Spanking (A Vignette)

She stood at the St. Andrew’s Cross. Her arms stretched up, cuffs and chains kept her pressed against the leather. 

“Open your legs wider,” he whispered into her ear, and she could feel the heat of his skin radiating down her bare back.

spanking floggerShe shifted her feet wider, bracing them against the cross. “Yes, Sir,” she smiled.  She could feel the currents of air flowing over her exposed skin. His strong hands drifted over her body, caressing her flanks and hips.

He laid a hand on her ass and she knew what was coming. With the slap of his hand on her ass, her flesh warmed, and she whimpered. It wasn’t a hard slap, just a warm up. And then there was a flurry of blows, sharp smacks and slaps on warming and blushing flesh.

From the cross, she couldn’t  see the open door – dungeon policy, no closed doors at this event. She wondered if anyone was watching them, watching her ass grow redder and redder. She felt his hands again, petting and stroking her, circling around her to hold her.

She found her breath again, and he stepped back.  The cool caress of the wooden paddle, told her what to expect. She rested her cheek on the cross, and felt the woosh of air a second before the paddle makes contact. Her head jerked back, and she cried out. He strikes switching sides, with quick, sure strokes. She panted and let the pain wash through her. Her mind focused on the pain, wondering how much more she could take.

spanking suitThen, he stops. His hands once again soothed her. His heat as much a presence as his touch. He rubbed her battered ass, his fingers slipping lower, dipping between her thighs. “You’re so wet,” he whispered into her ear.  His fingers found her clit, rubbing softly, teasing. His other hand played along her belly, up to her tits, capturing her nipple.  She moaned, and whimpered “please sir,” but she doesn’t know what she begs for.

“What do you want?” His voice in her ear again.

She bites her lip, “To please you Sir.”

She heard the smile in his voice, “very good.” He stepped away from her, and she wondered what would come next. He doesn’t leave her to wonder long. She felt the cold, metal bite of the wartenberg wheel trace a path down her spine. She shivered, knowing he won’t keep the wheel on her spine.

When the wheel reached her inflamed ass, she gasped. The metal bit deeply into flesh already made hypersensitive. It’s burned a trail of sensation that made her go limp. She sagged against the cross as he teased and traced some arcane alphabet across her flesh.

The wheel stopped, and she felt his arms wrap around her. “Good girl.”

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