The Ballad of Anne Bonny


The Pirate’s Life for Me

When Anne ran away from her Victorian father, she ran directly to the pirates. In Port Royale she fell in love with freedom – and eventually with Jack.

pirate life 2Anne was already in the tavern when Jack arrived. She’d heard about the captain of the Revenge, a pirate who’d by all accounts bested his former captain with wits rather than swords. But like so many pirates, Jack had lost his ship, and it seemed for the time being his taste for piracy.

Dressed in her disguise, Anne appeared to most as a young man. When she joined Rackham’s small group at the tavern, they drank and talked of their pirating exploits. Jack even complimented Anne’s stories. But Anne thought she heard a longing in Jack’s voice, a longing to return to the sea. She also noticed the way his eyes followed the pretty blonde barmaid every time the woman passed by.

When Anne gauged that Jack was winding down, she silently left the Tavern and made her way to Jack’s lodgings. With little ingenuity, she scaled the walls to an open window. Inside, she had no trouble finding Jack’s bed. She unbound her hair, brushing through her red locks, and slipped into a dress.

When Jack came in, he was surprised to find her waiting. While he failed to connect her and the young pirate from the Tavern, he didn’t look at all unhappy to see her.

“Good evening, Captain Jack.” Anne saluted from the bed.

Jack raised a dark eyebrow at her, “You have me at a disadvantage, my lady, as you seem acquainted with me, but I am not acquainted with you.”

He didn’t, she noticed, take one more step into the room, and he was still armed. It raised her esteem of him. Most men would never consider a woman a threat. “We met in the tavern, tonight.” She sat up on the bed, “You found my story of sailing from the Carolinas interesting enough.” She watched him make the connection, and was pleased when he laughed – not at her, but in delight at her audacity.

“You are not what I expected, young Bonny.”

She smiled at him, “Call me Anne.”

pirate life 4.jpgHe stepped into the room and sat on the only chair in the room.

“I want to join your crew,” Anne said.

Jack blinked, “You know I don’t have a crew or a ship.”

Anne shifted forward on the bed, moving closer to him. “But you will. I could hear it in your voice, the longing to be back at sea.”

Jack stared at her, clearly unsure what to make of her. “You are unlike any woman I’ve ever met.”

This time Anne laughed, and slid from the bed to stand before him. “I’m sure I can surprise you in other ways,” she reached out for him, offering her hand. He took it, and stood up. Anne stood on her toes and kissed him. He wrapped his arms loosely about her, and kissed her back – but never taking possession, never taking control.

She broke the kiss and tugged him toward the bed. He let her lead him, pausing only to leave his sword next to the chair.

Anne kissed him again, and pushed him onto the bed. She liked that he let her lead, and she took advantage of that. She explored his body, sliding her fingers and tongue over him, imagining that she could taste the sea on his skin.

He shifted and helped her remove his shirt, and she continued to explore him. Her hair tickled his face and slid over his chest.

She unlaced the top of her dress, letting it slide from her shoulders and pool around her hips. She leaned toward him, and he stopped her, pressing his hand into her shoulder. She felt his dark eyes dart over her; it was almost like a touch.

Before she could speak, he moved his hand from her shoulder, running his fingers down her back. Her skin tingled with the touch, and her nipples tightened. His dark eyes took in every flush of her skin, and she found that she liked the way he looked at her.

pirate life 3With her skirts tangled around her waist, she swung her leg over him – straddling him. He groaned, and shifted his hips beneath her, and she felt the hard press of his cock through her clothing.

She leaned over him, her breasts pressing into his chest, the course hair on his chest teasing her nipples, as she kissed him again. Her tongue slid between his lips, and she twisted her fingers into his hair. Once again he shifted beneath her, and she ground herself against his erection.

She continued until he groaned again, and she raised herself up.

He watched her, letting her take the lead.

“I want to join your crew,” she said, running her hands over his chest.

He nodded, “I’ll need a ship.”

She grinned at him, “I have one in mind. We can take her easily enough.”

Jack smiled beneath her. “Then, you’re part of my crew.” He reached out and took hold of her hips, pressing her into him – rubbing against her.

Anne moaned and half closed her eyes, wanting the clothing between them to be gone. But she shook her head, her loose hair tickling her back. She took his hands away, and climbed off of him.

“When I’m on your ship, we can finish this.” She said and began pulling her dress back up.

Jack stared at her, and slowly smiled. “I’ll always be second to the sea?”

Anne shrugged, “Always.”

The William Comes to Port

The William had come to port, and Faith crept from the house, taking care not to wake anyone. She hurried on silent, bare feet through the dark town streets. Her cloak shielded her face, but she’d be ruined if anyone saw her out this late.


The scent of the sea reached her well before her now cold feet found the sand of the beach. The wine dark sea was quiet in the darkness, but she hurried past heading for the caves.

She heard the voices and laughter spilling from the furthest cave and headed inside. The crew was already unloading the crates and plunder. She made her way past the crew. A few noticed, but they all knew she was the Captain’s woman. The first mate nodded her toward the back of the cave, and Faith hurried to meet her lover.

The Captain sat drinking and writing in the log book.

“My Captain,” Faith said, a little breathless. From the first time she’d seen the Captain, tall and like lithe, with features so fine they’d make an angel weep, Faith had been breathless. Even know, when the Captain brushed a stray lock of long Auburn hair back, Faith’s heart pounded.

“Oh my lovely girl,” the Captain smiled at her. “Come here.”

Faith came round the table, settling in the captain’s lap. The Captain tilted her head and kissed her, hungry after the long voyage.

Faith moaned into the kiss, her hands tangling in the Captain’s long hair, knocking her hat off.

Her lover broke the kiss, and tugged open Faith’s shirt. The pirate lapped and sucked on Faith’s breasts, tweaking her nipples until Faith gasped.

“It’s been too long, my Faith” the Captain said in a low voice, and kissed her again.

Faith slid her hands into her lover’s shirt, feeling the firm muscle, before cupping the captain’s breasts. She wasn’t surprised to find her nipples hard. “Oh Annie, I’ve missed you,” Faith moaned into another kiss. She wriggled on Anne’s lap, wanting to feel more of her lover’s skin.

She tugged at Anne’s trousers, hating how they are prevented her from touching Anne.

“Let me,” Anne murmured her lips still touching Faith’s. Both women stood up and Anne quickly shed her pants. Faith nudged her toward the bed, and Anne sat upon it.

Faith knelt before her, kissing Anne’s long thighs. She heard Anne’s contented sigh as her mouth crept closer to Anne’s pussy. Faith could feel the moist heat of Anne’s arousal on her lips before she touched the pirate’s flesh.

Once there, Faith lapped and sucked at her like she was an oasis. Anne buried her hands in Faith’s hair, urging her on. Faith savored the taste of her lover, her tongue swirling around Anne’s clitoris.

The Pirate Captain let out a low moan of pleasure, and tightened her grip on Faith’s hair. She wrapped her long legs around Faith’s shoulders.

Faith smiled, still running her tongue over Anne’s pussy, her hands trailing up Anne’s thighs to rest in her hips.

When Anne came, her body stiffening for a moment, her juices flowed over Faith’s face, who frantically lapped it up. Anne’s body went limp and languid. She released Faith’s hair and lay back on the bed.

Faith climbed into the bed next to Anne, and curled around her.

The William Leaves at Dawn

Faith woke slowly, a delicious throbbing in her pussy pulling her intro wakefulness. Her Captain’s fingers were gently teasing her, sliding between her her wet folds.

Anne smiled, seeing that Faith was awake. She withdrew her sticky fingers, slowly licking them clean. Faith bit her lip wanting more, but also knowing that it most be late. Whenever she fell asleep, Anne always made sure she got home before Dawn. Anne was adamant that no harm would come to Faith’s reputation. She wanted Faith to have choices that were long lost to her.

Most days, Faith thought she’d be happier going to sea with her Captain, but she knew that she was unsuited to piracy.

Anne leaned down and kissed her deeply. Anne’s lips were soft but still seemed to lay claim upon her. Faith moaned softly as Anne’s hand once again slipped between Faith’s thighs. Faith wrapped her arms around Anne’s back, wanting to draw her closer, wanting to hold on to her lover forever.

Anne broke the kiss, her lips traveling down Faith’s jaw. She nipped at Faith’s ear. “Moan for me my love,” Anne commanded her voice a husky whisper. Her long fingers teased Faith’s clit, before pressing deeper, slipping deep inside. And Faith moaned for her Captain, her voice echoing in the cave.

Faith arched her back, wanting Anne’s fingers deeper. Anne’s throaty laugh filled the air between them. “You’re so beautiful, my Faith,” Anne whispered before leaning down to kiss her again.

Faith moaned into the kiss, her senses swimming with Anne and only Anne. When she reached orgasm it was with Anne’s voice that urged her over the threshold; it was Anne’s lips and tongue that caressed and teased her.

Faith panted in Anne’s arms. She’d have to leave soon, to creep back through town and be inside before the sun rise. Faith kissed her Captain, tasting the salty tang of herself on Anne’s lips.

Anne lounged on the rumpled bed, watching Faith dress. “I’ll see you home,” she said.

Faith considered telling her no. Being caught out at night would destroy her in town, but being caught with Anne, pirate captain would be worse. But she couldn’t take herself tell Anne no in anything. And it would delay their parting.

So they walked, quickly and quietly through the dark streets, the sea fog thick with salt and cold. Anne wrapped her coat around Faith. They stood in the darkness of the vast oak, near Faith’s home. Anne kissed Faith, her hands tangling in Faith’s hair.

Faith held tightly to her Captain. “Goodbye my Captain.” She breathed into Anne’s ear. “Return to me.”

Faith wasn’t sure, but she thought Anne’s eyes glistened. “My Faith. I’ll be back for you.” Anne’s voice was thick. And she turned and walked into the darkness.

Just after dawn, Faith watched the William leave port. She was warm wrapped in Anne’s coat, and the ocean breeze dried her tears almost as quickly as they fell.