Giving Up the Ghost (Sunday Serial)

line drawing of Hecate superimposed over a jacaranda tree
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Hero had spent her life assuming that her family was just like everyone else’s – when her Aunt Dee dies, Hero learns that she is part of another world entirely. Everyone, including her best friend, has been lying and helping hide the truth from Hero. Now she has to learn how to survive in a preternatural society where everyone exploits the powerful.

Chapter OneChapter Sixteen
Chapter TwoChapter Seventeen
Chapter ThreeChapter Eighteen
Chapter FourChapter Nineteen
Chapter FiveChapter Twenty
Chapter SixChapter Twenty-One
Chapter SevenChapter Twenty-Two
Chapter EightChapter Twenty-Three
Chapter NineChapter Twenty-Four
Chapter TenChapter Twenty-Five
Chapter ElevenChapter Twenty-Six
Chapter TwelveChapter Twenty-Seven
Chapter ThirteenChapter Twenty-Eight
Chapter FourteenChapter Twenty-Nine
Chapter FifteenChapter Thirty