Victoria’s Mummy

Victoria Works Late

When Victoria got the opportunity to go on a real excavation, she jumped at the chance.  She knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

After a month of hard work, she was still excited, but admittedly tired and frustrated.  The work was still fascinating, but the manual labor at the start had worn her down.  Of course, the work was a little easier now that the tomb was open.  With lighting, they could begin the work at night and without the relentless desert sun, the cleaning and documenting of artifacts went faster, and Victoria’s enthusiasm re-surged.  Her frustration, however, hadn’t ended.  No one on the crew was interested in her.

It was her enthusiasm for the work, and an effort to divert her sexual frustration into something useful, that led her to be alone after midnight.  She was brushing centuries of sand and dust from a fresco.  It told the life story of Pharaoh Djet.  Professor Edwards had translated as they cleaned.  Victoria was a little abashed at her growing crush on the long-dead king; nevertheless, she decided to work late to hear more the next day.

She brushed away more sand and noticed a slight protuberance of stone.  She knelt down and rubbed at the protrusion, trying to decide if it was debris or purposeful.

She heard a scraping sound and fell back as a section of the wall slid open.  “Oh my God,” she whispered as the dust settled around her.

She was staring into a new room, a room no one had seen in centuries.  She pushed herself to her feet, pushing an errant lock of blonde hair behind her ear.

Victoria knew that she should go and wake the professor.  It was after all the woman’s dig, but the allure of being the first to see the room was too much for her pass up.  She grabbed one of the work lights and stepped into the chamber. And her eyes were blinded by the glitter of gold.  It was an untouched chamber, and even more, it was the burial chamber.

Victoria walked slowly into the chamber. She felt a small jolt run through her as she crossed the threshold.  She gazed at the sarcophagus and felt pulled toward it. She ran her fingers across the image of his face.  It was stylized, of course, but from the image on the lid and the ones she had spent days cleaning, she’d decided that Djet had been a handsome man.

She’d fantasized about life under his rule.  Well, mostly she’d had a never-ending fantasy of being the King’s concubine.  She masturbated endlessly alone in her tent imagining being the plaything of the powerful pharaoh.  What would it have been like to be fucked by a god, she’d wondered as she rubbed her nipples.  In her fantasies, he’d burst into her rooms and toss her onto the bed.  He’d tear away whatever clichéd harem girl costume she imaged and fuck her until she… well in the fantasy, until she came and fell asleep.

Unconsciously her hand drifted to the waistband of her shorts.  She fumbled with the button, unwilling to take her other hand off the sarcophagus.  When she had the tight cut-offs unbuttoned, her questing fingers found her pussy already wet.

She rubbed at her clit, wriggling her hips to get her shorts to slide farther down.  They were barely held up now, but Victoria didn’t care.  Her mind was filled with a fantasy of the Pharaoh, a large, virile, muscled man. A man used to getting whatever he asked for.

She worked her hand lower, plunging two fingers inside.  She shifted her hand so the edge of her palm kept pressure on her clit, and while her fingers kept pumping inside.

She imagined Djet, bending her over the sarcophagus, tearing her shorts away.  She pretended her fingers were his cock.  The cock he’d slam into her, using her for his pleasure.

Her real moans echoed through the chamber, and she realized she was crying out his name as she shuddered to a climax.

She pulled her hand out of her shorts, resting both her palms against the sarcophagus to keep her balance.

Without meaning to, she smeared her cum over the lid of the sarcophagus.  After she caught her breath, she noticed what she’d done.  The last thing she wanted was to have the whole expedition learn what she’d had done in the chamber.

Blushing, she used the hem of her tank top to wipe away the evidence.

Victoria Gets All Wrapped Up In Work

Victoria turned to leave the chamber.  She’d had her moment, but it was time to tell the professor she’d discovered the hidden room and what she was certain was Pharaoh Djet’s sarcophagus.

She heard stone scraping against stone, followed by something light and wispy brush against her arm. She grinned gritted her teeth against a scream.  She was still being mocked for screaming at a scorpion in her first week, so she wasn’t going to add spiders to the list.

She brushed at her arm, silently praying it was just a spider web.  Whatever it was, it curled around her wrist.

She looked back, but she couldn’t manage to scream.  It was too bizarre to be real.  This couldn’t be real.  Standing before her was… No, it was too ridiculous to even think.

But the thing around her wrist was still moving, and that was something she could focus on. It was a piece of linen wrapping around her arm and moving up her arm.

“This is a joke right?” Victoria choked out, watching as a strand of linen unraveled from the figure in front of her.  As she said the words, she knew this was real – it was to elaborate for a joke.

“Please,” Victoria said, “what do you want?” Her voice was soft.

The figure before her didn’t answer, but the wrapping was revealing more and more bronzed skin.  Her racing heart was becoming less about the terrifying situation and more about the man being revealed before her.

The linen wrapping around her arm reached her elbow, and a second piece grasped her other wrist.

Before she realized it, she was on her back on the sarcophagus.  Her arms and legs bound by the linen straps.

The mummy was fully revealed, unbound. He certainly wasn’t a desiccated husk.  This was a muscled god, all rippling abs and chiseled features.

“This can’t be happening” Victoria muttered, as she pulled against the bindings.

Her words drew the mummy’s attention back to her.  He took in her bound form and smiled.

He reached out and tore her tank top away, revealing her breasts.  The Pharaoh said something, it sounded appreciative, but it wasn’t in any language Victoria understood. His hands closed on her breasts.  Victoria wriggled in her bounds, but the linen held fast.

His warm hands enveloped her breasts, and Victoria was surprised to hear her own moan echo in the tomb.  He gave a throaty laugh, and he rolled her nipples between his fingers.  He pulled at her nipples, stretching her breasts.  She found herself responding to his touch, just like in her fantasies about him.  He was a king, a god, and he was used to be treated as one.  He was going to take whatever he wanted from her.  She felt herself grow wet at the thought of him using her for his pleasure.

He dipped his head and began lapping at her nipples.  He moved quickly to sucking and biting softly.   She hissed a low “yes,” and nodded vigorously. She knew he didn’t understand her words, but he seemed to understand her body language.  She bucked her hips in vain against the bonds.  He sucked at the flesh of her breasts, leaving his mark upon her.

He spoke again, brusque and demanding.  Victoria could only listen and wonder what he wanted.  His hands went to her shorts. The modern clothing slowed him down.  He finally took a dagger from the collected artifacts to cut them away.  He pulled the scraps of fabric from her body, leaving her naked and bound on the stone sarcophagus.  She whispered his name, finally admitting that this was the mummy of Pharaoh Djet.  Hearing his name, he stared at her.

“Do you like hearing your name?” She asked, and she said his name again, in almost the same moan she’d used when she had masturbated in the tomb.

He smiled and ran his hands down her body.  His fingers reached her lower lips, finding them dripping wet she was sure.  She bucked her hips at him, wanting more.  He ran his fingers over her, collecting her wetness.  He raised his fingers to his lips and tasted her.  He licked each finger slowly, his eyes half closed savoring the taste of her.  He repeated the process with his fingers slowly sliding between her thighs.  Victoria whimpered struggling against her bonds, wanting his fingers to go deeper.  He laughed at her struggles and continued his slow, torturous stroking of her.

He once again raised his wet fingers to his lips and sucked them clean.  She watched his thick fingers disappear between his full lips and the flash of his tongue over his fingers.  She wanted those fingers, and she wanted that tongue with a physical ache.  He wasn’t interested in giving in to her demands.   The linen bonds tightened around her limbs, limiting her movements even more.

Djet waved his hands, and she was pulled along the sarcophagus.  Her legs were tugged wide, and her feet could almost reach the ground.  Her ass rested at the edge of the cold stone.  Djet slowly unwound the belt that kept his remaining clothing on.  He let it fall away, revealing his arousal.  Victoria panted in anticipation.  He ran his hands over her body again, speaking.  Victoria didn’t know the words or what they meant, but they reminded her of a prayer or poem.

His fingertips grazing her collar bone, and she shivered, feeling her desire reaching a peak.  He continued his words, while his fingertips softly brushing over and around her breasts, but not straying to her hard, throbbing nipples.  His fingers tickled over her belly, and down her inner thighs.  He continued his litany, as he ran his fingers behind her knees.

Victoria felt the words bubbling up in her throat.  She bit her lip, but couldn’t stop the torrent of begging that burst forth.  She begged and pleaded for him to fuck her.  She implored him, using his name, using the modern Egyptian she had learned for “please.”  She didn’t know if he understood anything beyond his name and recognizing the pleading in her tone.  Or perhaps he simply finished his invocation.

He stood between her thighs, his erection jutting hard between them.  He spoke a few more words, his hands raised to the sky.  Then he plunged into her soaking wet pussy.  Victoria cried out in pleasure.  Djet thrust into her in slow measured strokes, filling her, only to pull back, almost all the way.  She moaned, shifting as much as her bonds allowed.  She wanted to fuck him, or him to fuck her, to pound into her willing body.  She continued her own litany of begging, demanding, and cajoling – only to have her words ignored.

He reached between them, his fingers unerringly finding her clitoris.  He toyed with the nub, teasing her continuing the same slow, deliberate pace.  The pressure on her clit was driving her to the edge, but not giving her enough for release.  She gave up her words and simply gave into moaning.  He increased the pressure and speed of his touch on her clit, finally giving her the release he had denied.  She almost screamed as she felt the orgasm wash over her.  That feeling of weightlessness, the wave of nerves firing washed over her, almost drowning her.

Then he began to thrust in earnest.  He seemed to enjoy watching her orgasm crest.  He grasped her thighs, and his hips thrust with strength and speed.  His voice raised in a chant or prayer once again.  His words were fast and sounded almost like a growl.  Finally, he came, and she felt his cock twitch inside her.  He let his head drop, breathing heavily.

Victoria whispered his name, as he pulled out of her.  He waved a hand and the linen bonds fell away.  Victoria sat up slowly, letting the blood flow return to her limbs.  The rough stone of the sarcophagus had abraded her skin, but she didn’t care.  Djet spoke again, and the world went dark.

Victoria felt someone shaking her shoulder.

“Vicki, what are you doing in here?” A concerned voice pulled her out of the darkness.

Vicki blinked up at Professor Edwards.  “What?” Victoria found herself lying on the floor of the main portion of the tomb.  She looked frantically toward the hidden chamber, but she found only the wall she had been cleaning.  Had she really fallen asleep in the tomb? Had it been a dream?

She looked at her clothing, a pair of coveralls, but she could feel from their roughness, she wore nothing underneath.  Why would she be wearing the coveralls? Certainly, the coveralls were all over the worksite.  They weren’t needed often, but they would be a convenient cover for her nakedness.  She blushed recalling Djet tearing and cutting her clothes away.

“I guess… I guess, I fell asleep last night,” Victoria said, her voice unsure.  “I’d been working on cleaning the south wall.” She mumbled.

Professor Edwards looked at Vicki, “I know how easy it is to get caught up in the work, but you must be careful.  It really isn’t safe to sleep in any tomb.”  Professor Edwards pulled the zipper up farther on Vicki’s coveralls.  Vicki blushed realizing they had been gaping open, realizing her nudity beneath.

“I’ll have to tell you about one of my early excavations when I had a similar late night experience in the tomb of a concubine” Professor Edwards said with a sly smile.

Later, Victoria stood under the spray of the camp shower.  It wasn’t the hottest shower or even the most water pressure, but the water stung every abraded patch of skin on her back, and she couldn’t stop smiling.

Victoria’s Teacher

After her encounter with Djet, Doctor Edwards took Victoria back to the city.  She’d rented them a hotel room and told Victoria they would both take a few days to recover.

Victoria had to admit the prospect of a bath and a real bed was appealing, but what she really wanted was to start searching for Djet.  However, she had no idea how to find the resurrected Pharaoh.

Dr. Edwards, after some very good gin, had told Victoria all about her own mummy encounter.  With a couple more drinks, the Dr. began filling in Victoria on all the explicit details.  They sat near each other on the bed, as it was the only place to sit in the room.

“It happened when I was about your age,” Dr. Edwards began.  “The excavation had been slow going, nothing like Djet’s tomb.  It was a series of broken, plundered cave tombs.  Even much of the writing had been destroyed.  The professor in charge of the excavation thought that much of the damage was caused soon after the unknown pharaoh’s death.”

Dr. Edwards poured another drink and paused.  “This story may get a little too personal”

Vicki encouraged her to continue.  “It will help me process what happened, hearing your story.”

“I found the hidden chamber,” she smiled.  “I leaned against an interior wall and fell through.  Inside, there was a sarcophagus.”

Vicki unexpectedly felt herself growing aroused.  Her mind was replaying her own supernatural encounter.  The thought of Professor Edwards the classy, composed, almost icy woman in the throes of ecstasy only added to Victoria’s arousal. She shifted on the bed, moving closer to the Doctor.

“Once inside the chamber, I was overcome with lustful feelings” the doctor blushed.  “However, unlike you, I wasn’t alone.  There was another graduate student there as well.  She came in to check on me, and as soon as she crossed the threshold, she too was overcome.” Professor Edwards finished her drink.  “The two of us…” She licked her lips, “it was like we couldn’t control ourselves.”  She looked at Vicki, “I’d never been with a woman before that day, you know.”  She wore a sly smile, “But it wasn’t the last.  She and I developed a deep friendship after our encounter.”

The doctor maintained eye contact with Victoria and continued.  “Elle, that was her name, began kissing me.  Her hands were all over me.” She gave a small laugh, “then, Elle and I were naked together on the sarcophagus.  She was performing cunnilingus on me.”

Vicki bit her lip and shifted on her chair.

The professor took Victoria’s hand, “Is this too personal?”

Vicki shook her head, wanting to know everything.  She moved from her chair to share the bed with Dr. Edwards.  “Oh no, doctor.  I appreciate you trusting me with this story.” Vicki noticed that the doctor continued to hold her hand.  “And I think it will help me process my own experience.”

“So I was lying on the sarcophagus, with the lovely Elle’s tongue penetrating me.  Then the sarcophagus moved, and Elle and I slid to the floor.  Then He was there.  The wrappings were like snakes, like tentacles, winding around us.  We were bound too quickly.”  She paused, “Over the years I wondered if the wrappings were part of the magic, like a protection for the newly resurrected pharaoh.”  She looked lost in her musing for a moment, and absently stroked Vicki’s hand and arm.

He took me first.  I was naked and very, very aroused.  I think it was because women are far more skilled at cunnilingus than men.” She paused, making eye contact with Victoria.  “He was like a god, muscled and virile.  I’ve never seen a man like that again.  He picked me up like I weighed nothing, and he laid me back on the sarcophagus lid.”

“I begged him to take me,” she said.  “I begged in English, in French, and finally in the smattering of ancient Egyptian that I knew.  I found that enjoyed being debased in front of an audience.  My Pharaoh fucked me, as I struggled against my bounds. Not to escape of course, oh no.” She shook her head, her hands now moving to rest on Vicki’s thigh.  “I wanted to fuck him back, you understand. I wanted to writhe, but I was bound too tightly.”  Elle watched the entire scene, bound and knowing that he would take her next.

Vicki moved closer, letting her leg press against the Doctor’s.  “So he,” she paused not wanting to seem crass, “so, you enjoyed it?”

The professor laughed wickedly, “I reveled in it.  And when it was Elle’s turn, she did as well.  Our Pharaoh spent days with us.  He took us over and over, but I think he enjoyed watching Elle and I together best.”

Vicki wondered if Djet would have enjoyed a threesome.  She’d been with women before, and usually found the idea of being with a woman for a man’s pleasure to be repellent.  However, she couldn’t shake an image of being an odalisque, being locked into a harem for the Pharaoh’s pleasure.  She pictured the professor in the stereotypical western idea of a harem costume.  She blushed embarrassed to be fantasying about orientalism.  She was, after all, an educated woman, an anthropologist should be more aware… but she couldn’t shake the image.

The professor took hold of her chin, raising her head.  “Victoria did my story make you embarrassed? I didn’t intend it too.”

Vicki shook her head, “Um, no it wasn’t your story.”  She paused, “Well, I didn’t find the story embarrassing.”  She shifted her eyes down, “I found it very… arousing.”

“Look at me, Victoria,” the Doctor said, with a tone of command Vicki wasn’t used to.  Her eyes automatically jumped back up.  “Never be ashamed of your desires, Victoria.  The world out there,” she gave a languid wave of her hand toward the world outside their hotel room, “They work so hard to make us ashamed.  We don’t need to help them shame us.”

Vicki nodded, slowly.

“I too found the re-telling arousing.  There’s no shame in that.”  Her hand shifted on Victoria’s leg as if she’d realized how intimate the touch was.

Vicki found herself grabbing the older woman’s hand, holding it on her thigh.  “We could…” Victoria bit her lip, “I could help you with that.” Victoria said in a rush.

Doctor Edwards gave her a stern look, “Are you certain?”

Vicki nodded vigorously.

Victoria Goes to the Ritual

Vicki was a little surprised at how quickly Julia agreed to go to the sex magick ritual.

What Vicki couldn’t tell her was about Djet. She just couldn’t find a way to tell Julia about meeting a resurrected pharaoh.  She wasn’t sure she could tell anyone, well other than her professor.

It was professor Edwards who’d suggested that she seek out a former colleague, Colin Bishara.

Bishara had left academia, and all Vicki’s research indicated a skyrocketing career in Egyptology, to study ancient Egyptian magic.  Or maybe it was more accurate to say practice magic.

Professor Edwards suggested that if anyone could explain what happened with Djet, it would be Bishara.

So Vicki stood barefoot and naked under her long black robe, scanning the crowd for Bishara.

Of course, everyone was wearing hooded robes, making it difficult to see anyone.  Vicki kept to the outside of the circle, but still found herself distracted by the ritual. The drumming, chanting, and dancing had a hypnotic effect.

She’d lost track of Julia ages ago, but it didn’t matter because she finally spied Bishara, but he seemed to have spied her to.

He was staring, across the slowly forming orgy, at her.  She could feel the heat, the energy of his stare, and she started making her way around bodies engaging various levels of sex.  On another occasion, she might be somewhat self-consciously enjoying the spectacle, but tonight she needed to get to Bishara. 

He was moving in her direction, seeming to ignore the sex acts taking place around him.  Every time she looked back at him, she found his kohl-rimmed eyes trained on her.  She hadn’t expected to feel attracted to him. Maybe it was just his affectation of ancient Egyptian eyeliner.

They met at the East side of what could only be called an orgy.  “Dr. Bishara?” She asked, wondering if he could hear her over the din of drumming and moans.

He gave her a sly smile, “Who are you?” He raised his hand, as if to touch her, but stopped short.

She frowned feeling the energy pass between them. Maybe the magic wasn’t an affectation after all. She found herself reaching for him, but also stopping short of touching him. Even with the orgy going on around them, she hesitated to touch him unbidden. So much about him had reminded her of Djet, but he was also his own man – a topless, linen kilted, well-muscled man.

He raised his hand toward her face, “May I?” She nodded slowly. He pushed her hood back and ran his hand down her cheek. They both felt the jolt of energy. His hand followed the curve of her cheek to the back of her neck, his fingers twisted in her hair.

She gazed into his dark eyes and shifted on to her toes to kiss him.  The energy that seemed to pulse between them only grew.  His hand tightened pulling her hair, and his free hand moved to the small of her back.  The sound of the drums and the cries and moans of the participants grew louder around her, but the room felt distant.  She kissed him harder, turning her head slightly and opening her mouth.  For a brief moment, she saw Djet.  He stood in the busy streets of Cairo, next to the hotel she had stayed in before she left Egypt.

Bishara broke the kiss and narrowed his kohl-lined eyes at her.  “You need to find him.”

She nodded.  “Dr. Edwards told me you could help,” she said into his ear.

He gave her a wicked smile, “Come?” he released his hold on her and offered his hand. He nodded toward the piles of cushions on the floor.

She took his hand. Together they moved around the various bodies in all manner of sex acts.  Victoria briefly watched a woman engaged with two men.  The woman rode the cock of one man while sucking the other.

They reached the cushions, and Bishara knelt upon them.  He gestured for her to join him.

She knelt across from him.  She wasn’t sure how much of her choice was about finding Djet and how much of it was a need to understand the connection to the man in front of her.

They kissed again, still kneeling.  She shrugged out of her robe, letting it fall away pooling behind her.  His hands stayed tangled in her hair, holding her face.  It was shockingly intimate to Victoria.  Regardless of the myriad sex acts taking place all around her, Bishara’s kissing and touching her face elicited more hesitancy and shyness from her.

Bishara leaned closer, moving to whisper to her.  “You awakened him.  You are connected to him for all time.” His lips brushed her ear, and she shivered.  “We can find him, and call him to you.” He continued.  His hands moved to her shoulders, “It will require some intimacy between us,” he whispered.

Victoria felt his words wash through her.  “That’s why I’m here,” she said with a shy smile. All her earlier bravado had drained away at the strangeness of this encounter.  The deep connection she already felt for this stranger was frankly frightening to her.  His eyes met hers and she felt the surge again.

“Lay back,” he said, and she complied.

Victoria Finds Her Man… Two of Them

Vicki lay back on the pile of cushions shrugging out of the robe so it lay underneath her like a sheet.
Bishara laid beside her, his kohl darkened eyes and shaved head reminded her of Djet, but there was something jarring about seeing the makeup and the ancient affectation on a modern man.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

She nodded, not entirely sure what she needed to be ready for.  At this point, she was certain she wanted this magician and not only for his magic.

She wasn’t sure where he found the marking pen, but he began to draw a series of hieroglyphs on her.  The pen tickled between her breasts as he confidently marked her skin.  The next mark was lower at her solar plexus.  He continued the series of marks down her belly the final mark was on her shaved mons. She wondered briefly what he would have done if she didn’t shave.

“Now, you’ll need to focus on the one you seek,” he said looking up at her.

“What do you mean by focus?” She asked.

“Think about him, mentally call to him,” he replied.

Vicki nodded.  Bishara shifted position, moving up to be eye level with her.  His hand clasped hers, and he kissed her.  “Think of him,” he said.

He moved away from her, the ritual was still unfolding around them.  The energy from the myriad sex acts felt tangible to Vicki, but her interest was directed at Bishara and her hopes that together they could find Djet.

Bishara knelt between her legs.  He closed his eyes and chanted. Vicki recognized it as ancient Egyptian, but she couldn’t pick out a single word. He reached his hand out, his finger tracing each symbol he’d drawn on her.

Her skin tingled as his fingertip warmed her flesh.  She’s couldn’t take her eyes off his hand as it moved down her body.  She shivered in anticipation until she remembered she was supposed to be focusing on Djet.

It seemed almost wrong to be so focused on another man while one who was so undeniably sexy was caressing her nude body in the middle of an orgy.  She cast one last long look at Bishara and closed her eyes.

His chanting was punctuated by the moans and cries of the ritual participants.  But the words helped her focus on Djet. They brought back her single night with him.

Bishara’s fingers reached the final symbol, and Vicki bit her lip wanting him, again.
She felt him move, and his breath tickled her ear, “This is going to get,” he paused, “intimate. Is that ok?”

Vicki opened her eyes, losing herself in his dark eyes.  “Yes, please, yes.” She heard herself almost panting.

“Tell me his name,” Bishara asked, his fingers tracing the symbol between her breasts.

“Djet,” Vicki whispered in his ear, “Pharaoh Djet.”

His hand stopped moving, tripping over the symbol.  He pulled away and looked her in the eye.  “How?”

Vicki kissed him, “Later. Now we find him.”

Bishara gave her an awed smile.  He kissed her again and started another chant.  He traced the symbols and to Vicki, it felt like electricity buzzing through her.

She gasped when Bishara reached her vulva.  His chant ended, and his breath blew over her pussy.

She shivered and whispered Djet’s name, as Bishara’s tongue slipped between her labia.

She thought his fingers had been electrifying; his mouth was a lightning storm.  She continued to whisper the pharaoh’s name.

Bishara’s tongue dipped into her, moving from her clit down to probe her vagina.  Vicki bucked her hips and grasped Bishara’s head.  The soft fuzz of his shaved hair tickled her thighs and her palms.

Vicki rocked her hips against Bishara’s tongue.  He paused and she opened her eyes.  She glanced down at him and saw the question in his face.  “Keep going,” She panted. He gave her a wicked smile and turned his face back down.  Once more he blew on her, and then his tongue returned to work.  This time she kept her focus on Djet. When she’d first encountered Bishara at the ritual, Vicki had received a brief vision of Djet.  She turned her mind back to that fleeting image.  She struggled to keep focused.  Her nipples were so hard they arched, and Bishara’s tongue was teasingly soft as he explored her with his mouth.  He would get tantalizingly close to her clit, then pull away, and mutter more words, and start the slow, delicious torture of dragging his tongue up toward her clit again.

Vicki found herself whispering Djet’s name, over and over.  She realized that she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to cum before she found the Pharaoh.  Bishara drew back from her, replacing his tongue with his fingers.  Vicki moved again, her hips rocking up to meet his finger as it slid into her pussy.  She clenched around his finger, forcing herself to stay focused on Djet.

Vicki realized that she wanted to cum, no she needed to cum.  She bit back a scream when Djet’s thumb found her clit and began slowly circling it.  Her whispered mantra of Djet grew louder, and she could swear Bishara’s fingers moved faster.  Vicki felt the buildup of her orgasm.  Bishara added a second finger, pumping them inside her faster.

She bucked her hips up, giving in to the buildup.  He whispered in her ear, “cum, Victoria, cum now.”

Vicki felt the orgasm break, like a flood of warm water racing up her spine.  She cried out and realized that she was calling Djet’s name.  Then she saw him.  She had a clear vision of the Pharaoh.

Djet looked up at her as if he could see her across the distance that separated them.  “Come to me Priestess,” he said.

Vicki found herself shaking in Bishara’s arms.  “I know where he is,” she managed to gasp out. Still not sure what had happened.

Bishara stroked her hair, “Good. I’d like to talk about how you ended up seeking Djet after the ritual ends.”

Vicki smiled at him, suddenly aware of the intimacy they had just shared.  “So the ritual is still, going on?”

Bishara gave a small laugh, “It’s mostly just an orgy at this point.”

Vicki shifted in his arms, “Good because I’d really like to fuck you.”

Bishara blinked and laughed tightening his hold on her.  “I thought you’d never ask.”

Victoria’s Postcards

Vicki saw the “email” icon on her phone.  She knew that the message was from her best friend Julia.  Both of them were traveling, for different reasons, but both women continued their tradition of sending the other “postcards” – self-made, often self-taken photos, of their travels.

She was waiting in a New York airport for her connecting flight.  Her traveling companion Dr. Colin Bishara was asleep, resting his head on her shoulder.   She opened the email.

According to her message, Julia was in Norway, studying shamanic revival practices.  In the first image, Julia’s red hair peeked out of her fur-lined hood.  The scene behind Julia was an expanse of dark woods and white snow.  There seemed to be nothing around Julia, except the fairy tale dark woods.  A large coat covered her from the hood to the tops of her dark boots.  Vicki didn’t have to wonder about what the coat concealed for long.

In the next image, Julia had the coat open, and she was, as Vicki expected, nude.  Vicki shivered in the airport, wondering how Julia could stand being naked in the snow.  The cold, and probably the company, made Julia’s nipples small dark nubs in the image.  In the next shot, Julia wasn’t alone. Her coat was laid on the ground, and she was on all fours, with a large blond man, also nude, stood behind her.  His erection was impressive given the cold.  He looked so much like a television Viking, that Vicki smiled suspecting this had led Julia to pursue him.  Vicki wondered whether someone taking the pictures for the couple, or if the camera was set on a tripod.  The next shot showed the man with his cock buried in Julia.

Vicki crossed her legs, feeling herself become aroused.  She imaged what it would feel like to be nude in the snow.  Julia had kept her boots on, but Vicki knew how much something like wearing only shoes could make a person feel even more naked.  Would the Viking’s cock and her own heat chase the chill away, or was Julia’s pussy cold?  There was no way for Vicki to know, but she didn’t mind thinking about it, imagining her own breasts swinging in the cold, nipples hard with both excitement and the chill.  In the picture, the Viking had his hands on Julia’s hips, and her hair had swung forward in a red arch that hid her face. The vibrant sweep of hair gave Vicki some idea of how fast the man must be moving.

Was this part of a ritual of some sort, or was this just sport?  What did the dark woods behind them feel like? Was their primeval energy part of the scene? The fairy tale woods full of monsters that loomed over the image gave Vicki a shiver.  Images of ogres, goblins, and more mundane monsters like wolves flashed through her mind.  With what she had learned over the last few months, she thought all supernatural creatures could be possible.

Vicki glanced around the airport.  The airport was still full of passengers, but no one was close enough to see her screen.  Still, she tilted her screen toward the sleeping figure of Colin.  She was letting herself get too caught up in the pictures; she never should have opened them in the airport.  Nevertheless, she opened the next image.

Julia and her Viking were not alone.  They had moved to an outdoor hot tub.  It was a wooden tub, with the glowing embers of a fire underneath.  It sat on a wooden deck, in what looked like the same clearing near the woods.  The snow was still mounded on the ground, but no one seemed to notice.  In this shot, Julia was kissing a blond woman.  Both women were entwined with one another, their bodies hidden in the rippling water and rising steam.  In the next, shot Julia was sitting on the edge of the hot tub with the blond woman had her face between Julia’s legs.  Julia had her head thrown back with a small smile.  Her hand rested on the blond woman’s head.  Vicki imaged how that scene had played out as well.  Julia would ride that woman’s face until she came.  Then perhaps they would switch.  No, Vicki thought that was too tame for Julia.  The Viking would join them, impaling the blond on his cock while Julia watched them.  She’d act the director, ordering him to fuck the blond faster and harder and deeper.  Or maybe the three of them would be together.  Julia’s mouth on the blond’s pussy, while the Viking fucked her again.  Vicki stared at the picture, noting what could have been human forms in the background.  Maybe others had joined them? The figures seemed to be standing in the shadows of the dark woods, and Vicki wondered if the fairy tale monsters had joined them.  What would an ogre add to the hot tub threesome?

The message ended with a report on Julia’s studies, which Vick skimmed.  She’d digest the details of Julia’s research later.  Right now she was tired and horny as hell.  She skimmed Julia’s best wishes.

Vicki scrolled through her phone for the New York pictures she had chosen for Julia.

The pictures were all from Vicki and Colin’s hotel room in New York.  Vicki’s eyes traced the picture.  These were from another ritual to track Pharaoh Djet.  In the first picture, she was naked pressed against the room’s large window.  Her nipples tingled recalling how the cold glass had felt against her breasts.  She wondered if Julia had enjoyed the cold in her pictures.  Vicki’s pussy grew warm thinking about how exposed she’d been in the window. Even on such a high floor, there were plenty of buildings around with clear views of the window.  She’d seen movies and television shows that all used the “Rear Window” trope of the bored voyeur neighbor, to wonder if someone had been watching her.  In the picture, her back was already painted with complicated hieroglyphics and arcane symbols.  She attached it to her message.

That wasn’t the only picture of that ritual, and it wasn’t the only one she would send.  She swiped to the next one, knowing it wasn’t the one she was looking for.  She was seated in front of the window, her legs swung over the arms of the room’s only chair.  It had been a wide-seated chair, she recalled, so it had left her thighs aching and her feeling even more exposed.  She doubted she could have been more splayed open to the skyline if she had tried.  The ritual words drifted through her memory. They had been calling to the sky and winds for aid, so of course, performing the ritual in front of the window made sense.   She looked at the picture, showing her from behind.  Her naked back and bare feet were all that the image showed.   

She skipped to the next picture; this one was taken from the front.  Colin had knelt before her, between her and the window.  She had a bronze dildo buried in her pussy.  The photo caught the gleam of metal slick with her own juices as she slid it inside.  Her hand was blurred, obviously in motion, but Colin had captured her splayed open legs and pussy stretched around the bronze dildo in crisp detail.  She was wet just looking at herself.  She regretted that they didn’t think about making a video.  Colin had backed away after that picture, not wanting to block her view of the window, or perhaps any else’s view of her.  She squeezed her legs together, remembering the hard metal of the dildo filling her.  She recalled Colin urging her on, suggesting that she rub her clit.  She’d frigged herself with that dildo for the gods and spirits of the air to see, all the while chanting the words he had taught her.

The picture didn’t catch the moment she came, still crying out the lines of the chant.  Nor were their pictures of Colin taking the dildo, still slick with her lubrication and laying it on the map.  She had stayed, splayed open in the chair, watching the metal phallus begin to slowly turn on the map.  It pointed toward France.  Not what they had expected, but it was now where they would go.  Before she could move, Colin returned to kneel before her and his tongue inflamed her still quivering pussy.

This she did have a picture of.  It echoed Julia’s in many ways.  Vicki’s thighs framed Colin’s face, and her hand rested on his shaved head.  She wriggled at the memory of his mouth on her clit, sucking gently on her clit, before running his tongue down the length of her.  She shifted her legs, slinging them over his shoulders, tilting her pelvis to rock against his face.  She came again, watching the blank windows of the buildings next door.

She glanced at the picture, thinking about how much it hadn’t captured.  She attached it as the final in the series.

She’d already written the text of her message, both witches trading their magical education, just as they traded their naughty images.  She pulled her coat on to lap, laying it over her legs like a blanket.  It was cool enough in the airport that no one would look askance.  She slipped her hand under the coat and into her panties as she hit send.

Victoria’s Demon

Victoria was learning that magick wasn’t easy. The Pharaoh Djet was still calling her back to him, but the path wasn’t a straight line. After awakening him from his centuries’ long rest, he had disappeared. Colin, Dr. Bishara, had explained that Djet was being pursued by Anubis, a god bent on returning him to the Land of the Dead, where technically he belonged. Their job had shifted from joining Djet, to finding the tools to keep the Anubis away from Djet. 

It was Colin who had thought of the French magician.  Victoria hadn’t expected the magician’s address to be a posh Paris apartment, but it was.  Victoria was a little star-struck by the beautiful woman.

“Welcome, Colin,” Lola said.  “What brings you to my workshop?”

Colin explained their need for a spell to bargain with Anubis.

Lola raised a sculpted blonde eyebrow, “You have gotten yourself into trouble.”

Colin grinned at her.  “So you’ll help us?”

Lola turned her blue eyes toward Victoria.  “What is your stake in this endeavor?” She said coolly.  She seemed to be considering her words, “What would you barter for the knowledge you seek?”

Victoria crossed her legs tighter.   The women couldn’t possibly have meant the innuendo that she heard in the question.  Vicki brushed aside the rush of arousal she felt and tried to think of an answer that didn’t involve a heartfelt offer of debased sex on the rug.  But she found herself answering, “the depravity you wish.”

Lola’s expression didn’t change.  “Stand and strip,” she said, as calmly as commenting on the weather.

Victoria rose and unzipped her dress, letting it slid in a silken rush to floor.  She stepped out of it, pausing to let both magicians admire the delicate lavender lace of her lingerie.  She unclasped her bra, and ran her hands over her breasts, before slipping her panties over her hips to join her dress.  “Oui, Madam,” she said standing naked in the woman’s formal sitting room.

Lola glanced at Colin, “Oh you have found a treasure.”

Victoria felt herself shiver at the compliment.

Still looking at Colin she continued, “I’ll use her until tomorrow morning; you may use my library until then.” She produced a key from what seemed to Victoria thin air and handed it to Colin.

He gave her a long look before he left her alone with Lola.

“You’ve arrived with your offer at the right time,” Lola said to her.  “I have need of a willing sacrifice for a working I wish to complete.”  Catching Victoria’s concerned expression she amended, “A sexual sacrifice, not a human one my pet.”  Her eyes raked over Victoria’s nudity, “I hope you won’t mind a bath?”

Victoria found herself ordered to crawl after Lola as the woman led her to a sumptuous bathroom.  As the large tub filled with steaming water, Lola added a variety of oils and powders.  The scents filled the steamy air.

Lola ordered her in the tub, and Victoria climbed in.  The water was almost too hot, and the scents overwhelmed her senses.  Victoria was already aroused by following this woman’s orders, and she wasn’t sure how long she could wait to come.  Her nipples were rosy stones in the water.

“My, my you are enjoying this aren’t you?” Lola asked reaching a hand in the water to pinch Victoria’s nipple.  Vicki had never thought that someone just touching her nipples could get her off, but she was achingly close to coming when those manicured nails gently scratched her breast.

Victoria’s gasp echoed in the bathroom.  “Yes, I am” she whispered and knew it to be true.

Lola gave her a wicked smile, “Well you will be perfect.”  She ordered Vicki out of the water and dried her off roughly.  Every rub of the towel seemed to inflame her skin more and she nearly came when Lola quickly rubbed the towel between her thighs.  “The herbs have a strong effect on you, pet.”

At Victoria’s blank look, she continued.  “Colin hasn’t taught you much.  The bath was a combination of herbs and powders to increase your sensitivity and passion, like a magical aphrodisiac.”

Vicki crawled after Lola stunned.

“You’ll stay in that state of arousal until the entity arrives.”  Lola led her through the sitting room again, and with a few words and a wave of her hand, unlocked another door.  The air in the new room was cool, and Victoria’s naked flash prickled.  “Stand,” Lola ordered.

Victoria found herself chained spread-eagle to a marble slab.  The stone was cold against her over-heated flesh, but her thighs were still wet.

“Do you still consent to be the sacrifice?”

Victoria swallowed, “What is the entity?” her voice was breathy.

Lola shrugged, “No reliable records exist of what it looks like.  Maybe you can tell me when it’s finished with you.” She ran a finger over Victoria’s breast, “But you must willingly be a sacrifice.”

The woman’s cool flesh only tormented Victoria’s nipples.  “Yes, I consent to be the sexual sacrifice to the entity.” She heard the words tumble from her lips.

“Now, you may not speak again.” Lola admonished.  “You may moan and cry out, but no words.  Do you understand?”

Victoria nodded.

Lola went to work, lighting candles and chanting.  Victoria could feel the pressure building in the small room and barely registered Lola leaving the room and the click of the lock behind her.

Alone in the flickering candlelight, Victoria was distracted by her aching empty pussy.  She stifled a shriek when she heard a voice in the room.

“A sacrifice for me?” the voice drifted through the room.

Victoria felt goose bumps rise on his flesh.  She recited the words Lola had her memorize and heard the entity laugh.  Then she felt its touch, a cool, feathery brush of something against her thigh.  She moaned at the touch, wondering just what this invisible entity would do to her.

In the flickering shadows cast by the candles, she thought she saw a form – something standing on two legs, but with too many hands.  She felt the hands, or something like hands, touching her.  Hands and fingers plucked at her breasts and nipples, while another pair of disembodied hands stroked her flanks and belly.  Victoria’s cries of delight echoed in the darkened chamber.   The fingers on her nipples grew more insistent, twisting and pinching her nipples, and Victoria felt her pussy drip with need.

She writhed on the altar, finding the injunction not to speak the hardest part.  She wanted to beg the ghostly presence to fuck her, to make her cum, anything.  But she bit her lips against the words.  She felt something very like a tongue, a wide, smooth tongue that slurped at her pussy.  Victoria gave a cry and thumped her hips against the table.

“Such passsssion” the entity hissed its voice coming from between her thighs.  “I can tassste your desssire, human.”

Victoria found herself aroused by the thing’s compliment and sighed in delight as it returned to lapping at her. The hands continued to stroke and tease her, and Victoria was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the sensations.  She’d experienced group sex only once and it was the only experience even close to this.  The tongue and the hands had her shuddering, but her body seemed to refuse to orgasm.  She stayed on the edge, the tingling building up.

The licking stopped and she felt the tip of something pressed between her slit; it slid through her wetness, before pushing inside her.  She felt herself stretch around the intruder.  It didn’t feel like any cock she’d fucked before, as it seemed to twist and writhe.  She pushed the comparison to a tentacle out of her thoughts, but it was the most apt. Instead, she focused on the feeling of fullness and the tantalizing pressure on her g-spot from the entity in her pussy.

Her unabashed moans and coos echoed in the chamber and increased as the felt a second tentacle nudging at her asshole.  She almost loosed a hissed cry of “yes” but clamped her lips over the words.  Her words became a joyful, strangled sound of glee as the tentacle inched inside her ass.

She felt each appendage wriggling and moving, driving her into a frenzy of need.  She strained at the bounds that held her on the altar, while the entity continued its slow penetration.

“Human likesss thisss” the voice hissed in her ear.  “Would the human like to orgasssm?”

Victoria felt the words tearing through her throat, she wanted to scream “yes, yes make me cum” but she settled for whimpering cries of frustration.

“The witch taught you well” the voice hissed in her ear.

Victoria bit her lip and felt the appendages change their motion.  The slow penetration and teasing motions were replaced for far more forceful thrusting.  She gave a high pitched cry, finally getting the fucking she craved.  The orgasm that had been keeping her on edge, finally crested.

Victoria’s cries echoed throughout the chamber, while the entity kept moving until it found its own climax.  Victoria felt the twitching of the appendages and the cold burst of its ejaculate flood her, and then she was alone.

She could feel that the room was empty, and lay shivering in aftershocks on the table.  She heard the door open and wondered if Lola had listened to the entire session.

“Victoria?” Lola’s voice carried through the room.

“Oui, Madam,” Victoria replied, surprised how raw her throat felt.  She blinked as Lola raised the lights in the chamber.  She felt Lola stroke her cheek.

“We will need to discuss your experience, ma petite” Lola said to her.

Victoria Charms a Third God

Victoria and Colin spread the blanket in the shade of the small copse of trees. They both began setting up the ritual tools. “So this will appease Him?” Victoria asked.

Colin nodded, “It should. Our trade should keep Anubis from seeking to return the Pharaoh to the Land of the Dead.”

Victoria was sometimes struck by how casually Colin spoke of magick and the mythical as common. Even with all that she had experienced and witnessed, her mind still rebelled against this easy acceptance of the supernatural. She glanced around the woods, looking for witnesses. They were still in France. After a storm delayed their return to Egypt, Djet sent word that it wasn’t safe for them to return yet. Anubis stalked the land seeking him, and he feared their safety should the god run across them instead.

Once they had set up the altar and ritual tools, the rest was easy. Once Colin intoned the final words, they waited. Magick never worked the way Victoria expected it to. She watched the circle Colin had painstakingly laid out, waiting for a cloud of smoke or a figure to slowly materialize. But the space went from empty, to not empty. She blinked at the form in the circle. Her eyes traveled from the well-muscled calves over his narrow hips, and up to his defined chest. His skin was black, onyx dark. But it was the jackal head that disconcerted her. 

“Anubis,” she heard herself whisper in reverence. 

The massive jackal head swiveled to face her, his golden eyes pinning her in place. 

Colin began to speak, presenting his request.

The God listened to Colin. Victoria couldn’t read any expression on his face, and even if his expression had changed, she doubted she could confidently gauge to the facial tics of a jackal anyway.

As the two spoke in Ancient Egyptian, Victoria could only follow every third or fourth word. Colin stood up and stepped into the circle. Victoria frowned in concern. Even as inexperienced in magick as she was, she knew better than to step into a circle. They made them for protection. 

Nevertheless, Colin stepped into the circle and dropped his robe around his feet. He stood naked in front of a god. Victoria noticed that even standing before the god, Colin’s cock was stirring. He dropped to his knees in front of Anubis. 

The large figure removed his kilt, dropping it the ground. Victoria watched wide-eyed as Colin leaned forward and wrapped his lips around Anubis’ cock. She felt herself grow instantly wet watching his cheeks hollow and bulge with his movements. His hands stayed fisted on his thighs, but Victoria and she suspected the god noticed Colin’s cock stirring to fully erect. 

Victoria knelt outside the circle and watched as Anubis began to move his hips, thrusting his cock deeper into Colin’s mouth, so deep it must be in his throat she thought. But Colin simply kept going, the god’s cock slipping in and out between the full lips she had kissed so many times since they met.

Colin’s pink tongue slip out to lap at the god’s ebony cock.  Victoria’s hand drifted toward her clit, wanting to make herself come watching the two in the circle.  Her fingers found her clit, and she was a little surprised just how wet she was.  She rubbed at her clit, the soft nub of flesh already sensitive.  She felt the sun on her skin and masturbated to the scene in front of her.  As she came, she watched through half-closed eyes – the massive god and his cock disappearing into Colin’s mouth.  She let out a gasp and soft moan as she felt a gush of wetness over her fingers.

She froze as Anubis turned his attention from Colin and on to her.

It is a curious thing, the weight of a god’s attention.  Vicki knelt in the French sun, her fingers sticky and still between her thighs, her breathing fast, and her skin flushed.  Anubis’s golden eyes burned into her.  She couldn’t read his expression, but he opened his mouth and spoke.

“Come” he ordered.

She felt the word in her bones, and forgetting everything Colin had taught her about magick and about gods, she obeyed and walked into the circle.

Anubis rested a hand on Colin’s head, keeping Colin’s head moving. Inside the circle, she could see Colin’s cock, stiff and leaking pre-come. It bounced a little with his every movement.  She knelt in front of Anubis, next to Colin.  He grasped her hand, and she realized that she may have ruined everything. She wasn’t supposed to be in the circle.  She cast an anxious glance back wondering if she had broken the lines of the circle.  She saw only unbroken lines.

Anubis lowered his head and smelled her.  She felt the cold brush of his nose and felt his breath. “You have the stink of another god” he hissed at her.  “You cannot serve me.”

Vicki blushed to recall the dark chamber and Lola’s entity filling her.

“Stay,” Anubis intoned, “Watch.”

 Anubis turned back to Colin.  “You will serve Me.” He placed a hand on Colin’s cheek, brushing the man’s cheek.  “Turn around.”

Vicki watched while Colin got onto his hands and knees, and he laid his head in her lap.  He seemed to understand what it was that Anubis wanted. Vicki sat, unsure of what to expect.  Colin met her eyes and gave her a small smile.

As she watched Anubis moving behind Colin, his erection still glistening with Colin’s spittle, she understood.  Colin closed his eyes as Anubis began pressing his cock into Colin.  Vicki bit her lip, both aroused by what she watched and concerned for Colin.  She didn’t know what experience he had with anal sex, but she doubted any experience could prepare a person for the attention of a god.

She watched Colin’s face contort in a combination of pleasure and pain. When Anubis’s cock was fully buried in his ass, Colin gave a low moan.  Vicki stroked his head and watched as Anubis began thrusting in and out of Colin.

She watched and Colin didn’t hide his pleasure.  He moaned and spoke to Anubis in one of the ancient languages that he knew. Anubis seemed to like what Colin said, as he increased his pace.  Colin grasped Vicki’s hands, clasping them tighter and tighter.  They both knew the moment Anubis came; the air in the circle seemed to change, as the god shuddered behind Colin.

He pulled his cock out of Colin and said something to him in ancient Egyptian. Colin gave a mumbled reply.

Anubis turned his gaze on to Vicki.  “Your god comes for you.” Vicki stared at him confused.

Colin said nothing, only moved to a seated position next to her. Then Anubis was gone.

Colin turned to her, his face grave. “I can’t stay in the circle with you, but I can try to send the creature away before it touches you.”

Vicki realized that the creature from the dark chamber was going to return, and found she looked forward to its attention again.  She shook her head, “Let it come. I can be a sacrifice again, besides Anubis may consider this part of his deal.”

He rose on unsteady legs and carefully stepped over the lines of the circle. 

Vicki called out to him “Lola told me not to speak to it.”

Colin nodded, “If it what I think it is, she is correct. Stay silent.  If anything starts to go wrong, I’ll try to banish it.”

Vicki stayed on her knees as the air in the circle grew cold and she felt the first brush of a tentacle and smiled.    

Victoria’s Dream

Victoria ordered another drink and opened her journal. When the dreams had started, Colin had bought the little leather bound book for her. He insisted that she needed to write down the dreams as they may have supernatural significance. While she deferred to his knowledge of the arcane, she also suspected that he simply enjoyed reading about her erotic dreams.

Last night’s dream was no exception, and she sipped her Raki and opened the journal. She noted all the mystical stuff that Colin insisted should be there, the phase of the moon and any significant planetary alignments before getting to the dream itself.

In the dream, she’d been in a stone building, something like a palace maybe. The marble floors were cool under her bare feet and she could hear a fountain somewhere in the building. The room she occupied held a massive bed, festoon with cushions and pillows and a dressing table. She wore a dress if one could call it that, made of an open woven net. It made her think of modern fishnet dresses, but this was clearly finely woven and included beads and jewels. But like its modern version, it covered nothing and highlighted her nakedness under the mesh.

She heard a voice calling her name and immediately recognized it as a Djet, her pharaoh. She’d served him since she’d inadvertently awoken him by masturbating in his tomb. Now, in this dream, she heard him calling her, heard his steps on the marble floor. Unlike her, he wore modern clothing, a perfectly tailored dark suit, as he strode into the chamber. His dark eyes devoured her nearly naked form, and he smiled obviously pleased by her barely dressed state.

Vicki paused, her face flushing as she recalled the dream. She took another sip of the anise-flavored liquor and pressed her legs together more tightly. Colin had promised her that the journal was enchanted in such a way that no one but the two of them could read it, but she still found herself glancing around the hotel bar. It was nearly empty and no one was paying her any attention. She returned to her writing.

In the dream, Djet entered the room and simply grabbed her and kissed her. This was the daydream that had awakened him in the first place. The dream she harbored of being his sexual plaything. A woman kept in his harem to use for his own desires as he wished. And she melted into his kiss that claimed her as his own. He pressed her to him, his hands kneading her ass before he pulled the net dress apart. She gasped hearing the tinkle of glass and metal beads roll across the stone floor.

The tatters of the net clung to her shoulders, as he pushed her to her knees. And she knew what he expected and quickly opened her mouth to receive his cock. He buried his hands in her hair, tugging at her, not allowing her to perform fellatio him, but rather he fucked her mouth. Vicki heard herself moan and did not fight his hands or his cock, even when the saliva slipped over her lips and ran down her chin. She ached to touch herself, to plunge her fingers into her own wet heat but waited to hear his commands.

He thrust his cock into her throat before stepping back and helping her to her feet. Vicki was dizzy, her knees weak, and all she wanted was his hands on her body, his cock inside her – to hear him moan.

“Come, my priestess,” he said, lifting her and laying her on her stomach on the bed. The shreds of the beaded dress smacked against her skin, and her net trapped breasts presses into the silk bed coverings.

Before she could move, he pulled her to her knees and shoved one of the larger cushions beneath her. Her face pressed into the bed as she felt his hands on flesh. His fingers on her thighs, slipping into her squelching wetness with the firm, roughness she craved. Her moans were buried in the bedclothes, as he continued to tease her body. When his fingers left her, she felt something cold and hard press into her and knew it for the ancient bronze dildo that she had used in a magic ritual. He pressed the heavy metal phallus into her, and she squealed as it stretched her.

The oil, warmed and perfumed, poured between her ass cheeks, and his strong hands rubbed the oil, pressing his thumb into her asshole. Vicki was certain that she said something in a dream, some urging of his invasion of her body, some filthy begging for him to take her, to use her, to fuck her ass.

And he complied. She felt his cock press against her asshole, and slip into her. She could feel the thick bronze dildo in her pussy and she squirmed at the fullness but longed to hear him express his pleasure. He filled her ass, fucking her in hard thrusts. In the dream, she’d cried out when she felt his fingers on her clit, rubbing and pinching her must tender flesh. His movement also pressed the bronze dildo slightly deeper.

In the bar, Vicki clamped her legs tighter. She could feel her panties getting damp as she wrote. Her drink was empty, but the bartender set another in front of her without a word. Vicki gave a blushing smile in his direction and went back to her frantic writing.

Dream Djet’s cock stretched her ass, his thighs slapping against her as he took his pleasure. When she finally heard his moan, the growing orgasm finally crested and she shook as she came. Djet continued to tease her clit and thrust into her ass, regardless of her whimpers of pleasure and over-stimulation. When he came, with a roar, she felt the slick remainder of the oil and his semen in her ass. He removed the bronze dildo, leaving it wet with her pleasure on the bed.

Then he lifted her from the cushions and laid her on the bed. He sat next to her, brushing her dark hair carefully from her face. “My priestess,” he said his fingers on her cheek. The rest of his message was in the ancient Egyptian that she struggled to learn from Colin. She transcribed it as best as she could recognizing that the message was important. She only recognized a few words, mostly about Anubis, the god she and Colin sought to protect Djet from. It seemed the ritual, their pact with Anubis was running out, and Djet hadn’t found the correct spells to be allowed to remain on earth.

He gathered her into his arms, holding her against him. He body was sore, and she was strangely sleepy for a dream. The last few commands he gave her were to find specific magicians, who once again may know something about the magic he sought.

Finished transcribing the dream, she looked up again. This time, the bartender was looking directly at her journal. Colin had promised that no one could read it. She snapped the book shut and the bartender looked at her, his eyes glinting in the dark bar.

“I’ve heard about your master, Bishara.” He said, setting another drink down.

She raised an eyebrow, “I don’t know what you are talking about.” And she felt herself chafe at hearing Colin referred to as her master. She served no one but Djet.

He laid a card on the bar, and as she had come to learn and be annoyed with, it carried a series of arcane symbols she didn’t know and was written in Turkish. The only thing she could read was Evren.

The Queen’s Concubine

When Pharaoh Djet found himself at war with the god Anubis, his queen set about to make him immortal on earth. She knew that if he died and faced Anubis’s judgment, Djet would find himself cast into Ammit’s den.  Merneith was renowned for her skill in sorcery, and her long study led her to conclude that the key to immortality on earth was through the Ka.

She began experimenting on the concubines and guards of the palace. After much practice and many failures, she mastered the art of pulling the Ka from the mortal flesh, at least for a brief time. Often the side effects were disastrous, but she’d finally made progress enough that she believed she could safely remove a living Ka.

Tonight, she planned a display of her progress for Djet. She selected the most beautiful of his concubines, Tabiry, a Kushite with high cheekbones and a rich, dark complexion. Her hair was twisted into a thousand tiny braids that swung to her waist. She found Tabiry reclining on a couch in the concubine’s quarters.

“Queen Merneith,” Tabiry purred at her, not bothering to rise, even though all the other women bowed with their foreheads on the floor. “Do you come to show me your magic again?”

The queen smiled at her, “Tonight, I wish to show Pharaoh my magic, and I would like your aid.”

At this, Tabiry sat up, her many beaded necklaces clicking and sliding to rest between her full, bare breasts.  “And what sort of aid will be giving?”

Merneith stroked the woman’s bare back before sitting beside her. She cupped Tabiry’s face and kissed the woman, for Pharaoh shared everything with his Queen. But Merneith broke the kiss, “I’m going to remove your Ka from your body.”

Tabiry knew that Ka was a person’s spiritual doppelganger. A spirit that matched one’s physical form, which at the moment of death, could be preserved in a statue as long as that statue resembled the person. What she also knew was that the Ka only left one’s body at that moment of death.

Tabiry blinked, “I know your powers are vast, my Queen, but I am in no hurry to die.” She inched closer and ran her fingers down Merneith’s thigh. Her dark fingers were stark against the pristine linen of Merneith’s gown. “Besides, you’d miss my physical attention if I were dead.”

Merneith laughed capturing one of Tabiry’s braids. “Ah my beauty, you are correct” she tugged the braid pulling the woman closer. “But you need not die for this to work. I have perfected the technique,” she twined the braid around her hand, drawing Tabiry ever closer. “And your Ka will take physical, corporeal form.” She leaned to whisper in Tabiry’s ear. “Djet will get to enjoy two of you at once.” Merneith kissed the hollow of Tabiry’s throat. “And so will I.”

Tabiry gave Merneith a wicked grin, “I don’t think that even the two of you can handle two of me.” She drew Merneith in and kissed her. “But I will enjoy your effort. Yes, my Queen, I will play your game tonight.”

Without looking away from Tabiry’s face, she ordered everyone out of the chamber. Alone, Merneith kissed her again, her hands freely exploring Tabiry’s body.

Merneith cupped Tabiry’s bare breasts her thumbs rubbing the concubine’s nipples, feeling them harden under her touch. Merneith trailed kisses down Tabiry’s neck, tasting the woman’s sandalwood and musk skin. “You taste of heaven” Merneith murmured as she captured Tabiry’s nipple between her teeth, nipping lightly before sucking. She smiled to her Tabiry’s moan of delight and reached under Tabiry’s beaded skirt. Tabiry was already squirming when Merneith’s hand slipped between her thighs. She cupped Tabiry’s sex, the smoothly shaved mons radiating heat.

“Oh my queen,” Tabiry murmured as she tilted her hips silently begging for more.

Merneith slipped her fingers into Tabiry slick, wet warmth. Tabiry spread her legs and groaned as Merneith slipped a finger inside her pussy. She pumped her finger inside Tabiry, watching the woman writhe underneath her. “You’re beautiful,” Merneith said watching her.

She slid in a second finger, feeling Tabiry’s muscles clench around her. She curled her fingers seeking Tabiry’s favorite spot. Merneith thrust her fingers deeper feeling Tabiry grow hotter and her breathing quicken. She crooked her fingers rubbing, seeking the spot she knew from experience would give Tabiry an intense orgasm. Merneith stroked her inner walls until Tabiry shivered and begged for more.

As Tabiry shuddered and cried out, her pussy clamped around Merneith’s fingers. Merneith smiled and spoke the words of her spell, using Tabiry’s orgasms as a catalyst, she pulled Tabiry’s Ka free of her body. The silver mist of her Ka coalesced and Merneith spoke more words and the Ka glowed and grew more substantial, still misty but almost solid. Tabiry lay in the aftermath of her orgasm, her eyes closed and her breathing slowing.

 “My queen, what have you done?” she reached a hand out to Mer, “that felt different.”

“Look” Merneith squeezed her hand.

Tabiry opened her eyes and blinked at her double. “Gods, is that my Ka?”

Merneith nodded. “Yes, but I still cannot make it solidify. But I am closer.”

Tabiry shifted moving closer to the look at her Ka. “It needs more energy.” She took Merneith’s hand trying to explain what she could see that the sorcerous could not. “I need to orgasm again,” Tabiry said.

Merneith smiled, “that’s easy enough” and leaned down to kiss her.