The Monster Smash Part 1

Fiona tugged on the hem of her skirt. The maid’s costume was a little shorter than she expected, but she did love the way the fishnet stockings stretched up her thighs. The costume wasn’t original, but it was sexy, and she was looking to cut loose at this costume party. She pulled a lacy mask over her head and settled it in place. Then, she entered the house, following the sounds of music and laughter.

vintage photo of a women in a nightgown with a skeleton

She stood nervously in the doorway, staring at the party-goers. They had not bought their costumes at a cheap shop. These looked like Hollywood quality props. Yet a woman dressed in a slinky nightgown came gliding over to welcome her.

AS the woman approached her, Fiona realized that the nightgown had a plunging neckline – she was simply so pale that skin and the dress were nearly indistinguishable until she was right next to the woman.

“Greetings,” the woman purred. She took Fiona’s hand and led her deeper into the party.  Fiona smiled after the woman, wondering if the vampire had mistaken her for someone else. She decided to go with it and see what happened.

The vampire’s hand was cool in her own and Fiona found herself nodding and smiling as the vampire introduced her to guests. Their costumes were only more impressive up close, some gorgeous and some ghoulish. The vampire referred to everyone by their costume name, so Fiona, the maid, met a devil, a few other vampires, three witches – whom the vampiress called the weird sisters in quick succession. A ghoulish quartet of zombies leered at her from behind makeup that looked like real rotting flesh, and a  

But it was the trio of werewolves where the vampiress stopped. She squeezed Fiona’s hand and raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at her. “Oh really?” she purred, “I wouldn’t have guessed this was your choice.”

Fiona frowned and started to ask what she meant, when the vampiress whispered in her ear, “I can hear your heartbeat, and I can smell your interest.” And with that, she left Fiona with the three wolves.

Their costumes were amazing, and Fiona found herself reaching out to touch the fur on the closest wolf. It was silky soft, and she had to stop herself from stroking the man’s arm.

She grinned up at the man, “Sorry I should have asked if I could touch you.”

The wolf looked down at her, his tongue lolling from his muzzle. “S’okay,” he growled at her. Fiona shivered at the growl.  

She wondered how his mask was made – it certainly made it hard for him to speak. His friends moved closer to her, offering her their arms. Fiona giggled and began stroking their fur as well. It wasn’t only the fur she felt, but she also felt the hard muscle beneath the costumes.

Fiona bit her lip, wondering just how loose she wanted to get at this party when the three wolves began to pet her in return. Her skin pricked and warmed as their clawed fingers caressed her arms and neck.

When the first wolf, stepped behind her, pressing close Fiona felt his hard cock pressing against her. She was surprised at her own growl of delight feeling him, and she wriggled against him, pressing closer to him making her interest clear.

When the wolves stroking her arms saw this, one lowered his head, licking her shoulder. Fiona yipped in surprise as the warm wet tongue moved over her shoulder, but she didn’t move away – she leaned into him, wondering just how long his tongue was and just how skilled he could be with it.

The final wolf, not to be outdone, ran his claws over her bare midriff. The competing sensations had Fiona clamping her thighs together wanting the pressure on her clit. She decided then and there, that was going to have all three of these wolves, but she was going to push them just a little.                

1940s pinup with a jack-o-lantern and shadow skeletons

“MMMM,” she tried to form the words she wanted to tease them with and was distracted as the wolf’s hand dripped lower, working his fingers into the waistband of her skirt. She licked her lips and tried again, “If you want me,” she panted at them, “You’ll have to catch me.” She stepped out of her heels, then she took off into the crowded ballroom. The wolves howled in delight behind her and started to follow.

Laughing, Fiona ducked around party guests and dodged the staff carrying trays of drinks. She ran passed the vampiress who’d led her into the party, and noted the woman’s smile at her – just before she felt the hard arm wrap around her waist.

Before she knew what was happening her feet were off the floor and one of the werewolves had caught up to her. She tried to jerk away, but the other two wolves flanked them. She was caught, and quite happy about it, but continued to struggle for the game of it. And all of her strugglings let her rub against the bulge in his pants.

He carried her a few steps to an empty settee and tossed her onto it. She didn’t get a second to catch her breath before the flanking wolves were tugging her top down, revealing her sheer, black lace bra.

Their claws shredded the delicate fabric, and Fiona watched it, urging them on. Telling them she was their prey and they should devour her. When the wolves clawing at her bra had her nipples revealed, Fiona leaned back on her elbow a pose that pressed her tits up, offering them to the wolves.

And the wolves took the offer, lowing their muzzles to her nipples, their long pink tongue lapping at her nipples.

Fiona moaned, “Yes,” her eyes watching their masked faces, “keep your masks on boys.”

They seemed to chuckle at that suggestion, but she felt the clawed fingers of the third wolf on her thighs. She felt her panties pulled down and a rush of cool air on her pussy. The tongues on her nipples were teasingly light but distracting.

She could barely see the man between her thighs around the wolf heads teasing her nipples, and the hands kneading her tits. The lack of view didn’t stop her from feeling the werewolf as he stepped between her thighs, and she felt the silky brush of his fur against her thighs.

Fiona spread her legs wider and tilted her hips, “Come on wolf,” she moaned at him, “I’m your bitch.”

That was all the encouragement he needed because she felt his thick cock press against her, filling her. She bucked against him, pressing closer to him. One of the wolves at her tits nipped at her skin – and Fiona was enraptured. She closed her eyes and felt their clawed fingers scratching and teasing her skin, and the cock filling her. She planted her feet on the ground and thrust back at the wolfman, and reached her fingers between them, finding her clit.

She rubbed her clit, feeling her belly tighten and a warm tingling started building. She urged the men on, calling them wolves and beasts and calling herself prey and a bitch. Her words got lost in her moaning orgasm, and the wolf soon joined her releasing a howl that had her shuddering in the aftermath of her orgasm, with a touch of fear. Perhaps these men were taking the monster game too far? And then she felt the cock buried in her pussy, swell and stretch her further.

The wolves ceased their licking and nipping at her flesh and moved back. She locked eyes with the man, no the wolfman, whose cock was swelling inside her – and she finally understood why her suggestion they keep their masks on made them laugh. And the pressure in her pussy hit just the right spot, and she started to move her fingers again, the wolf’s gleaming eyes never leaving hers.         

He held her there, with his cock locked inside her, and his eyes locked on – until her fingers and the pressure in her pussy once again brought her to orgasm. And she whimpered and moaned in pleasure while the wolfman slowly pulled his cock free of her.

Fiona bit her lip, looking up at him, then over to the other wolfmen. She lay on the settee, half undressed and stared at the wolfmen, her eyes not missing the erections the two remaining wolves were sporting.

She started to move, and the wolfmen let her.

“We thought you knew,” the first wolfman said, and looked as sheepish as a wolf could.

Fiona found herself smiling at them, “I didn’t… I didn’t think it was possible.” She sat up, not straightening her dishelved hair or costume. She reached out, resting her hand on the wolfman’s arm, “But I want more.” Her smile becoming a grin.

flapper wearing a sheet and devil horns holding a skull

The wolfmen gave a rough chuckle and began unbuttoning their pants.

Fiona bit her lip, watching their cocks spring free from their pants, and shifted from her back to her hands and knees.

The two remaining wolfmen seemed to understand her intention as one took his place behind her and the other moved to stand in front of her. She began licking the cock the wolfman offered her, her tongue teasing and tasting him, and she felt the wolfman behind her, his fur brushing softly against her, before he pressed inside her.

She groaned in pleasure as he began thrusting inside her, and she opened her mouth, taking all of the other wolfman’s cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes, letting the sensations overwhelm her, letting herself get lost in the moment.

She barely registered the vampiress’s voice as she lead another party guest around, “Oh it looks like the wolfmen are busy,” she gave a sultry laugh, “I’ll have to introduce you to them later.”

Fiona didn’t hear the new party-goer’s reply and didn’t really care. She was too lost in enjoying the attentions of the wolfmen.  

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