Four Flashes for Day 4

One of the steps I am taking to get back to my writing is to renew my participation in various daily flash fiction prompts on Twitter. I sometimes take snippets from my existing stories and sometimes write new bits. These prompts have inspired a few of my stories. The following are four of my favorites from this week.

woman using a crystal ball

All three of them should have scanned the canyon wall on the way down. But Cali didn’t have the heart to ask Dot to watch the walls, not when she was feeling vertigo from the steep angle. Somewhere in that expanse of the striated rock face was the supposed temple entrance.

It was one of those days that felt off and wrong, that feeling you can’t place, maybe you slept wrong, or maybe it was the weather – I couldn’t place it, but it made me snappy, and in my line of work I had to leave my personal stuff behind.

She traced around her eyes the melted make-up leaving thick, heavy black lines around her eyes. She grabbed her keys and was careful to lock the door behind her.

The séance began, the small group of men and women, held hands around the table. Viola was gratified to hear the gasps when Lillian called the spirit of Rudolph Valentino. He’d only been dead a few months, but he was the spirit Viola had asked Lillian to call forth.

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