Natalie’s Date


Natalie self-consciously smoothed her dress down, tugging at the hem. The dress, with its flared skirt, sat comfortably just above her knees, hardly immodestly short. Nevertheless, she felt immodest. She couldn’t believe that she’d agreed to this, but she admitted to herself that the daring of it had her already turned on.

The bar was loud and crowded for a weeknight. Des was already there. She wove her way through the crowded bar, dodging patrons and servers alike, to the booth where he waited. She slid into the booth next to him, carefully tugging her dress down. He noticed; she just knew that he noticed.

“Good evening, baby girl.” He said looking her over.

“Good evening, Sir” Natalie said keeping her eyes downcast. She hadn’t expected them to start playing at the bar, but she liked the idea.

pulled up skirt

The waitress came by the table and Des ordered her a drink. As the waitress walked away, he ran his hand up her leg. “Did you follow my dress code?”

“Yes, Sir,” Natalie said feeling herself blush.

“Show me,” he ordered.

She reached into her purse and handed him her panties. He took them, and slipped his fingers under the hem of her dress. “Pull your dress up more,” he saw her shock. “Not all the way, you may maintain your modesty for now.”

She swallowed and hitched the hem of her dress up higher, feeling the cool air on her thighs and on her naked pussy. The skirt was crumpled on top of her thighs.

His fingers brushed against her labia as the waitress returned with their drinks. Natalie froze afraid the woman would recognize what they were doing. But it was a busy night, and she seemed far more interested in getting drinks out to the crowd watching some sporting event.

Des thanked the waitress as he slipped one finger in between her lips. Natalie bit her lip and looked at the TV, rather than the waitress.

underdressed 4

“I didn’t realize that you were such a basketball fan, kitten.” He whispered in her ear, his fingers brushing her clit.

She bit her lip and shook her head. “I’m not, Sir,” she answered her voice shaking. This was becoming far more intense than she’d expected. She’d agreed to the semipublic play, anticipating some bashfulness, but she hadn’t counted on the overwhelming desire she felt.

He slid his finger deeper inside her, “You are very wet baby girl,” he commented.

Natalie turned to look at him, “Yes, Sir.”

“Do you see Will sitting at the bar?” he asked?

Natalie, startled by the change in topic, looked quickly over at the bar. Will was Des’s best friend. She’d met the other man a few times but didn’t really know him. She wondered if Will was here on purpose, as part of Des’s plans or if it was a coincidence. As Will seemed to be looking at his phone, while a beer sat untouched on the bar, she decided it must be coincidence.

Des tapped at his phone. Will looked around the bar, and smiled at Natalie. “I want you to keep watching Will, baby girl.”

She looked at Des, wondering what game he was playing. “O.k., Sir” she said, and he must have heard the hesitation in my voice because he raised an eyebrow at me. “Yes, Sir,” Natalie corrected, shifting a little on the bar seat. She was already wet, and wondered if she was going soak through her dress and leave a spot on the plush seat. She looked back over at Will. He made eye contact with her, and picked up his beer.

Des began slowly stroking Natalie’s clit, and she instinctively started to clamp her legs together.

underdressed 2

“Bad girl,” Des whispered in her ear. “Open your legs.”

Natalie realized that Des wanted Will to watch this happen. The question was did she want him to watch this? She knew almost instantly that she did want him to watch. The strength of her desire for this almost stranger to watch her was intoxicating. Natalie separated her knees, breathing heavily. She wondered if anyone else in the bar was aware of their game. It didn’t seem like it, as all the patrons were engrossed in yelling at the basketball game. She thought their game was far more interesting.

“Wider, baby girl” Des ordered, not whispering.

Natalie blushed. The table cloth should cover what they were doing, but the idea of opening her legs wider in such a public place was daunting. She shifted her legs slightly farther apart.

“Good girl,” he said, his fingers resumed their movements.

Natalie kept her eyes on Will. She fought her desire to rock her hips in time to the caressing of Des’s fingers. She felt her nipples harden under her dress, knowing that the thin fabric would show every detail. Will gave her a sly smile.

“You’re getting wetter, baby girl” Des whispered in her ear. “I think you like having Will watch you.” He slid a finger inside her. “Do you like it?”

Natalie couldn’t stop the low moan that escaped from her. She shifted on the seat, shifting her hips to allow him greater access. She opened her legs wider. She was certain that everyone in the bar could hear the wet sounds of his fingers, even over the loud game. “I don’t know, Sir.”

“My baby girl is always honest.” He smiled at her. “Get out your phone,” he ordered. She scrambled to find the device in her purse, while his fingers continued their slow fucking of her. “Call Will,” Des ordered.

Natalie fumbled with the phone, finally tapping the correct places to make the call. She watched Will from across the bar. He held the phone to his ear, but said nothing.

“Will is going to listen to you cum.”

Natalie thought she might cum on the spot. The idea was strange, embarrassing, but she couldn’t deny how much it turned her on to think of the man at the bar watching and hearing her. “Yes, Sir” she said into the phone.

Will nodded at them from across the bar.

underdressed 3

Des began finger-fucking her in earnest. His fingers plunged in and out of her pussy, while she panted and moaned softly into the phone. She could hear the wet sloshing of his fingers and was disappointed that Will couldn’t hear it too. “I’m so wet right now,” she said into the phone. “I can hear Sir’s fingers sliding into me.”

Will looked surprised to hear her speaking.

Des kissed her cheek, “Good girl!”

Natalie beamed with the words. He knew how hot it got her to be called a good girl. Natalie continued to moan softly, with the occasional “oh god” ripped from her lips. She could feel her orgasm rising. The tingling rising from her pussy to her belly was impossible to ignore.

Through the phone she heard Will’s voice. “Touch yourself,” he ordered.

Natalie’s hand complied before she’d even processed the order. She found her clit, and began rubbing it, trying to look as if she wasn’t masturbating at a public table. She opened her legs wider, feeling the bar’s air conditioner drift over her sopping wet pussy.

underdressed 5

Des pulled his fingers out, and she whimpered. She loved a good finger fucking, and was disappointed that he wouldn’t feel her cum. He rested his wet fingers on her bare thigh. She could feel his gaze on her, but she kept her eyes locked on Will. With the phone clenched in one hand, her other hand rubbed and stroked her clit.

She moved her fingers faster, her moans a little louder and desperate. She felt the orgasm rip through her and hissed “Oh yes.” She felt pussy clench and spasm as the orgasm rocked her, and she fought to keep her eyes open and on Will.

“Good girl” he said through the phone, ended the call, and turned away from her.

Natalie looked to Des for direction. “Good girl,” Des purred in her ear. “Would you like to invite Will to come home with us?” He asked.

Natalie looked into Des’s eyes, wondering just what sort of depravity he had planned. The bar was only a couple blocks from Des’s apartment, and she knew that they would be walking back. Walking the downtown streets in a short, flared skirt with no panties and two dominant men was a dream come true.

“Oh, yes Sir, I’d like that very much.”

Can’t Keep My Eyes off Of You

Natalie left the bar with Des on her left and Will on her right.

Will and Des guided her toward the alley that ran between the bar and the restaurant next door.

“Face the wall,” Will ordered.

Natalie glanced at Des, seeking his approval. “Obey Will the same way you’d obey me,” Des said.

chair nude

“Yes Sir,” Natalie said, quietly. She turned and faced the brick wall, and she wasn’t surprised to feel Will flip up her skirt. Des leaned against the wall next to her.

Natalie realized that he was going to watch her with Will. It was something they had talked about doing, but actually being presented with the opportunity was something else. She felt the night air on her bare skin. She felt Will’s hand caresses her ass.

“Look at me, Kitten” Des ordered. Natalie turned her head from the wall, and met Des met her eyes. “This time, you keep eye contact with me.” He ordered.

Natalie locked eyes with Des, feeling his blue eyes locked on to her as Will slid his fingers between her thighs. She bit her lip, and let her eyes drop as Will pressed a finger inside her.

“Kitten, look at me,” Des ordered.

Natalie flicked her eyes back up. She felt overwhelmed. Will’s slow finger fucking in the alley was already intense, but eye contact with Des, staring into his blue eyes while another man touched her, was indescribable. She wanted to close her eyes, to lose herself in what she was feeling.

“Do you like Will touching you?” Des asked, and she could see pleasure in his eyes.

Natalie nodded, “Yes, Sir.” She whispered and tried to stifle a moan as Will inserted another finger. She watched Des’s eyes dilate. Her eyes locked on to his as Will sped up his movements, drawing her closer to orgasm. Natalie realized that she desperately wanted to cum for Will, while Des watched.


Will’s voice distracted her, “Natalie, you aren’t allowed to cum.”

Natalie felt her mouth twist into a pout. “Yes Sir,” she panted.

“Oh Kitten,” Des said, “I’ve never seen that flash of defiance in your eyes before.” He reached out and brushed his fingers over her cheek, running his thumb over her pouting lips. “I am going to like this game.” He said with a laugh.

Natalie moaned chewed her lip. She was struggling against her orgasm. Des’s touch almost pushed her over the edge. Will didn’t know her body the way Des did. He kept the same slow rhythm, and she knew he must be feeling her pussy clenching at his fingers, but he just kept pressing his fingers inside her. He crooked his fingers, pressing against her interior walls, seeking her g-spot. She gasped.

Des’s gaze filled with wonder, “That’s another new expression.” He closed his eyes and kissed her deeply, and Natalie couldn’t hold back. She moaned into his kiss, feeling her orgasm wash over her. Her knees shook, and she could feel her wetness drip down her thighs.

Des broke the kiss, “Someone is going to get punished when we get home.”

Natalie pulled her skirt down, “Of course, Sir” she said, trying to look contrite.

They left the alley, a man on either side of her their arms linked together.


Natalie felt the breeze occasionally reach under her skirt, and it reminded her just how bare and wet she still was.


Will and Des had each twined their arms through her, sandwiching her between them. It made her feel both comforted and bound. It also meant that she couldn’t worry at the hem of her skirt. When the breeze caught it, and it flared around her thighs, she wondered if her naked ass was on display.

“Are you enjoying your night, Kitten?” Des asked.

“Oh yes, Sir” Natalie said softly. She and Des had long discussed her fantasy of having two men at once, and he was making that happen for her.

They reached Des’s place quickly enough, and Natalie wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed that her two lovers hadn’t furthered their public play.

Once inside Des poured them all a drink. “Kitten, take off your dress,” Des said.

This was a particular power exchange she loved, her nude and vulnerable while Des was fully clothed. The addition of Will increased her arousal. She peeled the dress off slowly, teasing a bit. She saw Des’s look of approval and felt herself tingle with pride.

She stood naked in front of the two men, and felt her nipples stiffen under their gazes. Natalie felt her pussy warm, and she wondered how long they would keep her standing.

“Come here,” Will ordered, with a wave of his hand. Will sat on the couch, while she stood in front of him. He patted the couch next to him, “Sit.”


Natalie complied, sitting next to him. She could feel Des’s gaze on her. She knew that he was going to watch her with Will, but she wondered if he was going to join them.

“Des wants to watch us together, Natalie” Will said, making eye contact with her. “Would you like him watching while I fuck you?”

Natalie was surprised by his eye contact. Even after the alley, it was a level of intimacy that made her shiver. “Yes, Sir” She paused, “I love it when he watches me.”

Will reached out and ran a finger over her collar bone, lightly touching her. His touch was slow, measured and Natalie thought perhaps slow to allow her time to process and use her safe word if needed. She found herself leaning into his touch; his rich chocolate eyes were still locked onto hers. His finger moved down, sliding between her breasts, trailing down her belly.

His other hand closed around her breast, kneading her flesh. Natalie felt a small sigh escape her lips. The anticipation was both thrilling and challenging for her. She wondered if Des chose Will because of his slow pace. Des was always finding ways to exploit her impatience.

He leaned forward and kissed her. That she hadn’t expected. His lips were soft against hers, tentative and exploring. She heard his soft moan, and wrapped her arms around his neck. They continued kissing, their pace speeding up. Will buried one hand in her hair, and the other wrapped around her waist.

He shifted, breaking the kiss and directed her to straddle his lap, but told her to stay on her knees. She felt the smooth abrasion of his pants against her naked thighs, and was reminded of their differing positions. He was still completely dressed. She was naked. She could feel his heat through his pants, but her raised position, meant she couldn’t tell if he was hard. He leaned his head forward and captured her nipple between his teeth. He bit lightly, pulling back and stretching her breast. Natalie moaned and grasped his shoulders.

home 4

She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and saw Des moving, standing behind Will, but in her line of sight. Once again his blue eyes caught hers, and she felt herself blushing. Will began sucking on her nipple, either oblivious to Des watching, or more likely, they had planned this and he didn’t care. Natalie writhed in his lap, as he toyed with nipples. He tugged and bit and sucked, all at his own pace and seemingly for his own pleasure. When she lowered her, seeking some release, he slapped her ass.

“Bad girl,” He laughed. She jerked her gaze back down to meet his. He slipped his hand between her thighs, “Is your pussy feeling neglected?” He asked.

She nodded slowly, as his fingers caressed the inside of her thighs. She’d already cum once without permission would he punish her for it, she wondered hopeful.

“You are so hot, Natalie” he purred at her, “I can feel your heat without even touching you.” His fingers crept higher, just brushing her lips. “And you are so wet.”

Natalie found herself nodding.

“Did you like cumming for me in the bar?” he asked.

Natalie bit her lip as his finger inched in between her lips. “Yes, Sir I loved you watching me.” Her voice was breathy. “I’d like to cum again for you.”

Will laughed, “I’ll bet you would.” But he took his hand away, and slowly unzipped his pants. He freed his cock. “Keep your hands on my shoulders,” Will ordered. “No moving.”

Natalie followed his orders, her eyes once more finding Des’s gaze. She could see that Des was breathing heavily, and his erection was straining at his pants. She heard Will tear open a condom, then felt the head of his cock slide between her thighs. He used it to rub her clit.

Natalie groaned. The light pressure of his cock was a tease, perhaps a promise, but it wasn’t enough. “Please, Will fuck me” she heard herself gasp out as she looked Des in the eye.


Will positioned his cock at her entrance. “Oh no, Natalie,” he said shifting his hips so his cock slid in further. “You are going to fuck me.” She looked down at him, and he nodded at her. “Go ahead, fuck me.”

This was a new game for Natalie. Not that she’d never ridden a man, but his insistence that she take over – that she be the one doing the fucking was new and surprisingly hot. And of course it changed the dynamic of Des watching. He wasn’t watching someone fuck her; he was watching her fuck someone else. This was a tangle she hadn’t expected. She glanced up at Des, “Oh Sir, you are devious.”

She saw his smile, as she lowered herself onto Will’s cock. They both moaned, and she quickly set a rapid pace, riding his cock hard and fast. She kept her hands curled on his shoulders, and felt Will’s hands wrap around her hips, but he didn’t try to shift her pace. Her gaze flickered between Des and Will.

Des watched her intently, his cock in his hand slowly stroking himself. Will’s gaze was no less intent, but also more calculating as if he was trying to read her pleasure. Natalie did nothing to hide her pleasure. She moaned and cried out, begging for more, even though no one was preventing her from taking it. Will also gave into to his own moans.

And those moans pushed Natalie to the edge. She loved hearing a man moan for her, because of her. She felt her own orgasm break over her; her pussy clenching his cock. Des was still stroking his cock, and from his rhythm she knew he was about to cum. She started to slow her movements as she came, and Will’s grip on her hips tightened. “Keep going,” He ordered, his voice strained. She continued to ride him, feeling her orgasm ripple through with each movement.

Will gave a cry as he came, and loosened his grip on her hips. She bit her lip as Des came, once again making eye contact with her.

Will wrapped his arms around her hips, letting her rest against him. He whispered in her ear, “The night is just getting started.”

Bad Kitten

Des joined Natalie on the couch, setting her between him and Will. She rested her head against Des and he stroked her hair.

She realized that she was still the only one who was naked. Both men, now that Will had re-zipped his pants, were fully dressed. She felt Will take her hand, and gave a little sigh of contentment. This was exactly where she wanted to be.


Des’s hand slipped lower, moving from her hair to stroke her shoulder and collarbone. His fingertips just brushed over skin, making her skin tingle. His fingers dipped lower, continuing the same featherlike exploration of her breasts and areola, but never touching her nipples. She felt Will remove his hand from hers, starting his own exploration. His touch was stronger, less teasing. His thick fingers trailed down her flank, once again curling around her hip.

Sitting between them, Natalie couldn’t do much of her own touching. She suspected that was what Des wanted – he wanted her to focus on their hands touching her. So she did. Of course the difference in their ways of touching her was distracting and wickedly arousing. She closed her eyes, letting her attention float between both men. Will’s massaged her hip, before dipping lower over her belly, and finally cupping her mons.

Des leaned down, kissing her softly. She gasped into the kiss when Will slipped a finger inside her. Des didn’t break the kiss rather he held her head in place, twisting his fingers into her hair. His palm rested at the base of her skull. Will slipped a second finger inside her, his thumb brushing her clit. Once again, Natalie moaned into Des’s mouth.

Des shifted, breaking the kiss, guided her to turn and face Will. Will eagerly kissed her, his hand replacing Des’s. His fingers continued their tortuously slow movement. Natalie wriggled on the couch, sliding her pelvis forward, wanting to compel Will to move his fingers faster. She spread her legs wider, her bottom at the edge of the couch. While the action left her feeling more wanton, it did nothing to make Will change his pace.


He whispered in her ear, “My pace, princess” he licked her earlobe.

Natalie felt her pussy clench at being called princess. It was a new name, and she found she liked it. Will continued his impossibly slow finger fucking of her, and she chewed her lip gasping as Des bent to take one of her nipples in his mouth. She felt the rasp of his beard against her skin, and let out a low sound. Des, like Will, seemed content to take his pleasure pushing her closer to the edge of orgasm, but not letting her reach it. Des’s rough play at her nipples contrasted with Will’s touch, leaving Natalie gasping, and finally breaking through her reserves, and she once again begged.

Will removed his fingers, and she whimpered. Des moved back, leaving her naked, legs splayed open, her wet thighs glistening.

Will caught Des’s eye, and the two men leaned over her, sharing a kiss. Natalie felt her breath catch. She loved watching Des kiss men.

Natalie sat between them, watching the two men kiss, their hands grasping at one another. Natalie let her hand drift between her legs, only to have Des smack it away. He broke the kiss with Will. “Bad kitten,” he said.

Natalie pouted and Des laughed. “Put your hands behind your back, kitten.”

Natalie quickly moved her hands, clenching them behind her back. She suspected that Des had planned all of this just to test her patience, a trait she knew she lacked.

“She’s a naughty girl,” Will said not even looking at her. Instead he touched Des’s cheek, “how will you punish her?”

Natalie’s Punishment

Des kissed Will again, and Natalie wriggled between them. She hadn’t known she could be more turned on, but watching them she was. All the teasing, the two of them touching her has Natalie ready to explode.

She could guarantee there was a wet spot on Des’s couch.  Now he was going to punish her.  Des rose from the couch, “What did you do wrong, kitten?” he asked.

nude flapper 4

Natalie lowered her eyes, “I touched myself without permission.” She felt her face burn with shame, shame for disobeying and shame at admitting in front of Will that she wasn’t allowed to touch her own body.

“Come over here, and bend over the arm of the couch,” Des commanded.  Natalie hurried to comply.  She noticed that Will had also left the couch.  She lay over the padded couch arm, letting her head rest on the sofa cushions.  Her ass was raised, and she kept her legs slightly spread the way Des liked.  “You are going to get a spanking for misbehaving,” Des said, slowly stroking her bottom, “and I am going to watch.”

Natalie blinked hearing that.  So he was going to let Will spank her?  She raised her head and watched Des seat himself on the couch next to her head.  She watched him unzip his pants and pull his cock out.  She cried out as Will’s first swat landed on her ass.  She felt her eyes tear up, and Des wrapped his hand around his cock.

She felt each stinging slap on her ass, and listened to Will’s count “five,” slap, “six,” smack.  She found herself fighting to stay still.  Will spanking her was different, as he was different.  Des always petted and soothed her between smacks; Will just kept going, laying a relentless tide of blows to her backside.  “Her ass is getting so pink” Will said to Des, and Natalie blushed through her tears.

Des kept stroking his cock, slowly brushing her tears away. “Is she wet?” Des asked.

Natalie’s face flamed and she tried to duck her head, but Des pulled her head up.  Natalie felt Will’s thick fingers roughly between her thighs.  She knew that she was wet; she could feel her arousal dripping down her thighs.  She wasn’t sure how she felt about Will and Des discussing it.

“She’s soaked,” Will said, and she could hear his smile.  Another blow landed on her ass, and she yelped.  “Is this a punishment, if she is turned on by it?”

Des met her eyes, “Maybe she needs more.”

seated shawl

Natalie felt a flurry of swats to her ass and upper thighs, before Will stopped.  Over her own cries, she could hear him panting.

She felt another series of smacks and found herself wriggling away from him.  She wasn’t sure if she could take more. Her eyes sought Des, and he stroked her hair.  “Be a good girl,” he chastised her softly. “All your wiggling makes Will have to work harder.”

Natalie nodded mutely, her eyes still leaking tears.  She held herself still, feeling the rush of wind a second before Will landed his next blow.  She whimpered and cried freely, but still felt her pussy aching for attention.  Finally, Will stopped.  She could feel the heat radiating from her skin.  “Good girl,” Des whispered to her, petting her hair.

Natalie smiled at him through her tears.

“I think she’s been spanked enough,” Des said and stood up.  “Come to the bedroom, kitten.”  Natalie moved slowly, and felt herself leaning Will’s arms as he helped her to stand.  With half-closed eyes, she snuggled into him.  He gave a soft chuckle and led her to the bedroom.  Des was already lying stretched out.  Natalie crawled over to him, and curled against him, with her head resting on his chest.  “You’ve been such a good girl about your punishment.” He murmured to her, unbutton his pants.  Natalie felt her pulse quicken as his cock sprang free.  She licked her lips, but frowned when Des, tightened his arm around her.

“Not for you.” He said.

Natalie watched wide-eyed as Will stripped out of his clothes, slowly and deliberately teasing Des with his movements.  She stayed wrapped in Des’s arm, as Will joined them on the bed.  His mouth found Des’s cock, and Natalie heard Des’s moan rumble through his chest as Will swallowed his cock.

seated reclined

“Watch, kitten” Des ordered in a strained voice.  And Natalie watched Will’s head bob over Des’s cock.  She clamped her legs tighter, wanting desperately to touch herself.  Another spanking would be worth it, but she clenched her fingers in the blankets.  Des moaned and bit his lip, enjoying Will’s attention.

Will raised his head from Des’s cock, and winked at Natalie.  “Do you want to touch yourself, while you watch?”

Natalie nodded frantically, “Yes, please, yes Sir.”

She felt Des’s nod, “Make yourself come, kitten.”

Natalie buried her fingers in her pussy, as Will bent his head over Des’s cock.  Her eyes locked on Will’s mouth, his lips wrapped around Des’s cock.  She wanted to draw out her orgasm, but she was too ready, too overly-stimulated.  She came with a cry, never taking her eyes off of Will.

Natalie’s Night Out (Part 1)

Natalie was looking forward to this night out. Des had promised her something special. She dressed according to his specifications, the wine colored stockings and garter belt, no panties of course. She slipped into the latex halter dress, find that it clung to her like a second skin. It highlighted all of her curves from her breasts and hips to the rounded outline of her thick thighs and belly. She tied the halter behind her neck, and felt herself already growing wet just thinking about what he had planned.

behind curtains

They had discussed so many possibilities, and she had allowed him to plan everything. When he parked the car, she was confused. It looked like an industrial park.

“Are we here?” She asked unsure.

Des smiled at her, “You’ll see once we get inside.” He gave her a quick kiss and led her across a parking lot to what looked like a warehouse’s backdoor. The door had a large letter, ornate DS on it. Des knocked sharply, and the door opened.

Inside she was handed a form to read and sign, a quick glace told her this was a sex club. The kind of place she’d fantasized about, but never worked up the nerve to attend. She met Des’s eyes in the darkened foyer.

“You can say no” he said to her, his eyes serious.

She grinned at him. “Like hell,” she signed the form with a flourish and handed it back to the doorman. She liked his hungry gaze on her.

Des led her into the club proper. The first room was full of couches and chairs, all full of beautiful people in various states of dress and undress milling around. She tried not to stare at the gorgeous red head with her feet resting on the back of a naked man. She wondered briefly how she would feel to be in his place, to be naked and used as furniture in front of so many people. But she didn’t have time to wonder long, as Des led her further into the club.

The next room was what she expected, dim lighting full of delightful leather clad sofas and even a mattress. Des let her slowly take in the room. She saw a woman seated on a chair, her legs spread wide while a man on a leash was hungrily devouring her pussy. Natalie felt herself grow wet at the thought. Another woman was bent over the arm of a sofa, a small line of men stood behind her, each clearly waiting his turn to fuck her. The woman egged them on, demanding they fuck her harder and faster. She watched a man on his knees, hands bound sucking a cock, with his own bound up in a cage.

She felt Des behind her, “May I remove your dress?” he whispered in her ear.

She paused, “What’s going to happen to me?”

“I’m going to lay you out on that mattress, and you’re going to get fucked.”

She noticed that he didn’t say who would fuck her. This was her fantasy after all, the dark secret fantasy of a gang bang. The reality of it left her shaking. “Can,” she licked her lips, “can we start slowly? Just removing my top?”

Des nodded, wrapping his arms around her. “You are in control here. If you don’t want this, we can go.”

orgy 3

“No, I want this,” she whispered, reaching up and releasing the tie of the dress. She peeled the latex from her boobs, feeling the cool air of the club on them. He took her hand and led her through the club, her breasts bounced with each step. Most of the occupants were busy, involved in their own play and paid little attention to her half-dressed state. The bed bore a reserved sign with Des’s name on it.

“Sit” he ordered. And she sat on the leather. A few patrons drifted in their direction. There was a chalk board next to the bed. He began to write.

Sexy Slut for Gang Bang. Available from 10-11. No holes barred. Condoms required. Safe word “Red.”

Natalie stared at the sign wide-eyed. She knew that she was wet, and she couldn’t blame her pebbled nipples on the air conditioner. It was everything she’d confessed to wanting, even down to the sign and time limit. She shifted on the seat, feeling the latex skirt right around her hips and thighs, growing slick with her juices.

Des sat beside her, “It’s only 9:30, kitten.” He kissed her softly, “You can back out anytime.”

Natalie kissed him back, whispering in his ear, “Are you going to watch?”

He gave her a sexy grin, “Of course. I can’t wait to see my kitten get fucked for an hour.” He continued, whispering in her ear all the filthy things she talked about wanting from a gang bang. She spread her legs wider to allow his hand access to her pussy, and realized that they had an audience. Just like the others playing in the large room, those unoccupied gathered in small discrete groups or couples to watch the action.

She wondered if they could see up her skirt, and found herself blushing. It seemed ridiculous to blush about that when she’d be naked and having sex in front of strangers soon enough. She moaned when his fingers went to work on her, rubbing her clit slowly, teasing.

The clock kept distracting her. In fifteen minutes, she’d be naked – or would he let her keep the dress on? She wondered if only men would fuck her or if women would as well. All of this kept her distracted, even from his fingers on her pussy. And Des noticed.

“What’s the matter, kitten?” He asked, concerned rather than dominant.

She bit her lip, “I can’t stop thinking about what will happen.”

Des laughed, “Little slut wants her gang bang now?”

Natalie found herself nodding her head.

“Stand up,” He ordered.

She stood quickly, leaving her skirt hiked up.

“Take off your dress.”

She shimmed out of the latex, and knelt down to snatch it off the floor. She hung it next to the bed. She was standing in the club, wearing her stockings and garters and nothing else. She shivered.

orgy 2

Des wrapped an arm around her. “I’m here, and I’ll be here the whole time. If you want to stop just say your safe word, or use your hand sign.” He kissed her hard, his fingers slipping inside her pussy, pumping in and out. She squirmed wondering if everyone could hear how wet she was. “Lie down, and spread your legs.”

Natalie lay back on the mattress, and slowly opened her legs. Her pussy was on display for everyone in the club.

“Club D__ S__, this is my slut. I’ve brought her here to be used. The rules are posted.” He produced a sharpie from his pocket and laid it next to the chalkboard. “All I ask is that you sign your name on her, so she knows exactly how many people had her tonight.”

Natalie felt the flush travel from her face to her chest. He’d added the names part, and she almost closed her legs in that instant. But the idea also intrigued her. She’d know. There’d be no way to deny how many strangers she was going to fuck tonight if the marker was all over her. She’d have to go home with it and Will and her husband would all know too. She shivered again.

“It’s ten o’clock,” Des called, “she’s open for fucking.”

Natalie’s Night Out Part Two

She knew he was making his language crude on purpose.  He knew that it drove her passion and shame when he spoke that way.

She watched as a few people stepped forward.  Hands immediately closed on her tits, rubbing and kneading them. The couple teasing her tits blocked her view of the first person to touch her pussy.  She almost came on the spot.  The fingers probed into her slick, wet pussy pumping and ignoring her clit entirely.  She tilted her hips, trying to get some pressure on her clit and a few in the crowd laughed.  She heard “slut” drifting through the crowd. 

Finally, one of the men teasing her tit leaned forward and took her nipple in his mouth.  She moaned and her hips bucked out of reflex. And then the hand drew away and for a second, Natalie knew that her dripping pussy was once again on display.  Then she felt a cock press against her opening, and for her, the gang bang began.

The man fucking her pressed into her and she heard the watching crowd cheer.  She wondered if she would ever stop blushing, but didn’t hold back her moans and cries.  The man sucking her nipple changed to biting and she groaned.  She felt someone take her hand and she wrapped her fingers around a cock.  She did her best to stroke it but suspected that she was too distracted to do much good.

The man fucking her asked the spectators to hold her legs open, and she felt hands wrap around her ankles, and her legs where pulled wide.  It was such a helpless position to her, as she couldn’t get the kind of leverage she wanted.  It left her passive, a hole to fuck rather than a participant.  She heard her own voice calling out to the man, “That’s it, baby, fuck me hard.”  She was fairly certain she had glimpsed the man’s face, a blond with shaggy hair and a muscled build.  She heard him groan as he came and he pulled out, yet her legs were still held open. 

She watched the blond grab the marker and scrawl his name on her belly.  The cold marker sent a shiver through her in a way even the sex hadn’t. It made it more real knowing that tomorrow she’d be looking at these names.

She felt another cock press against her pussy, slowly filling her.  Once again the people, now two women, playing with her boobs blocked her view.  She wriggled a little, wanting to thrust back, but those holding her legs prevented this.  She moaned as the women began tugging and twisting her nipples.  The man fucking her, and he was fucking her, kept his once pace concerned only with his own pleasure.  She felt herself grow hotter, wetter at this thought.

When he finished, the hands released her legs.  She didn’t close them as the man scribbled his name on her belly. Another man stood before her, she noticed that everyone else gave him room.  Even the women teasing her nipples stopped at his approach.  “Turn over,” he ordered.

She moved slowly, her legs already sore from being held open. She got on her hands and knees, assuming this was what he wanted.  She felt his hands caress her ass, kneading her flesh before she felt the lubrication drizzled between her ass cheeks.  She knew that he was going to fuck her ass while this crowd watched. She bit her lip, wondering if she could do this. Once he finished, she wondered how many others would follow his lead.  She shivered as he inserted his lubed fingers into her ass, slowly stretching her, readying her.

Des entered her field of vision.  He stood next to her, petting her hair.  “Kitten, are you ok?”

She took a long breath, feeling the man behind her stop touching her.  She leaned into his touch, and replied, “Yes, Sir. I’m ok.”

He smiled and sat down in front of her.  He gave a nod to the crowd behind her.  He leaned forward and kissed her and the man returned his fingers to her ass.  She groaned into the kiss, her tongue seeking Des’s.  He continued to kiss her as she felt the man’s cock begin to slowly fill her ass.  He broke the kiss as the man began thrusting slowly into her ass.

“Slut has a tight ass,” he said to the crowd.

Natalie blushed and heard herself offer a soft, “Thank you.”

Des moved away from his spot, letting another man take it.  Natalie wasn’t surprised to find a hard cock pointed at her.  She sucked greedily at it, wanting to hide behind him.  The audience watched and some offered commentary about what they wanted to do when it was their turn.  Natalie was overwhelmed.  She was on the edge of orgasm, but her brain kept interrupting.  She felt the man shuddering as he came, and once again, felt the cold kiss of the marker. For a moment her entire focus was on the cock she was sucking, but even he finished too quickly.

Natalie stayed on her hands and knees, her thighs dripping with her excitement, and her body aching to come.  For a moment no one touched her.  She was on display, her lust clear enough to see, yet no one came forward to replace the men who had finished.  She looked around for Des and saw him seated not far from her, just watching.

Then she felt hands on her hips, and a hand tapped her shoulders.  She lowered her head to the leather-covered mattress.  It was cool against her cheek, as another cock entered her pussy.  She moaned and pressed back wanting to come.  She almost screamed when she felt the vibrator pressed against her clit. 

“That’s it slut, come for a stranger” the man panted as he thrust into her.

Natalie cried out, once again words tumbled from her mouth begging for more, begging to come. And she felt the orgasm rip through her, but the man just kept thrusting and the vibrator stayed in place. “Oh god,” Natalie mumbled, her clit sensitive from coming seemed to throb in time with the man fucking her.  When he finished, she felt the marker again.

This time she didn’t have to wait, another cock filled her, and the vibrator made another appearance.  She rode out the orgasm that seemed to stretch endlessly. 

Then there was another cock in her ass, and she begged for him to fuck her.  This was a hard fuck, rough and almost brutal.  She watched Des the entire time, moaning and begging for more.  He smiled at her.

When he finished, she once again lay panting.  Des helped her lay flat on the mattress.  Once again he petted her hair. 

“Are you having fun?”

She nodded, finding her voice.  “It’s more intense than I thought.” She rested her head on his lap, “But I really like it.”

Natalie Out in the Cold

Natalie waited for Sir to come home.  She knew he’d be home soon, and she’d put on the lingerie he’d requested.  She loved the way she looked in the open cup bustier that held her tits aloft but left them bare. She’d slid into the g-string. He’d asked her to wear the French maid apron, but that was all.  She knelt next to the door and waited.

She heard his car pull up and felt her heart race.  She didn’t know what he was planning and not knowing only heightened her arousal.  She heard him walking up to the door. He opened the door and glanced down at her.  His eyes raked over her exposed tits and the white apron that just covered her pussy. She bit her lip and tried not to squirm under his scrutiny.  She wondered briefly if she had forgotten anything.

He smiled slowly, and took one of her nipples, squeezing it between his fingers.  Natalie fought to stay still.

“Go to the couch.”

Once she was seated on the couch, he motioned for her to spread her legs. She flipped up the apron and leaned back.  She spread her legs wide, feeling the g-sting slip tighter against her clit.

“I like the way that looks,” he said.  He moved closer to her, and she blushed. “Do you like it?”

She nodded, feeling her blush spreading, as her pussy grew hotter.

“Use your words, kitten,” he said.

She swallowed and looked up at him. “Yes, Sir I like the way the cloth feel against my pussy. And I like you looking at me.” Her voice was soft, as she spoke.

“Good girl, now go get me my drink,” he ordered.

She hurried from the couch, the fabric shifting between her wet folds.  It made walking an agony of teasing sensations. In the kitchen, she mixed his drink and set it carefully on a tray.

Natalie carried the tray into him.  He was seated on the couch, his shoes off and his shirt unbuttoned.  She set the tray down carefully and handed him the drink. She waited, shifting her weight from foot to foot as he sipped his drink and watched her. “Come here,” he gestured. She stepped closer to him, and he traced a hand up her thigh.  “I can feel how hot you are from here.”

“I’m excited to see you, Sir.” She replied her voice rising as his finger tugged at the g-string.  “I want to please you.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment.  “Sit in that chair,” he nodded at the chair directly across from him.

She hurried to perch at the edge of the chair.

“Masturbate for me.”

Natalie paused a moment and smiled. She spread her legs, feeling the g string pull taut.  Her fingers traced over her labia, her slick wetness already dripping down her thighs. She rubbed the panties over her clit, gasping a little. Her already overheated body went into overdrive.  Slipping two fingers inside her pussy, she fucked herself while Des watched.  “Sir, may I come?”

Des watched her, his glass in hand.  “Not yet, kitten.”  He looked thoughtful for a moment and stood up.  “Keep going,” he ordered and walked out of the room.  She heard the ice rattling into a glass, her fingers still buried in her pussy.

Des returned with a glass of water and left it on the table next to her. “I think you need to cool off.” He nodded at the glass, “Take a look.”

Natalie stared at the ice dildo in the glass in the glass. “You want me to use that?”

Des smiled at her and nodded.  “Once it’s melted, you can come.”

Natalie bit her lip smiling. “May I take off my panties?” at his nod, she stood and shimmied out of the panties.  She leaned back in the chair, her legs spread wide. “I can’t wait to fuck myself while you watch Sir.” She said plucking the dildo from the glass. The water dripped down her arm, making her shiver.  She enjoyed temperature play, but this was a lot of ice to deal with. She rubbed it over her clit, whimpering from the cold, before easing it into her pussy.  “Oh goodness,” she gasped, “it’s so cold and hard.”

“It looks so good inside you,” Des said, watching her.  “Now let’s see how hot your pussy is.”

Natalie rocked the dildo in her pussy, moaning softly. She felt the water from the melting toy running down her slit and pooling underneath her.  “Oh Sir, it’s so cold.” She moaned.  “I can feel it melting.”

Des walked around the chair watching her every move and Natalie loved it. She felt the ice melting, and her pussy ached with the cold.  She wondered if Des would fuck her after he finished this game.

“Faster,” Des whispered in her ear.  “I want to hear you. What are you feeling?”

Natalie gasped and tried to form words.  “It’s cold and hard, and I want to come.” She moaned and pumped the dildo faster. “It’s almost too much, but I can feel it melting.” She kept her eyes on him, “and I love you watching me.”

He ran a hand over her hair, “I know how much you like being watched.” He picked up his phone.  “Would you like pictures?”

Natalie felt herself nodding before she’d processed the thought. “Yes, Sir.  Please take pictures.”

Des paused, “what do you want pictures of?”

Natalie whimpered and felt herself blushing even before she spoke. He wouldn’t take the pictures if she wasn’t explicit.  “Please take pictures of my pussy filled with this ice dildo,” she said quietly, her face flaming.

“Pictures? Or maybe a video?”

Natalie nodded, her fingers rubbing her clit. “Please Sir, take a video of me masturbating for your pleasure.” The words edged her closer to orgasm.

Des pressed the screen of his phone and started filming. “Say it again.”

“Please Sir, film me masturbating with an ice dildo.” She pumped the dildo in and out, moaning.  “Please record me being a slut for your pleasure.” She rubbed her clit, feeling the more of the water dripping underneath her. She wasn’t sure if the dildo was getting smaller as it melted, but she was focused on keeping herself on the edge of orgasm.

Des called out commands to her, ordering her to move faster or slower, to touch her clit or nipples – keeping her off balance.  Natalie found she loved his orders and loved being free to simply feel. “See if you can slide it fully inside you.” Des’s voice broke through her hazy thoughts.

Natalie pressed the melted dildo in further and felt her pussy close over it. The weight of the ice filled her. She continued to rub her clit, her pussy clamping down on the ice. “Can I come, Sir?” she asked her voice strained.

Des laughed, “Not yet, kitten. You may take the dildo out.”

Natalie contracted her muscles, pushing the ice out.  She was surprised at how much of it had melted.  She dropped it back into the cup.

“Stand up, and bend over.”

Natalie complied and felt his fingers caressing her ass and her slit.  “I want to know what you feel like while my pussy is cold,” she begged. “Please, Sir fuck me.”

She heard Des’s zipper, and she felt him press slowly inside her. “You’re so cold, princess,” he said pressing into her. “I’m not sure I like it. How do you feel?”

Natalie moaned, “More please, Sir.” Natalie almost purred as he began to fuck her harder. She heard herself begin to let loose with dirty talk, the type of things she usually had to be ordered to say.  The words and begging fell from her lips so easily in these moments.  Des slapped her ass and fucked her harder. Natalie no longer remembered if she was allowed to come, but she didn’t care as the orgasm overtook her.  She cried out and shuddered. Her own wetness and the melted ice dripped down her thighs as she came.

Des grabbed her hips as he came, pulling her close to him.  She felt the warm rush of his come in such sharp contrast to the cold ice. He held her there for a moment. “I think you’re warming up.”

Natalie nodded. “Thank you, Sir.”

He helped her to stand, and brushed her hair out of her face.  He looked her over, “Are you ok?”

Natalie nodded her legs shaky.  She felt wonderful.

“Go clean yourself up, then.  I have guests coming.” Natalie looked surprised. “Should I change?”

Des smiled, “Oh no, you are going to serve the guests in that.”


Natalie set a timer that was the game after all: a timer, a vibrator, and a camera. Sir would be watching from across the world.

time 2

She lay on the bed, nude except for her collar.  This one had the bell on it. She followed the directions of the game. Setting the wand in the right place so she couldn’t wriggle away from it and positioning the camera so he could watch everything. The wand had a Bluetooth control, so Sir could change the speed and intensity while he watched. She just had to ride it out for fifteen minutes.

She dialed Will’s number and turned on the camera.

“Hello Kitten” his voice drifted from the phone. “You look beautiful.”

She smiled at the camera, “Thank you, Sir” she shifted on the bed, getting comfortable. “I have set up everything as you ordered.” She hoped everything was correct. The wand was bound to her thigh, pressing against her clit. Not enough to be painful but close enough that moving wouldn’t dislodge it or stop the vibrations from reaching her clit.

“Shift that wand up just a bit more,” Sir’s voice came through the phone. “I want it to stay in place the entire time.”

Natalie moved the wand, and felt it press harder against her clit. She’d already dripped lube over it, so it was slick and a little cold. “Is that better Sir?” she asked?

“Perfect, now I want you to hold on to the bars on the headboard.” His voice was like a caress, and Natalie hurried to comply. She knew he’d have her hold the bars in place of tying her up. Then the vibrator sprang to life. The rumbling vibration was low, obviously at its lowest setting, but still it made Natalie squeak.

“Does my Kitten like that?”

Natalie nodded, and found her voice. “Yes, Sir.” She fought to keep still, it was so early in the game and the setting was so low. She wondered what it would feel like after five minutes or ten? She wanted so much to please Will, but she really didn’t know her limits in this game.

“Good, girl” he said, and the vibrator turned up a level.

time 3

This time Natalie did move. She managed to keep her fingers locked around the headboard, but her thighs quivered with her effort to keep her legs open. Her hips bucked involuntarily, both begging for more and trying to dislodge the vibrator. She writhed on the bed, stretching her legs and moaning loudly.

“What’s the matter Kitten?” his voice drifted out of the phone, “Don’t you like it? I thought that was your favorite toy?”

Natalie felt the vibrations pulsing through her, and knew that she was going to come. Before she could try to hold off, to delay her body shuddered and the orgasm overtook her. The toy, of course, was relentless. It kept buzzing away at her hypersensitive clit, and she was surprised when she felt herself ready to cum again. “I… I love it Sir,” she gasped out, “I’m going to come again.” She moaned as she felt the second orgasm looming.

And Will dialed the toy back down, and Natalie whimpered in frustration. The lower vibration was its own torment. After the harder vibrations, the lower setting was a tease, not enough pressure or intensity to get her off, but enough to keep her on the edge.

She was certain that she looked frustrated when she heard Will’s laugh. The deep throaty laugh he reserved for when he tormented her. “I thought you liked it Kitten,” he purred. “You don’t look happy anymore.”

Natalie bit her lip and shifted on the bed, hoping the movement would give her what she needed. It didn’t. “Can’t I have more, please Sir?” She knew he liked to hear her beg.

“I don’t want to wear you out,” he answered. “You still have ten minutes.”

Natalie hadn’t realized there was that much time left. Before she could react, the vibrator increased, skipping up from the lowest level to somewhere near the top of its range.  This time she did cry out, a stream of dirty talk and desires poured out of her mouth as the orgasm ripped through her.

“Let’s see how long you can take this level.”

time 4

She barely heard his voice, her body reacting to the constant buzzing. She rocked from side to side, but the pressure never relented. She’d already come, but could feel another orgasm starting. Her whole body tingled and tensed in anticipation. She held tightly to the bedpost, her hips jumping and shacking on the bed.

He’d said it was only ten minutes, Natalie reminded herself over and over as the relentless buzzing continued. She had no idea if one minute or ten had passed. She heard herself begging and moaning, her body shuddering with each climax. But she never gave her safe word.

It took her a minute to realize that the vibrator had stopped.

“Natalie?” she heard his voice, and recognized concern in it.

“Oh Will,” she managed to whisper, “that was amazing.”

She heard Will’s laugh, and felt herself warm.

“Ok Kitten, I need you to let go of the bed post, can you do that?”

Natalie nodded, and tried to pry her fingers from the bars. She felt the sting of blood rushing into her fingers and cringed a little as the pain pulled her back into her body. She wiggled her fingers, and began slowly stretching. “I’m ok now, Will.” She said, her voice gaining strength. She reached for the water bottle she’d left next to the bed, and sipped it slowly.

She heard Will’s sigh of relief through the phone. “You were pretty far into at the end, I had to cut it short.”

She unstrapped the wand, and wondered just how sore she’d be. “How long did I last, Sir?”

Her phone flickered and she accepted the video call. She turned on to her side and looked at Will. He looked concerned, but also pleased. “You made it eight minutes.” He paused, “now pull that blanket over yourself.”

“Yes, Sir” Natalie answered, folding the soft blanket around herself.

“You were beautiful, Kitten” he smiled at her.

Natalie felt herself beam. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Now I have a video to share with you.” He shifted the camera, and Natalie saw his cock hard and already leaking. She lay cocooned in her blanket as he stroked himself.

Natalie’s New Friend

Natalie knelt and waited. She hated waiting and Des knew it. She tried not to fidget and tried even harder not to think about the impending meeting. In the past, she’d met some of Des’s other partners, but always in a neutral way, and except for Will, she’d never been sexually or romantically involved with any of them. Tonight, Des wanted something different. He wanted to let Betsy play with her.

And this was why she hated waiting. The longer the time stretched out, the more time she had to doubt. She assumed this was part of his plan. To make her wait so she would be sure this was what she wanted, to give her time to back out if she needed to. When she heard the door open again, she was ready to jump out of her skin.

“Kitten,” Des said. And it only took a moment for him to cross the room and stroke her back. “Do you consent to Betsy playing with you tonight?”

Natalie hungered for his touch, and she shifted her head from her hands, turning her face just enough to see him. “Yes, Sir” she answered. Her words filling her with a confidence she hadn’t known she felt before. “I want to show her that I’m your good kitten.”

Des smiled, “I’m very proud of you kitten.” He continued to pet her back, “Would you like a kiss before we start?”

Natalie nodded and sat up. She felt his lips on hers warm and strong. He wrapped his arms around her; his shirt sleeves brushing her bare skin. She leaned into the kiss, her arms wrapping around his neck.

He broke the kiss.  “Be a good girl tonight,” he said, “And you will like your reward.”

Natalie nodded, “Yes, Sir.” She turned back to the wall and resumed her waiting position. She was tingling now from the kiss and his attention, and once again, from her anticipation. To have a stranger watch her in such a vulnerable position left her a little breathless.

Finally, the door opened. “Betsy, that is my kitten.”

Natalie could hear their feet on the carpet but kept her eyes trained on the floor. She knew that Betsy could see her bare ass and the flogger at her feet. Betsy who could see her, but whom she’d never seen or spoken too.

“How long has she been waiting here?” A woman’s voice asked.   

“For her, an eternity,” Des answered.

“Would she wait longer?”

Natalie tried to still her thundering heart. Would this woman make her wait longer? She shifted her weight and realized that she could feel herself growing aroused by their exchange.

Des answered, “She struggles with waiting.” Natalie could hear the smile in his voice. “She is impatient.”

Natalie forced herself to breathe, to relax while they talked about her as if she wasn’t there.

“So, what are you going to do to her?”

Natalie waited.

“Kitten, I’m going to blindfold you now,” Des said. “I want Betsy to see you before we start.”

“Yes, Sir.” She answered and felt the cloth slip over her eyes. She felt his hands on her arms, as he helped her to sit up.

“Put your hands behind your head” He ordered.

She did, locking her fingers together and pressing her palms into her neck. She knew that this position thrust her tits out, and she wondered if he’d make her spread her legs for this other woman.

“May I touch her?”

Natalie knew the question was directed at Des and not her. Something about this made her even more turned on. Her nipples hardened, and she could feel her thighs growing damp. She wanted Des to say yes. Her breathing quickened.

“Yes,” Des said.

Natalie felt a hesitant brush of fingers over her breast, and she let out a soft whimper.

“She likes being touched by strangers?” Betsy asked, again the question seemed directed at Des. Betsy’s hand grew bolder, cupping Natalie’s tit, as if she was feeling the weight of it, before softly pinching her nipple.

Des laughed, “She loves it.” Natalie felt his hand stroke her hair, and she leaned her head against his leg. “Maybe later I’ll tell you about her birthday gang bang.”

Natalie felt her breath catch as Betsy used two hands on her tits, pinching her nipples and pulling them out. She flashed back to the gang bang Des had arranged for her and found herself hoping he would tell Betsy the story. She’d fucked five strangers that night and been watched and touched by uncounted others. The memories filled with a delicious mix of shame and delight. What would Betsy make of the story?

“Look at her blush when you mention her gang bang,” Betsy said, her fingers still tugging and teasing Natalie’s nipples. “Look at her enjoying my touch,” Betsy said. “Do you like my touch, kitten?” Betsy asked.

Natalie was surprised to hear Betsy address her directly. “Yes,” she managed to respond. “Yes, very much.”

Betsy’s hand moved lower, tickling Natalie’s trembling belly, her fingers stopping at Natalie’s mons. “I can feel her heat from here,” She said to Des. “Is she always so randy?”

Des continued to pet Natalie’s hair. “Absolutely. It’s why I love my kitten.”

Natalie rubbed her head against Des’s leg, careful not to dislodge the blindfold. Natalie felt Betsy’s fingers running softly over her labia and shivered. She wanted this cruel woman to use her, to continue this subtle humiliation.

“I’d like to use her,” Betsy said her voice carrying an edge. “After our date tonight, I think I’d like to find a little relief for myself. Can she do that?”

Des’s hand closed around Natalie’s hair, pulling her head up. “Kitten, I’m going to give you to Betsy for a little while.”

Natalie bit her lip, “Yes, Sir. I will please her as she orders.” Natalie quivered. Betsy wasn’t anything she expected, and her particular type of cruelty had Natalie’s thighs wet. Des stepped away from her, and she was left blindfolded and kneeling naked in the room. She heard the clink of a leash and felt it snapped on to her collar.    

She dropped to all fours and followed at Betsy’s heels. The playroom was small enough that Natalie knew she wouldn’t have to crawl too far. But she hated the act and hated how much it aroused her. “Heel,” Betsy said.

Natalie sat up on her knees. “Yes,” she paused unsure how to address her. “Mistress?” the question was clear in her voice.

“Oh does she always talk?” Betsy asked.

Natalie’s blush blazed over face and chest. She was glad of the blindfold, as she felt her eyes water with tears. Being talked about as if she wasn’t there was flooding her with conflicting shame and arousal. She bit her lip.

“Order her not to.”

Natalie heard Betsy moving around and was certain the woman had sat in the room’s single chair. Once again, she heard Des and Betsy kissing, and then she felt the tug on the leash. She moved forward on her knees.

She brushed against Betsy’s bare leg before the tugging stopped.

“Kitten,” Betsy’s voice was hard, and she held Natalie’s chin. “Put your tongue to use, and lick my cunt.”

Natalie’s jaw would have dropped at the command, but Betsy still held her chin.

“I don’t want to waste time giving you more commands, so get to it.”

Natalie let her face be led by Betsy’s hand. She felt the warm heat from the other woman’s pussy and could smell her arousal. Natalie ran her tongue over Betsy’s labia, tasting her salt and arousal. Natalie lapped and licked before probing deeper. When she did, she felt Betsy shift in the chair, shifting her pelvis forward giving Natalie more access to her pussy.

“Oh, look at her,” Betsy said with a sigh. “She is like a cat with a bowl of cream.”

Natalie heard the descriptions grow cruder, but also more punctuated with Betsy’s gasps and moans. Betsy pulled Natalie’s face closer, as she gave a final cry. Natalie felt a rush of wetness coat her face. Betsy released her hold on Natalie. And Natalie sat back on her heels, breathing heavily.

“Oh, she is wonderful,” Betsy said panting.

 Natalie felt Des’s hand on her head. “Good girl,” he whispered in her ear, and Natalie beamed at him.   

More to come….

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