Cemetery Stairs

A flight of crumbling stone steps led from the old road up to the graveyard. They all grew up with the story about those stairs. They all knew that legend said if a person climbed the thousand stairs at midnight on Halloween, they wouldn’t reach the mausoleum, they’d find the devil on his throne.

Phoebe and her friends were partying in the woods next to the old road, and after a few beers, the dares started.

That’s how Phoebe found herself climbing the thousand stairs wearing her slutty angel costume. There wasn’t really one thousand stairs, Phoebe was guessing there was only about a hundred.

As she walked up the stairs, the wind tugged at her skirt, once blowing it up, raising a ribald cry from her friends. She looked back at them, laughing, but was surprised at how far down they seemed.

The top seemed closer and darker then she expected. She rubbed her arms, feeling cold but climbed the last few steps and heard her friends cheer again, but it sounded very far away.

She turned back, ready to wave down at them, but turned and found only darkness.

A deep, masculine laugh had her spinning back around. Just like the story said, there was the throne, and seated upon it wasn’t a man. Her jaw dropped seeing the very image of a cartoon devil, horns, tail, and all.

“this is a joke right?” Phoebe said, already picturing her friends sending this guy up here in, an admittedly stunning devil costume, to prank her. “Damn, you almost had me” Phoebe laughed walking closer to the man in the throne. She noticed that he was shirtless and spectacularly well built. She wondered what what he’d look like without all the red body paint.

“Almost?” His voice was deep and resonate. “Angel, I have you.”

She raised an eyebrow at him, a little annoyed at his arrogance and a little turned on by it. Deciding to play along, she smirked, “Well then Prince of Darkness, show me what you got.” She put her hands on her hips in a pose she hoped conveyed an arrogance that matched his. It also let her hike her already short skirt a little higher.

He rose from the throne, and took a step toward her. He had his arms around faster than she would have thought possible. From the feel of his body pressed against hers, his body wasn’t just painted on like his red skin must be.

Emboldened, she stood on her toes and kissed him. His arms tightened around her, and returned the kiss with a healthy dose of passion.

“Damn,” Phoebe said breaking the kiss, “you’re an amazing kisser.”

He looked down at her, and she wondered how much he’d spent on the slit pupil contact lenses.

“I know you were up here as a trick, but are you interested turning it into a treat?” She ran a finger down his chest, stopping at the waistband of his pants.

He grinned at her and licked his lips. “How can I turn down helping a sinner?”

He offered her his hand and led her deeper into the graveyard. He stopped at a gravestone that was about waist high. He placed his hands on her waist and lifted her effortlessly.

Phoebe perched on the gravestone, feeling the cold stone on her bare thighs. Her dress was too short for sitting. She didn’t care, as her devil was plenty warm when he stepped between her thighs.

She pulled him down for another kiss, and wrapped her legs around his waist. During the kiss, his hands worked into her top, his fingers finding her nipples.

His fingers teased and aroused her, leaving her wriggling on the tombstone. She fumbled with his pants, freeing his cock. Wrapping a fist around it, she stroked and teased him, using his own lubricant.

It wasn’t long before he shifted her on the stone, lifting her just enough to tug her panties off. They fell to the ground, resting atop the grave.

Phoebe clung his shoulders as he slid his cock inside her. She started to moan, “oh go…” And he kissed her, cutting off her cry.

“Not his name,” he said breaking the kiss.

His name? Phoebe was confused, lost in a lusty haze. “You mean, go…” He placed a finger over her lips.

“Yes,” he hissed, pressing his cock deeper inside her.

Phoebe thought he may be taking the costume thing a bit far, but didn’t see the harm in not saying “God.”

She moaned as he picked up his pace, his hands gripping her ass. “Oh oh, g… Satan” she squeaked out. Suddenly, she recalled some half forgotten horror movie, and cried out “Ave Satanas.”

That made him moan, almost purr. He slid his cock almost out before thrusting back in. With each thrust, Phoebe moaned “Ave Satanas.”

His pace and breathing quickened and Phoebe urged him on, feeling her own orgasm building. She gave one last, cry of “Ave Satanas” as she came, her body tensing.

Her devil released a growing cry of his own, and she felt his cock twitch inside her.

The devil wrapped his arms around the angel, holding her close, feeling her heart return to its regular beat.

“Sweet angel, I never expected you,” his voice was a quiet whisper in her ear. “Climb the stairs on Walspurgis Eve, and visit me again.”

She frowned, having no idea what Walspurgis was. Before she could ask, he stepped away from her and as she hopped of the gravestone and straightened her dress, he disappeared into the darkness of the cemetery.

“Hey, Satan?” She called into the darkness. “Prince of Darkness?”

“Phoebe?” Voices called from behind her, toward the main entrance of the cemetery. It wasn’t long before her friends came into view.

“Oh my God, Phoebe!” Lily called, “we were so worried. Where’d you go; we’ve been looking everywhere.”

Phoebe kicked her panties behind the gravestone.

“You guys almost had me with that devil costume.” She laughed and walked over to meet them. “Who was that guy?”

“What guy?” They all looked at her blankly.

“Oh come on guys.” She rolled her eyes. “They guy in the devil costume.” She tugged at her skirt as a breeze blew through the cemetery. “I’d like a chance to get his number because even with all body paint, he was hot.”

Her friends shrugged, and looked confused. Thomas shook his head, “Phoebe, we didn’t send anyone up here. We’ve been walking around for like an hour looking for you. There was no one here.”

Phoebe felt herself grow pale, “Did you guys come up there stairs?”

They all looked embarrassed, and shook their heads. “We came through the main gates. Did you really see,” Lily dropped her voice, “the devil?”

Phoebe nodded, “I did, at least I think I did.” She forced a laugh, not sure what she wanted to believe. “Let’s go back to the party guys,” she linked arms with Lily and Thomas. She gave one last look back at the gravestone. “Hey, have any of you heard of Walspurgis?”


  1. This was genius Lucy – grabbed my stern from minute 1 and never let up. I hope she does meet him again, I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that also! Wow – your use of pictures was inspired as Tim Currys demon is a great mix of sexy scary & dangerous😈

    Liked by 1 person

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