Natalie set a timer that was the game after all: a timer, a vibrator, and a camera. Sir would be watching from across the world.

time 2

She lay on the bed, nude except for her collar.  This one had the bell on it. She followed the directions of the game. Setting the wand in the right place so she couldn’t wriggle away from it and positioning the camera so he could watch everything. The wand had a Bluetooth control, so Sir could change the speed and intensity while he watched. She just had to ride it out for fifteen minutes.

She dialed Will’s number and turned on the camera.

“Hello Kitten” his voice drifted from the phone. “You look beautiful.”

She smiled at the camera, “Thank you, Sir” she shifted on the bed, getting comfortable. “I have set up everything as you ordered.” She hoped everything was correct. The wand was bound to her thigh, pressing against her clit. Not enough to be painful but close enough that moving wouldn’t dislodge it or stop the vibrations from reaching her clit.

“Shift that wand up just a bit more,” Sir’s voice came through the phone. “I want it to stay in place the entire time.”

Natalie moved the wand, and felt it press harder against her clit. She’d already dripped lube over it, so it was slick and a little cold. “Is that better Sir?” she asked?

“Perfect, now I want you to hold on to the bars on the headboard.” His voice was like a caress, and Natalie hurried to comply. She knew he’d have her hold the bars in place of tying her up. Then the vibrator sprang to life. The rumbling vibration was low, obviously at its lowest setting, but still it made Natalie squeak.

“Does my Kitten like that?”

Natalie nodded, and found her voice. “Yes, Sir.” She fought to keep still, it was so early in the game and the setting was so low. She wondered what it would feel like after five minutes or ten? She wanted so much to please Will, but she really didn’t know her limits in this game.

“Good, girl” he said, and the vibrator turned up a level.

time 3

This time Natalie did move. She managed to keep her fingers locked around the headboard, but her thighs quivered with her effort to keep her legs open. Her hips bucked involuntarily, both begging for more and trying to dislodge the vibrator. She writhed on the bed, stretching her legs and moaning loudly.

“What’s the matter Kitten?” his voice drifted out of the phone, “Don’t you like it? I thought that was your favorite toy?”

Natalie felt the vibrations pulsing through her, and knew that she was going to come. Before she could try to hold off, to delay her body shuddered and the orgasm overtook her. The toy, of course, was relentless. It kept buzzing away at her hypersensitive clit, and she was surprised when she felt herself ready to cum again. “I… I love it Sir,” she gasped out, “I’m going to come again.” She moaned as she felt the second orgasm looming.

And Will dialed the toy back down, and Natalie whimpered in frustration. The lower vibration was its own torment. After the harder vibrations, the lower setting was a tease, not enough pressure or intensity to get her off, but enough to keep her on the edge.

She was certain that she looked frustrated when she heard Will’s laugh. The deep throaty laugh he reserved for when he tormented her. “I thought you liked it Kitten,” he purred. “You don’t look happy anymore.”

Natalie bit her lip and shifted on the bed, hoping the movement would give her what she needed. It didn’t. “Can’t I have more, please Sir?” She knew he liked to hear her beg.

“I don’t want to wear you out,” he answered. “You still have ten minutes.”

Natalie hadn’t realized there was that much time left. Before she could react, the vibrator increased, skipping up from the lowest level to somewhere near the top of its range.  This time she did cry out, a stream of dirty talk and desires poured out of her mouth as the orgasm ripped through her.

“Let’s see how long you can take this level.”

time 4

She barely heard his voice, her body reacting to the constant buzzing. She rocked from side to side, but the pressure never relented. She’d already come, but could feel another orgasm starting. Her whole body tingled and tensed in anticipation. She held tightly to the bedpost, her hips jumping and shacking on the bed.

He’d said it was only ten minutes, Natalie reminded herself over and over as the relentless buzzing continued. She had no idea if one minute or ten had passed. She heard herself begging and moaning, her body shuddering with each climax. But she never gave her safe word.

It took her a minute to realize that the vibrator had stopped.

“Natalie?” she heard his voice, and recognized concern in it.

“Oh Will,” she managed to whisper, “that was amazing.”

She heard Will’s laugh, and felt herself warm.

“Ok Kitten, I need you to let go of the bed post, can you do that?”

Natalie nodded, and tried to pry her fingers from the bars. She felt the sting of blood rushing into her fingers and cringed a little as the pain pulled her back into her body. She wiggled her fingers, and began slowly stretching. “I’m ok now, Will.” She said, her voice gaining strength. She reached for the water bottle she’d left next to the bed, and sipped it slowly.

She heard Will’s sigh of relief through the phone. “You were pretty far into at the end, I had to cut it short.”

She unstrapped the wand, and wondered just how sore she’d be. “How long did I last, Sir?”

Her phone flickered and she accepted the video call. She turned on to her side and looked at Will. He looked concerned, but also pleased. “You made it eight minutes.” He paused, “now pull that blanket over yourself.”

“Yes, Sir” Natalie answered, folding the soft blanket around herself.

“You were beautiful, Kitten” he smiled at her.

Natalie felt herself beam. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Now I have a video to share with you.” He shifted the camera, and Natalie saw his cock hard and already leaking. She lay cocooned in her blanket as he stroked himself.


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