Third Sun

After Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, destroyed humanity during his reign as Second Sun, Tlaloc, the rain god, became the Third Sun. He remade the world and re-created the humans to worship the gods. All the gods were happy until he sought out Xochiquetzal as a wife. The gods all cautioned against the match.   

Xochiquetzal, goddess of sexuality, was hesitant and would agree only if Tlaloc consented to her one condition. She required that Tlaloc accepted an open marriage. As the other gods shook their heads, Tlaloc eagerly agreed.

When she took Huēhuecoyōtl as her lover, Tlaloc immediately grew distant and petulant. Worse, he’d begin withholding rain from the people. They cried out in despair and made many blood sacrifices, but he refused to be moved.

The cries of the people crowded Xochiquetzal’s ears and filled her eyes with tears, but Tlaloc remained unmoved and unwilling to speak to her.  

The gods came to her, all except Tezcatlipoca, demanding that she end her dalliance with Huēhuecoyōtl, in order to save the people. First, she refused. She reminded the gods and her husband that he had agreed to her condition of marriage. Finally, as the jungles turned to straw, and the people lay down to die, she gave in and ended the relationship with Huēhuecoyōtl. But she also ended her marriage to Tlaloc. However, Tlaloc continued to refer to her as a wife and sought her favor in all things.   

Xochiquetzal, ignoring him, spent her time responding to the human prayers that came to the heavens for her. The young lovers and prostitutes who called out to her seeking not love, but passion and sexual excitement.

Leaving her empty bed, she journeyed to the earth. She quickly found a young woman praying at a household shrine. The women knelt in front of the small statue of Xochiquetzal, placing a sweet cake on the small table. Xochiquetzal listened to the woman’s heart, finding the woman unable to choose between her two lovers. This was simple to fix, she thought. And it wasn’t long before the woman had both of her lovers together in bed.  

Invisible to the humans, Xochiquetzal watched as both men worked in tandem to pleasure their shared lover. Xochiquetzal couldn’t resist the lure of the bodies tangled on her petlatl.[1] She stepped around the rabbit furs that once covered the petlatl now strewn on the floor, and laid a hand on one man’s phallus, stroking him to a hardness he’d never before experienced, and guided him to his panting lovers. As she watched them, she wondered about finding another lover of her own. But all the gods avoided her advances, afraid that Tlaloc would once again withhold the rain.

The cries and moans of the three lovers broke through her thoughts and were sweeter to her than any prayers. Her own fingers trailed under her skirts, and she was wet as the rain her former husband so often withheld from the humans. She stroked her hot, slick flesh watching the human woman sigh as the second of the men mounted her. Xochiquetzal slipped her fingers inside her own sex. and then, she took control of the man, entering his mind and making him match his thrusts to the movement of her fingers. She used him like a puppet, and when she reached her own climax, and she felt her juices flow down her thighs, she released her hold on him. He fumbled a moment, his thrusting returning to his more natural rhythm. While she watched him find his climax, she straightened her skirt.     

As she turned from the lovers, now in a tangle of satisfied limbs, she caught sight of the dark figure of Tezcatlipoca, creator of the world and god of the nighttime sky. His jaguar pelt low on his hips, his chest bare, he gave her a slow, wicked smile. But before she could speak to him, he turned and disappeared into the darkness of the night. She felt her passion rekindling knowing that he’d watched her pleasure herself. And she wondered about taking him for a lover. He’d boasted before about being able to match her passions but had not spoken such claims since the long drought. Perhaps, she thought, he too was afraid of Tlaloc’s retribution.    

She turned away from the lovers in their small adobe home, preparing to leave, to return once more to her empty bed when she felt an arm clamp around her waist and a dark voice in her ear.

“Xochiquetzal, I can slake your passions.”

She leaned into his arms and felt the truth in his words. “You interrupt my work, Tezcatlipoca” she hissed at him, but her voice, dripping with desire, betrayed her. The heat of his arm burned her bare skin like a brand. She forced herself to move away from him, recalling the last time she took a lover.   

Tezcatlipoca smiled as she moved away, and quick as the jaguar he commanded, he pulled her toward him and kissed her with a fierceness that stole her breath.  

Xochiquetzal did not melt, nor did she cling helplessly to him. No, she met his kiss with her own ferocity, her fingers gouging his flesh as she dragged her nails down his back.

It was only when the drops spattered the ground that she shoved him away. If Tlaloc was sending the rain, he could be watching. Leaving Tezcatlipoca alone and gasping, she fled back to the realms of heaven.

It was not long before Xochiquetzal was once again drawn back to earth, but this time it was not the prayers of humans that recalled her to earth, it was the night sky that made her recall Tezcatlipoca’s kiss and that darkness drove her back to the earth.

It was in the darkness of the jungle that she found him again. He stood, wearing only a jaguar skin and his dark smile. Once again, she met his passion.

She kissed him hungrily, her hands clawing at his flesh – desperate to feel every inch on him. Her teeth closed on his full lower lip, biting hard enough to draw blood. She licked up the blood, tasting the exquisite sweetness of it. This was his blood sacrifice to her, and she gloried in it. He responded with a growl that filled the clearing, and Xochiquetzal’s own lips curved into a delighted smile. She ran her tongue over his lips once more, capturing the last of the blood and felt his hands tighten on her flanks, his fingers bruising her, marking her.

Her fingers tangled in his long hair, and she twisted its length around her palms and jerked his head back exposing his throat. His phallus jerked in response, nudging against her thigh. Xochiquetzal bit and sucked at his exposed flesh, reveling in her domination of this untamed jaguar. Her teeth bruised the soft flesh of his neck before she released her grip on his hair.

They lay on the grass, the night sky above them. He pressed her back, pushing her thighs apart before burying his face between her legs. She wrapped her legs around his neck. The flat of his tongue moved over her sex, tasting and exploring her. Her fingers tangled in his hair, as she held his head between her thighs. She didn’t need to keep him there, as he tasted and sucked on her flesh with such ferocity that she wondered if he meant to eat her in truth.  

When he finally lifted his head to look at her, he said, “Your taste is as intoxicating as pulque.[2]” His lips were slick with her juices. He lapped up her wetness and finally sucked on her zacapilli[3], the seat of her pleasure, while she writhed against him, her moans and gasps spurring him on. The dark, star-spangled heavens watched as Tezcatlipoca devoured Xochiquetzal.

“Yes,” she cried out, and he continued sucking on her flesh, as her orgasm overtook her. Her moans of “yes, please yes” rang through the jungle clearing. And tongue never stopped tasting her while she bucked her hips and her cries became whimpers and moans of pleasure.

He lifted his head from her and moved forward fitting himself between her spread legs. Xochiquetzal reached up, grabbing his head again, pulling him down to kiss her. She tasted herself on his lips, and as she kissed him hard, she felt his lip begin to bleed again. She licked the blood away, and shifted her hips, feeling his cock rubbing against her. When the tip pressed against her, she couldn’t stop herself from tilting her hips, trying to press him inside her.

“Now, Tezcatlipoca,” she ordered and for a moment, she thought he would refuse. Then he shoved his phallus into her, and she gasped in delight.        

He fucked her mercilessly, his pace fast and frantic. His weight pressed her into the grass of the clearing. Xochiquetzal spread her legs further, bending her knees, her feet finding purchase on the ground. She began to meet his thrusts, relishing the feeling of his body slamming into hers.  The rough thicket of his hair scraping her already hypersensitive zacapilli left her tingling.

His gaze found hers, and she saw him smile when she cried out. She felt herself orgasm again. Her sex clamped around his hard phallus as she cried out her climax, not caring if her cries roused all the gods of the heavens. This was what she had desired for so long. 

His body shook as he reached his own summit. He ground his cock deeper into her, before laying half on top of her taking long shuddering breaths.

“Tezcatlipoca” Xochiquetzal, said stroking his hair, “You have pleased me. And surprised me.”

She felt his laugh through his flesh before it filled the clearing. “I told you, Xochiquetzal, I can match your passions.”

Xochiquetzal no longer doubted his boast.

They lay together as a light mist fell over them. Half asleep, Xochiquetzal was slow to recognize the danger from the rain. “Tezcatlipoca” she whispered, sleepily. “I’m cold.”

He too was sleepy and spread his jaguar pelt over them, but they both felt the rain grow warmer. Xochiquetzal snuggled closer to Tezcatlipoca until she felt her skin burn. Awakened, they both gazed in horror at the sky. The clouds once a source of life rained fire onto the earth in Tlaloc’s rage. The droplets glowed red as embers, and where they fell the land burned.

They returned to the heavens as the rain intensified, no longer a few flames, but a conflagration that melted even the stones of the humans’ temples. They both returned to the heavens and found the rest of the gods arguing with Tlaloc about the rain. He was unmoved by their arguments just as he was unmoved by the wails of the people. When Tlaloc turned and saw Xochiquetzal, still naked from her tryst in the jungle, his eyes sparked with rage, and the fire fell in great sheets, destroying the people in an instant.  

Thus ended the time of the Third Sun.   

The gods converged upon Tlaloc’s paradise, which flourished green and alive in stark contrast to the smoldering world below. Some gods wished to become the next Sun, while others supported their favorites. None were willing to accept Tlaloc as the Fourth Sun and the fighting between Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl grew fierce and further divided the gods. Some gods offered themselves as Fourth Sun, others took the cause of Tlaloc or Tezcatlipoca or Quetzalcoatl.  Someone even suggested that Xochiquetzal become the next Sun. But she knew herself to be ill-suited to such a task, wanting only to continue to engage in bringing pleasure to the humans and find her own pleasures. As she shook her head, cutting off suggestions that she become the next Sun, she noticed that only Chalchiuhtlicue, she of the jade skirt, remained silent. Chalchiuhtlicue sat and watched the earth burn with tears streaming down her face.       

This gave Xochiquetzal an idea to restore the world.

Xochiquetzal took the hand of the crying goddess and led her away from the bickering gods and away from a view of the burning world. As she wiped away Chalchiuhtlicue’s tears, she leaned forward and kissed the water goddess, seeking to comfort her.

Chalchiuhtlicue returned the kiss, with all of her unspent passion poured into the kiss. Xochiquetzal met Chalchiuhtlicue’s eyes, “You and I both grieve for the burning world.”

Chalchiuhtlicue nodded, remaining in Xochiquetzal’s arms. “The other gods may find it foolish, but I love the humans and their worship.” Chalchiuhtlicue looked back toward the bickering gods. “I think they will argue over the ashes of the world.”

Xochiquetzal smiled understanding. She knew the other gods dreaded the loss of blood sacrifice, but for her, the loss of humans with whom to share her passions was far more terrifying. No longer would she hear her name cried out in ecstasy. She recalled the woman and her two lovers who only so recently found such pleasure to explore, and felt the tears welling in her own eyes.

“Together perhaps we can remake the world.” Xochiquetzal said. “We can make it through pleasure. We are both linked through sexual pleasure after all.” While Xochiquetzal ruled over sexual pleasures, it was Chalchiuhtlicue who presided over births and fertility. They were both needed to repopulate the world. “Chalchiuhtlicue,” Xochiquetzal said, stroking her hair, “You can quench the burning world with something other than your tears. Together we can restore the humans we love so much.”

Chalchiuhtlicue wiped her tears away, “You would become the next Sun?” The surprise was clear in her voice.

Xochiquetzal laughed and shook her head. “Not I, my beauty.” She kissed Chalchiuhtlicue again, “You, who control the streams and waterways. You who weep for the humans should become their next sun.”

Chalchiuhtlicue considered Xochiquetzal’s suggestion. In the distance, the voices of the other gods, especially Tlaloc’s carried through the lush flame trees, whose branches shivered, and the flowers drifted to the ground. Both Xochiquetzal and Chalchiuhtlicue thought of the human world below them. And Chalchiuhtlicue reached for Xochiquetzal, acquiescing to become the next Sun.     

Xochiquetzal felt Chalchiuhtlicue’s hands on her naked flesh and heard the goddess’s moan. The rage of the gods and the horror of the burning world faded from their thoughts as they clung to one another. Xochiquetzal helped Chalchiuhtlicue remove her jade skirt, and both naked in the heavens, they paused.  Chalchiuhtlicue’s tears had ceased and her eyes glittered with lust.

“You are so beautiful,” Xochiquetzal whispered, her hand tracing the curve of Chalchiuhtlicue’s breast. Xochiquetzal leaned forward capturing Chalchiuhtlicue’s nipple in her mouth, and Chalchiuhtlicue let her head fall back with a sigh. Xochiquetzal shifted, pushing her back onto the fallen crimson petals of the flame flowers. Xochiquetzal’s mouth traced a path from Chalchiuhtlicue’s breasts to her thighs, and finally, Xochiquetzal’s tongue dipped, hungrily tasting Chalchiuhtlicue’s sex.

Chalchiuhtlicue, for her part, moaned and tilted her hips, her hands knotting in Xochiquetzal’s hair. The soft press of Xochiquetzal’s tongue teasing and probing had Chalchiuhtlicue writhing and ready to come. She bit her lip as she felt the orgasm build, not wanting the moment to end.

Xochiquetzal raised her head, “Let it happen,” she whispered, her dark eyes shining and her lips slick with Chalchiuhtlicue’s juices. “Let me please you.”

With such a request, Chalchiuhtlicue could not hold back; the tingling built and she shifted her hips, wanting that final touch that would send her over. And when the touch came, when she came, the world was flooded. The fires ceased, and in the shuddering throes of her orgasm, Chalchiuhtlicue became the Fourth Sun. 

And Xochiquetzal was able to return to what she loved best: taking her lovers from the gods and answering the desperate, sultry prayers of the humans.

Black and white of a nude woman standing and resting her arms on an altar.


  1. I’ve always loved the Aztec artworks depicting their deities and as a teenager I was a big fan of Verotik comics. Jaguar God was one of my favourites. I enjoyed your version! They sure are a mercurial pantheon but moments of tenderness too.

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