I am not finished yet…

I haven’t written much, at least not much I have finished this year. I think as year two of the pandemic wore on, and my losses mounted, I found I just couldn’t focus on writing. A former partner took his own life, my boyfriend of two years, decided halfway through the pandemic that he wanted to be closer to family – and that family is 3,000 miles away – so he moved. I lost my best friend about five years ago – she just ghosted out of my life. Inexplicably to me, she reached out to me… only to ghost me again.

I had significant work strife – enough that I considered giving up my career. In the end, I reached out to friends, and they helped me get through it.   

My losses are still haunting me. They are still hurting me. But I am working on addressing my feelings of loss and hurt.

When I saw Violet Fawkes was running January Jump Start again, I decided it was time to get back to finishing something.

I have a couple of erotica pieces that are partially written and a new novel that is almost done. For now, I may just be posting some flash fiction pieces until I have something more substantial.

January start


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