It was her last night in town, and she was alone in the hotel bar. She opened the hook up app on her phone and swiped into she found a few of likely candidates. She sipped her wine while she waited for replies. It was the wine bottle that had inspired her.

Art deco cartoon of a woman with one breast revealed and a glass of champagne.

“Jackpot.”And she was the prize.

In her message, she’d made it clear that whoever got to the bar first was going to her hotel room. Sophie wasn’t sure if anyone would take the offer and wondered if the game element would sound like a hoax.   

But she received two quick replies, both interested. She waited in the bar, drinking the wine and wondering who would be the first to arrive. She watched two men enter the bar, and both quickly scanned the patrons, looking for the bottle she’d described.

She hadn’t expected that they would arrive at same time, but she wasn’t opposed to calling it a tie if they weren’t.

It didn’t take the two men to realize they were both there for her. She recognized them from their profiles. She smiled at both of them and waved to the bartender for another glass.

“Looks like you both hit the Jackpot.”   


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