Loli… (image only post)

I don’t do a Gothic Lolita look as often any more, but I do still love the look. Aside from the obvious transgression of the style, I love how utterly feminine it is. The flared skirts and petticoats and cutesy details are sometimes so appealing to me.

Fishnets are a little darker than the usual Loli look, but then I am little darker than the average Loli.

Sinful Sunday


  1. I have a particular love of the dramatic goth punk look… I think it was one of the first things I associated with “sexiness” when I was younger and its stuck. These photos are fabulously stylish x

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  2. I never really went for the gothic lolita look, but I always found it cute.The Japanese girls really do it so well! It looks very cute on you too, and fishnets are super sexy!


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