day 10: February Photo Fest “Boots”

I love boots, and I’ve always loved boots.  The second item I bought, after getting my first job, was a pair of knee high boots (not terribly different from the ones in the picture).

I have had and still have more boots than shoes.  Some are heeled, some are flat soled, and most are knee high.

These boots make me feel strong and sexy – and feminine.  I love wearing these boots with socks that stretch just over my knees and a short skirt.  Of course wearing then with fishnights or striped thigh high stockings works too.

My misfit heart has always loved stompy boots paired with “cute” or delicate clothing.  I have a short, black sundress made of eyelet lace that pairs perfectly with these boots.

Today I threw on my boots and a long sweater and asked my nesting partner to take some pictures. This was my favorite.

Oh and boots are sexy.

boots small

February Photofest


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