The Wild Hunt


When the wild hunt comes riding a blacksmith brazenly watches the riders pass, and meets a fairy hunter willing to risk the sting of cold iron.

Sharp Beauty

A wicked fairy uses a sharp seduction to lure a young woman into her bed. CW: blood, edge play

The Wild Hunt

In another a witch interrupts the wild hunt and pays a steep and sexy price – only to be forever haunted by the encounter.

Tam Lin 2023

A modern reimaging of “The Ballad of Tam Lin” where Janet seduces the lost knight.

The ErlKing’s Bitch

The witch from “The Wild Hunt” goes hunting for her fairy queen only to find the king of another court. CW: degrading language

Trapped in her gaze, I could only nod. Watching her lips, a pearlescent pink, form each word, I wondered what it would be like to kiss such a creature. As if reading my thoughts, she flowed from the horse and drew me into her arms. The scents of vervain and honeysuckle were nearly overwhelming. Standing beside me, she was taller than I, and her silk-wrapped arms were like steel. I knew I was well and truly in trouble.

The Wild Hunt