, I was desperate to see Her again.  I wanted an evening with her, that wasn’t in a cramped backseat.  So when she called and invited me over, I jumped at the chance.

When I arrived, she invited me in with brief kiss.  I definitely wanted more of that.  She poured me a glass of wine, and led me to her playroom.  She sat on the bed, her legs stretched in front of her.

“I’d love to see all of you,” she purred, sipping her wine.  “Would you strip for me?”
I smiled at her.  “If you wish.” I slowly lifted my shirt over my head.  I turned around, looking back at her while I unzipped my jeans and lowered them slowly.  I bent over, swaying my ass at her, while I stepped out of my jeans.

“Beautiful” she said, licking her lips.

I took the few steps to the bed, kneeling in front of her.  I reached behind my back, unhooking my bra.  I didn’t bother being coy, I let the scrap of lace fall away.  I cupped my tits, offering them to her.  “Do you like them?” I asked.

She nodded.  “Give them to me,” she commanded.

I moaned.  I love a command.  I inched forward on my knees.  I straddled her outstretched legs, continuing to hold my tits out to her.  “They are yours” I said, as I reached her.

She immediately took them into her hands.  She kneaded at them, making me moan again.

“I can’t wait to hear more of that,” she’s laughed, and lowered her head to take my nipple in her mouth.  She sucked softly.  I laid my hands on her shoulders, my knees going weak.  Her tongue flicked out, teasing my nipple.  She raised one leg, her thigh between my legs.

“My, my you are wet” she purred, rubbing me with her thigh.


She returned to my nipples, this time the softness was gone.  She dragged her teeth over my nipple.  I cried out, instantly getting wetter.  I rubbed my sex against her leg.

She continued, letting me get closer to the edge.  I whimpered wanting something more.  She pulled away from me, my nipples stinging.

She lay back and pointed down.  “I want what I couldn’t have in the car” she said.

I moved quickly to comply.  I crawled between her thighs.  I wanted to bury my face in her pussy, but I also wanted to draw out the experience.  I kissed her inner thighs, feeling her moist heat on my face.  I ran my tongue right up to pussy, and I could see how wet she was.

I could taste her wetness on her thighs.  I ran my tongue over her lips, tasting her.  She moaned my name, and I couldn’t keep teasing her.  I buried my face in her.  I lapped and sucked at her pussy, loving the sounds of her cries.  She bucked against my face and tongue.

She reached for my hair, tugging me closer to her.  I slid my fingers into her pussy and felt her clamp down on them. I tongued her clitoris, and fucked her with my fingers.  She thrust her hips and pelvis into my face, and with a final cry, she shook with her orgasm.

Her at my Place


It had been a couple of weeks since our last encounter.  Tonight, she was coming over to my place.

I’d set out what felt like a million candles in the bedroom.  I wondered if it was cheesy, predictable to want the soft, flickering candlelight. But I decided that I didn’t care.  I liked it, and the candle light made me feel sexy.

I threw on my blue silk and lace robe, again it was something that made me feel sexy.  The silk rubbed tauntingly across my nipples, as I finished my preparations.  She finally arrived.  She’d brought wine, and of course, she was still dressed.

I invited her to get undressed.  She smiled and complied, stripping in my living room while I watched her every move.  She teased as she undressed.  Her shirt pulled quickly off to reveal her lace encased boobs.  She favored brightly colored lingerie, pieces that felt at odds with her sedate work attire.  Tonight she wore a sheer pink bra, sheer enough that I could see it almost matched the color of her hard nipples.  Her panties the same sheer pink lace seemed tailored to frame the dark hair between her thighs.  She paused in her undressing, letting me just watch her.

“I got this for you,” she said, her hand running down her body.

“It’s lovely,” I replied.  I took a step toward her, and wrapped my arm around her naked waist.  I pulled her against me.  I could feel her warmth through my robe.  I leaned forward and kissed her.  Her lips were soft, pliant.  She’d remembered, or perhaps was just letting me have my way.  I told her that I wanted to take charge tonight, to explore my dominant side.

I kissed her harder, my free hand buried in her hair, cupping the back of her head.  I slipped my tongue between her lips, and she moaned.  I broke away from her, “Now, why are you still dressed?”

She laughed and stepped back from me.  She slid her bra off, tossing it toward the couch.  She followed with her panties, pushing them down and letting them slip down her calves, to lay crumpled on the floor.  “Is this what you wanted?” she asked, placing her hands behind her back.


“Stay like that,” I said.  I hadn’t managed an order yet, but at least I didn’t sound timid.  She nodded, and I walked slowly around her, just looking at her.  She fidgeted her nipples hard and her breath quick.  I came back round, standing in front of her.  I ran my fingers down her neck, across her clavicle and between her breasts.  She shivered and closed her eyes.  I ran my fingers over the curve of her belly.

I looked up at her.  She was shifting her weight from one leg to the other, and I could see the tension in her arms.  She didn’t like not being about to touch back.  I ran my fingers down her arms, “I want you to stay this way.  Keep your hands behind her back.”  I said.

She nodded, “Ok,” her voice was soft.

I kissed her again, cupping her face in my hands, controlling how deep the kiss was and how long it lasted.  When I broke away, she loosed a small sound of disappointment.

I laughed at her pouting expression.  “Pouting already?” I asked.

She nodded.

I leaned forward and captured one of her nipples between my teeth. Not biting, just holding it.  She gasped, her hands flying to my head, holding me in place.  I pulled back, but swiped my tongue over her nipple.  “What did I tell you about your hands?”

She sighed, “To keep them behind my back.”  She moved her hands back, once again clasping them behind her back.  She was still pouting.  I stepped away from her and untied my robe.  I left the robe on, but pulled the belt from it.  I stepped behind her, tying the cord around her wrists.  I knew it wouldn’t really hold against much force, but it was more for the feeling.  “What’s your safe word?” I asked her, once I’d tied her hands.

“Blue” she said her breathing was much faster now, and her chest was flushed.

I leaned back down, capturing her nipple again.  I licked are her nipples, moving back and forth between them.  She shivered and wriggled around, trying to press her breasts into my face, wanting more than the soft licking she was getting.

I ran one hand from her ship down her thigh.  I kept my touch light, teasing almost tickling.  I repeated the action on the inside of her thigh, stopping just below her labia.  I could feel her wet heat.  She twisted her hips trying to force my hand higher.

I let my hand trail back down, and around the front of her thigh.  Then I moved it back up resting it on her hip.  I could feel her shaking.  I relented and drew one rigid nipple into my mouth.  I sucked hard, nipping gently with my teeth.  She cried out, a hoarse “Oh my god, yes.”  I could feel her hands straining against the bonds.

I moved to her other nipple, rewarding it with the same treatment.  I saw heard the belt fall away, heard the slight swoosh of the silk unwinding and sliding off her wrists.  It gave her pause, and she re-clasped her hands.

I broke away from her.  “I’m impressed.  You can be well behaved.”

She nodded frantically.  “I can, and I can show you just how good I can be,” she purred.

“There’s something I want.  Follow me.”  I turned from the room, letting her follow behind me.  I entered my bedroom, and stood beside the bed.  “Lay down” I ordered.  And this time it was an order.

She lay down, quickly.


I lit the candles, all of them.  She watched me from the bed, her eyes bright, curious.

Once the room was bathed in the flickering light, I let me robe slide off my shoulders.  I climbed on to bed, on my hands and knees.  “I want to ride your face,” I said looking her in the eye.  “I want you to eat my pussy, until I tell you to stop.” I ordered.

She licked her lips and nodded.  “Yes, ma’am.”  She grinned at me. “Let’s get started,” she said licking her lips again.

I crawled around and swung on leg over her face.  I sat up on my knees, keeping myself out of her reach.  This was a position I’d never been comfortable with.  I worried about too big, too heavy for this position.  I’d talked to her about this before, so she knew that this was a big step for me.

I re-situated myself, lowering myself down, until my lips are just touching hers.  She lets out a low moan, and her tongue darts out.  She laps at the length of my labia, her tongue smooth and soft against me.  The point of her tongue edges between my lips, the point of her tongue firm and exploring.  She probes at the entrance to my vagina, hard enough I wonder if she can insert her tongue.  I hear my own moans and rock my hips over her face.  She wraps her arms around my thighs, and her tongue, the velvet point circled my clit.  I cried out, jerking my hips, almost jerking away, but she tightened her hold on my legs.  I wondered if I should let her hold me in place, it seemed antithetical to my domination plans… but her tongue continued its work, and I didn’t care.  I finally let go of worrying.  I rocked my hips, rubbing almost grinding against her tongue.

I felt my orgasm building, felt the tingling in my clit spreading up into my belly.  She tightened her hold on my thighs, her mouth closing over my clit and sucking softly.  I came with a rush of yes pleases and don’t stops.  I remained kneeling over her, shuddering as she kept sucking and lapping.

I’d ordered her to keep going, and she wasn’t going to let me down.

 Her at the Library

library 3

She came to my library.  I felt my pulse quicken as she made her way toward the reference desk.

The library wasn’t busy. Finals ended the day before.  Even our staff holiday party was over. But there she was, dressed like Audrey Horn from Twin Peaks. Knee length plaid skirt and crisp ivory blouse.  Her feet were hidden from my view, but I’d bet she had one saddle shoes.

I knew she was trying to tease me, and it may have worked if I hadn’t expected this, eventually.  She’d spent far too long telling me all about her sexy librarian fantasy for me to be surprised. She reached the reference desk, and gave me a sly smile.

“How can I help you,” I ask before the bored student worker had a chance to ask.

She licked her lip-glossed lips, “Where would you have Sarah Waters?” she asked, as if she didn’t know me.

The student librarian barely glanced up from his phone.  After all, I’d initiated contact with the “student” – let him think I was bored or antsy.  “I can show you,” I said rising from the desk.  I grabbed the book I had stashed on the desk and walk out from behind the desk.  I noticed her eyes widen just a bit as she took in my outfit.

I’d been wearing my sexy librarian clothes all week.  I even had my hair up in a bun. I could feel her eyes on me as she followed me.  I lead her behind one of the stacks, one I knew that lacked any security cameras.

“What are you doing…” My question was cut off when she kissed me.  It was a long, slow kiss.  I knew she wanted to take control.  So I broke the kiss first.  When she started to speak, I shushed her in my best librarian voice.  I knew exactly what she was going to get from this adventure.

“You’re in my space,” I whispered sternly.

She nodded, with a surprised smile.  I opened the books and flipped through the pages.  “Turn around,” I whispered to her, “face the shelf.”  Her smile changed to delight.

library main

She was quick to comply.  I couldn’t help it, I ran my hands over her skirt, and she noticed that she was wearing heeled saddle shoes.  I slid my hand under her skirt, and found that the she was already wet.  “Bad girl,” I whispered in her ear.  “You’ve come in here to tease me haven’t you?”

She nodded, and said “Yes,” at full volume.

I shushed her again.  “There’s no talking in the library.”  I drew my hands away from her.  I laid the book next to her on the shelf, and started whispering the words in her ear

 “Coming together

it is easier to work

after our bodies


I put my hand under her skirt again, reading the words – drawing out the images and passion of the piece.  My fingers slid under her panties.  “Shhh,” I whispered in her ear, “Don’t make a sound.”

I saw her clamp her lips closed.  I continued to read,

 “but as your body moves

under my hands

charged and waiting”

I murmured into her ear, my fingers sinking into her wet warmth.  I heard her stifle a moan.  I stroked my fingers in and out, matching the slow rhythm of the poem.  I pulled my fingers out, and found her clit.  I rubbed softly, still whispering the words of the poem “Touching you I catch midnight/as moon fires set in my throat/I love you flesh into blossom/I made you/and take you made/into me.”

I felt her shudder on my hand, but she didn’t make a sound.  I pulled my hand out from under her skirt, and straightened the fabric.  “That was very good,” I whispered in her ear.  “I could barely hear you.”

“Is this the book you’re looking for?” I asked, louder than I’d been before, loud enough that student worker could have heard me.

She replied, “No, I think the one I want is over here.” Her voice was breathy, and she reached a hand toward me.

her at my place 5

“On your knees,” I whispered at her.

She sank gracefully to her knees, her skirt flaring around her.

“Is it here?” I asked, raising my skirt?

“Oh yes, that’s it” she said, her fingers slipped into my panties.

I bit my lip to keep quiet.  As usual her fingers knew my body.  I was already so aroused by her, by the poem, and by the risk of this at work.  She opened the book, and began whispering the lines of a poem to me.  I could just hear her over my own heavy breathing.

Haven’t they moved like rivers—

like Glory, like light—

over the seven days of your body?

And wasn’t that good?

Them at your hips—

As she slid her fingers inside me, she pressed up, finding that spot inside that always pushed me over the edge.

“These hands, if not gods, then why

when you have come to me, and I have returned you

to that from which you came—bright mud, mineral-salt—

why then do you whisper O, my Hecatonchire. My Centimani.

My hundred-handed one?”

I grabbed a stack of books from the shelf and dropped them on the floor.  The thud, covered the small moan I couldn’t hold back.

She wore a wicked smile as she licked her fingers clean and rose to her feet.  She picked up the fallen books.  I grabbed her for another kiss, as she set the books in the shelf.

She kissed my neck and whispered “Shh.”

Poetry used: Recreation By Audre Lorde and These Hands, If Not Gods by Natalie Diaz