Sunday Serial

I am working to edit my manuscripts. Every two weeks, I will post a new chapter of one of my novels.

These are manuscripts I wrote a decade ago, and other than sharing them with my writing group and a couple of friends, they have sat on my hard drive. I’ve decided that take on the task of editing and sharing them here. Working on them has reinvigorated my love of novel writing, and I am currently working on a new novel that will eventually find its home here.

Giving Up The Ghost (in progress)

When reluctant wedding photographer, Hero learns that the aunt who raised her has died, the family secrets are revealed. Hero has to learn how to talk to the dead before the the dead ruin her life.

Twilight of the Gods (completed)

In the City of the Jungle, the prophetess Soshay is forced into a war between the gods. Sworn to the God of Twilight, she foresees the destruction of her people, but she may be able to save them, if she can only get them to listen.