A Night in a Sex Club

The dungeon party turned out to be a sex party.  Perhaps in our haste to our scene, we both jumped at the first place we could go.

Since we’d arrived early, we decided to start our scene before the place got too crowded.  We weren’t sure about a D/s scene at a non-bdsm event.

seated reclined

Sir removed my dress, a black dress most akin to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress.  He complimented my lace chemise.  He liked it enough that he let me keep it on, but he took my panties.  The chemise was barely long enough to cover my ass, well I’m pretty sure the bottom curve of my ass was revealed.

As with many sex parties, the ratio was skewed to men; thus, we had a small crowd of about eight men follow us into the playroom. There was a couple having sex on the large mattress; otherwise, it was just us and our audience.

I knew I’d be somewhat exposed when He ordered me on to the sawhorse.  It was dark, and that limited how much of me was exposed, I’m sure my naked ass was totally displayed.  Knowing I’d be visible, Left me feeling a delicious mix of arousal and shyness.  Sir was going to find me wet when he checked.

Sir began by rubbing his hand over my bare ass.  He pushed my chemise farther up my back.  I felt the air conditioning on my naked body.  I listened to the onlookers quietly commenting on my body. No one was mean, but they were exquisitely  crude about my creamy white ass and thick thighs.  Sir whispers in my ear, “you look delicious, slut.  All these people are good to watch you cum.” He kissed me softly, and ordered me to turn my head so I was facing the crowd.

Sir began with bare handed spanking, and I do love a spanking.  I felt each sharp sting.  I had my face turned toward the wall.  Sir had allowed me to wear my hair down, and when I had turned my head, he’d let me curtain my face with my hair.
I could see the shadow forms of the watchers peaking through my hair.  He loved having my on display, and I loved being on display. But I also liked to hide, at least a little.

The crowd of men, milled around. I heard a few sharp intakes of breath as Sir resumed my spanking, moving from his bare hand to a wooden paddle.  When he took a break, rubbing my sore ass, I heard murmurs of encouragement.  This wasn’t a kink crowd.  They seemed unsure how to react to a spanking.  I found I was increasingly turned on by the crowd’s commentary about my now pink ass and their discussions​ about what they would do to me, given the chance. A fair number expressed a desire to taste my “sweet looking pussy.”

Sir leaned down to ask me my safe word.  He was checking in, making sure I wasn’t so lost in subspace that we needed a break.  I responded with my word. He asked if I was ok.  I said yes.  He ran his hands over my back, and asked if I liked the crowd.  I blushed and said yes.  He chuckled, and told the onlookers that I liked them watching me.  Then he brushed my hair away from my face.

He slipped his fingers between my labia.  He whispered how wet I was.  He asked if I’d like to skip the rest of the spanking we had planned.  He suggested that we could move to the now empty mattress.  He said  wanted to fuck me while they watched.

I bit my lip considering it, and found the idea had me burning up. These were strangers and they were going to watch someone fuck me. They were going to watch me cum for Sir.  I finally found my voice and said yes.  I was surprised to hear the almost desperate yearning in my voice.

Sir helped me off of the sawhorse.  My chemise had ridden up over my hips, leaving my ass and pussy on display.  I took a step toward the mattress; it wasn’t far only a few steps.  It seemed like there were so many men watching, watching me half naked with a sopping wet pussy.

camera 4

Sir stopped me with a hand on my shoulder.  He slowly slid the straps of the chemise down, exposing my breasts to the room.  He knew that having the chemise shoved around my middle was far more tantalizing for me than being completely naked because only the parts of me that he was going to use were on display.

He laid me on my back, which I hadn’t expected. I couldn’t hide my face at all.  The audience had grown to maybe 10 or 15 spectators.  Some were standing within inches of my near naked body.  Sir made sure I was near the edge  of the bed, with me feet flat on the floor.

He told me to spread my legs, opening my pussy to the room.  He let me lay there for a minute, telling me to keep my eyes open.  Then he surprised me again as he knelt between my legs and started licking.

His tongue laved my clit, and I moaned… I moaned and bucked my hips in front of a crowd of strangers.  Sir’s beard rasped again my thighs, as his tongue slid deeper.  I balled my fists and let my eyes drift across the crowd.

I made eye contact with a man masturbating.  I watched him stroke his cock while he watched me moaning and thrusting against Sir’s face.

I locked eyes with this stranger as I came.  I’d never felt so dirty and so aroused.  Sir knew I had cum, but didn’t let up. He added his fingers, sucking my clit and sliding a finger inside my pussy.  I writhed while the audience watched.

One of the men reached out and tugged on my nipple.  I was shocked back into full awareness.  Even before I glared at him, someone else in the crowd muttered at the offending man, “you have to ask first.” The man backed into the crowd.

I made eye contact with the man who spoke up and waved him over.  I asked if he’d like to play with my tits.  Sir noticed the exchange and stopped his assault on my pussy.

There I was laying splayed on the bed with a stranger, a large man, squeezing my tits.  He started gently, but he must have enjoyed my squeals as he pinched and pulled at my nipples because he got rougher.  Sir walked around the bed, once again my wide open snatch was on display.  Perhaps more so as the lights, while still dim, were brightest here.  I noticed a few silhouetted figures move to stare at my open pussy.  I heard them talk about how pink it was, how juicy it looked.

Sir came around and whispered to me, asking again if I was ok with this stranger mauling my tits.  Around wiggles and moans, I breathed a yes, oh yes Sir my new friend is wonderful.  Sir spoke to the man, asking him if he’d like to keep playing with my tits while Sir fucked me.  My new friend must have agreed, as he didn’t stop playing.  He even bent down and took one nipple into his mouth. He sucked and perhaps taking a cue from the spanking I’d received at the start of the night he bit down, gently at first, but growing more intense.

I felt Sir take his place between my thighs.  I couldn’t see him with my new friend in the way.  I felt Sir’s cock slide inside me.  I was fast becoming overwhelmed by the sensation.  Sir fucking me in slow measured strokes, almost methodical.  While the stranger at my tits sucked, squeezed, and mauled at me.  The conflicting sensations were almost too much. I don’t know if it was an overload or my fears of letting go.  I whimpered and moaned.  I bucked my hips, but Sir just kept the same pace.

It felt like the crowd had moved closer, maybe hoping I’d extend my invitation to them too.  The faces blurred before me as I felt myself edge closer to orgasm.

Sir ordered me to tell the audience what I was feeling.   I love talking dirty, but he knew that it also left me blushing with embarrassment.  “Tell them,” he said. “Tell them how it feels to invite a stranger to play with your tits.”


I bit my lip, struggling to find words, knowing that once I started, I’d let loose a torrent of words.  Even my new friend joined in, saying “that’s right baby tell these guys how much you love Daddy’s hands on your pretty titties.”

I started whispering… “I love having this stranger biting my nipples.  I love him mauling my titties while Sir fucks me.”  I let my eyes drift over the audience, “I love being watched. I love being Sir’s slut to entertain you all.”  My words started to run together when I came.  I babbled and feel into a litany of “yes” and “oh God.”

I felt Sir cum and his cock slide out of me.  I felt empty and wanting.  Sir looked down at me.  He had that questioning face, the expression he wore when thought I was ready to challenge myself, to push my limits.

I looked up at my new friend, he’d used daddy – not a name I normally use.  “Daddy, do you want to fuck me? Do you want all these guys to watch you fuck me?”

He glanced at Sir, who shrugged. “She can make get own choice on this.”

Daddy had stopped playing with my tits, but my pussy was still twitching.

“please Daddy,” I asked resting my elbows in the bed to lift my chest up.  “This slut needs another cock” I pouted at him wide-eyed and biting my lip.  I heard a couple of guys in the crowd offer themselves as cocks.

Daddy nodded, “get on your hands and knees baby.”  I moved quickly getting into the position he wanted.  I felt Daddy’s hands on my hips and his cock slide into me.

I was being fucked by a stranger before an audience.

That thought alone was enough to make me cum.

Daddy laughed as a shouted I was cumming.  He then started to really fuck me, fast and hard.


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