Full Moon

Samantha pulled her emerald cloak a little tighter around herself.  She could hear the faint sound of the drums and see the orange glow of a fire in the trees.  She made her way down the dark path, the drums beginning to beat in her blood.  The autumn air held a chill that invigorated her.  She followed the path and the crisp scent of wood fire toward the meeting.
witchShe entered the clearing, blinking in the glare of the bonfire.  She watched the figures dancing around the flames, their naked bodies turned to silhouettes.  She nodded in greeting to the other coven members, some drumming and some choosing to remain outside of the circle.

Samantha has no intention of remaining outside the circle.  She tossed her cloak into the pile and shivered as the cool autumnal air reached her naked flesh.  She shook out her hair, letting the honey blonde length fall loose to her shoulders.

She stepped into the circle, twisting and gyrating to the drums.  Her coven-mates danced around her, occasionally they caressed one another, sweat-slicked skin sliding smoothly.  Samantha let her mind drift, moving to the drums.

When the chanting began, she joined in. “Io Pan” echoed through the woods.  The chant was punctuated by howls and cries, while the dancing continued. The air was intoxicating with energy.  Samantha lost track of herself, of her coven-mates only the calling and the dancing mattered.  Her movements became frenzied. She sounds her hair whipping around and her limbs writhing.  She lost track of the chant and of time.  She was lost in the movement until the grove fell into silence.

Samantha stumbled in the hush.  The drummers eventually tapered off their drumming, but they never just stopped.  She pushed her hair out of her face, and her jaw dropped.  She was used to the rituals becoming orgies. She never expected to see Him, but she couldn’t deny it.

Pan stood at the edge of the clearing.  His chestnut hair was tangled with flowers and vines and fell about his ram horns.  Her eyes traveled down the planes of his chest, noting the swirls of hair that eventually joined the fur on his legs, his goat legs.  She bit her lip staring at his erection jutting toward the sky.  Here was Pan answering their call.

She felt herself move toward him, stepping around the other members of the coven, each frozen in shock or worship.  As she neared him, she could see that his goat-slitted eyes were tracking her movements.  He stepped toward her, his cloven feet silent in the grass.  They reached the altar at the same time.

He glanced over the offerings they had prepared: incense, wine, candles, and flowers.   He took the bottle, drinking deeply from it.  He handed it to her, and Samantha took, drinking.  In one motion, he shoved everything off of the altar and lifted her upon it.  She sat on the table, her legs splayed open as he stood before her.  Again, her eyes found his massive erection, strangely human even surrounded by fur.

maleHe turned to the assembled witches, “You have called me,” He said, his voice made Samantha shiver.  “Now, I take what you offer.”

He turned back to Samantha and placed one hand on her waist.  He entered her slowly.  She moaned and wrapped her legs around his back, “Oh my god yes,” she whispered.

He laughed and placed both his hands on her hips slowly sliding his cock into her.  Samantha had never experienced a man so large.  His girth stretched her and flooded her with sensations she’d never felt before.  It was a pleasure that was almost overwhelming, almost painful but never quite crossing that line.  He slowly increased his pace, and the gathered witches slowly began their drumming and chanting again.

He kept pace with drum, slow and deep until Samantha thought she would go mad with need.

“Touch yourself, little witch” Pan intoned.

witch2Samantha reached a hand between them, rubbing slowly at her clit, biting her lip and half closing her eyes.  She was so close to coming.

“Come, little witch,” he said, and she did. She wasn’t sure if it was her fingers touching her clit that sent her over if he could simply demand the orgasm out of her.  She cried out, “Io Pan” and shook with her climax.

Then he sped up, his hands seeking her breasts.  He rubbed and toyed with her nipples, driving her to cry out again.  She gasped as she felt another orgasm building.  She wouldn’t have thought she could come again so quickly.  His cock was pounding into her, hard and steady matching the drums as they increased their pace.  The witches had resumed their dancing, and many were beginning the orgy.

Samantha kept her legs wrapped around the waist of Pan, and her hands braced behind her as he pounded faster.  He commanded her to come again, and she did.  The orgasm built tingling and intense, only to break at his command.  She felt him shudder and slow.  He clasped her close to him for a moment, but his cock never softened.

He withdrew from her, and crooked a finger at another witch, she thought his name was Thomas, but she wasn’t sure.  She started to shift away, to leave the altar when Pan stopped her.

“Stay little witch,” he ordered.  When Thomas arrived at the altar, he bore his own erection.

“This is My sacrament,” he said.  “Eat” he pointed at Samantha’s dripping pussy.

Thomas began to kneel at her feet, and Pan stopped him.  He directed Thomas to bend over.

witch panSamantha sighed as Thomas warm tongue began lapping at her pussy.  She watched as Pan’s cock, still glistening with her wetness, disappeared into Thomas’s ass.  She felt the man’s gasp as his breath puffed into the wet folds of her pussy.  She watched while Pan slowly worked his cock into Thomas. Pan ordered Thomas to stroke his own cock.  She wondered how long the human would last before coming.

“Eat,” Pan intoned every time Thomas stopped.  Samantha watched and quivered as Thomas tongue lashing once again sent her over the edge into orgasm.  When Pan came, his cock once again remained hard.  Pan kissed Thomas deeply and sent the man back to the circle, where a group of witches pulled him into their orgy.

He kissed Samantha as well.  His hands twined into her hair, his tongue invading her mouth.  He lifted her from the altar and sat upon it. He impaled her on his cock and commanded her to ride.

Masturbation Monday, where getting off is half the fun



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