Angel on My Shoulder

Stephanie fumbled her keys into the lock, and tripping in the dark she made her way into her apartment.  She was still a little tipsy from her night out.  She dropped her jacket on the floor, letting her shirt follow in short order.  A trail of clothes laid in her wake as she made her way to her bedroom.

male angelShe caught her reflection in the full length mirror on her way into the bedroom.  She paused giving a sly smile to the tattoo on her left shoulder, her devil.  The small stick-figure devil with horns and a forked tail was paired with a stick figure angel on her right shoulder.  “Sorry, buddy” she whispered to the devil tattoo, “tonight I was a good girl,” she giggled and shifted so the angel tattoo was in the mirror.

She’d gone out intending to have a few drinks with her girlfriends from the office, but she was currently sworn off sex.  Her last lover had broken things off in a huff, and she wasn’t ready to jump back into dating drama.  She flopped naked onto her empty bed, already regretting her decision to come home alone.  She watched herself in the mirror as her hands cupped her tits, rubbing and kneading them.

She gave a low moan and started rubbing her nipples.  She continued to watch herself in the mirror, loving the way the ink from her other tattoos stood out on her skin, the bold colors becoming abstract patterns in the low light of her bedroom.  She shifted on to her side, leaning half off the bed to find her vibrator stashed in the bedside table.  As she turned back, her eye caught her back, all smooth skin, but no tattoo.

“What?” Stephanie dropped the vibrator on the bed, twisting around trying to see her back.  The devil was still dancing on her left shoulder, but her right was bare.  She touched her shoulder, watching her fingers in the mirror, and still seeing only un-inked skin.

“Maybe I’m drunker than I thought,” she whispered, still staring in the mirror.

“No, not so drunk” a male voice answered from the other side of the bed.

male angel 3Stephanie whipped her head around and found a man – a blond, muscled, chiseled statue of a man.  She blinked as he took the halo from over his head.  It was really a glowing ring of something that might have been metal, or light, or pixie dust.  “Drunk, definitely drunk” she murmured.

“I know that I look more fully formed off of your shoulder” he said with a slight smile.  “But I assure you, you aren’t drunk.” He lay back on the bed, and she noticed that he was as naked as she was.  “I am the angel on your shoulder.”

Stephanie bit her lip, her eyes roaming over the man.  None of her thoughts were the slightest bit angelic.  “You’re my tattoo?” she asked, feeling foolish for even voicing the words.

He raised a perfect golden eyebrow, “That is what I said.”

“Why aren’t you inside me,” she flushed, “err, on my body?”  She felt herself blush even harder.

He smiled at her, “I’m here to reward you, for listening to me.”  He paused seeming to note her look of confusion, “Tonight, you listened to me and not him,” he gestured at her left shoulder.

Stephanie frowned at him, “maybe I’ve fallen asleep?”  She gave the “angel” another long look and decided to play along with this dream.  “So what’s my reward?” she purred, shifting closer to him.

He gave her a benevolent smile, and leaned down picking up the vibrator she had abandoned.  “Why don’t you lie back, and allow me to wield this pleasure tool.”

Stephanie giggled and lay down.  She spread her legs open for the angel with the vibrator, and watched his sleekly muscled form as he shifted the vibrator in his hands, trying to figure out how it worked.

male angel 4It sprang to life with a low buzz filling the room.  He rubbed the vibrator softly over the inside of her thighs.  The light movements had Stephanie wriggling in anticipation.  When she used the device herself, she often rushed to “the good part” – laying it almost immediately on her clit.  The angel was taking his time, and Stephanie couldn’t complain.  She raised her hands to her nipples, stroking them in small circles, never taking her eyes off the near perfect figure of a man kneeling between her thighs.

When he finally moved the toy toward her lips, she was dripping wet and aching for it. The vibrations traveled through her labia as he ran the toy over her.  She moaned as the vibrations traveled through over her skin, sending a tingle to her clit.

She let out a moan and bit her lip as he finally laid the vibrator against her clit.  The sensation was immediate and overwhelming.  Her hips jerked up to meet the toy, wanting more and also wanting less as the buzzing, pulsing of the toy overcharged her nerves.  He deftly kept the toy against her clit, just the buzzy tip of it pressing against her.male angel 5

Stephanie cried out her orgasm, and the angel held the toy in place forcing her orgasm to continue on and on.  She writhed in the bed, moaning with her hands balled in the rumpled sheets.  He held the toy against her, pressing it more firmly against her as her thrashing sought to dislodge it.

She felt another orgasm build, and once again she cried out.  This time he slowly drew the toy away as her orgasm ebbed.  She left her eyes closed as she floated on the hazy post-orgasm feeling.  She felt his shadow fall over her face followed by the light brush of his lips.  Then she felt a blanket laid over her naked skin, and the lights in the room switched off.


Masturbation Monday, where getting off is half the fun






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