This One Was Just Right: A Goldilocks Story

Goldi didn’t know what to make of the teddy bear.

She’d received it as a gift – delivered to her door with no message or note. When she’d opened the box, and saw the toy, she wondered if the package had been misdelivered, maybe it was meant for a neighbor. A stuffed bear about 4 feet tall, seemed like the kind of gift a child would love. But the address label had her name on it. And when she pulled the bear from the box, she knew that it wasn’t a toy for a child.

The vibrating muzzle wasn’t obvious – just strangely hard plastic incongruous to the plush bear. But the attached dildo was a clue that this wasn’t a child’s toy. She giggled at the toy, wondering who would have sent her such a toy. She set the bear next to her on the couch and looked at the bottom of the box for a packing slip or note.  She found a manual, a few folded pages, that exclaimed how excited the Good Guy Company was to share their new product with the adult world. Teddy, it assured her, would become her best friend for playtime. And all she needed to do to activate her new playmate simply say “Teddy, it’s time to play.”

Goldi laughed at the description. At least the company wasn’t taking their teddy bear sex toy too seriously.  

“Well Teddy,” she said taping his nose, “I don’t know where you came from or why someone sent you to me.”

The tap must have been enough to activate the toy because he buzzed to life – his little pink tongue wagging at her. She reached for the bear, pulling him over to find the off switch, and he fell over her lap and the buzzing muzzle landing against her thigh.

She released a surprised gasp, starting to move the bear, then paused. Why not give it a try, she thought and tipped the bear up, so she could stand and shimmy out of her pants. When she caught herself looking around her apartment she giggled again. No one was going to see her.

She leaned back, her back resting against the arm of the couch, and pulled the bear over between her spread thighs. The fur tickled her skin, but the buzzing, vibrating muzzle was so tempting.

There was also something so wanton about using a teddy bear this way. Goldi teased herself a bit more, feeling the fur caress her skin and pulling the vibrator closer, enough to tease. Before finally taking the plunge and pressing the bear’s muzzle against her clit.

Goldi gasped. She was no stranger to sex toys, but the bear must have been superbly made. The flicking tongue was just the right speed and movement for her. “Time to play,” she moaned, and wrapped her legs around the plush body of the bear and rocked against its face.

She let the sensations wash over her, before reaching for the toy, her fingers wrapping around its ears. She pulled it closer and looked down and seeing the furry toy buried between her thighs. The strangeness of the image increased her fervor. She ground her clit against the bear’s muzzle and felt her belly tighten and moaned as she came against its face.

Unsure how to turn off the toy, she released her grip on its ears and pushed is away from her clit. The languid post-orgasm feeling she expected didn’t arrive. Her clit was still tingling from the toy, but she realized that she wanted more, needed another orgasm.

She reached for the bear’s ear, but he slipped from her reach, tumbling to the floor and flopping over. The attached dildo pointing up at her. Once again, she glanced around the room and giggled. Why not, she thought? It was designed to be used this way.

She joined the bear on the floor and straddled the toy. The dildo pressed between her thighs, and she rubbed against it – the bear’s black plastic eyes staring at her. For a moment, the cold-eyed stare sent a shiver through her. There was something almost predatory about the bear’s face. She told herself she was being ridiculous; it was a toy – just plastic and fabric.

She shifted, moving the dildo to her entrance, and lowering herself on to the toy. It was surprisingly warm, but it felt amazing. She wondered if it also vibrated and reached for the manual on the couch.

Before she could reach for it, the dildo moved inside her. “Ohh, it does vibrate,” she said looking at the bear. Its black eyes seemed to glint at her, while she rocked against the dildo, its vibration finding her g-spot. She writhed on the bear, shifting to get the best angle and felt herself getting closer to her orgasm when the vibration stopped.     

She wondered if this was one of those toys with various patterns and she waited for the real vibration to kick in, but the toy remained inert.

“Hey Teddy, it’s time to play,” she muttered wriggling on the dildo. “You better not need new batteries,” she said to the bear.    

Frustrated she turned back toward the manual, finding it just out of her reach. With a sigh, she rose from the toy, and turned to the couch, picking up the manual. She paged through the few instructions, looking for the vibrator controls when she felt the bear’s fur tickling the backs of her thighs. She shifted again, distracted by the feeling squinting at the small print.

And she felt the tip of the dildo press against her. She started to turn, but felt the bear’s paws on her back, pressing her down over the sofa. She looked back and met the cold-plastic eyes of the bear and felt the dildo press against her entrance. “This isn’t possible,” she whispered even as she felt the toy sliding inside her. The vibrations started again, and the bear started thrusting into her. She moaned and felt the toy pick up speed, the thrusting moving faster, and those predator’s eyes locked on to her face. She felt his paws, the claws once soft felt, became rougher sharper against her back.

It wasn’t possible that the toy could work this way, but it was impossible that the thing could move on its own. But as the vibrating dildo filled her again and again, she found herself letting go of the impossibility, and moaning in abject pleasure.

I’m being fucked by a teddy bear, she thought as came again, the fur brushing against her ass as the toy bear continued to thrust into her, its claws just pricking her skin. And then it slowed and stopped.

Goldi felt the bear slump against her, the toy once again a toy. She shifted and the dildo slipped from between her thighs and the bear crumpled to the floor.

She stared down at it and bit her lip before grabbing the bear by the hand and dragging him to her bedroom.  

She tossed the bear on the bed and joined him. “Teddy, time to play,” she whispered, and his black eyes gleamed at her.

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