Julia’s Magic

Sex Magick

“You want to go to a what?!” Julia couldn’t believe what her friend Vicki was asking. Of course, Julia mused, Vicki hadn’t been the same since she came back from Egypt. Before her trip, Victoria hadn’t expressed any interest in the occult; however, since she had returned she had an insatiable drive to learn everything about it.

“It’s a coven meeting” Vicki began, but Julia cut in.

“No, this isn’t a praise the god and goddess, dance around a bonfire coven – This is a,” her voice dropped, “a sex cult.”

Vicki sighed, “You don’t have to whisper,” Vicki glanced around the nearly empty cafe, “And yes, sex is part this coven. I thought you wanted to try sex magic?”

Julia had to admit that was true. She had been an avid occultist for years, and she had decided that sex magic has the next step in her studies. “I do, but,” she licked her lips, “I hadn’t planned on starting with an orgy.”

Vicki laughed, “I think it’s the best place to start.” She gave a shy smile, “Besides, I don’t want to go alone.”

Julia threw up her hands, “Alright, we’ll go to the sex cult.”


So a few hours later, Julia found herself wearing a hooded black robe, a mask, and nothing else. The tile floor was cold beneath her bare feet. She had to admit that whoever owned this house had done an exceptional job on the decorating. The edges of the room were strewn with cushions, and the walls were draped with all manner of gauzy fabric. Banks of candles, the cost of which must have been expensive, were the only illumination. Clouds of incense flowed from censors, but it was the altar that held Julia’s attention. The high priestess and priest had finished their chanting and invoking, ending with the high priestess seated on the altar, and casting aside her robe. She was gloriously naked, her long blond hair swept back, and pooled behind her. In the candle light, she was all pale skin and shadows. Before her stood the priest, also naked.

Julia felt herself grow hot and her breathing quicker as the priest knelt before the priestess. He buried his face between her thighs. It wasn’t just the sex act or even the publicness of the sex that had Julia feeling so excited. There was power in the air, what she thought of as the heavy air feeling of magick. The priestess threw back her head, calling upon their goddess. Julia felt the air shiver. She wondered where in the circle Vicki had ended up. With all the circling required, Julia had lost track of her friend.


Thoughts of Victoria were dashed from her mind, as the high priestess wrapped her legs around the priests shoulders. Her heels pushed into his back, shoving his face deeper into her pussy. Julia wondered how he could breathe, but he seemed unconcerned. The air grew thicker, heavier. Julia noticed that others in the circle were shifting closer to one another, robes were starting to hang open. Julia felt a hand on her shoulder, and what she could only describe as a questioning touch. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the scene at the altar, so she nodded her consent and twitched her robe open. The hand on her shoulder slid down her arm and reached into her robe. Julia shivered as the stranger’s hand slid over her naked belly.

At the altar, the priestess had ceased her chanting and had fallen to moans and cries. The attendees seemed to take the priestess’s cries as a cue – or maybe it was just the feeling of frenzy sweeping through the temple. The hand on her belly moved to her breast. The hand began kneading at her breast. All around, she watched people dropping their robes, dropping to their knees, and sliding on to the cushions strewn about the temple. She felt a second hand on her shoulder, with the same hesitant questioning. She took hold of the hand, drawing it under her robe. It took hold of her other breast.

The conflicting sensations, one hand kneading, the other hand tweaking her nipple. She wriggled out of her robe, the fabric pooled at her feet. At the altar, the priest had stood up, and then he was fucking he priestess. Her long legs were still wrapped around him, but this time around his waist. Even with all the debauchery going on, everyone’s eyes kept returning to the priest and priestess.

Julia reached behind her, her fingers seeking the figures grouping her. Her hands met robes, and other hands invited her in. She found hot hard flesh, two erect cocks for her to wrap her hands around. She heard her partners each let out low moans, and increase their attention on to her breasts. She stroked the cocks behind her, watching three women writhing together on a pile of pillows.

Her attention was pulled away as one of the hands rested against her ass. “Yes” she said to him, “Gods yes.”

witch crystalball

The hand slid down the curve of her ass, rubbing in small circles, to finally reach between her legs. The room seemed to shift, to change. Her eyes snapped back to the priest and priestess. She watched the muscles in his ass clench as he came. The priestess wrapped her arms around the man, his head resting on her chest. Julia could see his back rising and falling from his exertions.

Julia’s skin tingled, and the air felt electric. The two sets of hands on her added to that. The hand between her legs slipped a finger inside her, pumping slowly in and out. She felt the warm, liquid rush of cum as one of the men came. The men wiped her hand on what she assumed must be his robe. He kissed her neck, and moved away from her. The remaining man shifted behind her, continuing his slow finger fucking of her, but removing his cock from her hand.

The room was crackling with energy, and Julia’s body was on fire. She leaned her back against the man’s chest. She could hear her wetness as he added a second finger. She tilted her pelvis back, wanting more from him. He continued his slow, measured movements. Julia began rubbing her own clit, bringing herself closer to orgasm, but she followed the pace of the man behind her. When she sped up her movements, he slowed further. Julia whimpered in frustration; however, the energy building in the room was palpable, and Julia understood her partner wanted to ride that energy longer – wanted to help it build. Julia found her witchy side at odds with her burning ache to orgasm. She slowed her movements, once again matching his pace.

She was impressed with his skill at reading the energy in the room, and with his ability to keep her on the edge. She lost track of how long they worked, the energy encircled them both, building, pressing against them. The air was almost as taut and aching as she was. He took her hand, placing it back on his cock. Once again, she matched his pace, but they both knew that it was time. They both moved faster. His fingers fucking faster, and her hand gripping his hardness, stroking quickly. Julia heard his cry out in unision with own orgams, and felt the enrgy in the room shoot off. It fled the room, rushing toward its intended purpose.

witch circle

Julia felt a wave of exhaustion flow over her. She felt her knees grow weak. Her partner helped her to the floor, until she sat on her crumbled robe. He placed a light kiss on the back of her neck, and she shivered. Then he was gone.

Rainy Day Lover

It had been days of sodden heat and that anxious pressure that precedes a storm. It was enough to drive Julia to distraction. She’d spent the day distracted in the sticky heat, and sunset brought little relief.

She roamed the house, wearing a tank top and panties. The tv couldn’t hold her attention, neither could a book. The pressure from the impending storm wouldn’t let her rest.


She pawed through the freezer and finally dumped ice into a glass and poured a whiskey. She loved the cold burn of the whiskey. She poured a second drink, spilling the whiskey over her hand. Julia licked the smokey drops from her fingers

She went out to the backyard. The heavy heat wasn’t any better outside, and the air was still, thick and waiting. Julia laid on a lounge, looking up at the darkening, cloud filled sky.

She swirled the ice and whiskey, before taking another sip. She set the glass on the ground, and ran her chilled hand over her belly, up under her shirt. The coolness felt good. She leaned forward and pulled her tank top over her head and tossed it across the yard, in the direction of the backdoor. She wasn’t worried about anyone seeing her. The yard was relatively private, and in the growing gloom, she was mostly in shadow. And she couldn’t muster the energy to care about a peeping neighbor.


She picked up the drink again, letting the condensation drip onto her bare skin. It ran down to her belly, sliding off her sides. She felt water on her legs as well, well outside the reach of the glass. She glanced up at the dark clouds, and the storm started. She felt the fat, warm drops of rain splash against her upturned face. She grinned, and set her glass down. She reached her arms above her head, stretching finally feeling the heavy tension of the storm breaking as the rain fell.

The heavy drops exploded across her overheated skin, not cooling, but she was no longer sticky from the heat. She wriggled on the lounge, slipping out of her panties. She planted her feet on the quickly muddying ground, her legs open wide wanting the storm to wash over her.

The drops were heavy enough they felt like the lightest fingertip’s touch, like a hundred hands gently touching her skin. She smiled at the thought of the storm making love to her, and ran her own hands over her body, wiping away the rain, feeling fresh drops take its place – this storm was an eager lover.

One had drifted between her legs, feeling her warm wetness that well outdid the storm. The rain fell harder, still warm over her. The sun had set, and the sky was dark. She turned her face to the sky, to her storm lover, closing her eyes.

The rain spiraled from the sky to patter against her, still calling to mind invisible hands and perhaps lips to worship her body. Her own fingers glided over her clit, rubbing slowly, softly wanting to build to her own release like the storm had.


She bit her lip, and arched her back as she grew closer. The rain falling steadily harder, adding more sensation to her hypersensitive skin. The invisible hands had become lips, hard kisses of warm, wet rain. She increased the pressure on her clit, gasping aloud in the damp darkness. She wished for thunder to cover her own soft sounds, but no one would be outside in this deluge.

Her free hand cupped her breast, her fingers finding her stiff nipple. She brushed her fingers over it, mimicking the teasing touch of the rain. Julia gave into her orgasm, crying out in the rain. She lay panting, as the deluge poured over her as her lover found his release.


Vicki saw the “email” icon on her phone. She knew that the message was from her best friend Julia. Both of them were traveling, for different reasons, but both women continued their tradition of sending the other “postcards” – self-made, often self-taken photos, of their travels.

She was waiting in a New York airport for her connecting flight. Her traveling companion Dr. Colin Bishara was asleep, resting his head on her shoulder. She opened the email.


According to her message Julia was in Norway, studying shamanic revival practices. In the first image, Julia’s red hair peeked out of her fur-lined hood. The scene behind Julia was an expanse of dark woods and white snow. There seemed to be nothing around Julia, except the fairy tale dark woods. A large coat covered her from the hood to the tops of her dark boots. Vicki didn’t have to wonder about what the coat concealed for long.

In the next image, Julia had the coat open, and she was, as Vicki expected, nude. Vicki shivered in the airport, wondering how Julia could stand being naked in the snow. The cold, and probably the company, made Julia’s nipples small dark nubs in the image. In the next shot, Julia wasn’t alone. Her coat was laid on the ground, and she was on all fours. A large blond man, also nude, stood behind her. His erection was impressive given the cold. He looked so much like a television Viking, that Vicki smiled suspecting this had led Julia to pursue him. Vicki wondered whether someone taking the pictures for the couple, or if the camera was set on a tripod. The next shot showed the man with his cock buried in Julia.

Vicki crossed her legs, feeling herself become aroused. She imaged what it would feel like to be nude in the snow. Julia had kept her boots on, but Vicki knew how much something like wearing only shoes could make a person feel even more naked. Would the Viking’s cock and her own heat chase the chill away, or was Julia’s pussy cold? There was no way for Vicki to know, but she didn’t mind thinking about it. Imagining her own breasts swinging in the cold, nipples hard with both excitement and the chill. In the picture, the Viking had his hands on Julia’s hips, and her hair had swung forward in a red arch that hid her face. The vibrant sweep of hair gave Vicki some idea of how fast the man must be moving.


Was this part of a ritual of some sort, or was this just sport? What did the dark woods behind them feel like? Was their primeval energy part of the scene? The fairy tale woods full of monsters that loomed over the image, gave Vicki a shiver. Images of ogres, goblins, and more mundane monsters like wolves flashed through her mind. With what she had learned over the last few months, she thought all supernatural creatures could be possible.

Vicki glanced around the airport. The airport was still full of passengers, but no one was close enough to see her screen. Still she tilted her screen toward the sleeping figure of Colin. She was letting herself get too caught up in the pictures; she never should have opened them in the airport. Nevertheless, she opened the next image.

Julia and her Viking were not alone. They had moved to an outdoor hot tub. It was a wooden tub, with the glowing embers of a fire underneath. It sat on a wooden deck, in what looked like the same clearing near the woods. The snow was still mounded on the ground, but no one seemed to notice. In this shot, Julia was kissing a blond woman. Both women were entwined with one another, their bodies hidden in the rippling water and rising steam. In the next, shot Julia was sitting on the edge of the hot tub with the blond woman had her face between Julia’s legs. Julia had her head thrown back with a small smile. Her hand rested on the blond woman’s head. Vicki imaged how that scene had played out as well. Julia would ride that woman’s face until she came. Then perhaps they would switch. No, Vicki thought, that was too tame for Julia. The Viking would join them, impaling the blond on his cock while Julia watched them. She’d act the director, ordering him to fuck the blond faster and harder and deeper. Or maybe the three of them would be together. Julia’s mouth on the blond’s pussy, while the Viking fucked her again. Vicki stared at the picture, noting what could have been human forms in the background. Maybe others had joined them? The figures seemed to be standing in the shadows of the dark woods, and Vicki wondered if the fairy tale monsters had joined them. What would an ogre add to the hot tub threesome?

postcard 3

The message ended with a report on Julia’s studies, which Vick skimmed. She’d digest the details of Julia’s research later. Right now she was tired, and horny as hell. She skimmed Julia’s best wishes.

Vicki scrolled through her phone for the New York pictures she had chosen for Julia.

The pictures were all from Vicki and Colin’s hotel room in New York. Vicki’s eyes traced the picture. These were from another ritual to track Pharaoh Djet. In the first picture, she was naked pressed against the room’s large window. Her nipples tingled recalling how the cold glass had felt against her breasts. She wondered if Julia had enjoyed the cold in her pictures. Vicki’s pussy grew warm thinking about how exposed she’d been in the window. Even on such a high floor, there were plenty of buildings around with clear views of the window. She’d seen movies and a television shows that all used the “Rear Window” trope of the bored voyeur neighbor, to wonder if someone had been watching her. In the picture, her back was already painted with complicated hieroglyphics and arcane symbols. She attached it to her message.

postcard 4

Of course that wasn’t the only picture of that ritual, and it wasn’t the only one she would send. She swiped to the next one, knowing it wasn’t the one she was looking for. She was seated in front of the window, her legs swung over the arms of the room’s only chair. It had been a wide-seated chair, she recalled, so it had left her thighs aching and her feeling even more exposed. She doubted she could have been more splayed open to the skyline if she had tried. The ritual words drifted through her memory. They had been calling to the sky and winds for aid, so of course performing the ritual in front of the window made sense. She looked at the picture, showing her from behind. Her naked back and bare feet were all that the image showed. She skipped to the next picture; this one was taken from the front. Colin had knelt before her, between her and the window. She had a bronze dildo buried in her pussy. The photo caught the gleam of metal slick with her own juices as she slid it inside. Her hand was blurred, obviously in motion, but Colin had captured her splayed open legs and pussy stretched around the bronze dildo in crisp detail. She was wet just looking at herself. She regretted that they didn’t think about making a video. Colin had backed away after that picture, not wanting to block her view of the window, or perhaps any else’s view of her. She squeezed her legs together, remembering the hard metal of the dildo filling her. She recalled Colin urging her on, suggesting that she rub her clit. She’d frigged herself with that dildo for the gods and spirits of the air to see, all the while chanting the words he had taught her.

postcard 5

The picture didn’t catch the moment she came, still crying out the lines of the chant. Nor were their pictures of Colin taking the dildo, still slick with her lubrication and laying it on the map. She had stayed, splayed open in the chair, watching the metal phallus begin to slowly turn on the map. It pointed toward France. Not what they had expected, but it was now where they would go. Before she could move, Colin returned to kneel before her and his tongue inflamed her still quivering pussy.

This she did have a picture of. It echoed Julia’s in many ways. Vicki’s thighs framed Colin’s face, and her hand rested on his shaved head. She wriggled at the memory of his mouth on her clit, sucking gently on her clit, before running his tongue down the length of her. She shifted her legs, slinging them over his shoulders, tilting her pelvis to rock against his face. She came again, watching the blank windows of the buildings next door.

She glanced at the picture, thinking about how much it hadn’t captured. She attached it as the final in the series.

She’d already written the text of her message, both witches trading their magical education, just as they traded their naughty images. She pulled her coat on to lap, laying it over her legs like a blanket. It was cool enough in the airport that no one would look askance. She slipped her hand under the coat and into her panties as she hit send.

By Candlelight

Julia lounged naked on the massive bed. It had taken her some time to acclimate to the electricity free existence. The cabin was heated by a wood stove and lit by candles. The ever present smell of wood smoke was shortly before replaced with the almost sweet scent of the candles, as Bjorn started lighting them.

She’d been staying in the cabin with Bjorn and Astrid for a couple of weeks. Tonight she knew the couple had something new planned for her, but for now, she enjoyed lying next to Astrid watching Bjorn light the candles.


Julia’s attention left Bjorn and the candles when Astrid kissed her. The Norwegian woman was, in Julia’s opinion, delightfully aggressive. Julia melted into the kiss, her tongue vying with Astrid’s for control. Astrid moaned enjoying the fight. She swung a leg over Julia pinning her to the bed. She wondered if the other woman would be interested in some primal play before they returned to civilization.

Astrid broke the kiss. “I’ll have to teach you whose boss,” Astrid said smiling.

Julia laughed and shifted under Astrid, wondering if she could displace the blond. Before she could make up her mind, she felt Bjorn’s hand on her ankle.

He rattled off something in Norwegian, his hand staying on her leg.

Astrid looked down at her, “He wants to tie you up,” she said, sitting up in her knees.

Julia considered it. She’d been playing with these two for months, and trusted them. While Bjorn didn’t speak much English and Julia even less Norwegian, they both understood “yes” “no” stop and more. When in doubt, Astrid translated for both.

Bjorn nodded, “Yes, tie you up?” he asked her.

Julia smiled up at Astrid, “I guess I’ll get to relax tonight after all. Let’s give it a go.”

Astrid have her a leering smile, and spoke quickly to Bjorn. Julia felt him tie something around her ankle and slide her leg over to one side of the bed. He tied of her other leg, leaving her spread wide. She felt his beard brush the inside of her thigh as he kissed her. She shivered at the touch.

“I’m happy to have more of that,” she purred at him.

Astrid leaned down and kissed her again, while Bjorn moved to tie up her hands. Julia tugged at the silken ropes, and found that she was well and truly tied up. Astrid climbed off of Julia, and she and Bjorn traded wicked grins as they each bent and took one of Julia’s nipples in their mouths.


Julia cried out. Bjorn’s flicking tongue and soft beard warred with Astrid’s sucking and soft biting. The contrasting sensations had Julia twisting in the ropes. Bjorn hadn’t left her much slack, so she couldn’t shift away. She didn’t really want to, but the inability to do so added to the experience. She wriggled on the fur blankets, watching the twinned blond heads over her chest.

Astrid’s fingers slid down her belly to stroke the inside of her thighs. Julia tilted her pelvis, and Astrid ignored her. Bjorn’s mouth left Julia’s nipple, his lips and tongue tracing a path up her neck. Julia thought he meant to kiss her, but moved back and pulled Astrid away from Julia’s nipple. Julia gave them both a pouting expression.

Julia lay beneath them while Bjorn kissed Astrid. Julia watched Astrid reach down and grasp Bjorn’s cock, stroking it while they kissed. Julia bit her lip, her legs straining at their bonds. She hadn’t thought about how being splayed open meant she couldn’t apply any pressure to her clit. She found herself licking her lips as Astrid bent and took Bjorn’s cock in her mouth.

“There’s enough for you” he said to Julia, then moaned as Astrid swallowed more of his cock. Julia hadn’t watched a blow job from this angle or this close ever. She watched Astrid’s cheeks concave and bulge as the woman sucked. Julia watched Bjorn’s cock disappear into Astrid’s mouth, only to glisten in the candlelight as it reappeared. Bjorn rested a hand on Astrid’s head, his other hand drifting to Julia’s breast. He absently squeezed and toyed with her breast.

Julia moaned softly. She was surprised at how turned on she was by being ignored. Astrid rested a hand on ribs, but Julia was certain that was for balance, and Bjorn’s attention to her breasts had more to do with him than her.

Julia watched Bjorn’s hand tighten in Astrid’s hair. She actually saw his cock twitch as he came. She saw Astrid’s throat working as she swallowed. Astrid pulled away from Bjorn’s cock.

“Now, let’s play with her” Astrid said, nodding at Julia. “She’s so pretty and trapped,” Astrid ran her fingers over Julia’s belly and ribs.

Bjorn also touched her, his fingers moving closer to her pussy. “Do you think she’s wet?” He asked Astrid. Without waiting for an answer, he slid a thick finger down her open pussy. Julia whimpered and tilted her pelvis, but Bjorn ignored her movement. Instead, he licked his finger, “She is so sweet.”

“No sweets yet,” Astrid said moving his hands away from Julia. “First I want to spice her.” Astrid left the bed.

Julia has no idea what the other woman had planned, but she was enjoying the scene so much the anticipation only added to her arousal.

The bed dipped as Astrid returned, holding a lit candle. “Is ok?” She asked Julia.

Julia nodded quickly, “Yes, it’s ok.” The enthusiasm was clear in her voice.

by candle 4

Astrid held the candle over Julia. Julia watched the candle burning, and watched one fat drop of white beeswax start running down the candle. She held her breath, but the wax bead caught, cooling on the side of the candle. The sweet scent of beeswax was everywhere.

Julia glanced up at Astrid, and when she caught the woman’s eye, Astrid tilted the candle. A thin stream of pale was splattered over her solar plexus. Julia strained against the straps, the wax burning, leaving her skin tingling and warm. Julia whined, and tugged at her bounds.

“You like?” Bjorn asked?

Julia nodded, “Yes,” she said and heard the thick desire in her own voice. “Yes, I like very much.”

Astrid tilted the candle again, this time aiming the drops onto Julia’s nipples. The stinging wax felt like needles. She squealed and wiggled, sending the wax dripping down the curve of her breasts.

She felt Bjorn leave the bed, and he returned with a black candle.

The liquid wax splattered across her chest, in hot, stinging drops. Julia’s breath rushed out in a grunt. The wax quickly dried, leaving hard spots of pale wax on her skin.

Astrid righted her candle. Julia hadn’t yet caught her breath when Bjorn tipped the black candle over her breasts. A fresh flood of stinging tore through her, setting her nerves ablaze, and she squealed again. “Don’t move” Bjorn commanded, “You are art.”

Julia groaned at Astrid’s playful slap to her hip.

“Art?” Julia asked?

Bjorn nodded, “I make your beautiful breasts into a masterpiece.” He tilted his candle again, and Julia fought to keep still, fully enjoying the game. They took turns pouring wax over her breasts and nipples, now hypersensitive from the heat. Together they managed to create a spiral of light and dark wax that twined down her breasts and over her chest.

“Lovely” Astrid said, looking at down at her. “And her flush adds a lovely shade of pink to it.”

Bjorn nodded and grabbed his camera. He looked at Julia and she nodded her consent. He began taking pictures of her wax coated breasts, and slowly backed up to catch her entire nude, bound figure.

Julia began to squirm again. Her nerves were aflame, and she’d been turned on when they started. Now she was desperate for release. “Astrid, won’t you play with me?” she asked, hearing the tremor in her voice.

Astrid blew out her candle. “Oh? You want to come?”

Julia nodded, twisting against the ropes that tied her down. “Yes, please Astrid. Make me come.”

Astrid ran her hands down toward Julia’s open pussy. “So wet,” she whispered in Julia’s ear. “So desperate for release?”

Julia nodded frantically, twisting and trying to shift to force Astrid’s fingers to her aching clit. She had no success.

Bjorn continued to take pictures, as Astrid slid the cooling candle down her belly. Astrid stroked the length of the candle between her thighs, and Julia bucked at the pressure on her clit.

“More please” she moaned.

Astrid slid the candle lower. Using it like a dildo, she slowly pushed it inside Julia. The candle entered her easily, and Julia begged for more. Astrid left the candle partially outside of her. She slipped away so that Bjorn could take more pictures. Julia imagined what she must look like.

by candle

Nude and tied spread eagle, with her hair a tousled, tangled mess, and her breasts painted with black and white wax. She felt her pulse race, and she came even closer to coming picturing the candle protruding from her splayed open pussy. She must look like the X-Rated version of pulp fiction horror novel about satanic cults.

Astrid returned to her, pumping the candle in and out slowly. Bjorn continued to take pictures. Julia begged Astrid to make her come, her words a torrent of pleas and demands. Astrid continued the slow pumping of the candle, purposefully avoiding Julia’s clit.

Julia twitched and writhed when Astrid took the still lit black candle from Bjorn. She knew what the blond planned on doing. She knew, but the thought made her shake.

“Too much?” Astrid asked?

Julia hesitated, considering it. She slowly shook her head, “Do it.”

Astrid giggled with glee. “She is such a good dolly,” she said to Bjorn. She started slowly thrusting the candle in and out, and tilted the black candle over Julia’s clit.

Julia cried out, something between a scream and moan. The burn of the wax on her over-stimulated clit sends her over the edge. The heat was a jarring, delicious throb that pulsed through her body. The wax seemed to stay liquid to stay hot for an eternity, and not nearly long enough.

Astrid stroked her cheek. “Again?”

Julia nodded.

Julia’s Troll

Julia couldn’t believe she was alone in the Norwegian woods, wearing only her coat and boots. She felt a little ridiculous half dressed in the woods, but Bjorn insisted this was another important step in her training.

So she was alone, almost naked in nearly pitch black woods. “How can it be so dark?” Julia muttered. Tripping on another tree root, but this time she dropped the lantern. “Damn it,” she hissed when she heard the tinkle of breaking glass and the light went out.

julias troll 2

Julia was plunged into darkness. She stumbled forward a few more feet and found herself in a clearing. It wasn’t much brighter, with the new moon, but at least she thought she wouldn’t be tripping over anything.

She felt around in her backpack. She had a single candle and disposable lighter in the bag. She laid the bottle of aquavit on the ground, and finally felt her fingers wrap around the candle. She pressed the candle into a snow drift and lit it.

She blinked, startled by the brightness of the light. She opened the bottle and took a long drink. The cold liquid burned going down and set her belly on fire. She let out a small breath and set the bottle down.

She stood up and dropped her coat to the ground. She preferred to practice magick while naked, but naked in San Francisco wasn’t naked in the snow. Her skin prickled and her nipples crinkled painfully. She stamped her booted feet and started the invocation.

Her voice rang out in the cold air, and the syllables seemed to hang in the air as she spoke the names of the old gods. Her blood seemed to warm as she finished the invocation. She began a slow dance around the clearing.

Each step layered more energy into the working. She began to sing the words that Astrid and Bjorn had taught her. She was beginning to warm up now that she was moving.

Then she heard it, a rustle in the woods that spoke of something large. Julia stopped moving. She’d known that bears lived in the woods, but surely they would be hibernating. She moved back toward the candle, as if its feeble light would protect her.

Two massive forms stepped into the clearing. They both had to be over seven feet tall. They stepped into the clearing, and Julia sure wasn’t sure if they were bears. They seemed to be covered in shaggy dark fur. They looked up, their gaze drawn to the candle.

Julia felt her breath catch as she saw their faces. They looked almost human, but their features were a little off. They were coarse and not quite human. She realized what they were.

“Trolls,” she muttered.

Both trolls were staring at her now. She couldn’t help but admire their massively muscled forms. She realized that they were wearing bearskins not covered in fur. But they both had long Chestnut brown hair and beards.

She tried to recall everything Astrid told her about trolls, but other than Astrid’s claim they were real, Julia drew a blank. She stood up, “Hallo, God kveld.” She wished her voice sounded steadier. She also wished she remembered that she was naked. She watched both trolls’ gazes drift down her body, and even across the clearing she could see the bulges growing in their pants.

“God kveld,” one of the trolls spoke. Its voice was a low rumble across the clearing.

Julia smiled at him. She assumed she could treat them like any other magical creatures. She picked up the aquavit, took another long drink and offered it to the trolls. “Aquavit? It’s good,” she said offering them the bottle. They stepped farther into the clearing, and the larger of the two took the bottle.

Up close, they seemed even bigger. They both towered over her, and it wasn’t just their height. They were at least twice as wide as she was. When the troll held the bottle, it looked like a soda can. They smelled of musk, earthy and feral. There was something appealing about the scent.

Julia looked up at the troll with the bottle, “I go now,” she said starting to pick up her coat. She could find her way out of the woods without her lantern. A large hand on her shoulder stopped her.

Julias Troll

“No, drikke” its voice rumbled over her. He thrust the bottle at her. His foot rested on her coat. She may be able to find her way out the wood without a lantern, but there was no way she could go without her coat. It was just too cold.

“Drikke” he ordered. “Varm,” he nodded at her.

She was pretty sure he wanted her to drink to warm up. She took a small sip from the bottle, and pointed at her coat. She pantomimed putting it on. The troll smiled at her, revealing a row of sharp teeth. His hand was still on her shoulder, and he slipped it around her waist and pulled her to him. He folded his bear skin around her. She was pressed naked against him, and she could feel his thick erection at her back.

“Drikke” he ordered again, tipped the bottle to her lips. She drank again, deciding that perhaps they were harmless. If they were this worried about her being warm, they weren’t planning on harming her. She knew that most supernatural folk had rules about hospitality. They trolls had drunk her aquavit and they had shared it with her. That gave her some level of calm. Wrapped in the fur, she was once again overwhelmed by the scent. It wasn’t a bad scent; in fact, she found that it wasn’t soothing so much as arousing. Her nipples, no longer cold, were still stiff with interest. The fur teased them, rubbing softly against her.

The trolls continued to pass the bottle, finishing what to them must be a small amount of liquor. She wondered if they would go now that they were finished. She wondered if she wanted them too. The troll’s hand shifted from her waist, moving higher to cup her breast. Julia gasped as its massive hand covered her entire breast. “Ja?” the troll asked, and Julia more felt than heard the rumble through his chest.

This was an out. She could say no and she was sure that they would let her walk away. Or she could say yes. Neither troll moved, and the one holding her made no more moves on her. The scent of them was so intriguing, and she’d be lying if she denied how turned on she was both the possibility of fucking them.

“Ja,” she whispered and wiggled closer to him. “Ja.” His hand began kneading her breast. His other hand reached between her legs. His rough, large fingers found her wet slit, and started rubbing. Julia moaned at the pressure on her clit. She really was going to fuck a troll. With both his hands occupied, the fur covering them opened. The second troll watched them, his eyes glittering with interest. He fumbled with his pants, and released his massive erection. Julia blinked at the size, suddenly unsure of her plan. He had to be as big around as a soda can and far longer than one. The full size aquavit bottle was almost the same size. The troll in front of her began stroking his erection, watching his friend finger her.

And the troll holding her had begun to finger her, slowly sliding one thick finger in her vagina. She sighed as it entered her. While larger than her average partner, he was slow and careful in his probing. He continued his slow penetration, and she could hear the slosh of her wetness echo in the clearing.

“Ja?” he asked again.

woman flowers

“Oh, ja ja” Julia panted, feeling herself grow close to orgasm. Julia rocked her hips to meet the troll’s finger, and to push her clit against his hand. She felt the troll’s chest rumble with his own moans, as her rocking had the additional benefit of rubbing her ass over his cock. When she came, she cried out and heard her voice echo through the woods.

The troll watching had sat down, still slowly stroking his cock while he watched them.

The troll removed his finger with a wet slosh, and began unbuckling his pants. Julia turned to face him, and caught her first glimpse of his cock. It was at least as big as his friend’s, but all the more daunting as she was wondering if this would fit. She wrapped her hand around his cock, and saw that her fingers didn’t meet.

The troll made sounds of appreciation as she stroked his cock, but he seemed to quickly tire of that. He shrugged out of his bear fur and spread it on the ground. He sat down on the fur and tugged on her arm to join him. She knelt next to him, and he lay on his back gesturing at his cock. He said something, but she didn’t understand the words he’d used.

Julia bit her lip and swung a leg over his waist. She rested her pussy over his cock, sliding over it. She felt every ridge of his cock tease her clit. She rocked and slid, letting her wetness lube him up. She heard the other troll moving around behind her. She hoped he was only interested in getting a closer look. Her troll clasped her hips, grinding his cock into her.

She shifted her position, and placed his massive cock at the entrance to her vagina. The troll already seemed aware of being careful with a human. He held himself still. She felt the head of his cock start to press into her. The stretching was intense. It reminded her of being fisted – the same profound stretching that straddled the line between pleasure and pain. Once the head was in, she paused a moment. Because of the pressure of his cock, Julia was close to orgasm again. She whimpered, wanting as much of his cock inside her before she came.

She started moving again, a litany of cries and demands and dirty talk filling the woods. The troll didn’t know the words, but given his smile, he seemed to like hearing her. He returned his massive hands to her hips as she felt her ass reach his thighs. Julia closed her eyes as the orgasm overcame her. The burning, stretching of her pussy finally exploding into an orgasm.

His chest felt like stone as she rested her hands on him for balance. She began her slow ride, grinding more than bouncing. The troll growled and thrust his hips meeting her pace. As she grew accustomed to his size, she started to move faster. Once she sped up, the troll tightened his grip on her hips and thrust harder.

He came with a roar that shook the trees around the clearing. Julia swore that she felt his cock twitching as he came. She sat astride him panting. Her eyes sought the other troll and he continued to watch them, his cock still hard. The troll underneath her lifted her off of him and slid out from under her. She stayed sitting on her knees, as the second troll moved toward her.

The first troll stroked her hair before standing and refastening his pants. The second troll came around behind her, and nudged her forward. Julia bent forward, resting her hands on the fur and spreading her legs wide for him. The second troll wasn’t quite as slow moving as the first, but at this point Julia didn’t mind. She urged him on as his cock pressed into her, stretching her again. Her cries of “more and yes” competed with his growls. She felt his legs slap against her thighs, and she reached for her clit. She rubbed and teased the nub while the troll fucked her.

woman nature

She felt herself come again, but the troll wasn’t finished. His pace quickened as she grew used to his size, and he wrapped his hands around her hips, pulling and pushing her onto his cock. Julia gave herself over to the feeling, the stretching, the fullness, and the ever present tingling in her belly as she inched toward another orgasm.

The troll growled as he came, and the pushed Julia over the edge once again. She lay panting, her body tingling from the orgasm. The troll moved, laying her down on the fur. He wrapped it around her, and she finally felt how cold she had become. The first troll had already built a small fire; he’d even hung her coat in the trees to dry. They carried her closer to the fire and shared a bottle of mjød with her.

Her body ached, but she’d never felt better.

Memory Lane

Julia arrived in Ireland. She hadn’t visited in years, almost a decade. She caught a cab from the airport, and went to the same hotel she’d stayed in as a newly adult witch.

Just around the corner from the hotel was a pub, a place that specifically catered to magical folk. After checking and leaving her bag in her room, she walked over to the pub. She stood outside a moment, the familiar building making her hungry.


She let herself slip into the memory.

One night, during her first visit, at that same pub, she’d started drinking with a big man. He was tall, well over 6 foot and built like a linebacker. She’d had a couple of shots with him and was feeling horny. She’d make some joke about him not being a leprechaun, flirting and certainly not thinking about her words, which was always a foolish choice for a witch.

“And what would you know about the Tuatha de Danann?” He’d asked her.

“They aren’t leprechauns,” she’d paused then, unsure. “Are they?” She asked weakly. Her bravado falling away in face of the large man’s annoyance.

He continued to scowl at her, “So it’s all cereal cartoons and lucky charms to you?”

She shook her head, but he took her arm.

“I’ll show you leprechauns, lass” he said pulling her off the bar stool.

She followed him meekly out of the bar. She wasn’t worried about her safety, more about the consequences of having pissed off someone important. The Witches’ Council would never let her hear the end of it if she messed up their relationship with Ireland. So she hurried after him in the misty rain.

He led her silently into the field behind the pub. Her boots squelched in the damp grass and mud, and she glared at his broad back. Of course looking at his broad back and thick arms reminded her why she’d started chatting him up to begin with.

memory lane 1

He stopped a few yards into the field at a small pile of small boulders. He turned to face her, his hair damp from the rain. “So you don’t think leprechauns are Tuatha de Danann?” This time he smirked at her.

He didn’t wait for her answer, rather he waved has hand, and she stared slack jawed at the rainbow that traveled from his hand out through the misty rain.

She shivered feeling the brush of his magic. He was old, she realized. Old enough to be Tuatha de Danann, and he was powerful. She found herself even more attracted to him.

“So young witch,” he glanced at the rainbow, “How do you like leprechauns now?”

Julia pulled her eyes away from the rainbow up and back to him. He didn’t look annoyed anymore, just amused. His green eyes had their mischievous sparkle back.

“I think I owe you an apology” she answered, contrite. And then she gave him a sultry smile, “Can I make it up to you?”

He seemed to catch her mood and meaning and returned her smile with a grin. He wrapped a meaty arm around her waist and pulled her to him. She found herself standing within the rainbow. The colors warmed her skin and cast their light over both of them. He was standing, ironically she thought, in the green section of the rainbow. It gave his features an eerie cast. She suddenly recalled the scary stories about the fair folk, not the cereal cartoons. He seemed to feel her hesitation and loosened his grip on her.

She stepped up on her toes and kissed him. Her boldness seemed to surprise him as he paused a moment before kissing her back, and he could kiss. He was a fierce kisser, and she melted against him. She felt his hands grip her ass, squeezing softly at first. All her apprehension about him faded.

She moaned into the kiss. He broke away from her, his hands fumbling at the zipper of her pants. He slid her pants down, and she felt the cool air on her newly bared skin.


His thick fingers were in her panties, finding her already hot and wet. She moaned as he rubbed her clit, but he wasn’t going to play for long. He took his fingers away and slowly licked them clean.

“You are delicious,” he grinned at her.

“I’d love to get a taste of you,” she licked her lips.

He laughed, “Next time.” And he turned her away from him. Now, facing away from him, she blinked at what could only be a pot of gold.

“Oh you’ve got to be fucking joking,” she muttered.

“Bend over it, witch” he replied, giving her a playful smack on her ass. The black iron pot, or perhaps cauldron was the better description, was tall enough to work. She bent over, resting her chest on the gold.

With her boots on, there was no easy way to get her pants off, so he didn’t try. She felt him pull her jeans down to her knees, and she spread her legs as wide as she could. It was almost like being bound, and she found it turned her on even more.

She felt him behind her, forcing her legs wider. She felt the gold dig into her chest, hard and unyielding. “Come on and fuck me,” she moaned.

His laugh rumbled from his chest, “Impatient witch.” His words trailed off to a groan as he slid his cock into her.

Julia felt his thick cock filling her, and she pressed her ass back toward him. One of his hand pressed into the middle of her back, pushing her harder into the gold. She felt it dig into her ribs and tits.

“What do you know about leprechauns?” he growled at her.

She managed to gasp out a “that I like fucking one” between her moans and whimpers.

He barked a laugh, and fucked her hard, his balls swinging forward to slap her clit, and his free hand smacked her ass.

nature nymph 2

She squirmed and yelped, and felt her own wetness dripping down her thighs. She growled at him for more, for him to spank her again.

He granted her request, each thrust of his cock followed by another smack. Julia moaned and her fingers sought her clit. She rubbed the nub of flesh, her own orgasm getting closer.

“Come, witch,” he snarled at her. “I want you to come on my cock.”

His words pushed her over the edge. She shuddered, and felt her pussy clamp around his cock. Her orgasm flooded through her, tingling like the leprechaun’s magic. “Oh gods, yes” she mumbled over and over, still lightly rubbing her clit.

The leprechaun stopped spanking her and focused on his own pleasure. Each thrust pressed her into the gold, and threatened to push her off her feet. He came with a roar, his hands wrapped around her hips, pulling her tight against him.

He stepped back from her, and Julia felt his come and her own drip down her thighs. She slowly made her way back to her feet, and he helped her to stand.

Julia was lost in the memory, still standing in front of the pub. She heard a voice behind her ask, “And what do you know about leprechauns?”

She turned with a grin, and found the big man smiling at her.

Genius Loci

Backpacking through Eastern Europe had seemed like an adventure. But lost in the hills of Transylvania, tired, and alone Julia was thinking that this trip had been a bad idea.  She’d made a wrong turn somewhere, and the bus had never arrived. She started down the road until she’d spied what she thought was a building in the distance. Once she got closer, she could make out the old gothic hulk against the setting sun.


When the bells chimed, she realized she was making her way to a church. It was full dark when she reached the church, and she was tired, filthy, and whispering a prayer to every god she knew that whoever was at the church would let her stay the night.

The heavy wooden doors weren’t locked, and Julia poked her head in, concerned that she may be interrupting evening services. The hall was empty of people, and oddly, she thought, any obvious religious icons. The space above the altar had clearly been designed to hold some sort of image, but was now bare.

“Hello?” She called into the flickering candle light. A shadow filled the nave and Julia jumped.

“I’m sorry to startle you, child” a voice rose out of the darkness, followed by a young, and in Julia’s opinion, far too handsome priest. His robes made a soft swoosh over the stone floor as he moved toward her. “How may I help you?”

Julia forced herself to stop gaping at the man, “I seem to have gotten lost, and I need a place to stay tonight.”

He inclined his head toward her, “Come,” he nodded.

Julia followed by him, wondering just how blasphemous her thoughts could get.

“My church is very old,” he said, like he was giving a tour.  “It is built over the ruins of a Roman temple, when this land was still called Dacia.” Julia felt a tingle run up her spine, wondering if she had gotten lost accidently after all. “The baths are still here.” The priest continued as they descended a stone staircase and exited in a large stone chamber, dominated by a large steaming pool of water. He gestured at the pool, “Please wash and rest from your trek. I will return with linens and perhaps dinner,” He looked toward her, and she nodded.

Alone in the chamber, she quickly shed her clothing and gingerly lowered herself into the pool. The water was heavenly on her tired muscles.

She wasn’t surprised to catch glimpses of ghosts, not the disembodied soul types, but the memory of the place. She watched misty figures using the pool for millennia. Distracted by the figures, she didn’t immediately notice the priest return. He was still beautiful, but she squinted seeing a second figure hover over him. The second figure wore a crown of leaves and vines and a loin cloth of some animal pelt. She thought she saw horns peeking out of his shaggy hair.

bendis 3

She blinked in the steam, but the image remained. She stood up in the water, and noticed that the man of god did not look away from her naked flesh. In fact, his dark eyes actively traveled over her form. “Genius loci,” Julia said to him, knowing that she was naming him for what he truly was. “No priest, not even human at all, although you fake it well.”

The priest shrugged and set the towels he carried on a small table next to her clothes. “Witch,” he replied, naming her as well. “No common lost traveler at all. I could smell the magic on you when you entered the nave.”

Julia moved through the water nearer to him.  She had no quarrel with local spirits, and wasn’t seeking to start a quarrel with one.  When she’d been a young witch, she inadvertently offended a genius loci in Ireland, a leprechaun to be exact. While his punishment had been enjoyable, she wasn’t going to risk offending this unknown genius loci. “I told the truth. I was lost and seeking shelter.”  She thought he may be a faun, lucky enough that his grove and spring became the location for this church, letting him stay and protect it.

His eyes once again traveled over body, noting her tattoos – the ones of the moon’s phases that stretched from between her breasts to her pubis seemed the most interesting to him. “You serve the Bendis, the Goddess of Moon and of Forest and of Magic?”

Julia had never heard of Bendis, and cursed herself for not studying the gods of ancient Transylvania before coming here. “I am sworn to the Goddess of the Crossroads, but for me she bears another name.” Julia climbed out of the pool, the water sluicing off her naked flesh. “She is a goddess of the moon and of magic, like your lady.”

The priest smiled, and Julia saw his sharp teeth. He was no faun, like she had first thought. This Bendis was older than the Romans, and perhaps more feral. “Will you worship with me, this night?” he asked.

Julia found herself nodding, and the water dripping from her wet hair echoed in the chamber. She stepped toward the priest, and took the towel he offered.  She wasn’t cold.  The chamber was warm with steam from the pool. As she dried off, the priest removed his cassock, revealing his true form. He was something akin to a faun, with cloven feet and goat-like legs, but his horns were far closer to those of a stag.

“Come” he said and led her away from the pool, into a dark passage. Julia walked behind him the dark, following the tap of his hooves.

She gaped as the passage opened into a stone walled piece of a forest. She knew the place wasn’t a garden; its wildness filled her blood.  She wasn’t sure if the walls were manmade or natural.  Looking at her guide, she couldn’t imagine anyone witch or human building walls to imprison him. He was too wild, to feral, and fierce. But as the clouds shifted she saw the grooves in the walls, and knew that someone had walled in his grove, and by doing so had imprisoned him as well. “Oh, I am so sorry,” she whispered, but her voice still echoed around the stone walls.

He turned his dark, wild eyes on her. “You see; you understand.”

Julia nodded, and wondered how many others had not seen and had not understood.

He began the rite, striding with confidence to the altar. He spoke in some ancient tongue, Dacian or perhaps Thracian. Julia listened, and recognized the cadence of an invocation. As he spoke, Julia felt the power in his words, the magic of them. The very earth under her feet seemed to warm, to breathe. She watched and listened as he poured some libation into a bowl.  He splashed it over the altar, and Julia caught the scent of herbs. He poured again; turning toward her, he raised the bowl and drank deeply.

bendis 4

For the first time, Julia saw him clearly. He was no faun; no, he was the king stag of the forest, the horned god of these small woods. He was, she realized, magnificent. She dropped to her knees in front of him as he lowered the bowl.

He smiled, once again revealing sharp teeth and offered her the bowl.  She drank, tasting the herbs, some she knew and others she could not name. The herbs had been steeped in some local liquor, and it burned down her throat. She whispered her own prayer to the goddess, before handing the bowl back.

She reached for him them, guiding him toward her. She flicked her eyes up at him, seeking his consent for this. He smiled and wrapped his hand around his cock, already hard and pointing toward her. He stroked his length while she watched. Julia shifted forward, opening her mouth, and ran her tongue of his cock.

She licked and inhaled his musky scent, before wrapping her lips around his cock. The priest groaned, and once again spoke in his ancient tongue.  Julia felt the magic in the words, but still didn’t understand them. With one hand, she reached out and cupped his heavy sac in her hand. Julia felt their warmth in her hand, and kneaded softly at first, increasing the pressure as he began to thrust his cock into her mouth.

Julia sucked and licked at his cock, listening to his unceasing litany to the goddess.  Finally, he grasped her shoulders, pushing her gently back from him. He offered her his hand, and she rose on shaky legs. The liquor had finally hit her, and the stars seemed to swim overhead, and she could not see the moon.

Her hand clasped in his, he led her to the altar, and laid her upon it.  She watched the stars wheel overhead, and opened her thighs to his mouth. His tongue explored her, slipping through her wetness, while his hands caressed her thighs. She began her own invocation, punctuated by her gasps and moans of delight. This was not simply raising energy or even for sexual release – he worshiped her sex as if it belonged to the goddess herself.

Julia edged closer to orgasm, her body tensing, the energy coiling within her belly, but before she reached her climax, the priest stopped. She looked down at him, his mouth glistening with her wetness, as he positioned his cock between her thighs and waited.

She nodded at him, tilting her hips to allow him greater access to her. His cock plunged into her cunt and they both cried out. He was as feral as she thought, thrusting fast and hard into her, and she wrapped her legs around his back and cried out for more. Her nails carved furrows into his back, as she met his thrusts.

witch pan.jpg

Neither of them could keep up their prayers or invocations, they panted and moaned and cried out in broken voices. Julia felt the swell of her orgasm, and let it wash over her as she released a shrill cry of pleasure.

He smiled down at her, his dark eyes showing enjoyment that she had found her release. He shifted plunging deeper inside her. “Again?” he growled at her, his lips finding her neck and biting hard enough to bruise, but not so hard as to break the skin.

“Yes,” Julia panted and felt his hand on her clit, “Oh god, yes” she gasped out.  His delighted chuckle at her words, rumbled through his chest. His fingers teased her clit, as he continued to slide his cock into her. He moved his head lower, capturing a nipple in his teeth, biting and sucking hard at her flesh.

Once again, Julia felt herself near orgasm, and this time her cries echoed off the stone walls. The priest also found his release, pressing deeply inside her, and finally stilling his frantic thrusts. His cries, she noticed didn’t echo the way hers had, but she was too lost in her own orgasm to think much of it.

He shifted to lie next to her on the altar, his arms draped loosely around her, as she rested her head on his chest. A beam of moonlight burst from the cloud cover, and crossed their tangled limbs. Julia watched the silver glow travel over their bodies, and down the altar to the floor of the woods. It traced a path toward the stone walls.

She blinked, her vision still swimming from the liquor and the orgasm.  She sat up, and the priest frowned at her, concerned. His eyes followed hers, and they saw together that the eastern most walls had cracked and crumbled. Not open, at least not yet.

She looked at the priest, his dark eyes wide with comprehension. “Again?” she whispered in the woods, and he laughed with the joy of one soon to be freed.

I have more plans for Julia in the future

“Hellishly Hot Afternoon,” “Sex Magick,” “Julia’s Troll,” and “Genius Loci” were originally posted to Masturbation Monday

“Rainy Day Lover” and “By Candlelight” were originally submitted to Kink of the Week

“Postcards” (which also appears in my Victoria collection) & “Memory Lane” originally posted to Wicked Wednesday



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